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  1. DenMother

    Womb Furie

    I haven't done a review in years so for this to make me come out of the woodwork is saying something (other than I am slack and lazy) A mix of 2 oils I love. SO has always been a favourite but at times too heavy for every day use. I love O but there are also times where the honey is just to over powering for me. I amp honey like hell! But in this mix it seems just right! A smooth, creamy, sexy, vanilla laced honey that drips on to your skin seductively and wraps you in an amber haze. If you want an oil that will draw comments from people when ever you wear it then this is for you. Last week I was at our local Pet Barn and the cute long haired surfer boy behind the counter said "I know this is like going to sound like creepy and a bit weird but it's not but I just want to say you smell really really incredible" This morning the lovely lady behind the petrol station counter. "OMG you smell amazing, what is that? Its beautiful" So yeah, call me fickle but I like being told I smell good and this makes me smell good and feel sexy and it's bloody fantastic so get a bottle!! Well done Beth, well done
  2. DenMother

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I wonder if you got some mislabeled bottles then. Does it smell sort of like an almond cookie? If it does, it could actually be Asp Viper. The mandarin in Asp Viper smells 'almost' like a leathery note to me. No it doesn't smell like that one either there is a strong almond smell but also quite Sharp and aging doesn't seem to be helping much either. I bought I think 4 of them at the same time and they are all like that. Very strange.
  3. DenMother


    If you loved El Dia de Reyes then you should love this. To me they are very similar. I love the amber in this once the chocolate has receded a bit. All in all beautiful and comforting, a sit by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate type of scent, I am in a big amber faze so this is one I am reaching for quite often. Comments I have had whilst wearing have been "you smell like really nice incense" and one from my brother who is now out of the will "what's that ant smell? it smells like ants" Nice, if you love chocolate and amber you can't go wrong. xx
  4. DenMother

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Has anyone had any problems with Western Diamondback? I bought 4 bottles about 2 - 3 months ago and they smell really wrong. This used to be my favourite scent and I was shocked at the difference, these smell like almonds and it's almost as if the snake oil is missing from the mix. I have kept them to check every week or 2 in the hopes it was an age thing but there has been no change. I have even decanted into an imp to age faster but it hasn't changed either. I really don't know whats happened or what to do. I wanted to stock up on this as I used to wear it daily but this isn't what WDB should smell like
  5. DenMother

    Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream

    This scares me a tad, I really want to love it, it has notes that I would have thought was made of win but alas it smells like really sweet milky tea, from the moment I put it on and it hardly changes. I am going to let this baby sit a while in a dark place till it decides to behave itself then I shall let it out to play. At the moment too sweet and milky for my skin chemistry to handle. I keep trying blends with milk notes and each time it makes my stomach turn. I shall persevere in the hopes that this will end up a winner.
  6. DenMother

    Pickled Imp

    There is an imp sitting on my wrist! He is rubbing a cinnamon stick and a vanilla pod together furiously. "Why are you doing that?" I ask "It's time for tea!" he says impishly as if I am the most stupid human in the world! "Ahhhh........ I see of course! ummmmm what kind?" "I like Chai!" He smiles "Oh me too" I grin back "Then we shall get alone just fine human" He says as he nips my wrist.
  7. DenMother

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    X Firstly I am so chuffed about getting one with a big gold X on it Also a disclaimer I am hopeless at picking out notes so will do my best. Wet in the bottle: A sweet aquatic floral Wet on skin: Definitely floral with a bit of apple?? Something that smells crisp and tart. Dry down: The sweetness fades into the background and I can smell JASMINE noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it is the one note I fear the most and one I can hardly stand. 10 minutes later bravely bringing my wrist up to my nose a tentative sniff............oh thank god!!! It has faded into the back ground again, phew that was close!!! Ok so now I am getting damp blooms, mixed in with a bit of salt air and a slight sweetness to balance the blend. This is actually very beautiful and quite evocative, unfortunately the jasmine is just a bit too prominent for me to say I will use this which makes me sad. It is pretty and a it is a very interesting floral composition and I am sure if I do let this go it will find a home that will love it completely. I love it for the number alone This is so much fun!!!
  8. DenMother

    shipping confirmation emails

    You get a CnS with a Paypal order. I have only ever received 1 CnS since I started ordering BPAL (about 18 months worth)
  9. DenMother


    Dorian says with a slow sexy drawl "hello you wanton hussy" Me with a shocked expression "Oooooeer" *giggles* Dorian smiling seductively "Why don't you move a little closer so that I can dry hump your leg" Me with eyes wide and a high pitched "OOOOOoooOOOooOOOOOOER" *blushes furiously* Dorian starts moving up and down....... Me "Ahhhh.......would you like a cup of tea with that?"
  10. DenMother

    Love's Philosophy

    This is unfortunately the worse experience of BPAL I have had in the 200+ ones I have tried. So disappointed. I ended up with a huge allergic reaction to something not sure what and it definately smelt quite plastic/chemical on my skin. My throat closed up the first time I tried it and I ended up in coughing fits plus had to get a ventolin (Haven't used one in years) I tried it again today to see if it was just a one off "having a bad day" type of thing but no I got the same reaction. Alas it isn't for me.
  11. DenMother

    Stress Relief Elixir

    I was so so lucky to get an imp of this from the amazing and wonderful GoldenRubee, she has been my enabler extraordinaire I love this. To my uneducated nose I can smell lavender, spearmint, chamomile, small amount of vetiver, and maybe even a very small touch of bergamot??? It is gorgeous, very calming and it makes me want to breath deeply and inhale its beautiful delicate scent. I only wish I could have a bottle of this, it would help so much. I shall treasure this imp and try not to slather
  12. DenMother

    Christmas Rose

    For those of you afraid this would smell like roses rest assured it doesn't. This is interesting, I feel it needs to rest a bit and age, it is sharp, green with a touch of something almost smokey. After dry down this is rather lovely. I do get a sense of lime for some reason at the wet stage
  13. DenMother

    Midwinter's Eve

    In The Bottle: OH WOW COME TO MAMA! Sweet plum of love, not too much flower just glorious purple pluminess, wistful, wonderful. Wet: This is sweet but not tooth achingly sweet. More like a nectar. It is delicate, yet ripe and full. Dry Down: The sweetest stickiest plum juice drizzled over delicate white petals covered in a fine dusting of snow. Verdict: This is an intimate blend, it isn't a strong in your face oil but it has a moderate to light throw, rather this is sweet and fresh and fragile, it remains close and personal. A perfect blend for work or just before slipping in-between the sheets at night. I will need another bottle or 2.
  14. DenMother

    El Dia de los Reyes

    Excuse me but I just wet my panties. This is more than any bottle of 13 has ever been. It is pure indulgence, sexy, dark, rich and I want to bath in it. If you like chocolate get this and get it now. That is all
  15. DenMother

    Hunter Moon 2007

    WOW, I was really wary of ordering this at first but thanks to Funky and the enthusiasm of others I decided to give it a try, I was worried about all the notes and quite frankly couldn't even begin to imagine what it would really smell like. I then ordered a second bottle on a whim because I got the whole "OMG what if I love it and can't get more syndrome" Oh boy! Am I glad I did!! This is divine, I would never have thought it but it is. I love the bottle, the art is gorgeous Wet: Quite sharp and the wine is very apparent, like sniffing a dessert wine, acidic but sweet. First applied to skin, The wood and the musk come out to play, wow these notes are strong. During the first 10 minutes: I am a little afraid because it changes rapidly on my skin and I am not sure what to expect, it morphs from threatening to be musk of doom to flickering through a powder flash all in a few moments and then settles into a OMG take me now scent. Dry: Oh come to mama, this still has that sharp musky edge, the wine has receded almost completely, this is dry but oh so smooth, it is sexy, it is smoky, it is a little bit of Snake Oil, Priala, Coyote and Mr Brown Jenkins all come to tea on a crisp autumn day. Pass the cookies please ETA: This little beauty is going to age magnificently!