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  1. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi-dee-ho! Been a bit lazy about logging my activity lately, sorry! Wednesday's WOSsOTD were Australian Copperhead and Body Remember. Witchies...this is one of my favorite combos. Berries work really well on me, and always read very fresh and clean (as opposed to the requisite aquatics/greens...so yucky to me!) on my skin. Something about the aรงai berry/coconut/snake oil combo is just magical after drydown. It turns into a resinous spicy vanilla-berry that is just. So. GOOD. Anyway, I did 68 minutes/4.5 miles on the treadmill that day, plus some weightlifting, and I smelled amazing for the duration. Thursday was a rest/cleaning day. I saw a damn mouse in my kitchen first thing in the morning, so I pulled everything out of the lower cabinets, moved the appliances, scrubbed and disinfected. My cats are worthless chunky balls of fuk. Today's WOSOTD was Antique Lace with a (SINGLE) drop of NAVA Vampire Bourbon Patchouli Bat. The patch in VBPB is powerful, and one drop is all it took to dirty-up the innocence of the Lace. Mmmm, verrrah niiiice. Did an hour of Tae-Bo cardio, and my combo held up nicely throughout. @Lucchesa and @Madame Mew...I'm super jealous that the weather is still cooperating with outdoor activities in your neck o' the woods. We had snow AGAIN on Wednesday night. It was 17 degrees here on Monday morning, and below-freezing every night this week. Uggghhh, I hate Winter ๐Ÿ˜ 
  2. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hiya! Yesterday's WOSOTD was Oblivion. I can't remember any specific impressions, other than it reminds me of Morocco (not a fan, sold my bottle recently), only better. I did 45 minutes of Tae Bo cardio and 30 minutes butt/abs floor work. Today I am testing a mish-mash of scents from several houses. The only thing I can positively identify is PSIYSO, coming from the hair tie at the end of my braid. I swiped the bottle threads with the hair tie yesterday afternoon, before I secured my braid with it. I am still in love with this sweeeeeet powdered-sugary Snake Oil. I believe PSIYSO may very well be my favorite Snake variant, though my husband told me I smelled like root beer the last time I wore it ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜… Work out was some abs yoga, upper-body Bowflex'ing and weights, plus a few sets of squats and lunges. Not trying to get the hair sweaty again ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    No...no it does not ๐Ÿ˜‚ And the fact that l didn't grab it immediately means that you are correct, I have reservations. I don't need it, and I know I don't.
  4. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hey hey y'all, I'm be-boppin' in for a short spell. Hope everyone had a happy holiday! I was too busy with holiday prep, cooking, and selling things, so no workouts Tuesday-Thursday. Blahhh. I made the most delicious mac & cheese for Thanksgiving dinner and ate waaaay too much if it, so I HAD TO get on the treadmill today. Went 4.5 miles while wearing Anathema Device (and a drizzle of Tombeur for depth). Anathema Device is a win...mostly fresh juicy blackcurrant on me, which is one of my favorite notes. It lasted well beyond my workout until I got in the bath, so it has great longevity. @Madame Mew I am still considering that damn bottle ๐Ÿคฃ
  5. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi y'all, I didn't realize I have been MIA since Thursday. Whoopsies, and sorry for not checking in. Didn't do any structured workouts over the weekend, just a few sets here and there of absent-mindedly lifting and tossing/catching my weighted ball. More kid drama happened last week, and I'm also wrestling with the stress of my exploding retail therapy habits ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ I must organize and put together a sale very soon, as my anxiety and guilt over my unrestrained spending is through the roof right now. Yesterday's WOSOTD was Gothabilly. It is an absolutely gorgeous scent. Ripe dark cherries...not too sweet... a little spicy, smooth and deep. It really is a masterful blend, and I love it a lot. However, I do wish it was stronger and longer-lasting. I have a small decant, and was seriously considering dropping a good chunk of cash on a bottle, but I'm not sure that I can justify doing so. I did an hour of Tae Bo while wearing it, and I couldn't really smell it, despite the body heat. I wanted major waft, dammit! I won't be able to get in a workout today, as I have to go grocery shopping. QUELLE HORREUR. I do NOT want to go anywhere near "the public". Wish me luck. ETA: @Lucchesa the mention of Beatrix Potter brings back so many childhood memories! Oh, how I wish I had been more careful with and appreciative of my Peter Rabbit books as a youngster ๐Ÿ˜•
  6. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    WOOTY-WOO! I'm so happy to see my witchies are back! This little workout coven really is the only thing that has kept me motivated. I'd be a blob without you all! @Lucchesa I hope your knee was just a temporary ouchie and nothing serious. I did forget to watch your live stream lecture on Sunday (Sunday is all Football, all day in my household), but I donated, so was there in spirit. Still disappointed in myself, since I was looking forward to catching your lecture ๐Ÿ˜• @VetchVesper I know what you mean about being excited for hills. We don't have those around here, either. Have to drive to the Flint Hills (several hours away) or the Smoky Hills areas (within 100 miles, but still...) for any sort of elevation. And congrats on getting your Hubby out there with you. Mine still has yet to actually commit to any regular physical activity. He's a potato, fo sho. And don't die! We don't wanna have to bust out the Ouija boards to talk to you @Madame Mew yes...get you some 2015-2017 SO!!! I have a few drops of my Cobalt bottled SO left. I will be sad when it's gone, but I have a decent stockpile of younger aged bottles. If/when we swap again, I'll hook you up! And some days are just meant for wine drinking What day is this? Thursday? Ugh. Yesterday I wore Boo 2010. Love love love. The cream was leaning a bit sour when I first got it, but has settled back down with a few weeks rest after its journey to me. Soft, billowy, creamy vanilla. So much yum, and great throw. I did 45 minutes of cardio Tae Bo, then the 30-ish minutes of butt and abs floor work. Boo stuck around and kept going strong the whole way ๐Ÿ˜„ Tuesday was my 2016 Snake Oil and yoga with Briohny...or as much as I could physically accomplish, anyway. She is super bendy, and I am not so much. I'm pretty convinced that yoga isn't ideal for long-limbed people. For instance, my arms are too long (I legit have at least 72 inch wingspan, which is two inches longer than my height) to fully extend in Cobra. Feels like my lower back is going to snap in half. But at least the long arms allow me to touch my toes easily, so there's that, I guess? Not sure yet what's on today's agenda. I might break out my belly dance videos, since I don't want to get too sweaty and have to wash my hair again today. I sweat like Whitney Houston...all up in my face and head region, and very little anywhere else. So maybe Whitney wasn't always coked-out? LOL! TTYL Witchies! ETA: Decided to get outside and walk today since our ridiculous fence-toppling winds have calmed the F down. Took Chico for his mile, then another five miles on my own. It's really warm due to the flattened Jet Stream, I am running the A/C, and I have absolutely no business being this tan in mid-November ๐Ÿ˜ Today's scent was Kabe Ni Mimi, and my bottle is heavy on super smooth patchouli (no pothead hippie vibes at all) and light sandalwood. I can totally dig it. Of course, I was wishing for a bit more vanilla, but y'all know me. I couldn't really smell it until I got home, and then it was like WOOO YES, there it is! I didn't want to wash it off, but skipping the shower was not an option.
  7. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hey hey! Haven't checked in for a few days, as I was kinda lazy over the weekend. Looks like it's you and me right now, @Madame Mew! I miss the daily banter with everyone, and hoping all is well with @VetchVesper and @Lucchesa. @Seajewel...how's the shoulder? Friday was a recovery day. Everything was sore. Saturday, I took it easy and played Pong with the Husband for a few hours. I was on a NAVA kick that day, wearing Halloween Vanilla Boo's and Eternal Egypt Amber. NAVA scents really work for me. Beautiful sillage and staying power. Boo's is such a gorgeous creamy vanilla. It sold out quickly during NAlloween, but I won a BNNU bottle auction on Sunday, so yay for that. Sunday was another lazy day, just housework and laundry. Nothing exciting to report. The weather was almost perfect yesterday (a little chilly and windy, but not too bad) so I walked a total of five miles while wearing Dark Lace. The hot asphalt smell (bitumen?) has really toned down and smoothed out with some aging. It gives just a little bite to the clean lace note, and it is really nice now. I am so glad I'm a procrastinator and didn't destash it immediately after purchase! Not sure what's on today's workout agenda yet, but I already know the scent will be 2016 Snake Oil. I know...basic. But oh my sweet Baby Jesus, 2016 is the perfect vintage!
  8. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hiya! Today's WOSOTD was Eat Me. Love the tart currant with the cake. Deliciously fresh! Y'all are gonna get tired of my foodie scents ๐Ÿคฃ I discovered Alo Yoga with Briohny today, and I love her. Did about 20 minutes, and boy howdy, I can definitely feel yesterday's T-25 abs workout. Climbed on the treadmill for an hour after to help balance the muscle building with fat burning. Still hate the treadmill, but it serves its purpose. @Madame Mew you have piqued my interest in CorePower and yoga sculpt. Something to work toward! Thanks, mi'lady ๐Ÿ’œ
  9. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi Lovies! @VetchVesper, haven't heard from you for a while. I hope life is being kind to you The Xbox decided it will no longer recognize most of my workout DVDs (had to do a firmware refresh after I got it to power on, and it jacked something up), so I ordered a new console today. WOSOTD was supposed to be Blueberry Suf (again?) but after messing with the xbox for two hours, it had mostly faded. Realized the xbox will still play my T-25 DVDs, so I did the alpha abs workout. Afterwards, I needed some cardio, so I tried a few workouts on Amazon Prime. I got about 10 minutes in to a Julia Bogner (I think that's her name?) video and didn't like it. Boring, no music, lone chick working out in front of her fireplace. Ehh. Found a newer Tae Bo workout and did that for 30 minutes. Wasn't too happy with it...the energy just isn't the same as the original series. Looks like I'll be utilizing the treadmill for the next few days It's awfully quiet around here. I know things are pretty grim as far as the squatter-in-chief is concerned. I fantasize about throat punching and stumpy finger breaking, A LOT.
  10. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Greetings my luvs! Easing back into a routine today with Metal Twins...gooey, gently spiced cake batter...and a half-hour of Misty Tripoli Body Groove. I don't want to wash Metal Twins off yet, so I think I'll get in a quick abs yoga session before I bathe. Luckily, I was able to fix Hubby's Xbox and retrieve my Rodney Yee dvd Miss ya, sistas!
  11. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Lucchesa I will be looking for Kukuwa. I get bored doing the same workouts again and again, so I appreciate any and all suggestions for different options. And hey...thank YOU for being so inspiring! Yesterday was another no workout day. Still on the edge of my seat, and fulfilling my Moderator duties in my Democrat groups on the Book of Faces. I have lost 5 lbs since Monday. The Stress Diet is real. Today I decided to burn off some nervous energy instead of immersing myself in MSNBC and constantly refreshing poll results. The weather is still cooperative, so I took Chico for his mile walk, then went another five miles after that. I was wearing Hexennacht Chai Mallow this morning for the Chico mile. I dropped him off and applied NAVA Tiki Zombie before I headed back out. They're both absolutely wonderful Fall foodie scents...creamy vanilla, marshmallow, angel food cake, and chai spice. I left a scent trail along the bike path, and a lady told me I smelled really good as we passed one another along the way. Awesome throw! I have to say, NAVA scents are amazingly long lasting. Sugar Llama was going strong when I woke up this morning, and I can still smell the memory of Tiki Zombie on my skin, even after soaking and scrubbing in a hot bath. I am REALLY glad I snagged the last bottle before they sold out! Anyhoo, I hope all of you are doing well. I miss my lovely workout group!
  12. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Missed ya, sister. I hope you're doing well, and hugs back atcha! Yesterday's WOSOTD was Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil. Took Chico for his mile, then came home and did an hour of Tae-Bo, all cardio. No workout today. Too much anxiety, which always presents as a lump in my throat and a tightness in my chest. Hence, I didn't do much of anything other than a binding spell. Wearing Temple Viper again. Meditative and grounding. I ask the Universe for balance, and for truth, love, and light to prevail.
  13. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Blessed Samhain, my Witchy Workout Warriors! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, had a happy Halloween, and took a moment to dance under the Blue Moon! Yesterday wasn't really a workout day. I spent all morning doing deep cleaning, moving furniture around and vacuuming/mopping the entire house, while wearing another lovely CT Snake. Previous owner labeled it "creamy lotus". If that's accurate, I need more creamy lotus in my life. It is reeeaaally nice. After a shower, I switched to Snakes in the Pumpkin Patch with Pink Lovebird. Ugh, what a gorgeous combo, with great throw and longevity. Definitely need to hunt down another bottle of SITPP. Later in the afternoon, we had three of the costumed grandbabies stop by for candy and to play outside. We pretended to be monsters and chased them around the backyard, so that was fun. Sad that we still can't hug them, though. So tired of this fk'n pandemic. Today's WOSOTD is The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe. Have I done that one before? Possibly. When wet, it reminds me a little of SO, then upon drydown it morphs into Haunted, which was my first BPAL love. Again, huge throw and longevity. The weather has been lovely ("wait 5 minutes and it will change"), so I took Chico for his mile walk today. Afterwards, I did some lower body work with resistance bands, upper body Bowflexin', plank rows with 20 lb dumbbells, and 3ร—20 reps on the Ab Coaster. I feel like I need to do some cardio, but dinnertime approacheth, and husband is hongry. Sorry for hogging up the thread. I always vow to keep it brief, and that just never happens. Too many words ๐Ÿ˜ž
  14. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Lucchesa woooo, you go, sister! I always assume everyone is younger than me. Crossover from my IRL associations, I guess? I'm usually the oldest in the group lol @VetchVesper I'm going to have to check out some episodes of Addams family and spot the yoga poses. I had no idea John Astin was Buddhist! And I envy you for still being able to garden. I miss my backyard jungle ๐Ÿ˜ž WOSOTD was another combo... Eden, Tenochtitlan, and a Chaos Snake that is mostly soft Snake Oil, along with something unidentifiable...a dry white flower? Not sure, I'm terrible with notes. Anyway, it's largely SO. Unfortunately, everything except Eden was pretty much gone within a few hours of application. I'm actually attempting to test some of my unused imps...Tenochtitlan is too sharp soapy/floral for me at first. Drydown is okay, if I can make it there. I already love Eden and have a bottle stashed, so that was nice. I did 45 minutes of Tae Bo cardio, then 30 minutes of butt/abs floor work. Billy Blanks does NOT play when he wants you to work your butt. Struggle bus, yo. But I took yesterday off, so had to push it a little harder today. After that, I rested for a bit, then did 20 minutes of upper body work on the Bowflex, and ended with 10 minutes hanging on the inversion table to refill my vertebrae cushion juice. Pssst... This evening, Husband asked me to help him get started on a workout routine, beginning Monday
  15. Amazonia

    Babyโ€™s First Ballista

    Well now, this is a gorgeous pretty beauty. Smooth sweet vanilla, soft freshly baked cookies, and blond woods. Wears a little closer to the skin. I can tell it will be perfect for layering with some scents that I found too masculine/sharp/dark for my chemistry. Bottle.