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  1. VioletChaos

    I Know You're Watching Me

    I agree with the assessment of an amber-vanilla combination as mentioned above. Also orris, for sure, providing some of the deep background dry-powder aspect. And unfortunately the dryer-sheet thing is spot on as well. Perhaps it's my skin chemistry or the fact that I lived through the 80's and came out worse for the wear. Whatever the reason, this isn't the kind of musk that can work for me, sadly, though listen to the folks above- if their descriptions appeal, you're likely to be interested in this scent as they are!
  2. VioletChaos

    Tea Funeral

    The copy reads: "Pay your respects with steaming rivulets of black and green tea dribbling across black crepe and memorial lilies." I'm honestly not sure about this one yet. Tea scents on me tend to be light, vaguely lemon-y and a bit astringent, in a lovely, bracing springtime way. Unfortunately for me, I don't think the lilies are playing in my favor. It's sad but true: a good many florals simply don't work with my skin chemistry. Alas, the lilies here seem to be turning toward the mini-soaps you find in fancy bathrooms on me and safer still, the black crepe has gone directly to ozone-ocean-salt on me, do not pass Go, do not collect lovely smellies on the way around the board. I do wanted to love this, but also knew that half the notes were risky for me. Sometimes the risk pays off but...not this time Off to the swap pile!
  3. VioletChaos

    Violet Behemoth

    Oh, myyyyyyyyy. 😍 For those who are lament missing out on Random Brothel - or those among us that fell head over heels for it- here's something in a very similar wheelhouse. Despite the appearance of both black plum and raspberries, this is no fruity -or foodie- scent in any way. Rather, the inclusion of those notes act as grounding and sweetening, respectively, but it's all very behind-the-scenes. As a swoon fan of the Lab's Indigo Musk note, I knew this was one of the new Singularity that was a must-have for me, and it paid off in spades. The violet leaf is light, noticeable but not overt, so those that fear the potential for "soapiness" know that the concern should be kept to a minimum. Instead, the combination of the four elements smooths within minutes of drydown into a sophisticated, sweet, but not cloying, delicate blue musk. Low to medium throw, test a little to see how it reacts with your chemistry before you slather- this is not a scent you want to overdo, rather one that will be more enjoyable if you keep it close to you. I was just grieving yesterday how Random Brothel will likely remain in the box now until the chilly days of autumn some back in about 7 months, but I think I found the perfect springtime replacement! ❤️
  4. VioletChaos

    Millennial Pink

    In a nutshell? *Exactly* what I'd been hoping for. Ruby chocolate, in flavor, is distinct from all other colors of chocolate in that it has a fruity tang in its composition. I'd been hoping that the scent would capture that nuance and it DOES, beautifully. The scent has the luxurious, creamy cacao that we've come to expect from the Lab, but with that special afore-mentioned Ruby tang. To round it out, the white musk both unifies the two elements of the cacao while balancing the scent in a way that keeps it from being too "foodie" or gourmet to turn off those that are unsure about that side of the scent spectrum. I mentioned elsewhere that I personally view this scent as a perfect counter-balance to my beloved Cacao Pod- whereas that scent has a richness that works well during the cold half of the year, here is a cacao-based fragrance for the warm months- and just in time.
  5. VioletChaos


    The second I opened the bottle, I thought to myself, "Wait, this is VERY familiar, in the best possible way..." 🧐 It only took about ten seconds for me to determine that I was reminded *heavily* of Mme Moriarty, the original release, specifically! I think something about the combination of cherrywood and the red amber caused a gorgeous approximation of that yummy plum note from the Mme somehow. This remained true through application and into the first part of drydown. 30 minutes later, it's lost a touch of that initial impression, but frankly not that much. I got this expecting more of a Smut vibe with that red musk note, but in combination with the other notes here, it's somehow a slightly lighter version of Mme Moriarty instead (yes, both contain red musk, but the supporting cast changes how she reacts, apparently, and I think here that the cotton candy is acting as a proxy for the vanilla bean in Mme.'s formula). In any case, I'm extremely happy that a fairy was able to snag me a bottle of Heartshow, and I shall treasure it for as long as she lasts! ❤️
  6. VioletChaos

    New Year’s Kitty Tea Party

    In The Bottle: That ginger pannetone is a force to be reckoned with, and it leaves no room for anything else! Wet On Skin: This is a bit like Crumpet Rebellion and Eat Me and Blackberry Jam and Scones in terms of tea and baked goods and accouterments that go with them.... ...But then, on drydown, the saffron and rhubarb throw a bizarre wrench into the mix, making this scent a cousin of the afore-mentioned whilst also going somehow off the rails. I can't quite get a handle on it, and I'm okay with that. If you're a fan of those other baked-good scents, definitely put this on your list, as it'll be right in your wheelhouse. Medium throw with a sweetness that's less sugary than one might expect but still suuuuuper foodie, this is a scent for going to brunch, or doing some weekend baking or wearing when you want a good scone but can't (or don't) have access to any.
  7. VioletChaos

    Clown Footstool

    In the bottle and wet on skin, this scent dives fully into intense gourmand territory, with the sandalwood and gardenia only really coming out to play after full drydown. I am reminded during certain states of the Weenie Single Note, Clown White, and I suspect there's a note or two in common between these scents, which would be on-brand since, you know, clown. Whereas that scent leaned from vague sweetness into the appealing chemistry of stage fog or pancake makeup, this leans more into the general vibe of an old-fashioned Italian clown situation and the difference is that this is a scent that is enjoyable beyond just the novelty aspect. A light, vaguely dusty scent with low throw, this is a scent for cuddling up with a book on a Sunday afternoon or a walk through a park on a balmy spring day. It's really nice and unassuming, and sometimes gentleness is what we need most. ❤️
  8. VioletChaos

    Lune Débonnaire

    In The Bottle: The gilded lavender, followed closely behind by the night blooming flowers. Wet On Skin: Lavender is still out in front, with undefinable flora in the background. The lavender at this point weaves in and out, sometimes dominant, then moments later, going into the background, then popping forth again. Dry Down: The mood shifts and at last, the blue musk emerges. This is not the dark, inky blue musk of Night, and to be truthful, at first I was disappointed, because Night is my favorite blue musk scent EVER and I wanted another like it. HOWEVER, having said that, this scent has proven to be just lovely. The night-blooming flowers have sifted and I get a spicy phlox somewhere in the mix overlaying that blue musk fougère. The lavender has basically flown the coop, and the orris never even entered the picture. But what remains is a heady spiced musk of medium throw, maximum sexiness and zero gender preference. Not at all what I was anticipating, but I'm SO glad I made the purchase just the same!
  9. VioletChaos

    Black Opal

    This has been a "white whale" scent for me that I've waited *literally* years to try, so when an almost-full 10mL cobalt bottle was being offered (!!!) I HAD to jump at the chance. I'm so glad I did. I get that "mineral" / "hairspray" (specifically pink-can Aquanet, the ole goth standby) when first applied, but that settled out within a minute of touching my skin. Now that it's full settled and warmed into drydown, what it mostly reminds me of, is a magical Egyptian musk I was gifted nearly 2 decades ago. But it's not JUST an Egyptian musk. I do also get the "coolness" that I concur is a coconut note, similar to what I encountered years ago when I was new to BPAL and first tried Obatala. The coconut, then as now, is NOT the sunscreen or food variety, but a nice, dry husk. Very understated and supporting. Same is true for the vanilla, definitely more of a vanilla bean than anything foodie or gourmand in any way. The old searches don't always work out, but every now and then- BLISS!
  10. VioletChaos

    Random Brothel

    I. Am. In. Love. I haven't been this obsessed with a scent, from any house, in literally years. The first thing you need to know about Random Brothel, is that it's a very slow burn. What I mean by that, is that from the time it's applied until it achieves its full bloom after drydown, takes quite a long time. In the bottle, and during this transition period, mostly it smells like violets with a bit of acrid wood in the background. There's something that's quite Late-Autumn-Goth about it, and it's not at all unpleasant. However, at around the 20-40 minute mark, the scent shifts entirely, revealing THE, most hands-down gorgeous musk imaginable- rich and slightly sweet with incredible depth, the black amber adding to the layers, but only in a far away background kind of way. And the traces linger. Oh, how magnificently they linger. I've been sometimes putting some one shortly before bed, waking in a light intoxicating cloud, then reapplying for the day. I already have one backup bottle but am seriously considering two more because I cannot imaging living without this scent in my life, ever. I
  11. VioletChaos

    Peach Milk

    Yup, this is indeed the same milk note as Snake Milk (and possibly Kwame Cotton? But maybe that's just me...). This scent lives up to its name, a great blend of that fabulous cartelized milk note and then fresh juicy peach. It lasted hours on me, mostly in tact. Now it's a good 10 hours later and a fait trace remains, wisps of both elements clinging softly to my skin. I blind-bought two bottles, as I had high hopes, and I'm really glad I did. 🍑❤️ 🥛
  12. VioletChaos

    Peach, Lemon Peel, and Sugared Blackberry

    In The Bottle: A sugary edge of a lemon rind followed closely by a light fruit salad. Wet On Skin: The sugary peel continues to be out front. Of the four Peach scents I got, this is the least peach-fronted. I don't mind though- it was the lemon and blackberry that caught my eye with this scent, so I'm pleased so far with how it's shaping up! Dry Down: This scent has stayed more or less the same from bottle through full dry down, which is unusual for me. The peach and blackberry are light and fresh- nothing goes plastic or turns into a fake or candy-ish version of itself. The lemon peel sprinkled with sugar remains the star of the show, but not overt the way lemon sometimes can be (Spirit Board: YES, Happy Baby In A Long Dress and Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat all come to mind). In All: Extremely low throw- by all means, do a skin test first but don't be surprised if you need to slather this one. But it's totally okay, as this scent is perfect for daytime wear. A nice transitional scent, the fruit speaks of the last tendrils of summer, but the citrus rind makes it lovely to usher in the beginnings of fall. Lovely!
  13. VioletChaos

    Witches Lace 2022

    Oh. My. Goddess. started out by doing a timid test and about 30 minutes in went for a full slather because it just wasn't enough. Wet, I concur it's quite bold and rather cologne-y, though not in an unpleasant dude-bro-wearing-Axe kinda way. It quickly settles out of that phase upon dry-down and becomes this gorgeous beast that, in all my vast years of BPAL collecting, is frankly unlike any other scent I've ever experienced. It's deep and spicy without being especially resinous. Based on the notes I was expecting resins and a shot of heady patchouli but it's not any of those things. This is essentially one of those scents that makes one realize just how much of a genius Beth is when it comes to the sheer artistry of perfumery. The blend on this is exceptional, and I find it hard to pick out individual notes as it all just comes together in one fine piece of music. It truly lives up to its name, as this is some serious witchcraft in a bottle. I am grateful to hav had the fore site to purchase two bottles as I will want this on hand for the rest of my days. ❤️
  14. VioletChaos


    I. Love. This. Scent. I am of a certain age that I have childhood memories -fond childhood memories- of a certain fast-food restaurant having a special breakfast menu which included the most delicate cheese danish the world has ever known. It was light yet rich, sweet but not sugary. It was a perfect breakfast bakery confection. That is what Syrnyk smells like: a delicately light, baked good with some creamy sweet cheese nestled inside. I am part Ukranian, and that sweet cheese note is SO particular as well- I loved having it especially in blintzes when I was small. In short, this scent is a nostalgia-pack of delicious memory wrapped and placed into a small amber bottle. I suspect this will become very popular, indeed. ❤️
  15. VioletChaos

    Snake Milk

    I knew this would need to be an insta-purchase and my hunch has paid off. I know some of y'all haven't had a chance yet to get some OG Snake Oil because of the on-going component nightmare, but this should soothe your ache until that can be corrected. I think the above-mentioned sweetened condensed milk analogy is on the money, for sure. I am one of those that doesn't actually like fresh SO- I am the old curmudgeonly crone that prefers the Snek to be aged, like, ten years. But even I can appreciate this straight from the mailbox, and yes, I WILL be buying a backup to age properly as well! In All: If you enjoy any of the creamy SO variants, like Cream Soda or Scream Inside Your Snake Oil, you will 100% want to bathe in this. ❤️