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    Lick It, Valentine, Black Ice, Bastet, Fenris Wolf, Serpent In The Roses, Any of the marshmallow scents.


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  1. Weirdgirlpilled

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    Unpopular opinion: I like this MOAR that stekk!! It’s so good. oh my god, i’ve found my marshmallow holy grail. It’s definitely a sexy marshmallow, a little lighter than schrodingers checkmark, and the throw is a little lighter too, but otherwise as long lasting and amazing. I love.
  2. Weirdgirlpilled

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    sticky, chewy, delicious patch. my god, it’s glorious. It’s deep and mellow, with that classic smooth bpal feeling. marshmallow lingers somewhere in the background, rounding out the patchouli a bit with some warm sweetness. This is one of the sexiest scents i’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. I’m hoping to get a bit more marshmallow as it has time to sit, but goddamn! I am so pleased. Edit: This has incredible throw and wear so far. it’s been about an hour or so and ohhhhh my god. oh my god. the patchouli fades just ever so slightly and the marshmallow takes the reigns. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT. If i didn’t already have like, 4 other marshmallow scents in the mail….. I’d be buying like 9 backups. I predict this’ll be on ISO’s in years to come.
  3. Weirdgirlpilled


    WOOF I need a full bottle. Or maybe 7! I am in LOVE. I'm in so much pain and I never would think that I could still "Get It Up" So to say, but damn. DAMN. NEED. IMMEDIATELY. Oh my god this is the perfect sexy, loud, lovely scent on me. Dark Patch, dark musk, literally everything I love most.
  4. Weirdgirlpilled

    Love Me

    This smelled like tater tots to me?? At first it was a blast of tater tots, and then it became a delicious orange and cola combo- kind of effervescent! I love it lots.
  5. Weirdgirlpilled


    ok this one is lovely!! Yummy rose and a little bit of spice. The carnations do peek their head through a little bit, and this is definitely a girly scent. A little childish and playful, but not in an overly young way. Like the scent a teen girl puts on before she goes on her first date.
  6. Weirdgirlpilled

    Nutella-y fragrances?

    Oh my goodness doomsday_disco you absolute angel, you!! Those all sound absolutely lovely. Ordering torta setteveli asap. Thank you!!
  7. Weirdgirlpilled


    Ohhh yes yes. Patchouli. This one, is DEPRAVED. Sexy. A chewy patch, splattered with bursting ripe sweetness.
  8. Weirdgirlpilled


    I mean, bpal really can do no wrong. The worst bpal scent is better than any other house or commercial perfumes BEST scent. I don't think this one is my Thing. I wish I had more patchouli and pink musk I will keep and age my imp but I like it well enough now to keep and wear! Testing this today, and wow. it's like a really pleasant sunscreen on me... and then it's gone! Sad, because I weirdly really like it.
  9. Weirdgirlpilled


    Definitely a "perfume" scent. Reminds me of something commercial. I think my skin ate all the sandalwood and now its just pepper and anise. Very nice for days I want something a bit girly but also spicy. I'm happy with my imp :3
  10. Weirdgirlpilled

    Nutella-y fragrances?

    This may be super strange to ask for, but are there any scents that smell nutella-y? I bought fudge marshmallow and I'm hoping it might be close but I love the smell of nutella, so I was hoping bpal has other scents similar to it. Thank you guys!!
  11. Weirdgirlpilled


    Forcing the boy to put this on the moment he is unawares. This smells very rugged, which makes sense considering its well, a druid. But anyway, this smells like dirt. Dirt, musk, trees, grass, and something else darker underneath (smoke? incense???) It smells like I just got finished having raunchy sex with a werewolf on the floor of a forest in a patch of green plush grass. It's maybe not my speed but I ABSOLUTELY see this being mouthwatering on the boyfriend.
  12. Weirdgirlpilled


    Very gentle, very sweet. Maybe some asian fruits because It for some reason reminds me so much of my best friends house. It smells delicious, and is VERRRYYY girly and sweet. I adore those kinds of scents, as I like to alternate between my signature super dark sexy scents, foodies, and really girly florals. This one isn't the typical white/light floral, it's not rancid (on me!) like gardenia or lily. It is that super bright juicy white grape smell, almost like pineberries? SO happy about this one!! As soon as I'm through my imp of this, I'll likely be upgrading to a whole bottle.
  13. Weirdgirlpilled


    As I tend to amp sweet notes I think this one is way different on me than everyone else. On me, I'm getting a LOT of orange blossom and a LOT of cumin for some reason? However, I want to smear this all over my tall dark and handsome boyfriend, whom would definitely be more suited to this. I think he would get a lot more of the clove and black musk, which, sign me the fuck up. My incredibly sexy dark haired boyfriend smelling like a goth club from the mid 90's? yes please.
  14. Weirdgirlpilled

    Hollywood Babylon

    Oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. New wishlist scent. This has ALL the notes I love. Amber, musk specifically of the red variety, strawberry and vanilla, black cherry and heliotrope. I said bastet was the sexy girlfriend of Fenris wolf, but this is their unicorn. She's sexy, youthful and bubbly all at the same time.
  15. Weirdgirlpilled


    Definitely not my thing. Happy that I didn't blind bottle, but I am ALSO happy that I got an Imp because it's making me realise that light/white florals are not my thing!! That was the common theme throughout all the oils I tried but did not like. Bayou, Ouija, Veil and now this! This smells like my mom or grandma, which again, lovely, but not something I personally want to smell like. I will be gifting this to a friend or my mom! I'm positive they'd love it.