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    Fresh list of notes and thangs: Cacao; Bourbon Vanilla; Red Musk; Coffee; Ambergris; Sandalwood; Patchouli; Strawberry and Oudh. Think- Glowing Vulva; Dragon's Milk; Smut; Bah!; Gypsy Queen; Mme Moriarty; VooDoo Queen, Snake Charmer and Cacao Pod

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    Art (including, but not limited to: painting, jewelry design, metalwork, weaving, sculpture, collage); high fashion (think more harajuku and Elle, less Nordstrom and Cosmo); playing with makeup; listening to music I loved in High School (namely the Cure, Peter Murphy, U2); dancing, making out and writing. Not necessarily in that order.
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  1. VioletChaos

    Batty Lace

    I am simply delighted with this latest Lace acquisition. Normally, I amp leather notes, so I was wary, but willing to try for my beloved Antique Lace's sake, and I'm really glad I did. In the bottle and through to dry-down after application, the dominant note is a rich caramel. I get *zero* leather at any point, but that caramel is warm and creamy, like the best caramels are. Even at the height of caramel's power, though, is the Antique Lace shining through. A.L. increases as caramel begins to slowly, slowly pull back some. Hours later evidence of the caramel note is still present, but quite faint, while Antique Lace's power remains in that gorgeous, lingering way it has. Most surprising of all to me, is that the formulation of Antique Lace present in this Batty edition is MILES closer to the OG I've missed for so very long. I am a fan of the 2017 re-release, don't get me wrong. When I travel I have 2017 with me, to help me sleep at night. But it always rested on my skin in a way that I can only describe as..."sugary". There's a granulated sugar element to that version that OG never had on my skin. And this Batty-ed up version doesn't have that granulated sugar in it either- especially remarkable, considering that *caramel* is a primary note in the composition! In all, as I stated at the outset, I am simply delighted with the latest Lace, and I'm going to re-test in a month or so- if it goes as I think it will, there shall be back up bottles in my future!
  2. VioletChaos


    A decadent, sultry oakmoss and sandalwood chypre with black velvet amber, russet musk, and ambergris accord. In the bottle, the oakmoss in an especially 'green' aspect is the primary note I get, and there's something lurking in the background that reads as a thin, cologne-heavy tang, that, looking through the notes, I cannot for the life of me pick as one, unless it's a seriously debauched bit of the black velvet amber. It doesn't matter a ton, because as soon as it hits my skin and warms up, it morphs *dramatically*, becoming warm, and rather sultry. The sandalwood is sweet and resinous (that's where the "chypre" part comes in- take note! This is not your typical astringent, woody sandalwood!). and it's this note that becomes the star of the show. Not that the scent is without depth- on the contrary, the amber and russet musk (NOT a red musk, so don't expect that, this is definitely a different animal) both act as great supporting players. Because of the nature of some of these notes, I anticipate this is going to get better and better with age. This scent has a solid medium throw, and that's with only the smallest drop applied from the lid, so definitely tread lightly until you see how it reacts with your chemistry- a little goes a long way from my experience here. In all, a lovely, deep scent for those that like sweet woods and resins- a must-have. ❤️
  3. VioletChaos

    Bringer of Evil

    I got this because I needed to know what "violet grapefruit" could possibly smell like and I'm so glad I did! This is one of the more unusual scents I've encountered in a good, long while, in all the best possible ways. In the bottle and when first applied, the grating-bitter-tart aspect of real grapefruit pith is front and center, and while I wasn't sure I *liked* it, I was suuuuuper surprised, yet again, at Beth's level of genius. Seriously: who ELSE can create something as specific to the natural world as grapefruit pith? That's some next level shit right there. Once the scent had a chance to warm up and dry down, it shifted to include the flesh of the grapefruit (still bitter, but now with an edge of sweetness added in) plus the mimosa comes out to play, which I was definitely glad to see, because I've not, until now, found a mimosa that actually reads like my favorite Seussian puff-flower of summertime. Once deep into the drydown the cerulean musk joins the party, making this scent a complex, slightly sweet yet sinister fruit-floral as prior reviews noted. Although it only shares one unlikely note, Bringer of Evil reminds me, at least in spirit, of 2009's Black Butterfly Moon. They share a lightness that confuses the senses by obscuring the darkness that lurks beneath- and while I let that old chestnut slip away, I won't make the same mistake this time!
  4. VioletChaos

    Dream Skin

    "The remnants of a dream laying softly on your skin: somnambulant lavender and orchid incense suffused with red labdanum, champaca orchid, patchouli root, champignon, Italian bergamot, and white oakmoss." In the bottle, and when first applied, I mostly get a rather astringent lavender, some of the bergamot, and a touch of the white oakmoss bringing up the rear. But after the scent has had a few minutes to meld with the skin, it blooms into something far more warm and rich. It's not heavy, like a blanket, but more like a soft length of cashmere that one can wrap around themselves repeatedly, being left with a feeling of comfort, but not encumbered. The lavender becomes more of a supporting background note while the orchid incense and labdanum join the oakmoss to becomes the primary players. They all play so sweetly together, after another 15 or 20 minutes, the scent morphs further, so that notes become only part of the whole, impossible to pick out any longer as individuals. The oil has a low-to-medium throw and a sexiness that invites closer contact. A "skin" scent for sure, and so aptly named. In All: This might be one of my favorite Bloodmilk scents yet!
  5. VioletChaos

    Ketchup, round 1

    Ketchup 25 September! If you are so inclined, do you want or need any natural items or ingredients for spellwork that could be collected from forests, ocean, fields or stream? I also have access to oak gall ink and various other esoteric substances. Are you a fan of the show Cobra Kai? ——> Eh. I liked what I saw, when I saw it (which was a few years ago, now). But I wouldn’t say that it’s in my fandom or that I want anything associated with the show. Do you enjoy any of the scented items from Victoria's Secret? ——> HARD pass. Sorry! Would you be interested in receiving a silver locket with papyrus and herbs inside, as a protective amulet? ——> as long as it’s real silver, then I’m all in (unfortunately, I have many allergies to many kinds of non-precious metals- I’m not being snobby, I promise!) So Witchee mine, are you a spellworker? - any interest in acorns from a tree known as The Mother Oak at my Ren Fest grounds. It is the biggest tree I've ever seen in MI. It is cared for by tree scientists from MSU. It is the mom to every other oak on the grounds. Saturday is Mabon & I will go & gather acorns before the park opens to patrons as I do each year. But this time it's actual Mabon. So Witchee dearest, would you like some? ——> that sounds incredible! Yes, yes yes! Lenny Mud: YES! Two mugs: The Hex the Patriarchy mug https://lennymud.com/products/copy-of-salem-witches-union-mug-halloween-witch-mug?_pos=10&_sid=9deebc373&_ss=r and he Salem Local Union Witches travel mug https://lennymud.com/products/witches-union-travel-mug-salem-witches-witch-mug?_pos=16&_sid=9deebc373&_ss=r If it’s a choice between the two I’d prefer Hex, but only by a small percentage! 9/22 From previous questions you've answered, I know a lot about the teas you'd like from specific places, but I want to know your more general tea preferences. Black, green, white, rooibos, oolong, herbal? ——> I prefer black teas for caffeinated generally (exception would be “milky” teas that have oolong as the base) and for decaf tea I like black as well (like a well-done decaf lady grey for afternoon drinking is always a good idea!) but I also like herbal tisanes (peppermint; chamomile etc) and rooibos (generally so long as its flavored, like rooibos chai, for example). - Japan is particularly big on their green tea and hojicha (roasted green tea), any interest? ——> As I’m not a fan of green tea, this would largely be lost on me. HOWEVER! I just learned about Japanese roasted *rice* tea, which sounds amazing to me and I’d LOVE to get my hands on some! - My partner has given me an extraordinary amount of rooibos from South Africa. It's amazing and I'd like to share, so would you like some? ——> YES. This would be the exception to my “must be flavored” rule for rooibos despite being uk based I’m probably gonna have to make a torrid order because I fell in. Anything catch your eye while I’m doing it? ——> I’m too small for Torrid these days, but I used to ADORE them when I was a goddess-sized goth girl. I hope you found some great stuff for you, though!
  6. VioletChaos

    Ketchup, round 1

    Update Number 4! Anything here you like? https://bserway.com/ ———> Rind Cauldron is a print worthy of joining my wall space, for sure. Wings and Fiends sticker pack was sold out when I checked but I’m adding it in case it comes back- ditto the Sketchbook Set (fingers crossed). The Mothkin enamel pin breaks my “no enamel except Disney” rule because it really is just the most creepy-adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Anything you'd like from my Ren Fest? There is an outstanding garlic based shop I'll be going to next weekend, for my annual stock up of their spice blends & garlic oil blends. Any other Renny stuff that you like? ———> Oh yes! I *adore* the garlic treats from Faire, especially the kitchen witch magic olive oil- it is loaded with garlic but has some other spices tossed in as well- it’s great in all kinds of cooking and as part of a salad dressing. I’d also be delighted with an infused vinegar, preferably a “sweeter” vinegar, like balsamic or rice vinegars. Other than food, a naturally-fragranced cone-shaped incense would be welcome, as would hand-dyed silk ribbon (often sold in frayed strips or a long piece- I use them for hair ties, so they don’t have to be “perfect” or “smooth”- just a pretty color(s). I know we are looking at a lot of candles, but if you are into looking at more (and it is ok to say you are not), do any of these strike your fancy? https://www.lakewoodwax.com/candlesforacause (Feel free to take a look at their current and signature scents too but I wanted to highlight these fundraiser scents first!) ———> HELL. YES. I *love* what they’re supporting and would be delighted to have any money thrown their way. Kanekalon in the small size looks best to me followed by VII. if you are a person who appreciates tarot and oracle decks, do you have a strong preference about receiving new ones vs gently/barely used? ——> Not a strong preference, no. As long as the deck is in fact gently used, that should be fine. If you have a “clearing” ritual you do, it’d be great if that could happen before it comes to me (and mention if you do) and then I’ll follow up with my own cleansing as well. Are you a Studio Ghibli fan, and if so, what are your feelings about fan made art featuring characters? ———> I *am* a fan, but my wall space is limited, so I’m going to pass on this. I also think I asked another question about people’s feelings on hand knitted socks too. ——> I recall answering this already, too. But the short answer is: sure, and no wool (cashmere is preferable but bamboo, silk and soft cotton are all welcome as well) I asked a question about LUSH, but as I rarely get anything for myself there, I shall answer with my own little wishlist! ——> I would *love* some Curly Wurly, alas, seems to be gone, at least from the US market. If you happen to have a line on some, I’d be super psyched! (doubly true if you come across any Plum Rain shower gel) As for things currently available, I’d LOVe some bath bombs! Unfortunately, many of the Lush bombs have SLS’s in them. Luckily, one of my all-time favorites, Butterball, is completely safe! Also safe and compelling: Deep Sleep; Salt Water Soother; Slow Down and Tisty Tosty. As for stuff other than bath bombs, one more bath bomb, but this time, limited edition! The Jason’t Mummy bath bomb, to be exact. Lastly from the Halloween update, both of the lip scrubs- Candy Corn and Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe, both look yummy.
  7. VioletChaos

    Ketchup, round 1

    Ketchup 3 How about from my witchy Chandler? https://www.etsy.com/shop/TeresaLynnsSimpleLux ————>Their teas are quite compelling! I like the look of Namaste, Calm the Fuck Down, Blue Moon and Pumpkin Spice Black Tea It's also that time of year where I make handmade soap (usually with calendula infused olive oil, tallow, oatmeal and honey) and candles (feel free to specify color and size, I don't usually scent them, but I do have a clover and apple scent I've been wanting to play with). I can also annoint and dress candles with TALs and herbs. Any interest? ——> I don’t really use bar soap, so I’ll pass on this. I also grow herbs which can be culinary or magical. I'd be happy to prepare a smudge or dry some herbs for your enjoyment. I currently have oregano (yellow and standard), mugwort, thyme, sage (purple or garden), tea peppermint, chives, lovage, plantain, comfrey, raspberry leaf, and yarrow. I'm probably forgetting something. —————> I would LOOOOOOOVE dried chives for eating! I’m running low on my last batch and I’d adore some more! I also want to cook more with sage, so that would be welcome as well. I also make salves! My go to in an arnica, calendula and comfrey mix for healing wounds or chapped skin. This can also be used on pet paws. We do have barely enough time that I could do a custom infusion. ———> I would *adore* a calendula / comfrey / plantain salve. I’d welcome the inclusion of arnica, but I thought it’s not supposed to be put on broken skin? If it’s safe for wounds, then add it in the there. If not, leave it out! 9/11 Anything in the Paintbox Soapworks Halloween update looking good to you? https://paintboxsoapworks.com/new-limited-edition/2023-weenie-collection/ —————> Perfume Oils: Nightwalker; Light In The Dark; Digging in the Dirt; Demeter, Forsaken; Cathedral of Pumpkins, Carolina Drama, September. Moisturizing Lip Color in Pokeberry Jam. 9/12 If you have a furry friend living with you, what sort of treats do they like? ———> My cat Jinx is ALL about the catnip, ALLLLLLLLL the time. Someone sent him homegrown catnip from their garden once, it was the happiest time of his whole cat life, he loved it so much! 9/13 What is your feelings on seasonal mugs? Yes or, no? Too many in your house or bring them on?? —————> I guess at this point I should say I collect Halloween mugs, because I do have them in abundance. And I will say, guardedly, that I will welcome more. BUT, here’s a list of what I already have, so there’s no repeats! From Alchemy Gothic, I have the white china mugs in Bat Brew, Hexy Witch and Purrrrfect Brew. I also have the black tumbler Alchemy mugs in Puuuuurfect Brew and Bat Brew. I have the large black with gold lettering Ouija mug, a large mug shaped like a ghost, a vintage-Halloween-style black-cat-head mug and a grinning scarecrow-style pumpkin head mug. Lastly, I have a Bird and Blend mug that says “Tea Goth” on it. In general, I like mugs to be large, 90’s “Friends” style- the kind that you could also eat a bowl of cereal out of! I’d welcome additional vintage black cats, as well as bats and other Weenie casts of characters. My only no-no is a cauldron-shaped mug. I’ve seen a bunch of them and I’ve disliked them all. BUT, I’d also be psyched for whimsical, Halloween-adjacent mugs, like ones reminiscent of the fairgrounds in Something Wicked This Way Comes or the Night Circus, like with black and white stripes or polkadots. Are your wishlists - Amazon, Etsy, etc - up to date, and if so, are they all linked somewhere that I can find them? ————> all my wishlists are in my Forum sig. They are…*somewhat* up to date, though even things that are out of stock / out of print, etc will give you ideas of the kinds of things I like, so still useful. I’ll endeavor to update them asap, though- I promise! Do you have anything you use every day that you wouldnt mind getting more of? ———> Decent nail files / emery boards! They are often too hard to or fine a grit. Getting that in-the-middle sweet spot is always tricky! Anything you love or need to have from Adagio or Rishi teas? ——————> I just came back from 2.5 months overseas loaded down with SO. MANY. TEAS. So I’m going to pass on more, generally speaking. List here things you wish you would've added to your questionnaire —————> I am on an active, rabid hunt for Spanx fishnets in white or cream, size B! They have become nearly impossible to find and I really wear them a lot! 9/14 Nocturne Alchemy just dropped their Halloween update! You like the looks of anything? https://nocturnealchemy.com/collections/limited-collection ————> This was my own question, so I’ll just say that I made my own Halloween order and feel fine about my decisions. That said, if you happen to have any of their old, foil-label scents, or Jammy Bottoms, I wouldn’t say no to those. Is there anything you would like from the Weenie update? ———> I placed a massive order yesterday, so the things left are Pumpkin Incense (perfume or Atmo spray ); Hair Glosses in Pumpkin Buttercream or Autumn Fougere; Vampire Monster Milk; and Pumpkin Trash Bag. How do you feel about stickers? If positively, are there any themes you'd rather not have stickers of? ———> I like stickers okay. But keep it simple: BPAL or vintage Halloween. Nothing else, please! What about crystals, cool rocks, and gemstones? ———> No, thank you. 9/15 How do you feel about Squishmallows and Squishables? (They have mini and micro sizes for those who like cute plushies but don't have a lot of space.) ———> They’re pretty cute, but I’ll pass. Would you wear enamel pins with chains that are meant to be put on lapels? (Something like this.) ———> No, thanks. Speaking of enamel pins... The Pickety Witch's Autumn and Halloween collection just dropped. Has anything caught your eye? ————> I don’t really wear enamel pins, unless they’re official Disney Pin Traders. I used to make mobiles out of paper cranes, would you appreciate something like this? if so, what size restrictions do you have, if any? ie., should it take up less space vertically or horizontally? color palette preference? ———> No, thank you!
  8. VioletChaos

    Ketchup, round 1

    https://wildsoulriver.com I own the Magical Nature Tarot and love the feel of the cards. They have candles and teas and tinctures and books of the activist or witchy sort. Anything you see that you'd like? —> Alas! Nothing jumped out at me, though I scoured the whole site. Sadness I live near a Penzey's Spice https://www.penzeys.com - do you cook? - Do you want fancy schmancy spices or spice blends? ——> Yes! See below! - Do you have a favorite alternative source that you prefer and or recommend? For example egads I am asking lots of Qs Curio Spice Co, Diaspora etc do ethically sourced spices. - If you cook is there a type of cuisine you are interested in learning more about and would appreciate a starter pack of spices for that type of cooking? ———> I love Penzey’s! They have great stuff and great politics! I have been doing far more cooking as of late, but my real joy in the kitchen, especially as the weather gets crisper, is baking. I especially enjoy making treats, like biscotti and little tea cakes, and of course everything needs to be gluten free. So I would love jars of any of the following from Penzey’s: Penzey’s Cinnamon blend; Lemon Peel (minced); Orange Peel and Raspberry Enlightenment. Colorpop ———> I want that gold dust glitter gel so badly! BUT IT CANNOT BE! I have made a vow to no longer purchase or procure any body or face glitter that is made with micro plastics. I only use ethically sourced mica and plant-based glitters now. If you want to find me a gorgeous face glitter that looks like the gold dust gel, but that is safe for the environment, I would be insanely happy about it, especially because this stuff looks like putting gold leaf all over my face, which is like a dream come true. Anything of interest from Cellar Door? (They have candles and soaps.) ——> October Road candle, Farmhouse Pumpkin candle; Black No. 1 candle (which I’m not sure exists, in which case I’d take the Black No. 1 soap and use it to scent my closet, because THAT is how good that looks to me.) And Golden Hour looks so diabolically good that I would take it in candle AND soap form. Are you into wax melts, candles, incense, room sprays, or none of the above? ——> The only room sprays I like are the ones from BPAL. To that end, I would love Dorian or the Serpentine. Incense is great! I’m mostly doing low-smoke Japanese sticks these days, like the kind made by Shoyeido. I like candles…sometimes. The once I mentioned from Cellar Door are all welcome. I also desperately miss candles from the Lab, especially Carnation. The only other candles I like reliably are pure beeswax candles, preferably in tea light or votive size and Yankee Candle’s Witches’ Brew, also preferably in tea light or votive size. No wax melts! Would you like anything from Luvmilk's Monster Mash? ———> Monster Mash bath salts in the Zombie-Girlfriend combination. I dye yarn. Are you a person who crafts with such? What fiber, weights, and colors would tickle your fancy? Would you rather have two different 100g skeins or enough of the same something for a bigger project? ————> Currently, the only thing I use yarn for is making hair falls, for myself and others. So, I think it would be nice to have one larger skein, and for the yarn to be chunky and irregular. I have an across-the-board wool allergy, so please avoid that as well as alpaca. All the other natural fibers are welcome- cotton, silk, bamboo, cashmere… Provided my experiments work, would you be interested in a bar of homemade tallow soap? I promise I will not send you anything particularly suspect, so this is entirely contingent upon my competence. ———> I don’t use bar soap anymore. I make an exception for specific well-scented bars, like from the Lab, that I then use as sachets in my closets or sock drawers. Do homemade caramels or shortbread tickle your fancy? ——> Alas, I have to limited my intake of saturated fat, which both of these treats have in abundance, so I have to pass. 9/8 because I’m a knitting kind of witch, would you appreciate a pair of hand knit socks. If yes, would you like them in a particular colour? ———> Again, so long as there’s no wool in them, that sounds like fun! I had a pair of hand-knitted cashmere socks years ago and I wore them with my pajamas and loved them very much! I like socks of all colors but since we’re coming into autumn, I’ll say that I would especially appreciate: pumpkin or blood orange, indigo blue, fuchsia, dark teal, deep forest green or pale robin’s egg blue. (And of course, they don’t have to be cashmere! All the other non-wool natural fibers- bamboo, silk, cotton etc- are fine too!) What type of spooky season imagery do you like? (Ie. bats, ghosts, vintage Halloween, etc.) ——> Vintage Halloween, hands down! Astrid's Autumn Line and Anniversary Tea Party just dropped. Anything you want? ——> From the Autumn Line: Aura, Darkness Summoned, Grandmother Ghost, L’Araignée Opaline, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Venus at Twilight. From Anniversary Tea Party: Black Currant Danish, Citrus Petit Four, London Fog Tea, Orange Blossom & Lemon Biscuit, Raspberry & Rose Biscuits. (**To be clear, these are in alphabetical order, NOT the order of what I’d most like to receive! So feel free to start from the middle or the rear if making any selections for me!) Homemade and preserved food goodies - Which of these things would you like my dear witchie? All are organic and grown or made by me. sun-dried heirloom tomatoes —> Hell yes! dried ancho chile peppers - can be whole halves or ground into a delicious powder —> BOTH! I made biscotti last year with these, infusing them in my chocolate glaze and adding little chunks to the batter. I *love* baking sweets with ancho! sugar-free candied pecans and walnuts or almonds —> No, thank you! gourmet quality fudge in many flavors (formerly from my ETSY shop which I had to close until I have my own home again) please give me an idea the kinds of flavors you like. My more popular ones are Penuche, Choc & PB, Pumpkin pie, Forest fruit (with cherries, blueberries and cranberries), Vegan chocolate ——> I love fudge but can’t really eat it anymore because of cholesterol issues, so I’ll pass. dried italian plums (pitted) ——> Yes, indeed! sugar-free canned plum or logan berry jam ——> I would need to know what you mean by “sugar free”. If it means fruit juice sweetened, then I would ADORE either or both. If it means adding something like erythritol or stevia, that’s a hard pass for me. freshly dried rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley individually or in combo——> Any of these above, though I would especially like basil followed by rosemary almond flour baked goods (low carb, sugar free, and gluten free) - give me examples of savory and sweet things you'd like ———> again, the “sugar free” is the sticking point for me, so I think I’ll just pass on this too. Thanks anyway! Might you like a witch hat? Later this month I'm taking a class at an area museum where I'm supposed to decorate 2 hats. Also I crochet wicked cute witchy hats. ——> I’m not in the market for a traditional, pointy witch hat, if that’s what you mean. However, I would *love* a new long beanie-style hat! As always, no wool, as deeply allergic, but all other yarns should be fine! 9/9 Do you see anything here that interests you? They have dry shampoos, whipped soaps, awesome hand cream, linen spray, sugar scrubs and perfume. https://www.etsy.com/shop/faefragrance/?etsrc=sdt ————> Golden Corral and Porcelain Dolly are such weird note mixes that I’m deeply intrigued with either. Other than that, Selva Oscura also looks like a great autumnal scent! I’m only interested in the perfumes, no body products as I’m full up on those! 9/10 Anything you want from my favorite local tea shop? www.fridaytea.com ————> I literally purchased no fewer than ten new tea blends during my summer travels, so my tea cabinet is full up! That said, the Cheshire Smile DID seem quite intriguing, so perhaps that would be my one exception! How about from my skincare person? drjensbeautylab.com/ ————> No Baggage looks amazing! Also like the look of The New 20 eye cream, but only the bakuchiol version- no retinol, please! The serums PFM and Reclaiming My Time both look awesome to try. If you pick either of these, I’d like the fragrance free version(s) please!
  9. VioletChaos


    I got this as a frottle in my most recent order (thanks, Puddin! ) and it's the first bottle of them all that I decided to test out immediately! In the bottle, it's very soft, though not like baby powder. Like if orris root had a cousin that was a bit more sweet and slightly earthy. Maybe it's sweetgrass? Despite my years (YEARS! Fifteen, in fact) of wearing / using / testing BPAL, there are still some notes that I can be surprised by. It's one of the things that keeps me coming back! So, if this IS sweetgrass, it's much more milk and less obvious than I would've anticipated. Wet on my skin, it's warms very quickly. As others mentioned, this scent stays close to the skin, and with this warmth it emanates, I feel like that just doubles down on it being a skin scent. Drydown happens a bit more quickly with this scent than with some others, but since my own natural skin chemistry leans toward "spicy", that may account for how quickly this scent acclimated to me and made itself right at home. It's become a warm, spicy, woodsy scent. Very gender neutral, which I'm always in favor of. I get zero leather, which is a relief, as I normally amp that note to the exclusion of all others in any given blend. This is warm and cozy enough that I'd happily wear this all winter so that all my snuggliest sweaters might smell of it for months after. But the spice does lend a deep, sensual sexiness that I'm finding more and more beguiling the longer I scent it on my skin. Lastly, I will say that, for me at least, there's an...aura, for lack of a better word...to older Lab blends. It shows up in alot of the original Tarot scents, for instance, but elsewhere, too. There's a signature that marks them all as belonging uniquely to the Lab- and this scent is no exception. It's something I deeply appreciate and it adds to the delight I'm experiencing with this scent that much more. What a treasure!
  10. 8/29 would you like a scarf? If so, colors, length, iwide or skinny? Bulky yarn or thin and slinky?? I have a metric fuck-ton of scarves! That said, I am open to more knitted goodies, but I'm not as open to all possibilities as in the past. So I'm mostly interested in thin, soft, spider-web-like shawls - like over-sized Stevie Nicks shrouds that I can wrap my entire torso up in, but suuuuuuper thin and open-knit, really, as much like a spider web as possible. Alternately, I'd love a cowl hood. Same deal- soft, thin, open-knit. No wool, as I'm sadly allergic. But bamboo, silk, banana silk, cotton and other natural fibers are all welcome. As for colors, black, dark indigo to match my hair or deep violet would all be fabulous. How about some dishcloths, for the kitchen? Or spa cloths for the bathroom? If so, which? Any particular colors?? The only dishcloths in our house are Halloween-themed. So, the short answer is ok- but they must be Weenie in nature! I guess that means with bats or black cats or ghosts (this could be the shape of the cloths or a pattern in the cloths). Not a spa cloth, I never seem to use them, alas! Would you like any of Cat Coven's Halloween goods? It's her original artwork based on medieval art. (It's a limited edition of everything, so hopefully things arent sold out yet.) The Autumn Garden Party fine art print is lovely! Look at The Green Salmon's webpage The Green Salmon - do you fancy any of the teas, coffees etc? It's a favorite place for me to stop on the coast, and I'll take any excuse to drive to the ocean. The hemp oil infused decaf peruvian coffee looks HolyShitAmazing. I'd take that in whole bean, please! Also the Na na na na Bat Blend! is cute and supports a great cause, so I'm down for that one too What are your favorite halloween/samhain treats to eat? Please be specific. I have access to various candy stores, including healthy candy lol. I don't like a ton of candy anymore, but if you're twisting my arm, I tend to like the Brit stuff, like Cadbury Fruit n Nut bars and Crunchie bars. Speaking of Crunchie, I also like well-made chocolate-covered seafoam, but be sure to check the ingredients- well-made will be naturally gluten free, but shittier kinds aren't always. Oh! And during my travels this summer, I've discovered that GOOD meringue *actually* has a flavor, and it tastes great! (who knew???) and ditto for French and Italian-made nougat. I'm not as much of a snob as this whole answer makes me sound, I just get sick from food so easily and it's only that I've had to choose higher-quality items to actually be able to enjoy them. Would you like any of these Snag Halloween tights? And if so, which of their sizes? https://snagtights.com/pages/halloween Heck yes! I appear to wear size A/B, and I like Polka Baby, Blood Red, Spider Sense, Lux Carnelian, RATZ and Duo Boo. Also is there anything you would particularly like from the UK? I will ALWAYS take gluten free crumpets (be warned- if you get these for me, you have to ship them immediately so I can get them in the freezer before they start to mold (mould). Anyone who has ever sent them to me has gotten them to me in time, I'm just saying: don't buy them now then leave them in a box til end of October to ship- they won't keep that long I also love gluten free Jaffa Cakes! And PG Tips tea. A new tiny jar of Marmite. Really good orange marmalade. 8/30 What Halloween things off RedBubble do you like? Share link if possible. https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/Halloween-Vintage-Black-Cat-by-CreativeFit/27879526.EJUG5 https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/Purple-Witch-Pack-by-myabstractmind/55053065.EJUG5 https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/Little-Shopping-Ghost-by-saz/57134173.EJUG5 https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/Witchy-Pack-by-MSandzewicz/46282740.EJUG5 https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/Bats-by-Fishtopus/54491368.EJUG5 https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/Ghost-drinking-iced-coffee-by-lindsey788/58208308.EJUG5 https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/cute-ghost-sticker-pack-by-designsbysoph/57831345.EJUG5 https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/Two-Ghosts-by-br1anna12/48893117.EJUG5 https://www.redbubble.com/i/sticker/Zero-by-philos25/41874334.EJUG5 8/31 Is there anything you might want from Japan? Snacks (autumn flavors are out~), nerdy stuff, cute stuff anything! OMG, if there are ANY gluten free Kit Kats, I would DIE for those! ANY flavor!!! I never, ever get to experience that joy, so it would be amazing. Otherwise, any interesting gluten-free, shrimp-free, MSG-free autumnal food goodies would be delightful! is there anything being removed from site or a virtual con scent you are interested in trying? I picked up the most important Virtual Con scents for myself. That said, there were others I really wanted, but didn't have funds for. Those are: Lemon Peel, White Peach and White Musk; Peach and Kumquat; and the 3 Survival Kit scents that are NOT Unclench, as I got that for myself. 9/1 I was wondering whether Tim Tams in any incarnation would tempt my witchee. On the less sweet side, is there any other Australian things you might be tempted by. If such a thing as gluten free Tim Tams exist, I'm all over that! Do you enjoy fanfic? I would be happy to write something for you, and/or read/comment upon/gush over thing(s) you've written, if that's something you'd enjoy... You know, I never got into fanfic too much. HOWEVER, I *am*, forever, a Buffy fan and it would be so satisfying to see a plot where Tara comes back to life / back from the dead and is able to reunite with Willow. I always hated that they killed off Tara and it was adding insult to injury that Willow's next girlfriend was someone as annoying and crappy as Kennedy. Would you appreciate rare TAL decant(s) in 1 mL amber roll-on bottle(s)? It would honestly depend on which TAL we're talking about, cause I've got about 30 of them, so I'd need to know something more specific. How do you feel about enamel pens? If positively, which fandoms or topics would you like? Is this supposed to say pins? Or are there enamel PENS I know nothing about? I'm not being a jerk- I really am just making sure! The only enamel pins I really get into are Disney pins. The licensed ones with the Mickey pin backs that folks like me collect and trade at Pin Trader Stations in Disney Parks and resorts. If you have ANY of those, I will happily take them off your hands- I will either love them or I can trade them, which is great too! (I specifically collect Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, if you happen to find any of those!) Witches! I am excited. I just came across this Etsy shop and want all the flowers. All of them aka any of them. I came across them because of color wheel key chain or pins. So those too. I WILL BE ORDERING and wondering if you would like something from there as well? I know it's not very witchy but man are they pretty. They also have pets and beverages and other things but I got held up on the flowers and color wheels. Still exploring. Not seasonal aka witchoweeny ---> I like the "paint water" and "not paint water" pins, especially the idea of them as a set. I didn't see any, but if there's one for foxglove, I'd be into that, too. Future Primitive: Ya know, I don't especially need any of the autumnal offerings per se, but the A Quiet Mind Luxury Bath Milk in that beautiful brown apothecary jar is *right* up my alley. Ketchup Added 11 September: I harvested some elderberries yesterday and I have a lot more out there, so I made a batch of elderberry syrup. Would you appreciate a 4oz bottle of it? —> Oh yes please! My one request is that it be in a glass (not plastic) bottle- thank you! Do you want anything from Sea Witch Botanicals (I can buy it locally from shops)? —>Mabon and Samhain incenses both look rather intriguing! Hirons Drug Store - which is basically an Unbelievable place to browse for every kind of eclectic, fun, spooky, weird, and even useful thing you could want - so tell me some Odds And Ends of things you like or want, I know this is open ended, sorry - - gadgetry, stickers, toys, pens, costumery, snacks, decoration, kitchen stuff, etc —>I tried to look online without any success, unfortunately, so I can only reiterate the things I’ve listed elsewhere, that I like olde-timey Halloween decor, especially black cats followed by bats. And I could use a garlic peeler. Also, I would love some thigh-high polka-dot socks (white dots on black is preferable.) Gift Certificates you'd like to places that are local to you? —> Giovanni’s Room (I’ve no idea if they even offer gift certificates but what the hell). Free People. The Artist and Craftsman Philadelphia. Essene Natural Market. Dope Botanicals. How do you feel about ILNP nail polish and what are your favs from the new Cosmos collection and any others on their site?? —> Dark Matter followed by Orbit are both gorgeous. I also really like Autumn from the Harvest collection. I’ve never worn any of their products before but they look just lovely! Would you be interested in anything from Alobudra? https://alobudrallc.company.site/products/ ———> The site seems to be mostly down and several of the few things that *are* listed are sold out. If you want me to swing back when they’ve worked out the bugs, I can do that. are there any more “traditional” Japanese souvenirs you’d like to have (think chopsticks, tenugui, washi paper, etc.)? —-> Chopsticks are always fun, and our are all getting quite old and gnarly, so that would be a welcome gift indeed! I also like the little bowls that have cats or koi painted into the bottoms of them. 9/4 Would you like to try Brujita Skincare ? (Ignore the out of stock except for In Your Room collection and Inner Child Ritual candle.) —> the Sandalwood Hydrosol looks lovely. Would you be interested in any jewelry or other items made with tiny bones from this shop? There are some Halloween themed ones: https://www.tinybonesandthings.com/s/shop ——>although I love bones, none of these designs really spoke to me, alas If you like tea, is there anything you would like from Bird & Blend? https://www.birdandblendtea.com/ ——> ALWAYS! I especially enjoy their sticky chais and their halloween themed chais (sticky and standard) all look especially compelling this year, like the Dark Chos Chili Chai and the Rose and Cardamom Chai. 9/5 BloomChic - just discovered them - Take a look at the Halloween stuff, and tell me the link and the size of whatever thing you like! —> Not my size range, but their stuff is super cute! Poesie Tea! Do you like? Some of my favorites are from this company. https://www.poesieperfume.com/loose-leaf-tea ——> I’ve never had any, so probably their Sampler Set would be the way to go to get me started! I like the looks of the following: London Smoke and Fog; Relevé; Royal Wedding; Osborne House; Palace Chai. 9/6 Would you like anything from Trader Joe's? (Pumpkin products are, sadly, not in stores yet, but they will be during this round!) ——> Anything I love from TJ’s I’m likely to pick up for myself Do you have any Halloween traditions? ——> We like to decorate inside and out. This is the first time in several years that we’re living in a private house so we plan to do a nice display outside for the trick or treaters. Late in the evening, we always do a proper Samhain ritual. I typically makes little cakes and we write down all the past hardships we want to let go of and then we burn them. What about Halloween-related fandoms? (ie. The Nightmare Before Christmas) ——> LOVE NMBC! Also love the original Dark Shadows series, the Crow, Corpse Bride and Donnie Darko. We watch all the above during the Halloween season. Also, of course there’s Buffy non-U.S folks!!! We always end up asking what we'd like from your exotic-to-us locales, but do you have any wishes for things from the States? ——> I live in Philly, this clearly doesn’t apply to me I make things from thrifted sweaters that I cut up & make things from. Do you like armwarmers? ——> I still have a pair of arm warmers you made me years ago- I would not object to another pair! Long or short? Long. Solid color ( elegant) or funky stripes made from multiple sweaters? Funky stripes sounds like a good addition. Fave colors? Black. Pumpkin- or Blood- Orange. Dark forest/blue-green Is cashmere okay? YES PLEASE, I would prefer it! Wool & related blends? ( I never use scratchy wool for arm warmers.) I have too many wool sensitivities, sadly. Do you like buttons used decoratively? I do! Ornate buttons can be lovely and I like the charm of using buttons as “eyes” like the arm warmers are Muppet-y snake creatures I also do coiled & sewn rope work- it's functional art I wrap the rope in fabric & add appliques. I just had my first art show with these- bowls, trivets ( that can hang on the wall when not in use), coasters. Is this something you'd like ? —>A coaster for one of my tea pots would be nice What sort of Halloween fabric? Whimsical? Witchy, bats, mushrooms, moths? ——> bats, mushrooms, moths all sound good. How gothy do you like? ——> ALL the gothy. ALLLLLLLL. have velvets & sparkly stuff to work with too. What is your preference witchee? ———> velvets are fine, skip sparkles please! 9/7 How do you feel about cherry things? Check out Cherry Republic and let me know if anything catches your eye! ——> How fun! Cherry coffee beans seem intriguing. Tart cherry juice is yummy as is cherry concentrate. Montmorency Nouveau preserves look diabolical! I love chunky cherry jams, so this and the cherry rhubarb both peak deep interest for me! Similarly, are you into fancy flavors of olive oil or vinegar? Check out Fustini's and let me know if anything appeals! ——> so many fancy vinegars! Balsalmics in: Chocolate; Asian Blackberry; Cara-Cara Vanilla; Raspberry and Black Truffle. Garlic Olive Oil and White Truffle Olive Oil. We also have an awesome store for jams and sauce, American Spoon which you should totally check out! ——> Spiced Pear Conserve; Honeycrisp Apple Conserve; Sour Cherry Preserves for Ann Patchett; Cherry Peach Salsa. Would you like some locally sourced maple syrup? ——> Always. The darker the better! Finally, I live in a place known for fudge. Do you like it and/or are their flavors you particularly like? My favorite shop is Murdick's if you need to see a flavor list. —> No fudge for me, thanks! Anything from the IKEA Halloween store catch your witchy eye? https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/campaigns/halloween/ ———> the black and white striped KUSTFYR pillow looks so fun!
  11. VioletChaos

    I Know You're Watching Me

    I agree with the assessment of an amber-vanilla combination as mentioned above. Also orris, for sure, providing some of the deep background dry-powder aspect. And unfortunately the dryer-sheet thing is spot on as well. Perhaps it's my skin chemistry or the fact that I lived through the 80's and came out worse for the wear. Whatever the reason, this isn't the kind of musk that can work for me, sadly, though listen to the folks above- if their descriptions appeal, you're likely to be interested in this scent as they are!
  12. VioletChaos

    Tea Funeral

    The copy reads: "Pay your respects with steaming rivulets of black and green tea dribbling across black crepe and memorial lilies." I'm honestly not sure about this one yet. Tea scents on me tend to be light, vaguely lemon-y and a bit astringent, in a lovely, bracing springtime way. Unfortunately for me, I don't think the lilies are playing in my favor. It's sad but true: a good many florals simply don't work with my skin chemistry. Alas, the lilies here seem to be turning toward the mini-soaps you find in fancy bathrooms on me and safer still, the black crepe has gone directly to ozone-ocean-salt on me, do not pass Go, do not collect lovely smellies on the way around the board. I do wanted to love this, but also knew that half the notes were risky for me. Sometimes the risk pays off but...not this time Off to the swap pile!
  13. VioletChaos

    Violet Behemoth

    Oh, myyyyyyyyy. 😍 For those who are lament missing out on Random Brothel - or those among us that fell head over heels for it- here's something in a very similar wheelhouse. Despite the appearance of both black plum and raspberries, this is no fruity -or foodie- scent in any way. Rather, the inclusion of those notes act as grounding and sweetening, respectively, but it's all very behind-the-scenes. As a swoon fan of the Lab's Indigo Musk note, I knew this was one of the new Singularity that was a must-have for me, and it paid off in spades. The violet leaf is light, noticeable but not overt, so those that fear the potential for "soapiness" know that the concern should be kept to a minimum. Instead, the combination of the four elements smooths within minutes of drydown into a sophisticated, sweet, but not cloying, delicate blue musk. Low to medium throw, test a little to see how it reacts with your chemistry before you slather- this is not a scent you want to overdo, rather one that will be more enjoyable if you keep it close to you. I was just grieving yesterday how Random Brothel will likely remain in the box now until the chilly days of autumn some back in about 7 months, but I think I found the perfect springtime replacement! ❤️
  14. VioletChaos

    Millennial Pink

    In a nutshell? *Exactly* what I'd been hoping for. Ruby chocolate, in flavor, is distinct from all other colors of chocolate in that it has a fruity tang in its composition. I'd been hoping that the scent would capture that nuance and it DOES, beautifully. The scent has the luxurious, creamy cacao that we've come to expect from the Lab, but with that special afore-mentioned Ruby tang. To round it out, the white musk both unifies the two elements of the cacao while balancing the scent in a way that keeps it from being too "foodie" or gourmet to turn off those that are unsure about that side of the scent spectrum. I mentioned elsewhere that I personally view this scent as a perfect counter-balance to my beloved Cacao Pod- whereas that scent has a richness that works well during the cold half of the year, here is a cacao-based fragrance for the warm months- and just in time.
  15. VioletChaos


    The second I opened the bottle, I thought to myself, "Wait, this is VERY familiar, in the best possible way..." 🧐 It only took about ten seconds for me to determine that I was reminded *heavily* of Mme Moriarty, the original release, specifically! I think something about the combination of cherrywood and the red amber caused a gorgeous approximation of that yummy plum note from the Mme somehow. This remained true through application and into the first part of drydown. 30 minutes later, it's lost a touch of that initial impression, but frankly not that much. I got this expecting more of a Smut vibe with that red musk note, but in combination with the other notes here, it's somehow a slightly lighter version of Mme Moriarty instead (yes, both contain red musk, but the supporting cast changes how she reacts, apparently, and I think here that the cotton candy is acting as a proxy for the vanilla bean in Mme.'s formula). In any case, I'm extremely happy that a fairy was able to snag me a bottle of Heartshow, and I shall treasure it for as long as she lasts! ❤️