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  1. Scylla

    Take a Knee

    Take A Knee is definitely a cinnamon-y apple scent, mostly. I smell the grass in the background when I first apply it and it is really nice and fresh, but the grass note fades away fairly quickly on me. It's there in the background as sort of a dry grass scent (like Scarecrow), but the the apple and spices are most predominant. It is a nice, cozy autumn daytime scent and I might get another backup bottle.
  2. Scylla

    Flor de Maga

    Origin: Straight from the Lab Initial Thoughts: I had no idea what this was going to smell like and straight up florals usually aren't my thing, but I wanted to donate to the relief effort so I thought I'd give it a try. In the Bottle: STRONG, in your face tropical floral. I'm a little worried! There is definitely some white floral to it, a bit of greenery, but mostly a lush tropical hibiscus. Wet: Still a bit strong and tropical, but rather than a bright red hibiscus it smells more like a white floral to me. I also smell some tropical greenery. It kind of reminds me of The Hanging Gardens crossed with Tiki Queen (but it has been a while since I smelled the discontinued Hanging Gardens). I'm liking it! Drydown: Definitely worth the wait --it's a lovely, not at all overpowering tropical floral. I'm wearing it at work today, and it is very pleasant and totally appropriate for the office. Verdict: I like it quite a bit, and that is saying something since I am not usually a big fan of straight up florals! If you love florals (and especially tropical florals), I'd definitely recommend it.
  3. Scylla

    Lovers and a Fan

    I bought a bunch of decants of the Shunga scents, so when I got around to trying the imp of Lovers and a Fan I could not remember what the notes were. This scent is very interesting on me, although I did not immediately detect coconut, saffron OR honey! I'm not sure exactly WHAT it smells like, but combined with my chemistry it's intoxicating and I can't stop smelling my wrist! I'm definitely going to need a bottle.
  4. Scylla

    Ivory Vulva

    Not at all "suntan lotion" smelling or beachy, this is more of a rich, sweet, creamy coconut. I found this a really nice, comforting scent.
  5. Scylla


    I wore Goofballs for the first time today. It was 12 degrees, with a -9 windchill, but this warm, happy summer scent made me think of summer! It really does smell like grass, dirt and dandelions with a touch of musk and a light floral that I can't pinpoint. A very evocative scent that makes me think of summer--and summers of my childhood, in particular. Well done!
  6. Scylla

    Blueberry Picking

    I love this! I get lavender, blueberries and lemon. A very nice light and sweet warm weather scent. I think I will bring it with me on my next cruise.
  7. Scylla

    Hearts for Ghost Friends

    Wet, this is all rose and magnolia on me, which morphs into a baby powder / hyper-floral perfume. It mellows out after a few hours, but the throw is MASSIVE.
  8. Scylla


    I see, er, smell, the comparisons to Dorian, also. On me, it smells like a cross between Dorian and Lilith Victoria with lemony tea. I got imps of all of the Lilith's Birthday scents, and this is my favorite so far.
  9. Scylla

    Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

    I was excited to try this scent, but my wonky chemistry made it SUPER rose-y with a little bit of frankincense and sage. I'm bummed! I'll test it again, but will probably swap or gift the imp that I have.
  10. Scylla


    Transeo is one that I obtained a long time ago and don't think I ever really tested! In the bottle, it smelled very pleasant but the notes were hard to pick out. Now that I see the notes in this review thread, I am flat out shocked, because what I ended up with was a really loud, clanging combination of rose, soap and metal, pretty much from start to finish. I don't know which evil notes could have combined to do THAT, but this is SOOOOO not a good scent for my chemistry! Transeo had a really strong throw and lasted 12 hours. I could still smell it quite strongly when I got in the shower this morning.
  11. Scylla

    Old books... Books, paper, libraries

    Mr. Ibis is a light musk blend that also has paper/papyrus notes. It reminds me of a library.
  12. Scylla


    Seconding (thirding, fourthing, etc.) Detox. Another lime blend that hasn't been mentioned is Muse. It is lime and jasmine, I believe.
  13. Scylla

    Aspen cologne - help me find a smell-alike

    My husband used to wear Aspen long ago before I turned him on to BPAL, so I'm familiar with what it smells like. Of the scents that others have listed, I think that Wilde is the closest. Bear in mind, though, that it won't be exact. I think you might also enjoy Black Forest. It is pine-y/woodsy.
  14. Scylla

    Detestable Putrescence

    I picked this up at the C2E2 convention in Chicago. I love it! I am a big fan of vanilla, and this is no exception. Wet, it is straight up vanilla with a creamy edge, so it definitely does smell like vanilla ice cream. On drydown, it is vanilla and something peachy. Reminds me of peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I was surprised by the throw on this one. I didn't expect it to last very long or have much throw, but I can still smell it on me 8 hours later. I love it! And I love it when people compliment me on this fragrance and ask me what it's called.
  15. Scylla

    Skytyping with Chemtrails

    I sniffed and purchased this scent at the C2E2 convention in Chicago, and I think it's going to be one of my "go to" scents for this summer. Wet, it is like a freshly squeezed lemon covered in sugar. Lemonade, anyone? On drydown, the citron and lemongrass die down a bit and the white musk become more predominant, and I smell the amber way in the background. I don't specifically detect the other notes (although I'm not sure if I'd recognize elemi, zdravetz, and ravintsara if they smacked me upside the head!), and I don't get a chemical undernote at all. This is definitely a sweet, fresh, light, summery citrus scent with decent throw. If these Chemtrails are skydoom, I'm a goner! ETA: About four hours after drydown, and all traces of the citrus are gone. The faint scent that is left is sweet and resinous. Much different than the way it started out, but also very nice.