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  1. elissamay

    The Serpent in the Carnations

    Alice went to Morocco wearing Snake Oil, and they put it into this bottle. If you love carnation, definitely don't miss this one. Beautiful throw and longevity.
  2. elissamay

    Heart Beet

    This is spectacular. Unique, totally unexpected, great throw, great longevity. Fresh but somehow also musky, sweet but somehow also tangy, dirty yet also somehow clean. An absolute standout and a total surprise Luper winner for me. Bonus: If you love the white ginger in Implacable Beautiful Tyrant hair gloss, pair that gloss with this perfume. Total ginger bliss. I wore the combo to my friends' wedding and I was a ginger tornado of love.
  3. elissamay

    Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure 2024

    Reminiscent of Owl Moon (Bloodmilk), and lasts forever. This is so ridiculously in my patchouli-loving wheelhouse that I bought two bottles blind.
  4. elissamay

    The Bloody Banister

    Blood-spattered Anne Bonny and I LOVE IT.
  5. elissamay

    Wolf Moon 2024

    If beeswax scares you away, usually, you may want to give this Moon a try anyway. This is the creamiest, vanilly-est beeswax that ever did bee. I had to double-check the notes to see there wasn't any kind of vanilla here. The grass is a lovely combination with the sweet beeswax and gentle, fuzzy musk. It's nowhere near the "feral musk" I expected from "lupine;" cuddly, even. A skin scent for me, for sure, and be certain to swirl or shake before application. Mine has the coolest little blob of resiny goodness that just needs a shake to redistribute. I'd like to try the Grass & Dew with it and see how it might bump up the overall throw. Delightful.
  6. elissamay

    Les Passades

    For me, this is a punched-up version of You May House Their Bodies But Not Their Souls. The patch is the same, the vanilla is the same, and I'd hazard to guess the amber is nearly the same. The musk might be the punched-up part, but it's still what I'd describe as a skin musk. If you love that one, you'll love this one.
  7. elissamay

    Exclamations of Delight and Surprise

    If you love sandalwood, this is one for you. The (fruity) red musk starts things off, but the red sandalwood and amber quickly make themselves known, especially the sandalwood. I don't get a lot of the florals, but the orris comes in as a creaminess tying things together. A total free love vibe in scent form.
  8. elissamay


    I get the vanilla-orange vibes from this, but I applied it and my fiancé smells nothing but the narcissus indoles, apparently, as he says I reek of poo. 🤣
  9. elissamay

    The Lantern Bearers

    A rare time I've been compelled to wash one off. This smells very much like screechy lemon cleaner on my skin while wet, and dries down to a sort of screechy lemon musk. It's just too much screechy lemon for me, even with the muskiness that eventually arrives. Something else, like the orchid, might be adding to my unpleasant experience, since amber is usually one of my favorites.
  10. elissamay

    London Smoke

    I was expecting something in the neighborhood of To a Wreath of Snow, but for me this is far more floral-forward. Shockingly so, in fact. Florals are not for me, so considering setting this one aside for a good while to see how that black tea and amber might bloom. Right now it's all tabac flower, but ymmv.
  11. elissamay

    Gingerbread Oud

    This oud is on the "nice" list. It's woody-sweet and complex, but not wildly funky. The gingerbread spices blend seamlessly with it. It's a little bit cologne-esque as a whole, especially OOB or wet, but in a very appealing way. Rich and decadent, definitely sensual, but the "naughty" indoles have not tagged along to my nose, at least. This one is going to be a favorite for me. (And I should note that this doesn't read like very foodie or "cookie" to me.) UPDATE: This gets more beautiful and more complex as it wears on the skin. It's got a good bit of throw for me; my skin test is filling my entire car!
  12. elissamay

    Sugar Cookies and Bourbon

    Super boozy when first applied and wet! I can even smell a bit of the oaky notes of a nice bourbon. The sugar cookies come along behind as it dries, all blond and crumbly and buttery. Really delicious and so cozy! And probably the first "sugar cookie" that didn't read savory on my skin! (Looking at you, Sugar Cookie Snek).
  13. elissamay

    Pomegranate, Kyphi, and Oud

    Sweet and tangy pomegranate with a deeper undercurrent of a very gentle, woody oud. There's a jamminess that may be the kyphi with its wine and honey. Lovely and skin-close. I will be interested to see how this one might evolve!
  14. elissamay

    Snake Oil Hot Toddy

    Warm, boozy, slightly tangy-sweet Snake Oil. If you like Snake Oil or Snake Oil variants, you aren't here to read a review, you're here to post one. You already ordered this one; who are we kidding? I can't shake the visual of Snake Oil simmering on a stove with a slice of lemon, but here we are. Pour it in mug with a shot of whiskey and that's this scent. Woke up with a head cold? Get yourself a hot, steaming mug of honey-lemon water spiked with Snake Oil (and whiskey). It's just good. For the honey-averse, it's here but it isn't dominant for me, at least.
  15. elissamay

    Hard Luck Lollipop

    This smells so realistically like the old-school lollipop on the label. That hard-candy-ness is not something I can describe all that well, but you know it when you smell it. It's very sweet, but it's almost as if you turned a lollipop into hard candy incense. Not smoky, but the "grit and petrichor" for me are coming through like a darkness to the candy. An absolute win for the cause alone, but I think this has some really fun layering potential, too!