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  1. VioletChaos

    Cool It

    I got a decant of this and am delighted to have even a tiny amount for emotional first aid. Scent-wise, I get mostly peppermint and a little of the frankincense. It's not as soothing as Security Blanket, but I can tell that this is going to be immensely helpful when I'm spiraling out and having a hard time grounding.
  2. VioletChaos

    Security Blanket

    It's mildly medicinal in aroma, but also definitely comforting, which I think is helped by the lavender. I only put a tiny amount on to test, but it's been a stressful period for me and already I am noticing a shift. I will use this sparingly, as I was only able to secure a partial bottle (about 40%! Nothing to sneeze at!) but I'm so ridiculously grateful to have this as part of my arsenal toward emotional wellbeing. ❤️
  3. VioletChaos

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    I received #22 Frankincense as a frottle today (thanks, Lab!) so here's my take: In the bottle, it's a luscious thick sweet resin. The aging of this Frank has done it a world of good. Wet on my skin, I'm getting an undertone of something that's helping the frankincense stay on the sweeter side of things with none of the sharpness it can sometimes have. Dry down is the same lingering confusion I've had this whole time, because I'm usually really, really good at picking out individual notes. but then again, considering this bottle must've sat in the Lab for the last, oh, NINE YEARS, stewing in its own juices, I'd say I should be permitted my unknowableness concerning the exact breakdown of notes, suffice it to say that it's damn gorgeous and I will treasure this bottle for as long as any drops remain inside its amber depths. Thanks Lab!!!
  4. VioletChaos

    Gordian Hairmop

    There's coffee and tobacco fighting for the top spot immediately. The teak starts to come into play as soon as the oil warms up on my skin and makes it surprisingly masculine. Honestly? I kind of imagine this is what Don Draper would smell like: a damn sexy man's man. Dark, alluring and up to no good. I would NOT want my uncle to smell like this but I would absolutely be okay with a special friend smelling like this
  5. VioletChaos

    Squelette et Fantôme

    In the bottle, it's a strange cacophony of cacao, lavender and white musk. Once it's warmed on my skin the cacao disappears and the lavender and musk seem to be a little more in alignment. At dry down, this becomes a predominantly white musk scent with the lavender bringing up the rear. It's clean and light as white musks tend to be. I can see choosing this on very warm spring and summer days and evenings.
  6. VioletChaos

    Où Sont les Jouets S’il Vous Plaît

    I get no raspberries from this. However, what I *am* getting is a light, delightful strawberry candy with a little sugary vanilla cream plopped right on top. It's a super happy scent and very daytime wearable.
  7. VioletChaos

    Lilith De Milo

    In the bottle: Coconut, cream, a little bit of wood. Wet on skin: the amber and coconut are doing something extraordinarily beautiful together, balancing each other so that this isn't a foodie scent but still retains both a sweet aspect and definitely recognizable coconut. Dry down: oh my. oh my oh my oh my. I always wanted to lover Obtala but couldn't do it because water notes of all kinds *despise* me. This is like if you took the coconut from Obatala and mixed it with Glowing Vulva, but replaced the teakwood with this sultry sandalwood. Still with me? If all the words I just wrote make you want this immediately, GET IT IMMEDIATELY. You will NOT be disappointed!
  8. VioletChaos


    I am *also* getting a yogurt note! I think perhaps there's something in the mix that's maybe a little sour? But it's wonderful. As it dries, that aspect dissipates quickly, but a sweet plummy donut is what remains, and I am completely content with such an outcome! After full dry down, a little bit of the chestnut comes through at last and it a nice finish.
  9. VioletChaos

    Zonked in Paris

    COFFEE!!! Also, vanilla ice-cream. This is a wonderful, well-balanced treat. The coffee note, to my nose, even has a sub-layer of chicory, which is often in French coffee. It might be a mind-trick on my part, but it certainly *smells* that way to me, and I'm totally delighted by the outcome of this tasty little scent!
  10. VioletChaos

    Crêpe Aux Fraises

    YUMMY! I get vanilla bean, strawberries and a dollop of cream in the bottle, and the bit of orange rind starts to peek in just as the oil warms on my skin. The confectioner's sugar is definitely in the mix but thankfully not amping the way Lab sugars sometimes do on my skin. By dry-down this is a glorious foodie experience of vanilla bean whipped cream with strawberries and a bit of orange. so like a strawberry infused Crêpe Suzette! J'taime Crêpe Aux Fraises!
  11. VioletChaos

    First Morning in Paris

    Yeah, this is all oudh, all the time. I *do* get a hint of the velvet musk, but as zankoku said, this is a major oudh fest to be sure. After dry down, there's a faint whisper of lavender, but this really is all about the oudh. The two other notes prevent this from becoming headshop city, but make no mistake, they are distant supporting players, like adding sugar to a thick tomato sauce. It's not suddenly candy- it's still very savory. Same thing here. It's alllllll about the oudh.
  12. VioletChaos

    Travel Buddies

    As a devotee os the much beloved and discontinued Safari -ESPECIALLY since I must travel so frequently!- I was simply delighted to see the release of another travel balm from the Lab! Based on the note lost, I knew it wasn't going to be anything like Safari, but I remain optimistic that this can become part of my further adventures out in the world. It's a very lemony scent in the bottle, very cheerful and inviting. Once on, the rosemary and eucalyptus are much more in the show, but in spite of all the invigorating notes, this oil is very comforting and soothing. Don't get me wrong- it's definitely uplifting, but in a "HOLY MOLY LET'S GET ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!" kind of way, but rather a "Hi! Did you need some tea to help wake you since you didn't sleep well on the flight?" kind of way. l will 100% be bringing both Travel Buddies AND Safari with me on my next trip abroad! ❤️
  13. VioletChaos

    Le Carrousel de Montmartre Paris

    Montmartre is my favorite neighborhood in Paris. I love its dirty charm, its beautiful scoundrels, the back breaking hills and yes, that damn carousel. Even if this scent was nothing more than street sweat and filthy poop in a bottle, I'd have to have it in my collection. LUCKILY! -- it is actually a rather lovely scent that nicely encapsulates all the feels that I have for my beloved neighborhood in my beloved second home. Fruity tobacco with a little kick of spice at dry down, this is a great bottled story of the exact kind of are Montmartre is in all its sleazy, sacred, endearing glory. ❤️
  14. VioletChaos

    Snake's Shadow

    In the deep, strange-scented shade of the great dark carob-tree I came down the steps with my pitcher And must wait, must stand and wait, for there he was at the trough before me. Snake Oil, black oudh, labdanum, vetiver, and 10-year aged patchouli. In The Bottle: Labdanum and oudh. Wet On Skin: The oudh is strong with this one. It's really so far out front that as it warms on my skin, I can get nothing else from it. Help us Snake Oil, you're our only hope! Dry Down: no vetiver, no patch that I can detect. The oudh is still definitely at the front, but traces of Snake Oil are, in fact, coming through, as is the sweetness of the labdanum. I'm going to let this settle for at least a month before retest, I am one of the masses for whom,e fresh Snake Oil does not generally cooperate. I choose to hold out hope, and if not, I've got some very fine aged SO that I can layer with this bad boy to get the party started
  15. VioletChaos

    Honey and Sweet Labdanum

    [No additional description provided.] In The Bottle: That's a whoooooole lotta labdanum! Wet On Skin: This is reading like a sweet labdanum single note. If it stays this way, I won't object- I wouldn't mind being in possession of such a thing. I can always layer it with "O" if this continues! Dry Down: The honey comes out a teeeeeny bit. But really, this is the Labdanum Show, with your host, Sweet Labdanum. This note, being the rich little minx that it is, ages quite well, and my long term experience of the Lab's various honey notes is the same. I wouldn't be surprised if the honey doesn't really shine in this until, like, six months from now. But even if it just lurks in the background, I'm satisfied with having a really good labdanum "single note" ☺️