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  1. Rspades

    Batty Snake Oil

    Ugh headache city. Leather why do you hate me so? No snake oil to be found.
  2. Rspades

    Pleasant Embrace

    All I’m getting is almond? It’s nice tho, not too in your face
  3. Rspades

    Jillions of Peaches

    This is a fresh/ripe peach and juice as opposed to a baked peach or a peach pie . Syrupy and juicy, extremely realistic. wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but it’s growing on me as a fall scent (would be even better in summer). Makes me feel like a farm girl lol
  4. Rspades


    Bright, fruity, effervescent! Definitely a strong pear note and a heavy floral. There’s something sharp in this I just don’t get along with tho. This would be a good hot weather scent, but for me it’s headache inducing! Pass
  5. Rspades

    Champagne & Maraschino Cherries

    Sigh, this one was a disappointment. Definitely cherry, but I am not getting the lovely lab champagne note at all. This is incredibly sad for me because that is my favorite people note along with cherry so i thought this scent would be my holy grail! But it’s more of a cherry soda than cherry champagne. The cherry, however, is very nice. I am not a black cherry fan at least I don’t like BPAL black cherry very much. But this is like the perfect maraschino cherry. Keeping even tho the absence of champagne is sorely missed !
  6. Rspades

    Voodoo Lily

    Yummy spicy floral!! A little bubblegum too? Quite nice! Nothing much to say, it’s lovely!
  7. Rspades

    The Queen of Hearts

    This is initially fruity but has a weird undertone. Kind of smells like bathroom cleaner, which I think is from the floral! The cherry is a muted dusty cherry Not for me!
  8. Rspades

    Lady Lilith

    Mmmm fruity and herbal and vanilla ! This scent is super well blended, I really can’t pick out a lot of individual notes in this. I’m honestly getting mostly like an herbal Dorian. Of course it’s not as good as Dorian it’s not lavender and vanilla but it is definitely like a sweet herb and it’s well blended. When I first tried this one I was kind of so-so about it, but right now, I’m really digging it. There’s a juicy juicy fruit note that is absolutely fantástic. Keeper!!
  9. Rspades

    Dragon's Milk

    My first impression was “sweet resin dust”. And I thought to myself that maybe got a bad year , this isn’t as great as I was expecting given the price, rarity and hype. It smells primarily like red currant and sweet dust. It’s nice but it may be a tad overhyped Honestly though, it’s still very nice. It’s hard to hate anything that the BPAL puts out because they’re just that well-blended, it’s clearly a good quality perfume. BPAL to me is kind of like the Indie version of Kilian so even though this isn’t my favorite, it’s still immensely lovely and nice to wear, and I think I will definitely hold onto it. Very sweet resin it’s kind of intoxicating honestly, I like it more and more! Lasted like 4 1/2 hours I just got a cobalt partial and am excited to compare the two
  10. Rspades

    Blackcurrant Sufganiyot

    I have never smelled real-life blackcurrant so I assume this is true to name! It’s wayyy too tart for my tastes though, and solidly at the last on the suf ranking.
  11. Rspades

    Libidinous Encounter During the Rice Harvest

    My first thought was to that this one is kinda overwhelmingly perfumey. Not too much rice milk, mostly floral and greenery. The drive down on this is a lot nicer . That’s where I’m getting more of like the rice milk and it’s not as like strongly floral or astringent. Not my favorite, thought it would be a hit for me based on notes alone! This ones just ok
  12. Rspades

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    I gotta say, I’m obsessed with the anniversary scents I think they are among my favorites. There is such a lovely vanilla happening in this perfume, along with such a delicious creamy marshmallow, and a hint of snake oil in the back. This is snake milk’s daintier and shyer cousin. Honestly this is a just such a great wearable scent, a “crowd pleaser”. Rating: 9/10 (you will pry this from my cold dead fingers) I am still getting whiffs of delicious marshmallow for like 5 hours
  13. Rspades

    Snake's Tongue

    Initial impression was “mmm a little masculiney snake oil moment”. Someone above described the tobacco as “chewy” and I can definitely see that! It’s not my fave snake oil blend but it’s a good and unique entry into the collection. There is a nice vanilla in background keeping it from too dank. However, I realized that it smells good up close but from a distance gives vomit vibes (has happened with a few BPALs unfortunately) Destash methinks
  14. Rspades

    Lilith Poundcake

    My initial impression is of bright candy cherry (almost jolly ranchers). however it it is kind of one-note cherry, I’m not getting any Dorian. It’s nice tho! As it dries there is a little herby moment happening but is still 95% all cherry! to me, this scent is “just okay”. Worth keeping but not what I was hoping when I read the description
  15. Rspades

    Strawberry Buttercream Sufganiyot

    • initial delicious blast of strawberry • Sweet and jammy , but no buttercream (good bc me and lab buttercream have a difficult relationship) • Can maybe smell a little pastry in this one which I didn’t get from any other suf scent • Lasted about 3 hours • Will be interesting to see how this ages