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  1. PumpkinGuts


    Freakin' amazing. I'm enveloped in a swirl of spicy floral sex. BPAL jasmine rarely works on me, but this is so well balanced with the cinnamon and smokiness. Honey lends a touch of sweetness, but by no means cloying. This is my perfect floral and easily slipped into my Top Ten. If you like Chimera, give this a shot!
  2. PumpkinGuts


    This is so soft and pretty! Powdery amber, sweet apple blossom, and a hint of carnation. Wears close to the skin. It's not very "me" but I did enjoy it (as well as its Norse inspiration) and I'll keep my imp.
  3. PumpkinGuts

    Aperotos Eros

    I don't know how, but this went very, very wrong. I love fir and musk, and woodsy scents in general. Guys, it smells like band-aids and dank BO, and never gets better. 🤢
  4. PumpkinGuts


    I hated this wet. It smelled oddly of syrupy almonds and neroli. It dries to a musky patchouli teak with a hint of vanilla. Apple and rose are AWOL. This just dies on my skin, I can barely smell it after 10 minutes.
  5. PumpkinGuts

    Lilith’s First Icicle

    The only icicles we get at home happen when we have a fridge malfunction. Plucked from the walls of Hohensalzburg Fortress: a glassy frozen snowdrop with whipped cream and glacial musk.  This smells like Pink Snowballs, but with snowdrop instead of rose. The musk and whipped cream end up giving it a shaving cream vibe, which is incredibly nostalgic for me. Subtle. I'll stick to wearing this as a bedtime scent since I find it relaxing, but I don't necessarily want to smell like it.
  6. PumpkinGuts

    Pumpkin I (2014)

    Allspice? ALL SPICE is right! *slaps knee* Ahem... Once the scary, burning spices go away, the most delicious creamy ginger milk emerges. It's light, but so, so lovely. This is one of those Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scents that I keep around just to wait for the transformation.
  7. PumpkinGuts

    Feeding The Dead

    2014 version: I've enjoyed all of Beth's Dia de los Muertos-themed scents; this is no exception. The cake is tan and bready with caramel, but not to the point of being buttery. I'm really loving the balance of food and incense. No beer here, but I don't drink the stuff, so maybe I can't detect it as well (on second thought, maybe the bread I assumed was from the cake was really the beer?) Wears close to the skin. I'm not sure I need a bottle, but I'm glad to have my decant. This stuff is yummy.
  8. PumpkinGuts

    The White Witch

    I expected this would be a sibling to the sought-after Mme. Moriarty, but they smell completely different to my nose. The high-pitched, fruity tang of the pomegranate that I get during the wet stage really reminds me of Lampades. Pom, red musk, and amber dominate the scent the first couple of hours, with just a suggestion of rose. It dries down to mostly (a fantastic) myrrh on my skin. It should be called The Red Witch! Red fruits aren't really my thing, but I can see this being popular.
  9. PumpkinGuts

    Purple Snowballs

    Yep, this is the same ozoney, piney snow note from Yellow Snowballs, but with plum instead of citrus. Strong, sweet, and fizzy. My skin is apparently hungry for fruit, because after a short while I'm left with nothing but dryer sheets. My favorite snowballs are still pink.
  10. Snow White came to mind right away. It has kind of a creamy, coconutty vibe to it and the florals are well-behaved. I bet it'll come back this year! Definitely a soft and cozy one. As for GC scents, maybe Titania (A nocturnal bounty of fae dew-kissed petals and pale fruits: white grape, white peach, iced pear, musk rose, sweet pea, moonflower and snapdragon). I read that you like peach and pear, and this is really pretty. Fae (A brilliant, ethereal scent: white musk, bergamot, heliotrope, peach and oakmoss) is a bright peachy floral, and one of my favorites. I really dislike florals, too. They have to be well balanced with other notes for me to wear them at all. Best of luck!
  11. PumpkinGuts


    Egads! I had to close the imp immediately after catching a whiff. Needless to say, it didn't make it to my skin. Hands down, my least favorite BPAL. An accurate description. That is some sharp rosemary. I also intensely dislike orange blossom, so this was never meant to be.
  12. PumpkinGuts


    Honeyed almond with LOTS of sugar and booze. Where has all the rum gone? Right into this here blend. I can't detect any hazelnut. Too sickly sweet for my tastes, but I can see foodies all over this.
  13. PumpkinGuts


    Starts with a blast of sinus-clearing pine and bright berries that lasts no more than five minutes before my skin eats it. The result is a faint cedar and something tonka-like. That was weird! I won't be needing to hunt down a bottle.
  14. PumpkinGuts


    It burns usss! It freezesss! No, really, my skin is definitely tingling. First BPAL skin reaction, and I've been testing imps for five years. Acrid is right. I get both red-hot cinnamon and icy menthol with strooong smoke and some vetiver. I can't even. A scent like this is for a total badass, like Mr. T.
  15. PumpkinGuts

    Black Annis

    Before the drydown, this smells utterly wrong on my skin... a damp sweetness that could only be the lichen does not play well with the other notes. Once that horrific phase has ended, it's all smoky vetiver and anise. As a licorice fan, I find it quite nice. I don't see myself using it much, but it was fun to try!