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  1. elissamay


    Ignore how this smells OOB and test it on the skin, first of all. OOB it smells completely different and almost alcohol-medicinal and mildly unpleasant. On the skin, this blooms into something that is so close to aged Raven Moon, IMO. There's no chili here, but the darkness and deepness has so many similar echoes to my nose. (I'm smelling it for the first time in a 2014 aged bottle since it's currently out of stock.) My first encounter with Oblivion was in Bobbing for Oblivion, which combines with the black apple notes. (And is another gorgeous variant blend!) I had to get my hands on the OG to see where all that sexy darkness was coming from in that blend, and this did not disappoint!
  2. elissamay

    Bat Jockeys

    This just smells good. Like, wholesome, warm, and good. I forgot mandarin was a note until I came here to write this, and its presence for me was a tartness or a tang (not sour) that I couldn't identify, cutting through all the fuzziness to bring balance, like a necessary dose of acidity in a rich meal. The hazelnut is the star, and I'm really loving the recent pepper or "peppery" scents I've picked up. The pleasant little nose tingle from the peppery musk also adds to the balance the mandarin brings. If these notes are your jam, definitely add this one to the collection. ETA: This one separates in the bottle (at least my bottle does), so shake before applying!
  3. elissamay

    Carved Wooden Soda Shop

    This one is fun. I am usually all about the dark, dank, scary, witchy blends and this one is just fun. Bubbly root beer float at first, all sassafrass-y and vannillic. I get very little wood until drydown, when a dry, resiny cedar appears but stays close to the skin. It's warm, familiar, fun, and something that I would recommend to just about anyone who enjoys a good vanilla blend.
  4. elissamay


    So VERY spicy OOB and when first applied, but then relaxes into spiced, buttered Graham crackers with that wonderful pepper kick that tingles in your nose.
  5. elissamay

    October 34th

    I get cinnamon broom-swept sugar cookies inside a spent jack-o-lantern, and as it develops, it's all sitting under a fir tree. It smells absolutely like Halloween and Yuletide had a child and fed it cookies.
  6. elissamay

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    I don't know why Snake Oil blends sometimes don't agree with me, but while I will say the throw on this one is lovely, sweet, dark, doughy, and magically Snake Oily, when I sniff my arm up close, there is a distinct twinge of body odor while the oil is wet. I'm still keeping it, though. 😂 ETA: The BO phenomenon on my skin disappears when it's completely dried down. It's just some truly musky musk! ETA x2: Since Tom essentially went there in 15 Minutes of 'Fume, I'm going to fully own what I originally meant by "body odor" and say that for me, while it's drying down, this smells like a pleasantly musky and very fancy vagina with doughnuts. I dunno why I was so modest the first time around, but it isn't body odor, it's body musk, and it's of the sex variety. I almost kind of assumed the decision to turn this into a Suf was a very clever euphemism, lol. And, in closing, it's awesome and I have worn it now several times! The sex musk with doughnuts is mainly up close and mainly for the early wet into drydown phase, so if anybody else doesn't appreciate it, they can avoid me during those moments. ❤️ I, for one, am here for it! Lasts all day into the next for me; ymmv.
  7. elissamay

    Cranberry, Almond, and Dark Musk

    This has echoes of Moon When the Cherries Turn Black, but more tart and a bit less complex. If you missed that one, this one scratches the itch.
  8. elissamay

    Yuletide Bacchanal

    Allllll boozy fruits, sweet and juicy. The little bit of astringency from the wine hits at drydown, with the brown sugar molasses-y note and nutmeg starting to join the party.
  9. elissamay

    Carved Wooden Cultist Lair

    Sweet forest resin incense and smoke. This lair is on the edge of the holiday village, near the woods. Dark and moody, but with a bit of crispness from the woods.
  10. elissamay

    Carved Wooden Bookstore

    Pure comfort. What's that word, hygge? Yeah, that. Initially lots of leather, but that very quickly mellows out to a musky, very slightly woody sweetness. You can smell the crackle of the pages if you try!
  11. elissamay

    In Silvery Accents, Whispering Low

    At first, vanilla spiced latte stirred with fir boughs. Pretty, spicy, sweet and just sharp enough touch of fir. Fully dried down, I started to ask myself if I spilled Morocco when I was putting away new imps. It's uncanny! Like boomtownrat said, Morocco from the northern climes.
  12. elissamay

    Raven Moon 2022

    This is so different from my other bottles of Raven Moon (2009?) that it's kind of hard to believe they're the same scent! If this is your first go-around with this one, definitely suggest putting it away for a bit. I know I'm going to, and I'll come back to it in a month or so to see how it may have changed. Letting this version warm on the skin, I'm finding a bit of that delightful nose-tingling chili pepper I love so much in the dark and mature bottles I've hoarded, but I am hopeful a bit of time on this fresh bottle brings it out more.
  13. elissamay

    Silver Now With Clinging Mist

    Gauzy is the perfect word for this one. It's ethereal, bright, and the bergamot lives up to its citrusy reputation here moreso than in other bergamot blends I've tried. The barest hints of ambergris and incense. Will definitely return to this one after a good rest.
  14. elissamay

    A Portrait

    Realistic tangy strawberry and spicy carnations really come out when wet, with earthy patchouli playing a supporting role. The red labdanum adds a sharp, almost astringent quality at first, but it mellows out as this one dries and warms. A mature fun scent; not too sweet and silly, but it's having a great time.
  15. elissamay

    Snake's Shadow

    Hot damn, this is gorgeous. I think I sort of, kind of get the poudh perception, but only when first applied. Not poo per se, but a unique and frankly addictive funk. Dry, I kept re-checking to see if there was cacao in this. Carob is mentioned in the description, but not in the notes, so I dunno. I could swear it's there. It's a dark, fizzy, exceptional example of a Snake Oil variant that takes everything spectacularly sexy about Snake Oil and pushes it to the next level. I hope I can try the others in this series!