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    Creepy cybernetic-looking women, my three legged cat named werm, and making art!! :3
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  1. Weirdgirlpilled


    tbh, could swap away most of my collection to wear just this for the rest of time. i adore jareth- he’s a sexy gleaming tan leather jacket worn by a tall stranger with long hair. Said stranger wears a lot of very expensive musky cologne, and keeps themselves very groomed. It’s also something i wear to sleep in, and it’s so comforting and relaxing at night. Jareth serves two roles for me, and i love him for it.
  2. Weirdgirlpilled

    Les Passades

    This is sexy slinky deep purple incense, smoking near silks and laces, while an elegant victorian woman bathes herself in the casting light of a flickering candle. Her perfume is what I assume the ambre noir is, a kind of skin-warmed musk?? The black velvet patch almost has a “crushed” quality to it. It gives the perfume an overall complexity, when combined with the musk. This is grown up and sexy, though this does not smell like snake oil, it is my snake oil. I wear this to smell sexy and dark. edit: its not overly sweet, but it is definitely flirtatiously sweet.
  3. Weirdgirlpilled


    2010 version! Wet it’s all Buttery-sweet candy corn, something almost slightly salty- Under a shivering linen blanket. This is SO evocative of halloween. Dried and worn for a couple of hours, It really is like an eerie spun sugar/ floaty marshmallow smell, ethereal and spinning around you while black cats dance in and out of your vision. I wore this all day today and it’s literally felt so much like an autumn day during october that i keep shivering and tonight my partner and i are going to watch a horror movie. i love this and will treasure it forever…
  4. Weirdgirlpilled


    Just here to add my leaf into the pile- yep, that’s L’Autunno !! this is fantastic.
  5. Weirdgirlpilled

    Cynocephalic Fool with Bladder Stick Giving Jesus a Hard Time

    Jesus christ almighty, CHERRY! This reminds me of "Dried cherry incense and spun sugar" which is actually something I regret selling back in 2023. It morphs into something a bit tamer as it dries, a sweet berry tinged stick of incense, smoking as it's carried through the pews of church. I really like it.
  6. Weirdgirlpilled

    Rose Petals, Marshmallows, and Afterglow Hair Gloss

    Mmmh. Pink pink pink pinky pink. Pink marshmallows and pink roses with pink sugar and maybe even a dollop of pink whipped cream. I am never not slathered in oil- body, hair, clothes and linens, all of it is covered in BPAL smellz- and this has been the #1 recently. it’s really, really good. I too need several backups- it’s just that damn good. I can’t wait for my hair to get down to my mid-back- imagine 3 feet of curly black hair scented like lovely marshmallows and roses….. now i’m rambling. Get this: If u like SWEET, PINK, ROSE. Sillage: Strong- people smell it from feet away from you. Longevity: 7-8 ish hours? It clings to clothes and sheets much longer.
  7. Weirdgirlpilled


    Mmm yeah. Imagine if Dorian grew up, got a beard on him, ran away from his royal duties and joined a rugged band of pirates. A touch sweet, a touch woody and salty, a touch sexy from the musk and rum. It’s sex appeal in a bottle. I think it’s rather gender neutral, but i’m also very flexible about that stuff. sillage: medium. it’s not overbearing but it’s definitely noticeable from at least a few feet away. longevity: 7/10 lasted about 6-7 hours on me- but this is brand new and out of the mail, so take this with a dash of salt.
  8. Weirdgirlpilled

    Dwarven Ale

    This one loved me at first. I put it on and literally thought “ooh bread!” HOWEVER. It has since been like 9 months since that fateful incident- and i’m on new birth control, so my hormones are all flipped out or something. I put this on yesterday and immediately had to get in the shower because…. this smells like a disgusting pissy bar bathroom on me. It could be the combo of the honey and mushrooms ymmv so don’t be afraid- unless we’re taking the same meds, in which case never put this on your skin ever.
  9. Weirdgirlpilled

    Vintage Ghost Blow Mold

    Sexiest little ghost in this haunted attic! Nothing here is overtly plastic, in case you were worried about that coming and squashing your fun. Sweet, clean, a little milky. I will definitely agree that there is something nostalgic about it- not for halloween specifically for me, because that’s the smell of cigarettes, mosquito spray, caramel apples, melted candies, chlorine and hot sweaty night air (Florida is still sometimes in the 80s in October. even at night) But this IS youthful and yummy. Not infantile- its powdery but not “baby powder-y”. It’s backup bottle worthy for sure- something i’ll wear constantly. The hype is true people.
  10. Weirdgirlpilled

    Le Lèthè

    Hahah- this smells like an Older Hollywood Babylon on my skin. Oh thank GOD. I love it- it’s so much deeper, richer, and more incensey, less of that girlish pink candy thing that ended up making me feel like i was PINK all caps when i was wearing hollywood babylon. it’s probably because they both have that addictive BPAL red musk but this one has a more adult kick due to the tobacco black orchid and other resins.
  11. Weirdgirlpilled

    Coy Mermaid with a Vulva-Shaped Head

    Put this on and kind of hated it until i got in bed and the crowd reaction was “….oh. pretty”. i still don’t know that I adore it. although i am on my period right now which is why she’ll go in my stash until i also get whatever made my partner that happy!
  12. Weirdgirlpilled

    To a Wreath of Snow 2023

    Ephemeral ghostly lavender grounded in a slightly salty musk, sprinkled with beautiful white tobacco flower petals, with the smallest touch of warm, non-indolic oud to keep things complex and inviting. I agree that i sometimes get a little vanilla, perhaps also maybe a teensy bit of the bpal snow or slush notes? i’m getting like… “cold water/air” sometimes, which i also get when i smell true slush or ice notes from the lab. This perfume is definitely ethereal, glimmering, a bit sheer, definitely cold or icy. A new favourite -definite backup bottles in my future. rating: 10/10. unique, compelling, but also comforting. Sillage: Medium. My friends could smell me from a few feet away but definitely noticed it more when they got closer (according to them) Lasted: 10 hours. it’s still on my sheets too!
  13. Weirdgirlpilled

    Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure 2024

    This luper order has been my most successful order so far. Also- Ooh wow I’m the first review!!! ok so i really love this. Definitely strong on the woody patchouli. The vanilla amber and honey are missing for me until about the 2 hour mark, up until which the general vibes was an expensive smelling patchouli. but then!!!! The amber and vanilla slink in slowly. They’re subtle now but i’m assuming that the vanilla amber and honey will, when given time to blossom, quit being so damn shy! Lasts: 8 ish hours Overall rating: 7/10 at the moment but subject to improvement or devastation. Sillage: strong actually- i had my eye doctor ask what i was wearing!
  14. Weirdgirlpilled

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge 2024

    Mmmmmmmm Creamy sexy vanilla with a woody base to keep it from landing too much in icecreamsville. It’s definitely sweet but the wood grounds it perfectly- this IS “hoard-worthy obsession-level my-heart-only beats-for-Thee” kind of perfume. It smells expensive, it’s sexy and comforting, and my god it LASTS. I put some on around 10 PM last night and its still here well over 14 hours later. I smell incredible.
  15. Weirdgirlpilled

    Our Lady of Pain 2024

    This is really really lovely. It’s definitely A sheer purple and black perfume- perhaps a dash of red like a bruise. The lavender is present but very docile on me. She bats her eyelashes coyly and slinks around her partners- an ephemeral glimmering opium tar, the strong sensual blood musk, patchouli that may only be described as smelling “expensive” and the black orchid- who lends a much needed floral lilt on the trail end of things. These 5 are all key players in bed. I want to Do me. I’d say I’m speechless, but clearly I’m not as I’ve waxed poetic here. This is an almost penitent sexy. Something reserved and very designer- refined, but also so sexy and vampish. Heart eyes, Swoon, Sigh.