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    Creepy cybernetic-looking women, my three legged cat named werm, and making art!! :3
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  1. Weirdgirlpilled

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    Yummy. I've got a fetish for cool vanilla. this is a gentle, cold vanilla with soft little trails of florals. Not powdery on me, but very ethereal.
  2. Weirdgirlpilled


    This is a melancholy, grey scent. it’s smooth and beautiful, very adult, very pretty, very alluring. the throw is good, the sillage too. it’s perfect for a day where i’m feeling empty inside despite the happy external circumstances.
  3. Weirdgirlpilled


    I don’t know why i never reviewed this! I have a tiny sample, and i don’t know if its age or the fact that it was decanted or what but i don’t think mine smells the same as everyone elses! On me this is just kind of lemony vanilla powder. Maybe i’m anosmic, but i generally love marshmallow scents from the lab so i don’t know. It’s not super creamy or marshmallowy, just kind of. vaguely sweet sugar smell :((
  4. Weirdgirlpilled

    Autumn Sun I

    This is such a sadly weak scent. It seems like it would smell incredible if it were just a tad stronger. I get no tea, no crunchy leaf scent. Just a soft maple scent, like i spilled a little syrup on my hand an hour ago and washed it off but the tiny scent trails are lingering. So SAD!!!!!
  5. Weirdgirlpilled


    Soft, pretty and wistful. A gentle scent that really encapsulates the painting. The silk accord is kind of effervescent, but the scent overall is not pitchy or harsh. The tea rose really fades quickly but the tea and silk stick around for about 4 ish hours at full strength and then really fade. This is a little girl’s antique doll- well loved and passed down through generations, in a little silk dress her great-grandmother hand sewed.
  6. Weirdgirlpilled

    The Harpy Celaeno

    GET THEE AWAY FROM ME SATAN!!!!!! Eugh something about this just smells like vomit and garbage on me. I think it’s the mix of vetiver and horseradish bc wtf. Actually made me gag and i had to scrub it- it could also be the orange flower which just goes dusty old smoker lady on me. EUGH. On my mom though, this is just kind of a grassy patch with some sharper bits. Weird!!!!
  7. Weirdgirlpilled

    Unsubtle Euphemism

    I forgot to review this!!! for me this is just sweet milk bread. A Super yeasty super fluffy airy scent.
  8. Weirdgirlpilled

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    I’m getting something entirely different than everyone else in this thread and I find that delightful!! I love this one- maybe not on me, but definitely still love it. I originally wrote this off as just tobacco and not super complex- but testing it again helped me change my mind on it. This is a smooth, warm, rich tobacco. I don’t get the vanilla until well into the wear, and even then it’s super faint. But it’s sexy and complex in a way only older men can be, it’s sophisticated with a little dark twist. Lasts a long time, and the people near me sniffed as i walked past and ask what i was wearing which i always count as a win!!!!
  9. Weirdgirlpilled

    Crack of Thunder Hair Gloss

    stand on the beach and watch a huge storm roll in. remember how tiny you are in comparison to the universe and draw your cardigan closer to your skin, feel the hair on your neck stand on end. lightning on the horizon leaves spots in your vision. that’s the smell of this hair gloss- weirdly beachy (i think perhaps it’s the aquatics) and it really smells exactly like watching a storm roll in on the beach- something most Floridians have probably experienced. i gotta get a whole bottle of this stuff because it’s absolutely fantastic.
  10. Weirdgirlpilled


    Czernobog is the smell of rot. It’s a headless deer decaying in the forest. You slink behind a large pine tree and poke your head around the other side- just to watch the deer stand up and prance away. This is seriously pine-y upon the opening, and the musks come together just to remind me of rot and decay. It smells of death to me, something sick and twisted.
  11. Weirdgirlpilled

    The Red Queen

    Hmmm. Hollywood babylon's mother. Lots of cherry and blackcurrant on me, the wood is kind of lurking sinisterly in the background.
  12. Weirdgirlpilled


    Man oh man oh man. I was expecting this to be my new favorite and signature scent and i was RIGHT. This is one of the sexiest things i’ve ever smelled- an initial warm hug of lemony tea and vanilla on skin, sweet and delicate, then it just blooms into a sugared musk with a tiny bit of… lavender? pine? something inviting and masculine. All of the elements are so perfectly balanced, and the vanilla tea aspect is subdued enough upon dry down that anyone of any gender or non-gender could pull this off easily. This scent makes my ovaries explode. It’s like lingerie hidden under a soft cashmere sweater. Edit to add: I think if a man were to wear this I would go feral.
  13. Weirdgirlpilled


    Ok i love this one so so terribly much. This might sound weird but it smells of that (horribly misogynistic) song Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry from the 2000’s. It’s very sweet and fruity- I love the lab’s red musk note. It plays so nicely with my skin, and the cotton candy grounds it in the sweet fruity realm. So So nice.
  14. Weirdgirlpilled

    Sweet Amber, Praline, and Patchouli

    Wowowowoww this is a perfect little fall scent. I put it on and immediately thought that it would be perfect for fall? really feels like something that would have been released with the weenies. my skin really holds onto the patchouli, but the praline adds such a pretty sweetness to it!!
  15. Weirdgirlpilled


    2009 Version! This one is such a weirdly summery scent??? It’s so SO coconutty that it weirdly reminds me of… pina coladas? I love the lab’s mint note, and I do get a lot of it thankfully. I get weirdly intermittent whiffs of cocoa and rum, then the coconut comes back and whacks me flat on my back, then the mint reappears, then the rum, then the cocoa! It really flits between scents, and it’s a very warm n snuggly scent on me. I’m super happy I snagged this!!