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    Skagen, Jutland, Denmark, and the Skagen painters. Japan, and Japanese art, especially prints. Pre-Raphaelite art, but Arts & Crafts Movement art even more so. (That's the art movement, not stuff made with popsicle sticks and glue. *grin*) Iceland, and the Republic of New Iceland. (No, really. In what is now Manitoba. Check it out.) Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, England, especially historical stuff. The Studio magazine. (The old one, not the modern zine.) Tarot decks. Runes. Music with haunting harmonies. Museums. Sushi. Visionary art. Anything to do with the year 1881. (I'm working on something set in that year.) The work of Lucius Beebe, and postcards or photos of him. Fantasy and science fiction.

    I can be found at lionesselise@gmail.com most of the time, so if I forget to answer my messages here, check with me there.
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    Love: Smut! Smut Smut Smut! O, Midnight Mass, Skadi, Tombstone, Spanked, Buck Moon, Coyote, and Jacob's Ladder. Love incense, resin, nag champa, sassafras, dragon's blood. Am also a foodie scent fan, but too many of the butters and creams don't work on me, alas. Unexpected love: cranberry! and champagne and mixed drink scents! (I guess The Hamptons could have tipped me off on this.) Don't want: Ylang ylang outright hates me. Vetiver is deeply suspicious of me. Most florals don't work on me, alas. Anything "leaf", like olive leaf, is probably not going to work.


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  1. delicate_fangs


    Hm. To me it doesn't smell like old people. It smells like old books. Like others say, that passes off fairly quickly, though.
  2. delicate_fangs

    Scorpio 2007

    Wow, the basil really roars out on me here. Wish it were a little more resin and less herb on me, but they keep see-sawing back and forth. Still, it's fascinating!
  3. delicate_fangs

    MVJBA: Summer Summoning Spectacular

    Oh, this is really cool! Sweet grasses, a few dandelions, and pancake syrup, maybe some scorched wildflowers. Really neat. It's not like anything else. I probably won't wear it often, but boy, does it bring back memories. (Um, I went to a tiny parochial school in the country.. and no, it was not Miskatonic Valley. )
  4. delicate_fangs


    Wah. Mine starts out as lovely dead leaves, and morphs into strident cologne. Wah! Oh, well. Off to swaps with the decant. But I had such hopes.....
  5. delicate_fangs

    Sugar Skull

    Alas, no fruit ever shows up on me. It's just caramel-corn sugar, slightly burnt. I had such hopes for the candied fruits, and I keep testing it, hoping that this time they'll be there, but no such luck. Oh, well. Such is life.
  6. delicate_fangs

    The Twisted Oak Tree

    OMG this and my skin chemistry combine to form something of truly legendary scariness. Waah. Um, yeah, rotted oak... and cleaning products. It may have a gorgeous drydown, but I am never going to last that long. Well, gotta be adventurous and try stuff, right?
  7. delicate_fangs

    Pumpkin IV (2007)

    Huh. Pumpkin IV is really perfumey to me. I can smell pumpkin under it, but just barely. There's a whole bunch of high notes in the way. I didn't expect this, but I guess the cactus blossom and the sage are amping and going high on me. Eeesh. Not for me, this one. Oh, well.
  8. delicate_fangs

    The Lurid Library

    The Lurid Library in the decant: This smells like aftershave to me. And dust. wet: Whoah. Now it smells like mildewed books and a faint bit of aftershave. i imagine foxed volumes and a sinister librarian.... later: Eeeeuw. This is not good on me. It smells like bandaids and liniment and mildew. Oh, dear. My Lurid Library is not a good place to hang out. Wah! Off to swaps goes the decant and the full bottle too. (I got a bottle because I grew up in a library, and i so wanted this scent to work. Oh, well.) Wait! No, it's morphing. Huh! Spicier now, and I can finally smell some incense. Still not sure I need more than an imp of it, though, if that. And getting through the initial phases is hard.
  9. delicate_fangs

    Pumpkin V (2007)

    in decant: This smells like a pumpkin pie sitting next to a lemon meringue pie! wet: Even more so. Stronger lemony scent, and sweetness. It's quite pleasant. drying: I love the ginger in this. later: Wow, this disappears entirely on me. Huh. Very short wear life. Nice while it lasts, though.
  10. delicate_fangs

    The Ghastly Garden

    in the decant: very very VERY floral. I approach with trepidation. wet: VERY floral. Much high-noted floweryness. This is probably not going to work on me. Yep, there comes a jasmine soap parade! Though there's something nice in there too.... is that stephanotis? And a creamy background which is rather pleasant. But the soap festival of jasmine and friends, or whatever that is in there, is drowning them out. later: Huh, now it's going to herbal soap. A change, but still not a win, alas. later yet: Almost washed off the scary flowers just now. But am going to give it a bit longer. still later: eventually there is a very pleasant drydown, but I think for me it's not worth the long journey. Oh, well. Floral lovers will like this one, though.
  11. delicate_fangs

    Pumpkin II (2007)

    In decant: This smells like straight pumpkin to me. Wet: Whoah ~ there are berries and nuts in here! No, wait: the nutty smell is probably the tobacco blending with the tonka. Dunno what champa flower is, but maybe it and the carnation are doing the berry smell. Huh. There's some pumpkin here, but mostly it's submerged under the riot of other stuff. Wah. The carnation is going a little bit soapy on me. Later: this dried down to a very faint pumpkin with extra sweetness. It's nice, but not spectacular on me. At least the soapiness was a short-term thing.
  12. delicate_fangs

    The Forbidding Foyer

    The Forbidding Foyer in the decant smelled like a mildewed rug with stale cigarette smoke, like a funeral home from the 1950's, but once on, it smells of rotting woods, and paper, and mysterious dusty places, and cold stone. Huh! Might be too dusty-and-woody-and-stoney for me, but it's interesting. Oh! Brimstone. That's what the stone smell is. Yeah, this is definitely stone. Spooky, too. Later: it winds up being an unexpectedly sweet dry powdery scent on me. How very odd! Quite the morpher indeed.
  13. delicate_fangs

    Pumpkin I (2007)

    Sweet and fruity! There's apple in here, right, or some other fruit? And I can smell the warm rich pumpkin. Nice, but I am always wary with apple because mostly it hates me and goes to compost, alas. We shall see. Oh, wait -- this is not apple. It's pear! Hmm. And I can smell the tea in it. And the grapes; it was the combo of the grapes and the pear that was making me think of a juicy apple. Grapes are good on me, so I have hopes for this. But the fruit seems to be receding, leaving pumpkin and tea. Later: huh. This does not play well on my skin. I think the fruits never quite come together for me. Oh, well.
  14. delicate_fangs

    The Atrocious Attic

    My skin chemistry's antipathy to florals strikes again. Wah. In the decant: smells like scary Jergen's Baby Lotion. On me: smells like REALLY scary Jergen's Baby Lotion. Aiiiieee! I am going to leave it on and see if the drydown improves, but I think this one is destined for swaps. Later: The drydown is very soft Jergen's Baby Lotion with a dusting of talcum powder. Wah. Oh, well. Glad I tried it, though.
  15. delicate_fangs


    I'm testing Samhainophobia 2007, and having the same experience as enderfem did: it's all about the oakmoss, and not in a good way for me, alas. Here are my review notes: Starts out very sharp and masculine-perfumey, and then goes to garden-oakmoss-soil, and now it's doing an impersonation of a rotting turnip. I think my skin chemistry does not like this one. Oh, well. Might have to wash it off. edited to add: later, and even after I wash it off, there's a very nice drydown that I think would smell wonderful on a man or on a woman who likes men's cologne scents. It's not one I can wear, but it's got a lot of goodness to it.