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  1. Magnolia69

    Lilith vs. the Giant Crab

    In the bottle: bright tangerine wet on skin: creamy, sweet, soft citrus with a powdery hint. I'm so so bad at picking out notes, sowwee. dry down: very light and dreamy. Powdery without smelling like a baby's butt. I love this! The label is too cute.
  2. Magnolia69

    Hideous Heart

    Cold sniff: Sweet cherry syrup and cinnamon oil. Wet on skin: Cinnamon oil with a touch of cherry candy. The cinnamon flash goes away quick, like 10 minutes and it was gone. Drydown: Mmmmm, this is like cherry nibs with a touch of something sinister. Must be the licorice root. I dabbed this lightly at around 8am this morning. Now at 2pm, it's completely gone. I'll have to slather next time.
  3. Magnolia69

    Detestable Putrescence

    My cursed body chemistry is effing up all that should be good about Detestable Putrescence. Cold sniff from the bottle: *om nom nom* melty vanilla ice cream dripping over a sugar cone. On my warped skin: creamed butter with a slight vanilla tinge. The butter is knocking me out. Drydown after a couple of hours: butter, butter and more butter. *sigh* Not for me and my whack chemistry, phooey.
  4. Magnolia69

    Creature Feature

    Wet: Creature Feature is a bright musk when I first apply. I'm terrible at picking out notes but this is mostly fresh musk on me. Dry: This softens nicely into a comforting skin scent. I kept getting random whiffs of it all day and it would put a smile on my face. It's a happy scent for me. I may need a back up.
  5. Magnolia69

    Spinning Multicolored Metallic Pinwheel

    In the bottle, this smells like fizzy fruity candy. Once it hits my skin, the blueberry is most prominent. I love it during this wet stage. Then, *dun dun DUN* my whack chemistry takes over. It takes on a sharp weirdness. feh
  6. I love Kumiho and Lady Lilith for warm weather. Basically anything with a tea or citrus note. *nom*
  7. Magnolia69

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    Huffing the bottle: Sweet vanillary, cardamom-y, fizzy root beer. Wet on skin: pretty much the same but the fizz softens. After about 1/2 hour: Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, yummy. Smooth, foamy root beer. No weird dry down like I get with other etailer root beer-y scents. I think I've just stumbled on my summer staple. Gods this is good. edited cuz I'm a bad shpeller.
  8. Magnolia69


    Mmmmmmmmm... Huffing the bottle: Scrumptious rich Dutch cocoa with the slightest whisper of snake oil. Wet on my skin: Mmmmm, fudge brownies but the snake oil is beginning to hissssssssssssss. Dry down: Love, love, love. Snake oil preciousness, fluffy with a smooth creamy background of cocoa. This is the perfect oil for days when I want to layer over sweet vanillary or candyish scents.
  9. Magnolia69

    To Helen

    Bear with me, my nose is not good at picking out notes. To Helen turns to a lush rose and deep honey scent on me. It reminds me a lot of Al Araaf and how it acts on my skin. Maybe a bit more musky but I've found a new love.