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  1. nenia

    Womb Furie

    Adore this. Almost exclusively wearing this since I received it. I love Snake Oil, but hated O when I tried it (years ago). There's a stinky tart-skin-sweat thing to O that I don't like, and while occasionally I can smell a tinge of it in the bottle, Womb Furie works perfect with my skin. Possibly my favourite BPAL scent, or at least very very up there!
  2. nenia


    at first very acrid-nose-burny cherry. fades to a cherry tootsie pop scent. it's less amaretto than I was hoping it would be. (amaretto sour's my favourite alc drink) it also has slight creamy undertone, maybe the coconut. the scent stays very close to the skin. i like this okay, dunno if it will ever be love though. might give it some aging time.
  3. nenia


    a light scent of floating brainy crunchberries, indeed! i like .my nose is stuffed up today so it could be trickin' me but I think it's a winner
  4. nenia

    Grass and Hay scents

    I was going to say the same thing about the Weenie San Francisco. I haven't tried it either but the reviews I read seemed to match what you're looking for. Other grass notes but perhaps more spring green are Squirting Cucumber & Garden Path with Chickens <--- like this one! OHH.. Dance of Death! similar to LUSH's Tramp(recently moved to retro catalog) is a good one too.. (LUSH also has a new shower gel "Grass" and "Squeaky Green" shampoo bar. there are some others I think you may like in this section of the site: http://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/funeral.html good luck
  5. Vanilla Chaos 73. When I first received this it smelled like a 13 variant. Chocolate milk /tootsie roll pretty much. When it settled a bit and I tried it again that night the chocolate note was faint to nonexistent (yay because choco notes usually turn my stomach with my skin chem) It smells a bit cakey, vanilla, buttercream, a bit of berry and a faint trace of the cocoa perhaps. The scent is pretty faint but I do adore it. May try to find a locket or oil burner or hope with age it deepens a bit. Yum!
  6. nenia

    Common Jezebel

    at first sniff it was mostly coconut tempered by the vetiver. but second sniff after it settled it's mostly apricot. a dry apricot due to the vetiver. it makes me think of salty, sweaty, sweet skin. like a just sexed harlot. so common jezebel is indeed a fitting name unfortunately the scent doesn't work for me, but I think this would work for someone who likes dry scents. sort of reminds me of a dry apricot wine as well.
  7. nenia

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    Every time I open the bottle and sniff I start craving strawberry Bubbleyum. eek! suugggar! Wearing it does morph into more grassy/strawberry field true strawberry, unlike the other strawberry scents I've tried from BPAL. I like it a bunch so far..but it's not lasting too long on my skin.
  8. nenia

    Lilith and the Jarocho

    First sniff reminded me a bit of Faiza, has a similar citrus vibe to it. I like this much better though. Flowers and lemon-lime. maybe the slightest wisps here and there of SO and Dorian, but barely. This reminds me of a Mexican restaurant I went to in San Diego years ago that had a huge fountain with margaritas sitting around the top and outdoor seating. Yummmm! Goes on initially very strong but doesn't last too long. I posted a picture in the "what do labels look like?" thread ETA: I adore adore adore this scent!!! it just doesn't have much staying power on me but I can try to work with that.
  9. nenia

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    bad quality camera phone shot, but you get the idea ....so cute!~
  10. nenia


    Yikes, I received this as a frimp & it's actually one I had been wanting to try...but is definitely not for me. My first instant thought from it was truckstop restroom with stale air freshener smell trying to cover up........... POOpourri I guess is what I'm getting at here.
  11. nenia


    I just recently got a goblin squirt size of Cathouse from BPTP & loved it but cannot afford to purchase a large size anytime soon...however, with my BPAL order I just received today came a frimp of Crossroads, and it's Cathouse's twin sister not identical but so close. Yay. Like mentioned in the very first review in this thread, Zombi + Bayou would give you a good idea of what this smells like. Not my typical kind of scent but I'll definitely keep my imp, and maybe get a bottle down the road if my skin chemistry and sinuses continue to cooperate.
  12. CCCXIII (3 & 13 are my fave numbers too!) my second SO CTV. YAY. Like my first (CXXIX), this is another berry/plummy blend. With this one though, it's warm and not super headache sweet like the first. I'm not sure about particular notes, maybe some apple in it too as it's reminding me a bit of Coral Snake which I also adore. Also has Dragon's Milk kinda vibe? So far I'm very happy with this one and it's a keeper
  13. I have CXXIX I'd say it's like a cooler version of Moriarty. Sweet yet dry plummy. I keep trying this and it changes on me. I don't know if it's hormones/chemistry or what. But I've went back & forth between love/hate with this. Maybe I should give it a bit of time and see ...
  14. nenia


    I just received this as a "frimp" with my new order. First thing I thought of was "Irish Spring" soap..although it's much better of course.. I guess it's along the same scent idea anyway, although I have not smelled that soap in years. This fragrance is earthy, sweet, salty & warm all in one & it's the perfect scent for it's name I get clover/grass, leather (yes like from de sade as this was another frimp I received and definitely get that similarity) some salty sea spray ..and a little green man with his pot of gold! This is really nice and fresh, something I think a lot of people would like.
  15. nenia

    Brown Jenkin

    I wasn't sure if I liked this at first..but then I keep going back for another sniff...and I adore it Sandalwood earthy coconut ...It smells like coconut hippie. I get whiffs here and there of something a bit medicinal..it's prob just the sandalwood, but smells to me like myrrh or pine perhaps. I don't really like that smell, but it works in this. So comfy. mm Also, it seems like most the scents I've tried lately don't last on my skin at all... but I just woke from a nap and can still smell a little coconut goodness. yay.