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  1. avilion


    Wet, this smells so strongly alcoholic on me that I feel like I'm about to catch fire. Drying down tamps it down a bit, but not by much. I wouldn't wear this anywhere where my having drank would be an issue. I'd even be anxious about wearing this while driving, tbh. Maybe it's just me.
  2. avilion


    Bottle: Fig with a hint of earthy spices, smoke, and just the barest suggestion of apple. On me: Fig and apple are amping, spices almost vanishing. Autumn Yankee candle in a McMansion with "Live Laugh Love" stencils on the walls and Mr. and Mrs. bathrobes hanging in the master suite. Sigh. Tis a shame.
  3. avilion

    Execute Confession Module

    I'm getting harsh static in the brain when I smell this, which is tremendously evocative of the scene in Bitch Planet. But for me, it also smells like the natural smell of someone I dated whom I was never actually attracted to. I might keep it as a morbid curiosity but if anyone wants to swap for it, out it goes.
  4. avilion

    Leviticus 27:19

    Wet, I'm smelling the coffee and waking up! As it dries down, the coffee recedes and I'm smelling resiny warm spicy goodness - my smell-to-color synesthesia maps this onto a solid dark orange. I'm not getting cedarwood at all. Two hours in, it feels like it's just an inch away from itchy incense but hasn't swerved into that area, thank gods. Medium throw.
  5. avilion


    Got a mostly-full frimp from ladyhyacinthe, who was doing a stash clear. It smelled lovely and spicy with just a hint of violet in the imp. She said that the violet was amping too much on her and it smelled matronly. I gave it a try, and I amped the violet juuuuust enough that it smelled just a bit old-fashioned feminine with the right amount of spice. When I wear this, I feel like I'm sneaking out of my finishing school at midnight for a clandestine rendezvous with my girlfriend in the woods.
  6. avilion

    Loup Garou

    Got it as a Lab frimp! On skin, it's eucalyptus and pine, with a little bit of burning wood. Dried down to ... soap??