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  1. VioletChaos

    Slime Queen

    In the bottle, I'm getting a faint hint of the cotton candy. But as someone else in this thread said, on my skin, it's a sugary, slightly musky Dorian. And I'm ALL for it. Dorian is a favorite of mine, and this version is slightly lighter and perhaps a teensy bit more heavy on a (sugared) black tea note. Normally I amp sugar as a note, but the rest of the Dorian-centered notes seem to be enough to keep the sugar in its place. So glad to add this to my collection (Thanks Twi, for another great swap! )
  2. VioletChaos

    Cacao & Clove

    In The Bottle: Rich, bittersweet dark chocolate and straight, uncompromising clove, in equal measure. Wet On Skin: Same. It's like overtime my nose tries to pull one element over the other, the scent shifts again. Dry Down: Upn drying, the sharpness of each note smooths out a bit, becomes softer around the edges. Which is great, as both notes can be a bit jarring and acrid when they're at their most intense. This is like the other side of the coin of Wednesday's Child Is Full Of Woe: that one is clove and vanilla, which made the clove sweet and lightly playful. The strong cacao when paired with the same clove note, makes something a little more sultry. The scents are like day and night in terms of when I'd wear them. Both are lovely on their own, delivering exactly what I'd hoped for, and I suspect they will layer well with each other. I also suspect that layering this scent with a drop of dirty patchouli or smoky vetiver will provide some additional fun options, especially as we start to tread into that most sinister time of year, Autumn. Total win! Glad I blind-bottled a backup!
  3. VioletChaos

    Psalm 146:9

    In The Bottle: The labdanum is *intense* at first sniff. Since I have been in a major labdanum rabbit hole as of late, this is not, in any way, a problem for me. In fact, it's sort of what I was hoping for (though I adore all notes listed equally in this blend, so truth be told, this bottle was always going to be mine, one way or another.) I get traces of sharp, bittersweet cacao and smoky vetiver around the edges, but no vanilla at this stage. Wet On Skin: As the oil starts to warm, the labdanum opens further, releasing its delicious dark/sweet/resinous power. The cacao mellows a bit, but this is not the sweet, dusty confection of my darling Cacao Pod. This is deep black baker's chocolate at most- and it's really just in the far background. The vetiver had disappeared, and vanilla never came to the party at all. Dry Down: the labdanum continues to dominate, with just an edge of the vetiver's smokiness to round it out. It's strong but with a medium-low throw. I can feel the fury of the message through this scent. I am instantly in love and suspect, given the notes, that this will only get better with age. ❤️
  4. VioletChaos

    Lola Lee Loo

    In The Bottle: The fig and rice flower are the first notes detectable. Light, sweet and not at all foodie, I recognize the fig from such classics as Eden. The rice reminds of a long-lost Shunga scent from years gone by, though I can't place which one, exactly. (Though old enough that it may have come out the same year as the original and unmatched Glowing Vulva). Wet On Skin: As it warms, the cream starts to show itself, but it's sheer- I'm not getting the toasted aspect, nor am I getting the smokiness of the fig. This is a light, gentle skin scent thus far, and neither clove not patchouli are anywhere on the premises, unfortunately. Dry Down: Oh, HAI THERE, Clove! To be fair, even at full dry-down, the clove is merely a footnote, a little bit of an edge, a slight toe-hold for all the gossamer-sheer notes on which to gain traction. (it IS only listed as "a drop", after all...) In all, this is a gentle scent, much like the sweet-looking fur baby for which it is named. It stays close to the skin, and as a mid-summer release, I can see wearing this on the balmy nights that remain now in August and the first half of September, then perhaps switching to wearing it during sunny, slightly chilled afternoons throughout the fall. ❤️
  5. VioletChaos


    STRAWBERRY MOON 2019 It's been a while since I got a shirt from the Lab but the graphic for this month's Strawberry Moon was too good to miss. I'm *really* glad I did! Since it's been literally years since my last Lab shirt, they have since changed the company they use for their women's baby-t style shirts, and the quality is GREAT. The shirts were well-made before, but I am one of those people for whom anything close to a standard tee is problematic: the fabric is usually too thick and therefore unbreathable for me, and the texture tends to require multiple washings to achieve anything *close* to comfy. These news ones are SOOOOOOOOO soft!!! Like tissue-tee-level soft, but not transparent the ways tissues tees generally are. Also, they're incredible flattering in shape, especially as compared to ye standard boxy-shape of regular cotton-poly shirts. Lastly, they're longer, which is also a nice touch- some of us aren't interested in shirts that inexplicably end right at where the pants (or skirts etc) begin. And the graphic, of course, is GREAT, which was the whole reason I picked it out to begin with. TOTAL win!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  6. VioletChaos

    Strawberry Moon 2019

    I've been smitten with Strawberry Moon since the 2009 halcyon days. 2012 was not my favorite, but the note list was compelling enough this time (benzoin, I'm looking at you!) that I blind-bottled not one but TWO. Fingers crossed my boldness has paid off. Straight away, I find that, as with the 2009 batch, the sweet juiciness of the strawberry is offset by the tang of the dandelion sap. I love the juxtaposition, each element keeping the other one from becoming too overwhelming or veering the scent too far off-course in one direction or another. The benzoin is a stroke of genius, in my humble opinion. The honey in the 2012 mix made the scent a bit too sweet and cloying for my tastes, whereas omitting that note and replacing with the vanilla-resin-esque benzoin adds depth without making the scent sugary. Resins tend to get better with age, and while this is definitely good enough to wear immediately, I'm excited to see how this scent might continue to deepen with more time. On a side note, I've been testing several scents today and for this that scored both, I'd *highly* recommend layering this Strawberry Moon with the White Sandalwood and Clove duet- the clove and strawberry together create a sexy tomboy vibe that is *incredible* and not at all gourmand! ❤️
  7. VioletChaos

    Wildflower Honey and Patchouli

    This is definitely a lighter, sweeter honey than some old favorites (such as O), but for this got, steamy summer, I find that I'm immediately pleased. As others mentioned, in the bottle it is this note that dominates. On the skin, the scent blooms, and the honey is still top dog, but had morphed from a liquid-y "orange blossom bear" honey to a gorgeous honey dust. The patch is almost nonexistent, but I have enough aged patchouli that I will happily layer some with this to get a different effect if desired. In the meantime, this is a lovely, rich summer scent, sexy enough for evening but holding its own enough that I'd wear it to the beach as well.
  8. VioletChaos

    White Sandalwood and Clove

    I ADORE clove, but it also has to be in the right context, lest it becomes either too cloying or too acrid. My hands-down all-time favorite clove scent has always been The Smiling Spider, but I've also been interested in more sandalwood-based scents this year, so I knew I needed to snag this one. The clove is definitely the lead note whilst in the bottle and through dry-down. The sandalwood reads as an afterthought- as I pull my wrist away from my face, I detect it in passing: "Oh! Hello!" and then it floats off again. I love the clove in this, but had been hoping for the sandalwood to make more of a presence. I'll keep it for the clove alone, but I'm also hoping that aging will bering the wood out of hiding a bit more.
  9. VioletChaos

    Coconut and Orris Root

    The coconut in this is of the same variety as in Obatala, so if you liked the coconut note - soft, cool, not at all foodie- then you will likely adore it here as well. There's a sweetness to it that I had attributed to the tiare note in the HG that contained both and pikake, but I'm seeing now that it was the coconut all along. The orris, instead of reading as dusty as I've come to know it, has morphed into something more akin to gardenia, making this scent overall a cool, light floral. Beautiful, to be sure, but not really my scene, as I'd be hoping for more of a toasted, foodie coconut and a dry orrise to cut the sweetness. Off to the swaps with ye!
  10. VioletChaos

    Bright Goddess of the Skies

    I'm not much of a florals person, when it comes to how I scent myself. I bought two bottles of this untested, however, because of what it *does*. So first, I will speak to how it has :worked: for me, having only fully worn it once. And how it has worked this far, has been LOVELY. I felt an almost immediate sense of self-love and confidence well up after application. It was an interesting shift: strong, but in the foundation of my being, like an energetic reminder that the space I occupy on this earth has been here all along. Like a reminder of the currency of my being, a sort of "Oh! THAT'S right!" kind of feeling. It reverberated all day- it effected my choice of clothing (I leaned more into snug, body-defining dress then usual), it effected how I held myself when walking down the street. It created a series of "a-ha!" moment about what I deserve as far as respect goes, for merely being human. As for the scent, it's less like a rose-y perfume and more like a rose-based essential oil blend (which is really more what it is). As a result, it layers well with a variety of other scents, so if you want the vibe and support but aren't keen on smelling floral, you can do things to shift it pretty dramatically. The day I tested, I layered on some amber paste and a bit of aged patchouli and it was *glorious* I am SO very glad that I have some, for whatever might befall me in the future.
  11. VioletChaos

    Cool It

    I got a decant of this and am delighted to have even a tiny amount for emotional first aid. Scent-wise, I get mostly peppermint and a little of the frankincense. It's not as soothing as Security Blanket, but I can tell that this is going to be immensely helpful when I'm spiraling out and having a hard time grounding.
  12. VioletChaos

    Security Blanket

    It's mildly medicinal in aroma, but also definitely comforting, which I think is helped by the lavender. I only put a tiny amount on to test, but it's been a stressful period for me and already I am noticing a shift. I will use this sparingly, as I was only able to secure a partial bottle (about 40%! Nothing to sneeze at!) but I'm so ridiculously grateful to have this as part of my arsenal toward emotional wellbeing. ❤️
  13. VioletChaos

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    I received #22 Frankincense as a frottle today (thanks, Lab!) so here's my take: In the bottle, it's a luscious thick sweet resin. The aging of this Frank has done it a world of good. Wet on my skin, I'm getting an undertone of something that's helping the frankincense stay on the sweeter side of things with none of the sharpness it can sometimes have. Dry down is the same lingering confusion I've had this whole time, because I'm usually really, really good at picking out individual notes. but then again, considering this bottle must've sat in the Lab for the last, oh, NINE YEARS, stewing in its own juices, I'd say I should be permitted my unknowableness concerning the exact breakdown of notes, suffice it to say that it's damn gorgeous and I will treasure this bottle for as long as any drops remain inside its amber depths. Thanks Lab!!!
  14. VioletChaos

    Gordian Hairmop

    There's coffee and tobacco fighting for the top spot immediately. The teak starts to come into play as soon as the oil warms up on my skin and makes it surprisingly masculine. Honestly? I kind of imagine this is what Don Draper would smell like: a damn sexy man's man. Dark, alluring and up to no good. I would NOT want my uncle to smell like this but I would absolutely be okay with a special friend smelling like this
  15. VioletChaos

    Squelette et Fantôme

    In the bottle, it's a strange cacophony of cacao, lavender and white musk. Once it's warmed on my skin the cacao disappears and the lavender and musk seem to be a little more in alignment. At dry down, this becomes a predominantly white musk scent with the lavender bringing up the rear. It's clean and light as white musks tend to be. I can see choosing this on very warm spring and summer days and evenings.