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  1. jenpo

    The Twisted Oak Tree

    Halloweenie 2012 Description Blackened, rotted oak wood blanketed in moss and choked by a cloak of grasping ivy.
  2. jenpo

    The Perilous Parlor

    Halloweenie 2012 Description A memory of pleasure passed. A ghostly rendezvous, delight beyond death. Faint echoes of laughter and the distorted music of a harp drift by, along with the scent of soft white pear and sweet vanilla.
  3. jenpo

    The Chilling Cellar

    2012 Halloweenie Description Wine just turning to vinegar, crumbling mortar, red clay, and the coppery tang of old blood.
  4. jenpo

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I think that, as we are completely uninvolved in this situation, we should all stop talking about it, frankly. Regardless of what any of us think, it's not really our business any more (as much as it ever was) and our arguing about what may or may not have happened is really pointless. Not to mention, off topic in this thread at this point. To get back ON topic, having recently seen the artwork for Tamamo-no-mae, I am definitely going to have to hunt down a bottle. Luckily I love the oil inside the lovely bottle, too.
  5. jenpo

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Tanith, sent messages won't show up in your "sent" box unless you specifically check the option to save them when you send it, so I'm sure they arrived at their intended location just fine. As a personal request, I'd like to ask that from now on, any actual conversation between you and Beth or other representatives of the lab be handled in private (either via PM or email or whatever). Since this is a fan forum, and not an official lab forum, most of us are completely unaffiliated with the lab. As such, I feel a bit uncomfortable being witness to the business issues that the lab is facing, you know? I just feel like it is not our place to be involved in or witness to things that are usually (and rightfully so) handled privately and professionally. Again, it's just a personal request, but I am sure I am not the only one uncomfortable with the situation. I'm glad that you seem to now be in contact with the lab (or will be upon their return to their offices, at the least) and am sure that the situation will be resolved to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. I just feel that, as you are in contact now, there isn't any need (for any of us) to continue to discuss or speculate upon this publicly. Thank you for understanding!
  6. jenpo

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    As Beth has already stated they are in contact now, I think it's only respectful that we step back and let them work it out amongst themselves. I'm sure they will come to a solution that satisfies everyone and if they feel it is necessary, they will let us know.
  7. jenpo

    The Berkshires

    Hooray for the Berkshires! I grew up in Lenox and have loads of family still in Lee, Lenox and Pittsfield and my dad is still a member of the Stockbridge Country Club.
  8. jenpo


    As someone who has used peppermint oil as a remedy for headaches/migraines for years, I can say with 100% certainty that this is no mere peppermint oil! It definitely has a primary mint/peppermint smell, but after using it, more of the elements start to emerge and come into play. It's very soothing and calming, after you get past the initial peppermint rush. I used this by dabbing small amounts on my temples, and then soaking a washcloth in heated water that had the oil added to it. I draped the washcloth over my eyes & forehead and lay down in a quiet, dark place. This *definitely* did the trick! The peppermint rush helped to taper the pain at first, and then the other soothing elements came out to work their magic and the result was just perfect. This is *definitely* a bottle purchase!
  9. jenpo

    Embalming Fluid

    Embalming Fluid is actually the "Chosen One" to be my first test from my very first order ever - and I don't think I could have chosen better! Ironically, it doesn't seem as "cool" on me as it does on a lot of others. To me, it seems to walk the line between cool and warm. It's a very potent scent, in that I used a very tiny drop on my wrist about 2 hours ago and the scent is still wafting up to my nose constantly...it's very enjoyable! When I first opened the imp, I was a little put off. It smelled very...grandma to me, for lack of a better way to put it. Very citrus/floral-y. However, there was something lying underneath that urged me to put it on. I discovered that once it dried, it calmed down into a lovely green tea/musky scent. I can barely detect the hint of citrus, that doesn't seem to be a dominant note on my skin with this blend. All in all, I'm very pleased not only with the scent itself, but in the choice I made for the first bpal scent to grace my skin!