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    diabolical decanter
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    Texas Gulf Coast (Los Angeles transplant)
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    United States


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    Anaconda... Sssssssss!!
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    LE/DC: VOODOO QUEEN, Formula 54, Spanked, Bruja, HOD, Noir, Storyville, Underpants, Lune Noir, orig. Hexennacht, Anaconda, Snake Charmer, June Gloom, Vieux Carre, Sugar Skull, R/O Autumn, Corazon, SiA Shub, Krampus (looking for '07 art bottles!), Devil's Night, Creepy, Perilous Parlor, Inez, Mme. Moriarty, Pickled Imp, Crypt Queen, The Haunted Palace, Milk Moon '05, Samhain '06, Samhainophobia '06, Egg'd Mailbox, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Marshmallow Poof, Mitzvah... okay - this could go on for a while, better quit now, heheh! GC: TKO (tear through it like underwear), SNAAAAAAAAKE OIIIIIIIL, Lilith, Odin, Kubla Khan, Scherezade, New Orleans, Thanatos, Bayou, The Hanging Gardens, Eden, Eat Me, Cockaigne, Goblin, Voodoo, Black Phoenix...

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    Art - from the silly and fun to the downright eerie (only source of dough in our abode), Music ('20s obscure Creole tunes from Martinique to '60s surf music to the Legendary Pink Dots), Animals (at one point, we had 13 cats, 3 dogs, a rabbit, and 2 tarantulas... and rescued/rehabed a family of oppossum)... and most of all, my family :-)
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    Tiab Guls... UGH!


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    Very adjusted and healthy double Scorpio (and wed to a brilliant Cancer, with an uber-intelligent, lovely Virgo daughter... could I be any happier?) ;-D
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  1. KaliVerra

    Lune Noire

    This is the CREAMIEST orchid/gardenia scent to me... almost delicious smelling - like, lickable I'm truly bowled over by Lune Noire... 5/5!
  2. KaliVerra

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    Mmmmmmmmmm.... Milk Moon '05
  3. KaliVerra

    Love's Philosophy

    Vanilla, saffron, and cream. Whore'd up cream soda float... the Queen Bitch of All Vanillas! *Licks arm... makes out with arm...* Oh! You still here? Yup, keeper! Hoarder, even!!
  4. KaliVerra

    Earth Rat

    Straight up sugary melon on me... but iz GUD!!
  5. KaliVerra


    Like sloshy wet leaves on your shoes on a chilly night... so sad I only got an impy! Wantz maor!
  6. KaliVerra

    The Ghastly Garden

    GREEEEEEEEN, floral, herb-y, sugary and LOVELY!! Can haz replay in '08 plz??
  7. KaliVerra

    The Ifrit

    First, a big to StrangeModeGirl for the generous pick me up decant ! I FREAKIN' LUUUUUURVE The Ifrit... soooo bright orange/red feeling, juicy and ripe in the vial... I wanted to slather the whole damn imp on in one pop! (Patience, Kali grasshopper... you'll want this baby to last...) About 5 min. in, Ifrit went subtly creamy and mellow... really rounding out to a full-bodied soft Dragon's Blood/resins(?)/creamy accord/and a little musky sumthin' sumthin' that blended everything up so well that I caught myself MOANING after a sniff Surprisingly long weartime, too! 5/5
  8. KaliVerra


    Thank you, marvelous GoldenRubee, for giving me the chance to give this puppy a test spin! (And passing the thanks on down to HF for makin' it all happen... sounds like you had an AWESOME TIME!) In the imp: ORANGE ZEST... In your FACE orange zest! Supahdupah juicy and tart with a wee bit of sweet. Wet on skin: A good pop of that initial orange - with a burst of orange blossom and what smells EXACTLY like the honey in L'Occitane's Eau de Miel (soooo gooood!!) Early dry: More orange blossom/honey water than anything... a teensy bit musky - but I can't place what is riding the undercurrent... 3 hours in: Very faint hint of that *musky something*... the floral/honey bit phased out about 1.5 - 2 hours in... Wondering if the musky something is an oddball remnant of the honey?? On a sidenote - my DH said it smells EXACTLY like a spray deo he used to use in the '70s... not a bad thing - just an odd coincidence I think it's purrrrrty
  9. KaliVerra

    The Apothecary

    This was one of my very very first impers waaaaaay back when... all tarted up and sexy... sigh! Lemony and herbaly and just fresh... but with a chilly kind of undercurrent (for me, anyhow) One of my sniffs I go to for BPAL flashback jollies, but not everyday wear - but I'd cry if it weren't available in the catalog for restock
  10. KaliVerra

    Robin Goodfellow

    Oh yummmm... Almost LICKABLE moss... woodsy and spicy and just... just... YUM!! I really like this one - and I'm not sure WHAT the note is that has me by the butt... But I LIKE IT, I REAALLLLYYYY LIKE IT!!!!!
  11. KaliVerra


    This is a very *smooth* rose and lily on me... Has those *Loony* earmarks!! I can't help but love it!
  12. KaliVerra


    Scent: I'm an oddball... I love it. Medicinal, yeah... but the lemony-loveyness of it just slays me Effectiveness: Hmmm... Like Ben-Gay LITE! But with deep massage, you get great circulatory benefits (as well as with the massage oil!! Woo woo!! Couldn't live w/out it!!) 5/5!
  13. KaliVerra


    TKO does what it promises... knocks you flat on yr. ass. Gets the kinks out. Oooohs and Ahhhhhs you all over. Swell for when your brain is *on* and you want to switch over to *off*
  14. KaliVerra


    This one totally kicks my darling wonderful husband's headaches asses! I wish I had a gallon of the shizz Totally one for the medicine cabinet section of your BPAL stash
  15. KaliVerra


    OCEANIC GRAPEFRUIT FIZZZZZZZZ!!! This is divine... very much on the *clean* side