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    ALWAYS LOOKING FOR aged bottles of Haunted, Snake Oil, Mme. Moriarty (Old Version) All things Incense, sandalwood, vanilla, oud, musk, osmanthus, coconut, Frank and Myrrh.

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  1. Amazonia

    In Necessarias Unitas

    This screams "MAN" on me. Super brawny manly-man. Like....damn girl, you smell like a big beefy man who has been stewing in his natural juices all day! In short, too masculine for me. MAN.
  2. Amazonia

    Snake Oil

    I have an aged imp and partial bottle of Snake Oil that are just gorgeous and I love them dearly. There's not much I can add to the reviews that hasn't already been said. People always tell me how good I smell and feel like a freaking Goddess when I wear them. I'm going to review my fresh bottle instead. I know that SO vastly improves with age, but it really seems like there's a completely different blend in my fresh bottle. I get no vanilla, spice, woods...nothing that anyone else reports smelling upon sniffing their newer bottles. I let my new bottle sit for over a week so it could settle, rolled it a bit, and skin tested today. What I get is butter. Gouts and rivers of slightly rancid butter. There are popcorn kernels floating down the butter river, and maybe some nuts paddling around, but nothing else. Is this how all infant Snake Oil starts out in life? In the bottle: Buttered popcorn with waaaay too much butter. Wet on skin: Buttered popcorn. It gets stronger and...MO' BUTTA. 20 minutes in: Buttery buttered popcorn. But wait....caramel? Just a hint, not enough to overcome the buttery cloud in which I am enveloped. 60 minutes in: Why is it not morphing into glorious vanilla spicy goodness? The butter is overwhelming me and going a bit more rancid. Is this right? Did I break it somehow? WHAT IS HAPPENING? An hour was all I could give it. Had to wash it off and apply a few drops of my beloved aged SO that I know and love. I will be locking my freshies up in the dark and forgetting I own them for a few years. ETA: So I decided to turn my bottle upside down (cap screwed on super tight!) and left it overnight. This morning, the butter smell is less prominent and I get a whiff of the spiciness and more SO familiarity than I got yesterday. I do not recommend storing bottles upside down for long periods, but it seems that a few hours helps incorporate all the components. I will trust the aging process!
  3. Amazonia

    The Catholic

    The Catholic is straight Nag Champa incense on me, which I personally love. I'm all about the fragrance of Nag Champa, but I can't burn it because I get all snotty and sneezy when I do, so I'm happy to find a perfect replication of the scent in perfume form. I'll probably invest in a bottle and experiment with layering some different notes so that I'm not wafting pothead vibes when in the company of the general public (still frowned upon in my geopolitical region, 🖕🖕🖕 Kansas!). Cuz, yeah...I totally feel like a walking headshop today. ETA: I just tested my lab-fresh bottle, and I can definitely smell the ozone, whereas I didn't really get that note from the Ajevie decant I initially tested. It seems that the ozone dissipates with a little aging.