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    Favorite BPAL BLENDS: Snake Charmer, Scherezade, Dragon's Milk, Thaleia, Eve, Strawberry Moon, Hemlock, Dana O'Shee, Czernobog, Freak Show, Fruit MoonFavorite NOTES: vanilla, honey, musk (but not tooo heavy), milk/cream, fruits, cocoa/chocolate, woods, sugar, saffronLEAST FAVORITE NOTES: Cinnamon (allergic), Clove, Cardamom, Cumin, Cedar, Aquatic (based on testing some commercial scents...but I haven't tried a BPAL aquatic.), Jasmine, Gardenia, Stargazer Lily, ButterFAVE NON-BPAL PRODUCTS:If it's HONEY, I will love it. I am a huge coveter of honey soap and almost any product that smells like real honey.mmmmm...

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    performing/playing music, photography, gardening, hiking, horseback riding, natural healing, quilting, animal/bird watching (in a non-hardcore sense), illuminated mauscripts, camping, herb lore, animal behavior, psychology<br /><br />also see for more tidbits: (I cannot get the url to work. grrr.)<br />http://www.bpal.org/index.php?showtopic=1566&pid=588299&st=300&#
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  1. Dinerdulcinea

    Snake Charmer

    I have two different releases of this scent and this is my 3rd version. They gradually seem to get less sharp and perfume-y and more warm, comforting, and vanilla-creamy over time. This newest release has more of the plum and spice components than the others, and less "perfume" than the 2nd. I am so glad I bought several bottles of this!! It remains my A#1 favorite of all.
  2. Dinerdulcinea

    Giant Vulva

    Ok... I thought this one would be the best fit for my chemistry, but I was so very wrong... I have tried some previous blends with "skin musk" and it has always taken a back seat (ha ha) to the other notes before... not so in this blend. All the other notes are generally good on me and might have been fine without the skin musk in this one. The skin musk note is SOOOO heavy that the overall effect is of innocent and sweet perfume (too much on the powdery side for me) after a night of heavy sweaty dancing (and petting) in a nightclub. In short: I smell like a sweaty tramp. If that's your thing, I'd say this might be the blend for you. For me...alas, no.
  3. Dinerdulcinea

    Sea of Glass

    I just realized I hadn't reviewed this one! imp: fresh and green---it IS the scent of Spring...with some flower that I can't quite recall---almost lilac but not quite. Turns a bit sour AND soapy on me...but smells DIVINE on my mother. The scent of flowering trees/shrubs before they open...cold, damp, fresh, green, NEW LIFE. I don't get any citrus or sea.
  4. Dinerdulcinea

    Love's Philosophy

    WAAAAAAHH! I wanted to like this one. I was hoping it would be like Underpants, only maybe work better on me. No way. imp: Some of the cheesecake from Beaver Moon? Wet (hubby's evaluation): "YUCK! That smells like cheesecake and sunscreen mixed together. Blech." Dry: Still getting no improvement on the rating scale from Hubby here... My thoughts: It doesn't even make it to "meh" on me. It's not gross, IMO (though Hubby thinks it is)...it's just...naaaaah. Oh well.
  5. Dinerdulcinea

    Butterflies and Plovers

    Oh, alas. I had high hopes...but I get something sorta like the EEEBIL JAZZMINNNNNZZZZ outta this. Blech.
  6. Dinerdulcinea

    Bridal BPAL - BPAL for weddings?

    Hmmmm...Intrigue is sweet and earthy at the same time, I think. *ponders*
  7. Dinerdulcinea

    I Married a Vampire from Planet X

    Bought this for the Hubby since it has some of the same notes as Count Dracula, his fave. Well, verdict is in: Hubba hubba!!! It is teh SEXXXY on my man!! OFFICIAL REVIEW: Bottle: cinnamon in a big way!! on wet: cinnamon with some other notes---the fruit comes out some with perhaps a little sage-y-ness. Dry: HUBBA HUBBA! This is a lovely masculine scent on my sweetie. It is very well-blended. Spicy, but balanced. The tiniest touch musky in a sexy way, but the musk does not dominate nor is it too prominant. In fact, no one note really takes over in a prima-donna-ish way. Great blend! Certainly a keeper!
  8. Dinerdulcinea


    Trying Rage...boy is that one not what I thought it would be!! It has SOME note in it that is slightly reminiscent of the way Quincy Morris smells on Hubby. I noticed it in Devil's Claw too. *ponderponderponder* It later morphs some and develops a quality that is slightly like sweet birch (which I don't care for, generally). But it is still pretty nice as that note has not yet overwhelmed anything.
  9. Dinerdulcinea


    at first, sandalwood and cajeput, big time. Then add some grass or herbs...10 to 15 minutes later, the sweetness of flowers. very lovely so far! Most lovely at the beginning, not quite old-lady yet (and my chemistry has a tendancy to do that with most perfumes).
  10. Dinerdulcinea


    Very woody and dry on me. Quite lovely though! Hubby should try too.
  11. Dinerdulcinea

    Thunder Moon

  12. Dinerdulcinea

    Snow White

    Snow-covered silent hills, soft and deep. Full-moon of blue-ish brilliance. Goliath winter-white evergreens ringing frozen blossoms of too-early Spring. Fragilest whisper of white tinged with palest green-blue. Tugging, subtle memories of warmth and home and food. Aurora borealis of scent.
  13. Dinerdulcinea


    NOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! It had such promise...so many favorites: blood orange honey patchouli but it also ended up too air-freshner-fake-y on me. WAAAAHHHH!!!
  14. Dinerdulcinea

    The Shivering Boy

    Oh, how I wanted to love you, my boy. But you betrayed me. You had a lovely face, but once I had you in my clutches, you turned on me...like so many others. Alas! I must not succumb to similar temptation from your kind again. Too piney and fake fruit-air-freshner-y. ARGH!
  15. Dinerdulcinea


    UGH! Should have read la description before putting on skin! Has teh EEEEBUL JAZZZMINZZZZ!!! EEEEEEEEEK!! *washes off*