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  1. PumpkinGuts


    Whitechapel opens with a blast of zesty lime that quickly peters out and makes way for a strong white musk. The citron and lilac are present, but this is mostly about the white musk on me. Decent wear length, I can still smell it lingering faintly after four hours. Old-fashioned and not particularly masculine, clean without being soapy.
  2. PumpkinGuts

    Daphne Honey

    I have a bunch of different Rappaccini's Apiary imps from many moons ago (10+ years) that I never tested, so here goes. I'm getting honey throat lozenges again, this time with a sharp white floral that eventually amps up its sweetness to unbearable levels. I haven't smelled Daphne flowers before, but whatever I'm smelling here is sticky candy sweet and I want no part of it. Sorry, little imp.
  3. PumpkinGuts

    Black Hellebore Honey

    I have a bunch of different Rappaccini's Apiary imps from many moons ago (10+ years) that I never tested, so here goes. This one inexplicably smells like LUSH's You Snap the Whip plus honey throat lozenges. So, there may be cassis in this? There is a sort of rubbery medicinal aspect to it. Herbal and lightly fruity rather than floral.
  4. PumpkinGuts

    Black Lily

    As far as I'm concerned, this is the most perfect lily fragrance in the whole world. I have a poor track record with lilies, they tend to go sharp and screechy, but this is magic. Creamy, pollen-y, fresh lilies, and I swear there is some dark musk here and maybe a bit of vanilla. Alluring, whatever it is. This perfume is the best way to huff a lily, and you won't even get pollen on your nose.
  5. PumpkinGuts

    Voodoo Lily

    Spicy orange, almost fizzy, with sharp white lilies far in the background. Really, there is barely any lily here. Pomanders with a splash of cola is the best way I can describe it. Not what I was expecting!
  6. PumpkinGuts

    The Dormouse

    Testing an imp of unknown age, but I believe it to be quite old. This is extremely faint. I can smell both white and green teas, but they lack the crisp and refreshing qualities that normally give them appeal, and are instead rather bitter. I'd be hard pressed to pick out any herbs, but there is a wisp of peony after it's dried down on the skin. Not a winning tea blend for me, sadly.
  7. PumpkinGuts

    White Rabbit

    If you're looking for crisp, peppery tea with a splash of milk, get 'er fresh. Gingery milk with a splash of tea? You want it aged. I enjoy White Rabbit at all stages of life, and think it's always perfect to wear whilst curled up with a book. Linen oddly never makes much of a presence on me in any version.
  8. PumpkinGuts

    Grasshopper Pie

    Wet, this is bang-on Mint Oreo pie, whipped cream and all. Unfortunately, my skin chemistry turns it into plastic, but I'm sure it would be gourmand wizardry on the right person. It does have good throw, so I may try it in a locket.
  9. PumpkinGuts


    When I was little, my mom would make me sugar bread (just like it sounds, buttered white bread with sugar) as a special treat. This is sugar bread + anise, and I love it. I get a bit emotional wearing Bread-and-Butter-Fly, and I'm grateful to have a few imps to help me relive that part of my childhood.
  10. PumpkinGuts

    Alice's Evidence

    Yum, plump spiced prunes and piquant quince. If you haven't smelled quince before, it's pear-like with a tart bite. I agree there is something more to the spice than just ginger, it reminds me of old-fashioned Christmases, or what I imagine they would have smelled like. Some sort of mulling spices going on. It's very quince-y in the drydown stage. If it was a president, it'd be John Quincy Adams. Excuse my sense of humor. I'll need to tuck this away for the fall/winter.
  11. PumpkinGuts


    In a word, whimsical. Vibrant candied citrus and nectarine partnered with mellow rose, bergamot, and a generous dose of sage. The citrus is not zesty, but playfully bright and almost creamy. Unfortunately, it's just about as skittish as my cat, and fades quickly. My hedgehogs must be extra ornery because that musk amps to extreme levels until it's all I can smell. Too much for me, even as a musk lover. I need to try this in my scent locket because I love the candied citrus + sage phase. The musk powderbomb, not so much.
  12. PumpkinGuts

    Drink Me

    This surprisingly doesn't do much morphing on me. It opens with a bright pineapple note, which slowly recedes as the toffee and butter take over. There is also quite a bit of spice, and I have no idea where it's coming from. I tested both new and aged imps out of curiosity, and I didn't get turkey from either one, just pineapple and buttery toffee. Too sweet for me, but fun to test!
  13. PumpkinGuts

    High-Strung Daisies

    Uncomplicated cute floral. A mischievous daisy plays peekaboo and then dips out. This is almost all peppery pink carnation, and yes, it's slightly bubblegummy. I'll keep my imp, but don't find it necessary to upgrade because I have Teenagering to fulfill my sweet carnation needs.
  14. PumpkinGuts

    Blackcurrant Sufganiyot

    This actually smells more like lingonberry preserves to me than black currant. More tart than Raspberry Suf, but still quite sweet. I haven't been able to smell much pastry from any of the Sufganiyots, but this the only one that goes temporarily plasticky.
  15. PumpkinGuts

    Invisible Man Milk

    I've spent so much time trying to figure out how to describe this. There is something clinical about it to my nose, like a powdered medical glove filled with sweetened condensed milk. Or maybe the glove-flavored candy from Glove World. Much sweeter than I expected, with a strong clean musk.