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  1. elissamay

    Gun Moll

    This is a perfect dupe for Chanel No. 5 on me when applied, and I'm actually pretty confused! It's uncanny. The jasmine and amber take their sweet, sweet time showing up to move this out of powdery, Chanel territory. (Territory I have previously explored, but that is very much not my vibe.) I very emphatically do not like this at all until it's completely dried down. Once it gets there, it's a spicy, sexy, musky, jasmine-y bombshell with a perfect cupid's bow and pinstripes. She just arrives fashionably late.
  2. elissamay

    Palo Santo and Patchouli

    This is my first hairgloss and wow, did I ever set the bar high. My hair is very fine, so I wasn't sure how it would react to hairgloss, but this scent combo (and Samhain HG) were ones I couldn't skip. To start, I towel dried my hair and sprayed this while my hair is damp, and then dried it. It ended up making my hair smooth and soft, not greasy at all. The scent is woody and Palo Santo forward, and if I had to guess, it's red patchouli here. The scent was present in my hair, but not strong. Once I'd tested it on damp hair and had a good experience, I tried it on dry hair. I sprayed it on my hand, rubbed my hands together a moment, and smoothed it on. The scent is definitely more potent when smoothed onto dry hair for me. Smooth and soft, not greasy. (I don't put it on my roots, just 3/4 down and to my ends.) The best combo was spraying on damp hair, drying, then smoothing on dry hair. And this, my friends, is why I need a second bottle! Recommended for anyone who loves these notes, and for anyone who has perfumes with these notes or compatible ones. It doesn't compete, it just enhances.
  3. elissamay

    Is He, You Know

    This was wildly weird OOB when it first arrived - sharp, off-putting, reminiscent of something kind of "assy" as Tom Bloom's Instagram review had already noted. However! With a couple of weeks rest, on the skin this is a very different experience! I picked this up mainly because I loved the creative concept of it, since oakmoss is often a non-starter for me. But, on the skin, this is what an impeccably dressed person smells like as they glide past you without making eye contact on a New York City street. It smells like the lobby of a chic hotel with an interior so flawlessly decorated as to make you question whether you have any business even wrinkling its sheets with your presence. It's bracing, herbal, fresh, and sophisticated -- with a little "je ne sais quois" coming through instead of what started out in the bottle sniff as more of a "what the actual fuck?!" It no longer smells off-putting, but instead complex, complicated, a little secretive, but yet absolutely self-assured. After being on the skin for a few hours, the sweet patch, vanilla, and sugar cane reveal themselves as the sharper armor of the lavender, spikenard, and oakmass fall to the wayside. I think this would be an interesting scent on anyone, but particularly on someone who can embody it on the given day. Is he, you know? This perfume implores you to fuck around and find out.
  4. elissamay

    Witch in the Woods

    A curl of smoke at the end of a path lined with cypress. As you approach, you see the smoke is creeping out from cauldron bubbling with resin, smoldering on embers of tangled, thorny roots. Inhale, a deep breath of blackberries and sweet myrrh. The forest closes around you, a cackle off in the distance.
  5. elissamay

    Batty Cathedral

    This started off like an amped-up version of Cathedral, which is one of my very favorite BPALs ever. I didn't really get the leather at all, just pure, already perfect Cathedral. As it wears and warms up I start to get a whisper of leather, but it's fleeting. It's like the leather here adds a little soft suede to the resins and smoke of Cathedral, and the bat's wings waft it all around to somehow amplify the whole. I would probably love just about anything blended with Cathedral, so ymmv, but this is a lovely little variant.
  6. elissamay

    Sleepy Bat

    Very cozy, even fuzzy lavender cradled in warm leather, with a little extra herbaceousness from the chamomile and hay. I put this on after Halloween night revelry, and it was a lovely way to unwind while still keeping it just a little spooky. Definitely for lavender lovers, and if you aren't a huge leather person, this isn't a bold, brash leather. It's gentle.
  7. elissamay

    Batty Snake Oil

    This is Snake Oil and rugged brown boot leather, for me. It seems extra vanilla-fied, and at first I called it "black" boot leather, but on further reflection it really is more English saddle than Doc Marten. Super wearable, super classic BPAL.
  8. elissamay

    Batty Lace

    I have never smelled any Lace before, Antique included. So ignore my review entirely if you'd like! I have no points of reference to help old BPAL heads. At first, this is a lovely sweet, caramelized vanilla with a touch of fuzzy musk. As it wears, I find the leather. For me, it's evoking elegantly huffing an expensive and oh-so-buttery-soft brown leather driving glove with a lace-edged linen handkerchief tucked inside that's been dabbed with caramelized vanilla perfume and the skin musk of a beloved. The leather is faint, and very well-worn. Lasted for several hours and still sniffable on my skin the next morning.
  9. elissamay

    Snootier Bat

    Snooty Bat slapped me in the face with a black leather glove, but if I allowed the sting to subside, I could ride it out and find its dark patchouli and incense heart. It was a lot of leather, though. Snootier Bat, despite its promise of "double the leather," is a pure black musk sugar incense dream to my nose, with nearly no leather to speak of. If you love Streets of Detroit or By Day She Turned Herself Into a Cat, you will want all the Snoot this Bat can throw you. It lasts and lasts, and I loved catching it as I moved or my sleeve brushed it. So dark, so sweet, so musky, and so wearable right out of the gate!
  10. elissamay

    Pumpkin Incense

    Perfectly chewy and rich, warm and comforting. One spray scents my living and dining area, and it accidentally scented me, too! I must have caught it in my hair, because I could smell it once I left the house, and that was a lovely bonus. A perfect complement to The Harvest Haunt perfume oil!
  11. elissamay

    A Melancholy of Goths

    This is way more floral and way less clove than others of the "goth"-themed scents I've tried. The hairspray is very realistically evoked, maybe too realistically for me, lol. Not listed, but my brain went to nag champa or sandalwood, so that's probably the incense. I'm not sure about the velvet, but this is a very plush and heady scent. If you want a more ethereal, Victori-Goth vibe, this is a great pick. If you're looking for the clove, definitely go with Vampire Milk.
  12. elissamay

    Pumpkin Trash Bag

    This is 100% orange ribbon candy for me. That's it! Super nostalgic.
  13. elissamay

    Witch Milk

    Fresh, fruity, a little herby, teeny touch of pepper. Not in any way what I expected!
  14. elissamay

    Witches' Tea

    Perfectly blackberry black tea. Comes on strong at first but mellows out to a lovely skin scent. Comforting, familiar, happy, and lovely for a chilly autumn day.
  15. elissamay

    The Witches Have a Fire Again

    This is not the sharp and smoky fire scent I expected. In the bottle, it's almost effervescent and Dr Pepper-esque. On the skin, it's deeply resinous, and the scent of the pine pitch blooms as it warms, but it is never harsh or sharp. It's the sweetness of pine sap, never on the medicinal end of the pine pitch spectrum. There's really no smoke here, just warm smoldering, glowing embers. This really evokes a scene at the end of a magical bonfire in the woods, but without that "campfire smell" you might be thinking of. Very good, very Halloween, and a bit hard to explain since it veered so much from where my expectations took the notes. Pleasantly surprised, even though I do enjoy a good smoky fire scent, too!