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  1. TigerRose

    SW Questions

    I will try to keep this updated for you! I just want to make sure you have all the info you need! Just a few questions: 12/31 Who is your favorite villain of all-time?not sure 12/30 *edit-had the wrong date here* Does anyone like Valerie Anands books?Or her Psuedonym Fiona Buckley...?not familiar with her. If you could subscribe to every magazine you wanted, money no object, what would your list of magazines that would decorate your coffee table be?Texas Famiy(I grew up in TX so, I tend to lean towards TX stuff), Crochet,Just Cross Stitch, Real Simple, Cooking With Paula Deen, Country Woman, Country Weekly What plans does everyone have for NYE?answered in thread Who is interested in the room sprays? esp. from the inquisition?I think I mentioned this in the thread too. Who's a Disney fan? Cartoons, theme parks, or just general stuff?Me me me! I want to take my family to Disney Land, I like Mickey Mouse! Love all them parks, Six flags, Hershey Park! 12/26 Do you like mythical/fantastical creatures? Which ones?fairies, the pretty ones. What's on your key chain?answered in the thread Do you like caramels like coconut lime? Salted?caramels are the yum Do you speak any languages besides English? How fluent are you? Would you be interested in literature in a foreign laguage - phrase books, fiction, childrens stories?Nope, nope and nope. What's your favorite animal?Cats I'd like to know wrist size, circumference just below the elbow, and most importantly; what kind of fiber can you tolerate/not tolerate. Please be more specific than non-itchy wool. Alpaca, merino sheep's wool, silk, acrylic, stainless steel, you name it.I am not sure of the different types. But, I don't like anything that would be scratchy. I like things that are soft! Yarn is good! LOL 12/17 How do you feel about winter-themed but not really holiday type decorations? Things like snowflakes and fake icicles and the like?Love it! 12/16 If you were to attend Hogwarts, into which House would you be sorted?Hufflepuff Would you be interested in some knitted wire jewelry, like this?oh yes, that is beautiful This is kind of a getting-to-know-you-type-thingie, but I always find it illuminating--what's on your computer desktop? Images? Color scheme?a picture of my kitty Mittens laying on a camo boot. 12/15 What do you collect...besides BPAL?I collect the holiday barbies, coca cola items for my kitchen, all types of pens(nice ones, silly ones) 12/14 What are your favorite websites (i.e., the ones you visit every day, or almost every day)?myspace.com, www.pogo.com How do you feel about Lush? Anything you want to try?there is a link to my wishlist in my SW help How do you feel about home made lip balm, salt or sugar scrubs, soap, bath salts, etc?I love lip balm and I love love sugar scrubs! if you were to receive a hand-knitted item, what color(s) would you prefer AND are there any types of yarn that you just cannot handle (e.g. wool, llama, etc.)Blue is my favorite color! My house is done in blue and hunter green. 12/13 What is one REALLY expensive, completely outrageous thing you would LOVE to get but totally don't expect to ever get from anyone?I can't think of anything. Do you like coffee mugs? Travel or stay at home? How big? Do you like ones from Starbucks?Yes, both actually! I need a new trave mug. Any size that will fit in my car cup holder. I like any including the strabucks! If you drink coffee, do you like whole bean coffee or prefer ground? What grind? What roast (mild, medium, bold, extra bold)? Do you like flavored coffee?Love coffee, I prefer ground, cause I don't have anything to grind the beans with. I like mild-med. Flavored coffee is good too! I am open to try different flavors. Do you like tea? What kinds of tea (green, red, white, black, decaf, herbal infusions)? Feel free to get specific on brands and tea types. Loose or bagged? Do you need any kind of tea accessories? Pots/cozys/presses/strainers?I will drink tea, but I am more into hot chocolate and coffee! What is your favorite hot chocolate or drinking chocolate? Do you need Vegan or no?Any hot chocolate is awesome, I am a chocaholic I do love marshmallows in it, and it doesn't have to be vegan. 12/12 I wanted to ask a question: are there any rare (or even uber-rare) scents that you'd really like to try?Snow-flakes this is my most fave of all, I wear it the most and I only have 1/2 a bottle left! Does your forum name have a special significance? Refer to something or someone you admire? Reflect your interests? Come on, spill!Yep, I love Tigers and Roses are my fave flower! 12/11 What's your favorite texture?I don't know. Ribbed? What's one luxury item you want to pamper yourself with but haven't yet?a massage. I need one really bad. My neck and back are really bad lately. Do you prefer arm warmers to the wrist, to the base of the fingers, or half fingered?I don't have a preference I have never had them before! Have you (or maybe the younguns in your family) been exposed to the Webkinz craze?Yes, my kids and I both have them. I have been wanting the Cocoa dragon and the reindeer. Are there any witchy type supplies you're in need of, or would like to try etc.? Herbs, smudge sticks, resins, tarot/oracle cards, incense burners, pretty tools, stuff like that?I want a new tart burner. One that goes all the time or a Christmas one. The one I am using now, is a 4th of July looking one. Do you like Shakespeare? Yes Which plays?I don't have any specific faves 12/10 Favorite animals? Cats, of the house type and tiger/leopard type. Least favorite?Snakes, so afraid of them. How do you feel about Heifer International?Or do you have other favorite charities not mentioned in your application? Not familiar with this. 12/9 What are 3 places that you'd like to visit, or re-visit?Hawaii, Texas, Texas Literary erotica. Who doesn't love it?It is okay. Are you planning on buying anything off your BPAL wishlist during the round?No, I don't have the money to, and I usually don't anyway during SW. Do you read graphic novels/comics? Which ones?I don't think I do. Which witches would want Bpal boxes? Or imp cases?I could actually use both. I have only a cigar box for my bottles in which I can no longer fit anymore in. My imps are in a bag cause I have nothing to put them in. How about a short - or longer - piece of fanfic?Not sure. What is the weirdest and/or most practical thing you are not buying for yourself right now? Everything. The thing that you probably should be buying, but have been putting off in lieu of something else?I haven't been buying anything for myself because we are so tight with money. Would you like handmade piece of calligraphy as a gift?That would be cool, I love calligraphy!! What jewelry are you wearing now?Just my wedding band, not feeling good. What jewelry do you wear everyday-or do you change jewelry all the time?I change it all the time. Boxes, baskets, etc.?Baskets maybe Chia Pet, do you need one?Nah Houseplants and/or things to put them in: thoughts?I tend to kill house plants, I forget to water them. Do you like baskets, jars and other interesting containers? Filled or Empty?Baskets are pretty useful. What ever my witch wants they can be empty filled or not at all! 12/8 Who are your forum friends, person or people your witch can contact for ideas?Shelldoo(probably knows me the best out of all), Voodoocatwoman, Esmeria(my Halloweenie witch) What cartoons did you grow up watching?Care bears, My little pony, Strawberry shortcake, rainbow bright, scooby doo Any animated shows you still watch?Some with my kids. Do you like honey? Will you like to try creamy honey with black sesame or with cinnamon powder?Ohh cinnamon powder sounds yummy! What is the biggest problem or sad thing in your life? Of course, I mean the saddest or worst thing you can confess here.I have a Chronic RLS which is keeping me from being able to work. It doesn't just happen at night and it is full blown charlie horses but 10 x's worse than the normal. You can not rub these out. I am on medication, which I have never liked doing. But had no other option only thing that is even remotely working. But, even on the meds I still have episodes not quite as bad as when I fist had to go to the dr about it. But, I can't work, I kind of get depressed about it, I have always worked, been able to just come and go as I please with my kids. Now if I go anywhere I have to be careful, I can't ride as a passenger, cause after 5 minutes the cramps come. I can't go further than 4 hours driving sometimes less. I can't be at all my childrens sports activities cause cold is the biggest thing to set it off. Everything else that sets it off we don't know yet. I am trying to get disability because I have tried working and it just wasn't working. So, that is it. That and being so broke all the time. What fashion item or style do you like, but never wear?I have no idea really. 12/6 What Winter Holiday do celebrate? I celebrate Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year. I love the family togetherness aspect of it. I love the lights and warmth of the season even if it is freezing here. Do any of you like puzzle books? I like the search and find ones Do you like to cook? If so, what? Would you like things like spices, cookbooks, recipes, tips?I cook a variety of things. Sure I would love to receive recipes, tips or spices, I have lots of cookbooks. 12/6 I love Christmas music even though I'm pagany -- how about you?I do, I do Christmas is my fave time of year and I love any christmas music! Anyone else have a sudden and unexpected favorite BPAL lately?Sugar Cookie 2008 It's cold outside - what are your favorite drinks to keep yourself warm and cozy?I love hot cocoa with whipped topping when it is cold, I also drink coffee, I love starbucks coffee! Hot cider is always very nice! Would my potential Witchee be up for some music stuff they'd never heard before if they couldn't understand the words?Sure! 12/5 What kind of candy/sweet treat would you like to receive?I love chocolate and caramel. I really like those red, white and green chewable candies that come out this time of year that have the tree in the center. Would you personally rather get handmade jewelry or the beads to make something yourself?handmade jewelry 12/4 Speaking of which, how many Browncoat witches do we have?? And if you are, would you be interested in getting a Kaylee parasol? If not, would you be interested in getting a paper parasol hand painted with your favorite colors?I am not sure what this is but I probably wouldn't use a parasol. Is there any time during the holidays (or the rest of the round) when you'll be away from home for a significant period and it'd be best not to send anything by mail?I will be gone December 12th-14th and December 19th-21st To make up for the fact that I probably won't be able to send my witchee homebaked goodies, will Tim Tams in any number of varieties be an acceptable replacement?They sound really really good! Hand beaded jewellery, yay or nay?Sure Which witches would like hair accessories: clips, scrunchies, hairsticks, headscarves, etc?I use small scrunchies to pull my sides and bangs out of my face when I was it. I could use clips but nothing for long hair cause my hair is above my shoulders. On a similar note, who likes yarn? What kinds/colors/weights/fibers? Handspun? Glitter? Funky art yarn made from shredded jeans, fake flowers, lace, sequins, and the tattered souls of your enemies? Other craft supplies you desperately want more of and can't live without?I want to get back into crocheting, no preference really on the type and I like blues, reds, neutral colors..anything really. Although Glitter sounds fun! Anyone else a total nerd like me and would like DnD/Roleplay stuff (Dice, minis, books, corny tees, etc.)?no How do people feel about unusual ornaments? As in, for holidays other than Christmas?Sounds really cool! Question: who would like a pair of handknit socks? Size? Color preference? Cabled, ribbed (for your pleasure), stranded colorwork, etc.?That would be awesome, size 9, any color, I like really soft socks. How does everyone feel about steampunk?meh Since we're talking about warm winter wearables, who likes hats? Mittens? Arm warmers?I like hats, more of a glove person, never tried arm warmers before. If your witch were to send you cookies, what kind of cookies would you like?My fave cookies are peanut butter cookies and oatmeal raisin. Also, anything chocolate! Who likes tshirts? What about homemade tshirts? Like with transfers I made myself....T-shirts sound cool! Homemade is cool too! 12/3 Would you like to receive ATCs (artist trading cards) or would you prefer something more usable, like bookmarks or something?I would be more into bookmarks or something like that, I read a lot! 12/2 What witch would like a cloak?I think it sounds amazing, am just not sure how much I would wear one!
  2. TigerRose

    Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Upon the first smell from the bottle: A slight hint of pumpkin with a little spice. The pumpkin is not overbearing at all. (to me) Initially when wet it smells like spiced eggnog. I also smell a little bit of pumpkin with a hint of caramel. On the dry down- it reminds me of sugar cookies with a little bit of spice. After having it on all day(about 10hours) it smells like vanilla pudding. I have to say I love love love this scent. It is strong enough to smell but not too overpowering-it does have a soft side to it but not so soft you can't smell it. Cause even after having it on for 10 hours I could still smell it!
  3. TigerRose

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    I have read through this whole thread and just wanted to tell you how exciting it is to read all the different reviews of the scents. I have a much larger list of notes of oils to try now. Candy Butcher on me goes completely vanilla in which I love it! bliss is just that complete bliss of pure chocolate! Boomslang -on reminded me of hot cocoa. Grog in the bottle is pure butterscotch to me and once on had a nice brown sugar/cinnamon to it.