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  1. VioletChaos

    Smoke and Lace

    In The Bottle: All leather, all the time. The leather is SO strong that I could actually catch hints of it *when I opened the shipping box*. That, my friends, is a whole lotta leather. Wet On Skin: As it warms on my skin, the leather takes a step back, thankfully. i'm not that big a fan of any leather note, and I blind-bottled this because I was hoping that the other notes would outweigh the beast-skin. The plum and opium are most dominant, holding their own against the leather, but it's still quite prevalent. Dry Down: Remember The Smiling Spider? It was a clove cigarette scent that all us goths simply HAD to have once upon a BPAL time. This is Smiling Spider's broody goth-metal cousin that listens primarily to Type O Negative, early Marylin Manson and Slipknot. The clove, incense plum and oudh are all present and accounted for, but none can push down that damn saucy leather that simple HAS to get its way. I put Smoke and Lace on one hand, Crinoline and Lace on the other, and when I bring them together, they indeed help each other out, the vanilla/musk of Crinoline taming the leather while the deep, broody notes of Smoke grounding Crinoline and give her some razorblades and eyeliner. I am going to let this age, as leather sometimes mellows after getting to rest a bit. I like Smoke and Lace enough as a layering component to lend some other sweeter perfumes a bit more depth, but I do hope all those broody notes will become a little more prominent with some additional time to marinate together.
  2. VioletChaos

    Crinoline and Lace

    In The Bottle: A very sheer, very light white musk with an equally sheer, very light vanilla. Nothing else yet! Wet On Skin: The vanilla/musk combination reminds me ever-so-slightly of how that combo showed up in Pink Wig Spray which, to be sure, is one of my all-time favorites. It's not the *same* but it's definitely the same *family*, which is good enough for me! Dry Down: No roses, no elemi and really, no coconut. On me, this is purely vanilla and light musk. It *also* reminds me a bit of OLLA Ava, and if you liked Ava or Pink Wig Spray, you should definitely check this out. Sweet, lovely and as the previous poster said, floofy - it's crinoline and lace in a bottle to be sure! ❤️
  3. VioletChaos

    Heart of the Lion

    Heart of the Lion is a perfume of recognition, accolades, and sovereignty. It amplifies charisma, courage, strength of spirit, and nobility of the soul, helps you to achieve your ambitions, and magnifies benevolent power. A dry, astringent, warming blend, it is perfect for warming others to you, reaching for promotions and acknowledgement of your achievements, dispelling despair and melancholy, and expanding the borders of your personal kingdom. This oil is your crown, scepter and orb; it is a radiant golden diadem of compassionate authority. Initial consecration of this perfume began on January 22, 2019 during the election in the hour of Jupiter, and it contains Egyptian frankincense essential oil (Boswellia serrata), mugwort essential oil (Artemisia alba), dry distilled fossilized amber oil (Oleum succinic), ylang ylang essential oil (Cananga odorata), white champa essential oil (Michelia alba), helichrysum, attar of oud, attar of Rosa damascena, golden vegetal musk, omubiri and frankincense resin, wild harvested Artemesia vulgaris. Each bottle contains garnet and citrine chips, and may contain plant material and resins. For this review, I'll be talking mainly about the scent and wear of this oil, but I will also make note of any particular feelings or occurrences that happen during the try-out. In The Bottle: *very* well blended. I'm getting whiffs of the resiny frankincense, the dry greenery of the mugwort and vegetal musk and the sweetness of the old and helichrysum. But it's not like I get strands of the individual notes here, it's just all part of a writhing stew that becomes greater than the sum of its parts. And that's *just in the bottle* Wet On Skin: As the oil warms on my skin, the vegetable musk seems to be gaining traction, coming to the forefront. I'm also noting something that reads ALMOST like geranium, which I suspect is the mugwort and damascus rose acting in collusion. The scent is very "green" in how its smells, which isn't a surprise, given the plant materials that make up the bulk of the blend. Dry Down: The scent definitely morphs a bit by the time it completely dries down and the color profile shifts from green to green-gold- again, appropriate, given the purposes of the oil! As with many of my favorite TAL and Lab Magick blends, once completely dry and settled in, the scent becomes more subtle. It's something I appreciate because I want my magickal working to often be my business alone, and having a scent be little more on the DL means I can layer other things on top of it, instead of having to concern myself with a random "oh, I need such and such blend to galvanize my dealing with the world and now I'm going to smell like camphor all day and that's the trade-off". Now that we're at the realized stage, the scent has become mild, dry and slightly sweet. It reminds me vaguely of the dessert and the mild plants that have adapted to growing in harsh places, like tumbleweeds. On an emotional level, I've noticed some feeling of bittersweet and melancholy rising to the top, which I think might be the the oil calling attention to those feelings that I've been carrying for weeks as this time of year marks the passing of a beloved family member. I think when I go visit his grave I shall anoint with this oil beforehand. In All: Low to medium throw- definitely start small and add more after you see how it'll react with your skin. A lovely oil that brings emotional clarity that I can see easily mixing with others to highlight feelings in rites and workings. A solid addition to any witch's toolbox!
  4. This oil focuses on prosperity, money drawing, and the rapid acquisition of funds through the guidance and blessings of St. Expedite. It is a sweet, honeyed fast luck in money blend, and is suited for dressing ritual tools and as an offertory oil for the saint. Fossilized amber oil (dry distillation of Oleum succini), honey absolute, CO2 extract of clementine, Pimenta racemosa essential oil (steam-distilled), wild-harvested red rose petals, white sandalwood chips, resin of Pinus succinfera, sunflower oil, coconut oil, pyrite, and golden mica. The initial charge for this oil was made on during the primary St. Expedite election on December 20th, 2018, and it was subsequently charged every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday through Epiphany, with boosts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Epiphany. Offerings of poundcake, candies, chocolate coins, spring water, incense, fire, coffee, whiskey, and rum were made in supplication during the process under the auspices of both St. Expedite and the Virgin Mary.  NOTE: My initial reviews of this new batch of St Expedite oils will be based on two things, scent / wear and also energetic impressions. I will either update with magickal workings and outcomes here, later or I will post my reflections and findings in one of the TAL-specific groups. In The Bottle: So, first of all, the mica is both far brighter and "chunkier" than the other two oils from this release, which makes sense to me. There's something very reassuring and cheerful about the display, like the liquid is letting you know instantly that you can have confidence it's going to help you with your money issues. I'm getting amber and some pine resin immediately, with a bit of the citrus Clementine bringing up the rear. I generally do NOT like evergreens in my fragrances, period, but this is so well-blended that it doesn't give me a "floor cleaner" vibe most others do, but rather, being in a lush, wintery forest laden with goodies hidden in or glistening on the surface of, snow. Wet On Skin: A tiny bit of the bright gold mica came out, leaving just a cute trace on my wrist and I am completely delighted by it! The amber comes out more strongly as the oil warms on my skin, which I welcome, since real, fossilized tree resin is one of my all-time favorites, both to wear and to keep on my altar. So all the amber boxes are getting checked right here! Dry Down: Fully dry, this scent is almost entirely amber now, but with an edge of that myrtle cutting through the sweetness. If you wanted to punch up the earthy-abundance-energy hit, I'd probably toss a little bit of oakmoss into the mix, or a minuscule dab of patch, but this cheery abundance-draw blend is great all on its own for sure. Love! ❤️
  5. VioletChaos

    A Prayer to St. Expedite

    This is a general, all-purpose perfume oil for St. Expedite, appropriate for use in dressing candles, rosaries, conjure bags, petitions, and other items of power. Patchouli essential oil, vanilla bourbon absolute, ginger root essential oil, steam-distilled myrrh essential oil, Ceylon cinnamon essential oil, ground cinnamon, and cinnamon sticks, coconut oil, alkanet, pyrite, and red mica. The initial charge for this oil was made on December 20, 2018 during the St. Expedite election window, and was subsequently charged every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday through Epiphany, with boosts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Epiphany. Offerings of poundcake, candies, chocolate coins, spring water, incense, fire, coffee, whiskey, and rum were made in supplication during the process under the auspices of both St. Expedite and the Virgin Mary.  NOTE: My initial reviews of this new batch of St Expedite oils will be based on two things, scent / wear and also energetic impressions. I will either update with magickal workings and outcomes here, later or I will post my reflections and findings in one of the TAL-specific groups. In The Bottle: A root-y blast of ginger followed by a dribble of very delicate vanilla. (this, so far, does not appear to be the same rich, pound cake-y vanilla in St Expedite Fast Luck) Wet On Skin: I'm still getting almost entirely ginger root. It's definitely a bit sweeter than my direct experience with pure, single finer root essential oil, and I assume that the patchouli and vanilla are responsible for the softening of edges here, though they're like backup singers here to strengthen only the voice of the lead- I would NOT say at this point that i can actually pull out either of those supporting notes; this is really a ginger scent, first and foremost. Dry Down: The ginger has become sweeter still with drying. There's something that's incredibly cozy about this scent, but not in a soft sweater kind of way, but in the way that one might see a family of hibernating furry animals in a winter forest, nesting in their soft earth, pine needles and leaves, noses buried in each other's fluffy tails. This oil is a *comfort*. One that implies strength, a solid shoulder to cry on, a trusted ally that will fight FOR you while you take a much-needed rest. I could see utilizing this when my energies are flagging and I would also layer this with some of my own well--aged patchouli to bolster intentions of speedy delivery in regard to all monetary, bodily or otherwise earth-energy-centric matters. ❤️
  6. VioletChaos

    St. Expedite’s Fast Luck

    This is a new interpretation of a traditional Fast Luck intention blend, blessed by and consecrated to St. Expedite and containing flashes of his scents and colors.Vanilla oleoresin, red rose petals, alkanet, Ceylon cinnamon essential oil, ground cinnamon and cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean powder, coconut oil, pyrite, red and gold mica, and red jasper chips. The initial charge for this oil was made on December 20, 2018 during the primary St. Expedite election window, and it was subsequently charged every Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday through Epiphany, with boosts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, and Epiphany. Offerings of poundcake, candies, chocolate coins, spring water, incense, fire, coffee, whiskey, and rum were made in supplication during the process under the auspices of both St. Expedite and the Virgin Mary. NOTE: My initial reviews of this new batch of St Expedite oils will be based on two things, scent / wear and also energetic impressions. I will either update with magickal workings and outcomes here, later or I will post my reflections and findings in one of the TAL-specific groups. In The Bottle: Sweet vanilla and a hint of a baker's cinnamon (meaning, light and sweet, as opposed to an acrid or sharp variety) Wet On Skin: A continued delectable vanilla. It reminds me ever so slightly of the dense sweet vanilla in Love's Philosophy but the vanilla bean powder keeps this from becoming "just a foodie" vanilla. The cinnamon continues its supporting role, lending a depth that further keeps this from being a pedestrian vanilla. The combination is also reminding me of the Egg Nog scent of Yules past. But again, it's different somehow as well. Dry Down: Although it doesn't show on the skin, the bottle is thick with shimmering mica and the look and experience of this oil lends the weight of its divine purposes. There's nothing showy about this oil or its scent in the "Las Vegas bling bling " style (meaning, it's not a false glimmering). Rather, there's something that feels wonder-ous, glory-ous, adorational, about it all. The scent stays relatively true from bottle to dry down, with a nice, medium throw- a little goes quite a ways so resist the urge to be heavy-handed, unless that's a specific and important part of intent in your workings. I find that the mere application and settling in of this oil on my skin is imbuing a sense of hope to me at a time when i desperately need some. I anticipate getting and giving alot of love in regard to the universe and St. Expedite in conjunction with this oil. ❤️
  7. VioletChaos

    Heart-Shaped Beanie on the Metro

    In The Bottle: I am hit immediately with a bright light pink rose that instantly brings me back to summertime in childhood, wearing my grandmother's rose perfume and rollers king up and down the street. It's an *ache* it's so intensely real. So that's the first thing. After a second bottles sniff, I get an edge of the granulated sugar in the background. I've no complaints! Wet On Skin: Warming up, this is becoming more like Victorian Rose Milk v.1, of which I am a fan, and which is to say the sugar has become slightly creamy and the rose has become slightly more "fresh"- I can smell a hint of the green stem in this mix now. Dry Down: This is all fresh rose and a hint of sweet cream on me. I'm sad I'm getting no orange blossom in the mix. I'll likely hold on to it and see how it settles, in about a month.
  8. VioletChaos

    Berliner Dom Antics

    In The Bottle: The very-beloved gingerbread note that the Lab used in their Gingerbread Snake. Which is to say- delicious! Wet On Skin: Mostly still the spicy, sugary gingerbread I know and adore. Dry Down: This is more or less a Gingerbread Single Note on me. I really, really love that note (as I've already stated!) so while I'm a bit sad that the patchouli never showed up for me, I know this is going to age fabulously. And if it stays a true SN, I'll simply use some of my own well-aged patch to layer with it!
  9. VioletChaos

    Paris Gargoyles

    Trust me when I say it would be embarrassing to tell you how long we posed in this position while we waiting for Brian, Jade and Beth to come downstairs, but sometimes the joke is THAT IMPORTANT! Sweet russet musk, auburn oudh, teakwood, and cement.  As someone who spends a great deal of time in the City Of Light, this was a scent I felt obligated to get, though in truth, I don't know if it's going to work on my skin. Lessee how it goes! In The Bottle: I'm getting something sweet and plummy right away. I'm assuming it's the russet musk, which I've never before encountered. It's really nice! Musks for me are very hit (red) or verrrrry miss (black musk, I'm looking at you!) This one is really, really good, sweet, light, but not a sheer musk like the whites tends to be. I'm intrigued! Wet On Skin: Warming my skin, the scent is staying much the same- and NO objections from me about it! I do love me some teakwood, and hopefully it'll appear, but honestly, if it doesn't, I'll feel just fine about that, too. Dry Down: The oudh is making a whispering appearance now, but that sweet, almost fruity musk is the star of this show. For long-time perfume fans, Betsey Johnson's very first perfume, which debuted in a perfect globe-shaped glass bottle in the early 90s, had a very similar feel, scent and vibe to this here scent. That was an early perfume obsession of mine, and I'm happy to have something similar with this lovely tribute to the building statuary of Paris ❤️
  10. Behold, the Palace of the Sun King and the personal playground of Barrials. Is nothing sacred? Indonesian oudh and jasmine brocade.  In The Bottle: Pure rich deep jasmine. The kind I've found almost exclusively in small Indian markets. Lovely! Wet On Skin: More of the same. Oudh notes are usually pretty strong on me, so I'm still hopeful that something will turn when fully dry... Dry Down: Still mainly a rich, heady jasmine, the oudh has, in fact, joined the party, though in a surprisingly subtle performance (subtle comparatively for oudh, I mean). The effect is very much like entering an ancient, abandoned temple. I envision a place once grand, now grandly dilapidated, but still, those who pilgrimage to see it are left in a state of quiet awe. I'm not much of a florals kind of person. that said, there's enough going on here that i will hold on to my bottle to see how aging deepens the scent and I can easily see layering this with some heady down-and-dirty patchouli and something *magical* being born.
  11. VioletChaos

    Lycan Lace

    A veneer of civility shredded, torn, and bloodied. Ragged, soil-stained sugar-spun vanilla, dragged through a thicket of thorny roses, tobacco, and black pine, hot with feral musk and incense, and spattered with viscera.  In The Bottle: Pretty much only the sugar-spun vanilla, reminiscent of the stained fabric in the always-glorious Black Lace. It definitely seems right at home amongst other Laces in that regard. Wet On Skin: The thorny roses are starting to come out. I'm not a huge florals fan, I can be quite picky. At this stage, the sugary vanilla and roses are keeping each other in balance, even as they stay separate entities (which is to say, this is not the Sugared Rose note of the Carnivale's Hope.) Dry Down: Through to this stage, it's mostly a dark, rosy, sugary vanilla, with just a touch of incense to ground it. I like it! I don't wear my small selection of florals often, but this sets to mind a certain kind of day, one that involves long, heavy velvet skirts, copious amounts of smeared red lipstick and listening to any album made by the Cure prior to 1990, all whilst walking about dejectedly on a gloomy winter (or autumnal) afternoon
  12. VioletChaos

    Vampire Lace

    The civilized, sweet restraint of lily-white sugared vanilla silk gleaming with a glimpse of fang-white musk, smeared with wanton red musk seed, tobacco, red agarwood, and ritual benzoin, and blackened with a depraved miasma of clove husk, drooping oakmoss, black leather, and balsam.  In The Bottle: a very, very gauzy white musk and an even fainter vanilla silk. the whole experience sniffing in the bottle is that of a dream, it's so light and wispy. Wet On Skin: The lightness of the scent continues in that it has very low throw, even as it warms on my skin. Joining the silk and white musk I get a hint of something slightly sharp, such as ambrette seed, although that's not listed in the notes. It might be the agarwood. Dry Down: The scent remains very soft and slow throw- try it by small increments at first, but i anticipate this one will require slathering to really get the full force of it. It's extremely well blended, so although I can detect ghosts of benzoin and clove husk now, I wouldn't say that either note dominates, but rather that it's all supporting roles for all players involved. I get no leather at all, which is unusual because my skin generally amps that note, so it might again be a testament to how thoroughly it's been blended. In All: A moody scent appropriate for this coldest time of the year, but definitely something that I'd wear for daytime- it lacks a total intensity but I think that's a good thing, because not all heavy scents should be reserved for nighttime uses
  13. VioletChaos

    Christmas Pudding

    So, I actually reviewed the first iteration of this scent way back when in 2014 when it came round the first time. I'm going to copy and paste here below, and then post my review of this 2018 version underneath and see how it compares! 2014 Version: In The Bottle: YUM. I wasn't sure what to expect from the suet note, but having grown up with a bird-watching grandmother, I have plenty of background in the scent, owing to the frequency with which it's mixed with birdseed. Here, in the bottle, there's a smoky/fatty thing going on that adds something singularly rich and delicious to the sweeter, lighter, somehow fruity notes of the rest. Wet On Skin: Yup, still lots o' suet and, though not specifically listed in the notes, there's quite a bit of fruit going on round these parts. Again, there's a lovely balance here, I don't object in the least! Dry Down: Ahhh, *there's* the baked-sweets aspect I was waiting for! Like the Puddins of Trading Post yesteryear, there's a rather specific...'pudding' note that's present in here. I get no custard, sadly, but it's sugary and a bit buttery and, with the mystery fruits and the suet, it's making me incredibly sad that I can't eat my own hand. In All: Low throw, a nice, spicy-sweet food scent, for all the foodie-lovers out there. If you liked the TP's Puddin scents, get this- you won't be disappointed. 2018 Version: In The Bottle: I'm getting the custard first and foremost. The suet isn't present at this stage, but I'm unconcerned. I still have no idea what those "13 ingredients" are, but as with the 2014 version, there is something that reads as "mystery fruit" in the mix. Wet On Skin: As it warms up, I'm getting some of that rich treacle and a tiny bit of the smoky suet. Honestly, I wish the suet was more dominant in this scent, there's something intensely satisfying about wearing something that smells like mutton fat (buuuuuut maybe that's just me ) Dry Down: The suet *does* come out a bit more now that it's dried, and you shouldn't be alarmed by that! It doesn't come across as meat fat, it simply adds an incredibly rich density to this scent- everything here is rich and decadent and delicious. I'm not getting the "baked goods" thing that happened with the earlier release. Generally this scent seems to be a kissing cousin of the iteration but they were wise to name this scent a "redux", because while similar, it's absolutely its own thing this time around, and I LIKE IT.
  14. VioletChaos

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    So, I've thus far loved all incarnations of the Sufganiyot scents AND I love blueberry, so I'm RATHER excited to give this one a whirl! In The Bottle: Why, yes, that IS rather a large bloop of blueberry! It's definitely of the "blueberry jam" variety and not a fresh blueberry. I get a teeeeeeeny edge of fried dough, just off the end. My mouth is already starting to water! Wet On Skin: The blueberry is SO strong that it's nearly verging on becoming grape hubba bubba bubblegum. Nearly- but not quite! It's a very sugary fruit for sure. The fried dough has left, though I'm hoping that's temporary. Dry Down: Hmmm. This is less blueberry donut and more blueberries and custard. I can tell that the fried dough is trying- really trying! -to come on out, and it's possible that the bottle just needs more time to rest or age. I like it in that it fills the hole (no pun intended) that I had for a good blueberry jam scent, but it's lacking the fruit-fried-dough combination that I consider the hallmark of the other Sufganiyot scents. I'll give it a change to shift over the next month, but I might trade my backup bottle away... ETA: It's about 35 minutes later and at LAST, the fried dough has arrived! I honestly don't know if it's just a matter of needing to read / age more or what, but whatever the cause, this Blueberry has become a true Sufganiyot at last- yaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!
  15. VioletChaos

    Abolish ICE

    You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming. ― Pablo Neruda Selections from our general catalog of perfumes may have succumbed to frostbite, but never fear! We haven’t lost our molten core of passion for seeing justice served. Consider this our holiday prayer for a reckoning long overdue: May human decency prevail over the corruption and wickedness that endangers so many of our neighbors, and may our government’s assorted agencies be held accountable for their ongoing assault against the civil liberties of those seeking refuge in our land of bountiful freedoms. Proceeds from sales of this perfume will benefit the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES). For more information about their services, please visit https://www.raicestexas.org Melt the hoarfrost of this administration’s cruelty with this scent of warmth, safety, and succor: smoked toffee and patchouli with coffee bean, caramelized oudh, clove, and bourbon vanilla. Disclosure: I purchased 2 bottles of this scent blind because even if this smelled like bottled poo, the meaning behind it is so important in this political climate that I wouldn't even care. That said, it happens to contain a number of notes I tend to love, and I'm hoping it's going to be a knockout In The Bottle: Toffee, chewy caramel and bourbon vanilla. It's warm, sweet and very cozy. I'm falling in love already! Wet On Skin: Oh, my. The above are cut through by the emergence of the clove and oudh, colluding to pull the scent out of merely being a sweet-n-sticky food treat and moving it into a higher plain- more depth, more spice, a rounding out. Dry Down: While I get no patch or coffee, all the other notes are at the party, clove taking a slight lead at this stage, making this a warm and inviting cold-weather scent. It doers exactly as it has set out to do: the fires of love, warmth and inclusion ring true and deep with this scent, reminding us that it is community that keeps the cold hard world at bay. Thank you Beth, for bringing such a visceral reminder into the universe, your love is so strong in the fa ce of oppression that it brings tears to my eyes presently. ❤️❤️❤️