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  1. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Lucchesa yep, it's pilates and yoga, along with other strengthening moves. Each workout is 30 minutes, and I think there are 12 different workouts. It's...harder than the infomercial would lead one to believe. My wrists can only deal with so many side planks 😅 I'm sad to hear you're still dealing with the shoulder injury. Have you had it checked out? Yesterday was PiYo core, wearing Goblin layered with Outremer Vanille Parfume Extrait. I'm still on a Goblin kick, been layering it with everything. I am in love with that patch! Today I did PiYo buns/thighs and another 30 minutes Tae-Bo buns and abs. Gonna be sooorrre tomorrow. I wore Stekk, and I could still smell it until I got a chance to bathe several hours later. Mmmm, creamy marshmallow. I'm going to run out someday, and then I will have some serious sads. I can only hope to find a reasonable facsimile during my exploration of various Indie fragrance houses. Neko is picking up some moves. I catch her doing speed-bag arms and squats at random throughout the day. We threw tae-bo punches while dancing to Baby Shark this afternoon. Yes, Baby Shark is annoying af...but whatever works, I guess!
  2. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Okay, I'm gonna dip in real quick too! Monday and Tuesday I did an hour of PiYo each day. It's basically just Yoga so far, but I've only done the first two workouts, so hopefully there's more to it as the workouts advance. Monday I wore Aglaea. Love that sweet, fuzzy peach! I'll be full-sizing it eventually, but I keep receiving it as frimps from sellers/swap partners, so I'm good for a while! Yesterday I wore Krampus 2013, received as a frottle (THANK YOU, LAB 💜) with my order that arrived Monday. I might have to stop avoiding leather notes. I kinda dig it! Today I'm testing Marshmallow Snow and Gingerbread Mummy. Woooo, boy. Marshmallow Snow needs some time to rest, fo sho. The wet stage is overpoweringly sharp, sweet/sour pine. Drydown is nice, but takes a hot minute to get there. Gingerbread Mummy is amazing straightaway. I imagine it's going to blossom into something glorious with time. My obliques are sore today, so I haven't decided what physical activity I'm doing yet. TT y'all later!
  3. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Yep, still a thing! We've all just been lackadaisical about reporting in, methinks. Maybe you can help drag me back in to regular check-ins! ETA: @Lucchesa seems to be our most consistent, so a shout out goes to her 💜 You're still holdin' it down, sister!
  4. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hey frenz, thought I'd stop in for a bit. Here comes some word vomit. Apologies in advance. I am super scattered right now. My aunt's boyfriend of 20+ years died Friday night. Yes, it was Covid. He had been in ICU since late December. His condition seemed to be stable and they were getting ready to take him off the vent. At some point midweek, he had a series of strokes which caused lesions on his brain. They turned off his life support Friday evening, and he passed very shortly thereafter. Lots of emotions, running the gamut between sorrow and rage right now. My aunt is 61, they had finally bought a house together last year...and suddenly she's alone. He was her best friend and life partner, and now the future they had planned is just gone. He was in his late 50's, non-smoker, light social drinker, took all the necessary precautions faithfully, and had no underlying health conditions. I am so. Fucking. Angry. We should not be suffering this loss. I worked out for at least 30 minutes every day last week, with the exception of Sunday and Wednesday. Lots of weights, Bowflex, abs yoga, T25, and resistence bands. I'm going to check out PiYo this week and mix things up a bit. I have finally dropped a pant size (which is probably stress related) and toned up quite a bit. I'm starting to see some definition in my abs. I haven't had a six-pack since I was in my early thirties (I was a workout junkie for several years after I had my youngest kid) and I'm really excited to see that again. @Kelthara check out Sadie's belly dance workouts. I have a few of her DVDs and she is amazing! Not sure if you can find them on YouTube, but it's worth a look! I know I wore Blackcurrant Pie a lot last week. It's all cardamom at first, but dries down to such a gorgeous spicy blackcurrant. It's so good that I ordered a bottle. Snake Oil, Snake's Kiss '18, and Stekk (MARSHMALLOWS!!! Thanks @Madame Mew!) were all in the rotation. I can't remember which day I tested Vampire Tarot: The Fool, but I kinda dig it. I always smell like sweet sugary confections, so smelling of a hike down a path through a deciduous forest, dotted with wild mint growing here and there along the way, was a nice change. The Fool may have snuck his way out of the destash box. @Lucchesa, I saw you wore Impressions of the Floating World last week. I recently got a decant of IOTFW that I've been meaning to test, but I keep forgetting. I'll try to throw that one into the mix soon. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for 4.5 miles, while wearing Antique Lace. I only have one bottle so I rarely wear it, but it seemed like an appropriate time. Welp, I gotta get busy so I can go get Neko this afternoon. I'll drop in if I can get a few minutes free this week. TT y'all l8r 😙
  5. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    'Ello, my luvs! I hope everyone is as well as can be expected, given the shit-show that exploded this week. @Lucchesa maybe time to get that shoulder checked out, just to make sure nothing is torn? I haven't been as lazy about exercise as my absence would suggest. Monday I did an abbreviated Tae Bo session. No idea what I was wearing! Tuesday - Thursday I did free weights, crunches, planks, squats and leg work with resistance bands, along with my abs yoga sessions. I gave Neko her own very light (almost no-) resistance band, which she tried to use as a hula hoop at first. Anyway, I know for a fact I wore Goblin at least two (maybe all three?) of those days, and layered it with Stekk on one of them. I lurrrve the freakin' patch in Goblin. I feel like it's the same patch in Snake Oil? Deep and chewy and dirty, and just. Sooooo. Goooood. Ordered a bottle immediately! Friday...day off. My ass hurt from all the squats, and I had to drive Neko back to her mom for the weekend. Today I did my 4.5 mile treadmill sesh, wore Baby's First Ballista. My bottle is more oak-heavy than my sugar cookie-leaning decant, but it's also stronger and longer-lasting. I hope the oak calms down soon, because it has sort of a sour sharpness to it. If it doesn't cooperate, it may find itself under threat of destash. I'll check back in as time permits. Miss all y'all
  6. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @VetchVesper funny you should mention that...Neko is a shortened version of her her full first name, which is (you guessed it!) the Japanese word for "kitten" 😉
  7. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Okay so...yesterday I did battle with the treadmill for (allegedly, probably more than) 4.5 miles. The belt speed randomly fluctuates from 4.0 (where I set it) to 4.3 - 4.7 mph every few minutes, but the 15 minute mile pace reading doesn't adjust to the increased speed, so a new machine may be necessary come tax time. Also did about an hour of Bowflex, weights, and various ab work. Kabe stuck around for the duration. I tend to turn it dank and musky, even with my more vanilla-forward decant. Not sure which note I amp that causes it. I'm off to go pick Neko up shortly, so it may be a few days before I stop in again. Happy day three of 2021, everybody!
  8. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    @Lucchesa I love AI&M! I will have to dig out my imp and give it a wear soon. Okay, I have been pretty damn lazy. Wednesday I did T-25 Stretch (basically strength-based Yoga) and Rodney Yee Abs. I was wearing OG Boomslang that day. It has a little more oomph and staying power than my newer bottle, so that was good. I haven't done a thing since Wednesday. I took Neko back to her mom for the weekend on Thursday, then hubby and I went out to the ManCave to spend some time together that evening, playing dice and having a few beers to ring in the New Year. I was wearing PSIYSO (which is one of his favorites) layered with Pecan Pie Oud. Yummy! I have to go pick Neko up again tomorrow, and lay out some ground rules with her mom. I am more than happy to step in and provide the care my granddaughter needs, but driving 70 miles round-trip twice per week, providing all the groceries and suitable clothing (her mom sends a duffle bag full of pajamas, a few random shirts and pants that are 2-3 sizes too small, and NO UNDERWEAR OR SOCKS!!!) is going to get expensive. I also had to buy her a new coat and shoes last week. I don't understand how a parent can be so oblivious to the fact that their child is SUPER TALL for her age (takes after her Gammaw!), and has outgrown her entire wardrobe. I really wish she'd just give me guardianship or residential custody until my son has his shit together. Okay...I gotta go get my ass on the treadmill and do some Bowflex! I am wearing Kabe Ni Mimi today. I have a bottle, but was recently frimped a decant... @VetchVesper was that you?...and the decant has a ton more vanilla than my bottle. Now I understand why so many reviewers raved about the vanilla! Thank you for your encouraging words and sentiments, Witchies. I need 'em! And sorry I veer so off-topic. Lots on my mind and I gotta vent, but still don't know how to put in spoilers 😐
  9. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Witchies, I wanted to drop by and let y'all know that I've had the granddaughter since Sunday, hence my scarcity around these parts. Since this might turn into a fairly permanent thing, I shall refer to her by her nickname, which is Neko. I may have a solution, though. Neko loves to dance, and is always excited to move her little body. For example, we did 30 minutes of Misty Tripoli Body Groove on Monday. I used the opportunity to teach her "Jazz Hands" 😂 I'm pretty sure I was wearing DL Blackberry Red Patch (thanks Vetch!!!) that day. Dead Leaves blends aren't my favourites, but the drydown phase of DL, B, RP is exquisite 💜 Also...why did my autocorrect change 'favorites' to the British spelling there??? Just caught that. Last Friday and Saturday I did Bowflex sessions. I would be hard-pressed to tell you what I was wearing both days, but for sure it was Pumpkin Doob on one of them. And again, my skin sucked it up like Snoop Dogg chiefin' down a blunt. Perplexing. Anyway, Neko and I made a commitment to work out today, so I'm hoping she doesn't get bored too quickly and i can get in at least an hour of something strenuous. There are lots of carby foods associated with 4 yr old children, and I can already feel myself getting squishy. Damn the menopause!!! Miss you all! TTYL 😙
  10. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi errybody! Yuletide greetings! The last few days I've been busy with the house and gift wrapping, but I managed to set aside time for 4.5 miles on the treadmill today, while wearing All. The. Scents. ALL OF THEM. I finally got a chance to start digging into my Weenie decants...you're awesome, Vetch!...and my Lab order came yesterday, so I was giddily testing this morning. Let's see...I started off with Doleful Pipe Organ on my left wrist (too sharp, I wanted a more dark, deep and brooding vibe), and Pecan Pie Oud in the left elbow crook (YUM. Spicy with a huge throw); on the right wrist/neck was Bleeding Walls (OOF! Getting a back-up), and right elbow was Pumpkin Doob (evergreen tree full of pumpkin guts, not skunky sticky buds like I expected, but then it turns into something really amazing after drydown...and completely disappears shortly thereafter 😞). So, yeah. I smelled like a little of everything today. Bleeding Walls was the clear winner, and I reapplied it after bathing. Many hours later, I am still sniffing myself and scheming up possible layering combos with which to create a reasonable facsimile of Gothabilly 💜 I hope all of you have a lovely holiday! BTW @VetchVesper...the Mayan Chocolate/Anaheim Peppers etc. frimp you sent is not something I would have ever thought I'd like, but...surprise! It's really good!
  11. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    It should be. Dodge, dip, duck, dive...and dodge. I could start carrying a bag of red playground balls to hurl at people 🤣 Hope your shoulder doesn't give you grief for long!
  12. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    YAAAAAH! @Kelthara it is great to hear from you! I've been thinking about you a lot, so it's good to know you're doing well 💜 @Lucchesa @Madame Mew thank you for keeping our little group alive and providing consistent motivation. I would have slipped back into slug mode long ago without the two of you checking in regularly. @VetchVesper I know you've been busy with artwork and decanting. My package will be here today, and I am SUPER excited to see your work firsthand Friday was a rest day, I think? I can't remember...which means I probably didn't do anything. Saturday's activity was an hour on the treadmill, wearing my beloved Blueberry Suf and Snake Oil combo. I know I'm not very adventurous scent-wise, but I will never get tired of smelling like fruit-filled pastries dipped in Snake Oil. Sunday was a buncha Bowflex, while wearing original Inez. It reminds me of the same playdoughy vanilla that I get from 'O'. Call me crazy, but I actually dig the playdough vibe. Inez is such a pretty scent, I just wish she had more throw. She stays close, but I could smell her throughout my workout, so her staying power is pretty good. Just a bit more 'oomph' and she'd be perfect. Yesterday hubby and I went shopping for the grandbabies, dodging the smug anti-maskers for a few hours...fun fun. I'm always ready to throw down in Walmart should the need arise. Luckily, my mask doesn't block my epic stank-eye, so I have not had to roundhouse-kick anyone...yet. All the hours of Tae Bo will come in handy someday, I'm sure.
  13. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi all. Apologies... I've been scarce with the check-ins. Glad to see ya, @Seajewel I have been active every day this week except for Tuesday, when I moved furniture and steam-cleaned the living room carpet. I suppose that counts for something, since the couch and loveseat are heavy-ass dual recliners. I think I was wearing the cinnamon-y KSSO Cream Soda and Cotton Phoenix that day. Sunday was 4.5 miles on the treadmill. Cannot for the life of me remember what my scent was. Monday was Bowflex and weights, wearing Pink Lovebird + Snakes in the Pumpkin Patch combo. Frickin' yum. Wednesday was my 75 minute Tae Bo routine. WOSOTD was a random imp pull of The Apothecary. I kinda dig that one. Idk what's in it, but the late drydown was really nice. Maybe I should look up the notes, LOL! Today was a 20 minute Figure 8 workout, plus Tae Bo butt and abs floor work, extra squats, and some bicep/shoulder dumbbell work. WOSOTD was Tombeur, layered over a dab (cuz a little dab'll do ya!) of NAVA Bourbon Vanilla Nag Champa Seahorse. Holy moly, Witchies. That was some good gooood shtuff! I may have found another layering combo to add to my rotation. I'll try to be more consistent with logging my daily activity!
  14. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Popping in to log yesterday's activity... 4.5 miles on the treadmill, wearing Yipe and Temple Viper. Couldn't smell either of them 😕 ETA: No, I don't have Covid. My olfactory abilities are intact.
  15. Amazonia

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    Hi Witchies! Is it Wednesday already? Sheesh 😞 On Friday, I found out that my ex-MIL died of Covid on 11-28. The immediate family didn't bother to inform my kids that their grandmother had died until nearly a week later. I imagine it's pretty embarrassing for Covid deniers to admit that their parents have been killed by a "hoax". Anyway...no substantial physical activity to report over the weekend. Monday was treadmill day, and I stepped up the pace a bit as I was short on time. 63 minutes, 4.5 miles. Wore Blueberry Suf and Snake Oil. So, so good! I think these SO/Suf combos eliminate the need to hunt (in vain) for a bottle of Snake Oil Jelly Doughnut. We had four friends over for my birthday that evening for a mini ping-pong tourney. Socially distanced ourselves between matches by arranging our chairs in a large circle. I forced hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes on everyone. Yesterday was an upper body weightlifting day, as my knee was kind of twingey and I didn't want to aggravate it. Tore my MCL about 15 years ago and never got it fixed because...no insurance. Every once in a while, I'll accidentally tweak it and be hobbled for a few days. Wore Western Diamondback. Powdery and soft. Wished for more throw, but it will be nice for layering. Today I tried layering Western Diamondback and Boomslang. It was nice while it lasted. I cannot get (new version) Boomslang to stick around at all. Waiting on an OG bottle from a swap, hopefully it's stronger! I did 30 minutes of yoga with Wendy on Sculpt Yoga's YouTube channel, and 15 minutes of Hip Hop dance on...PopSugar? Can't remember the name of the channel, something-Sugar, anyway. My smellies had mostly disappeared by then, so I reapplied a random Chaos Snake. I think it's rose. I did 20 minutes of Tae Bo cardio, and 30 minutes of butt/abs floor work. The Chaos Snake is GORGEOUS after an hour. I normally hate rose, but it's really beautiful now. I am huffing myself as I tap this out, and loving it! @Madame Mew trust that I have thought about devising a harness and strapping my fat cats onto the treadmill. I saw a giant hamster wheel contraption for overweight kitties, but... A) Not trying to spend 400.00 on it, and The Lazy Chunks would laugh amongst themselves and continue being fat balls of cat. However...today Pumpkinhead busted through the french doors into my plant/treadmill room, and I found him curled up on the walking belt, so mayyyybe there's hope for him? Anyway, sorry for the novella! Talk to y'all later!