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  1. olympia301

    When you need something comforting or cheering

    Alice, Velvet, Kumiho, Snake Oil, Severin, Jailbait, Whitechapel, Boomslang, Trick or Treat, Snow White, Rose Red, Pink Moon 2005 (I think), Hungry Ghost Moon. There are more but this will get me started.
  2. olympia301

    Scent for Halloween?

    Midnight Kiss! yes, that one is perfect indeed. Haloes and Black Lace together is very nice and long lasting.
  3. olympia301

    Villainess and BPAL

    I don't know about Pearl Diver but I love Velvet and Dulce en Fuego! I suspect that Pear Diver would go great with Cathode or Embalming Fluid. Anyone else got a thought on that?
  4. olympia301


    This one is like what citrus smells like in heaven. All of the good and heady parts with none of the woofy parts. Really really beautiful.
  5. olympia301

    Wezwanie / Hold

    A beautiful melange of notes with amber (mmmmm, really good amber) and myrrh (mmmmm, really good myrrh) and honey. I thought this one was just "damned beautiful". Odd to say that the hazelnut keeps on stealing the show. Just when I am ready for it to simmer down and step aside so I can admire the amber, it continues to hold center stage. I think hazelnut is really one of the most insidious and long lasting things you can put in, well, anything (it is particularly long lived in coffees). So, I am not surprised when this one just started out with Much Hazelnut and then finished up as Much Hazelnut on me, and that was sort of too bad, because the background is exquisite. This could just be my nose picking up Hazelnut over everything else, or it could be some form of hazelnut-a-phobia on my part. The rest of it is really really pretty, and goes with the picture beautifully.
  6. olympia301

    Black Lace

    Black Lace is one of the most beautiful BPAL's I have ever smelled. I do smell the cotton and a haunting vanilla which is strong and uncharacteristically long lasting (which is a good thing). The booze is there in the beginning, but it lightly fritters away. The whole thing is lashed with musk and lasts for hours as a good strong fragrance. I really love Black Lace and am glad I hunted it down and was able to buy it.
  7. olympia301

    El Amor y la Muerte

    Me, too. Orthodox resins, clovey and well blended. I loved the drydown on my skin. I didn't get orris either, but I don't feel so bad because that seems to be a normal reaction. I actually believe that the orris is in there but it blends with the other stuff so well, and it's not a jump out and look at me kind of fixative; but you know it's there.
  8. olympia301


    I am in love. This is one scent I would urge anyone who is interested in BPAL to get and try. Wow. Many thanks to ETDQ for the decant and I will be buying at least one bottle. I think there is a quiet citrus component with this one, and it is done with such deftness that I only get an impression of it. The vanilla is flawless, and there is a clean sort of musky part to it as well. It doesn't scream at you when you put it on, but it seems to become more noticable as time goes on. I keep on thinking "The Mouse's Long and Sad Tale" here but this is really perfect, complex but seemingly simple. If I were to take a trip down memory lane like Clover did, I would have to say that I fell in love with Faberge's Kiku long long long ago (it was the only truly wonderful scent Faberge ever made). Haloes reminds me of Kiku. It isn't the same, but it is somehow similar.
  9. olympia301

    Egg Nog

    I really loved this 2007 rendition of Egg Nog. Beth outdid herself this year. The nutmeg is right on, and the cream and vanilla are exquisite. I have to say that it does disappear, but that is what scent lockets are for and I am going to get me at least one full sized bottle of this Yuletide treat! Mmmmm.
  10. olympia301

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    Wow, that is great, shell! BTW, lucky you but boy...you didn't stay out there long and taking what looks like a red-eye back, UGH! I am sure it was worth it though!
  11. Nothing beats Snake Oil for me. But I like Boomslang very much and have a bottle of it and might go for at least another one.
  12. olympia301

    Looking for something to complement London

    This is going to sound crazy but...I love London with Grog! No kidding, roses and rum and butter...it's the berries. I love London with The Lion, too. And I love London with Jack. You could make a case for these British names going well with...London. Somehow they do. I think London is an exceptionally versatile BPAL. It goes beautifully with so many other BPAL's and it is stunning on its own, just as a perfect perfect rose scent. It's one of my favorites, too, for exactly those reasons.
  13. olympia301

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    October and The Death of Autumn were and are wonderful. Really define this year's BPAL Halloweens. Don't miss them.
  14. olympia301

    Beaver Moon 2007

    This one is really really beautiful. There is something in here which reminds me of Hungry Ghost Moon (of all things) it's a beautiful green note of some sort which keeps the rest of the runaway cherry and cream and vanilla from becoming too very very. I love this one and am so glad I got at least one bottle (not to mention the shirt, too). Mmmm. A classic.
  15. olympia301

    Midnight Kiss

    Got this as an imp and boy is it great! I love that dusty musk that Beth uses and she uses it so well in Midnight Kiss. Can I afford to fall deep in love with this? do I care? Mmmm.