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    Frozen tundra of Rochester, New York
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    Aizen-myoo, 13 (orange label), Organ Grinder, Sri Lanka, Spellbound, Candy Butcher, Abhisarika, Kundari Kundam, New Years Eve in Dogville, Luperci, anything "wintery" like Talvikuu, Cloister Graveyard in the Snow and Yule scents (of course) I'm a foodie (or maybe just more of a chocoholic as I look at this list!) that likes clean fresh scents, rose scents, incense/ethnic blends as well as "wintery scents". Notes of death include anything containing cassis (I smell like a dry paper bag!?),"heady" florals and many aquatics

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    Reading, films(lucky enough to live near the George Eastman House/Dryden theater and the annual High Falls Film Festival). I'm an avowed anglophile-LOVE "Little Britain", Monty Python and junky English women's magazines like the dearly departed "Eve". BPAL (or course) and all sorts of music--currently am in my dead of winter Lisa Gerrard phase. Especially love music that "tells a tale"--anything from Grateful Dead to Loreena McKennit to Stan Rogers. I LOVE chocolate--any type.
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  1. Tricksy


    I HATE jasmine and never would have considered trying this scent if I hadn't bought it in my decant set. Moroccan jasmine must be something different because I LOVE this scent. There's something about it that is reminiscent of my beloved Aizen-Myoo. In the bottle: I smell berries. A sour berry with a hint of floral in the background Wet: more berries. I don't really want to smell like a blue/raspberry Drydown: what is this? Yum yum yum. A crisp, fresh oriental scent which is a little tart-berry where Aizen-Myoo is more grapefruit. Don't be afraid, it just dries down into the most wonderful fresh and clean not really fruity/not really floral scent and lasts and lasts. Reminiscent also of Hungry Ghost Moon. Bright and cheery and optimistic. It's going to be a great day!
  2. Tricksy


    Skinny dip, skinny dip y'all! In the bottle: first impression kicked off a frustrating misplaced "smell memory"- what is this? Where do I know this from? It smells spicy and yummy and soothing. Very earthy and I can pick out the patchouli and sandalwood on the background of vanilla. Wet: Even more frustrating. This is one of the holy grails of scent. This is one of the "ones"--I know it is just really "me". It is becoming even smoother and rounds out more so than in the bottle. Dry down: I've got it! This smells EXACTLY like Lush's dearly departed skinny dip shower gel on me. (I know LUSH has the shower creme thingy or whatever they call it but I can't stand the slippery vehicle that dissolves after 2 seconds in the shower.). Throw is not very far (stays close to the skin). I can still smell it a few hours after I apply it but only if I smell closely. No matter, this is worth reapplying. Yummy yummy Yummy!