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    GC: Sacred Whore of Babylon, Snake Oil, Scherezade, Mama Ji, Eat Me, Miskatonic University, Shub-Niggurath LE: Stranger in Camp, Hexennacht 05, Buck Moon, Hope & Faith, Luperci, Smut, Samhain, Samhainophobia, Minotaur, Lycaeon, Death Adder, Boomslang, Mme Moriarty FAVOURITE NOTES: patchouli, incense/resins, vetiver, some woods, most musks, sandalwood, tea, spices like clove, ginger, and cinnamon, vanilla, "cake", beeswax, sometimes honey FAVOURITE SCENT CATEGORIES: dark, earthy, musky, foresty and gender-neutral scents. Spicy, light foody (esp. cake and vanilla), and sometimes florals: FLORALS I LIKE: gardenia, iris, violet, lavender, and sometimes, roses (I discovered with BPAL that I'm not actually a big floraly girl, though sometimes they work)

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    human rights and democracy, international politics, travel, languages, reading, history, magic, mysticism, mythology, espionage, kung fu, ballet, yoga, beauty, botany, aromatherapy, culture studies, people watching...
    all kinds of artistic expression, including: BPAL, fashion, photography, film, music, dance
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  1. Browneyes


    Ooooh this is like a more complex and perfume-y (but don't take that in a bad way, this is not your traditional perfumey scent) than SATURNALIA. Whereas Saturnalia is really heavy on the vetiver, making it borderline... eh... too dirty (though I still like it), Bluebeard has the added sweetness of the lavendar and white musk, and the violet is stronger. The vetiver is thus tamed! I love it, I'll keep the imp!
  2. Browneyes


    Rose and pomegranate. Pretty, but sadly I find myself less excited about these notes than what I would have thought 2 years ago, before BPAL. Before BPAL I would have loved the concept of this scent, but since I got into perfume oils, I'm all about the resins, woods etc. It's very very rare that I love a scent like Persephone, so it's not your fault Persephone, really, it's me...
  3. Browneyes


    It's very strong on the lemongrass, then come the roses, but only faintly. I hardly catch any of the sandalwood, patch, or cedarwood, which I find sad It's soft and soothing, but I wouldn't wear it often, it's too lemony, and somehow I'm no longer a lemony girl.
  4. Browneyes


    I can't really distinguish the notes in this one... maybe some light rose and unobtrusive musk. It's pretty. But it really does smell a bit like a nice fabric softener on me. Which is a nice smell, but nothing too exciting perfume-wise
  5. Browneyes

    Loup Garou

    This is very strong on the eucalyptus at first, but after a while that tones down a bit and I'm left with a nice piney scent. I love forest type scents alot, and this one has its own niche with the eucalyptus, cypress and juniper notes. I love the smoky aspect that develops, which is similar to Stranger in Camp. While I love Stranger in Camp more, this one is a nice addition to my foresty collection. I suspect that it might be good for layering purposes too!
  6. Browneyes


    Wow this truly smells like anise flavoured liquor! With the added sparkle of mint and lemon. It's not too strong on me, which is good. Hm I like it. Don't know if I would actually use it as perfume, since I tend to go for other types of scents, but I like it
  7. Browneyes


    Very resinous in the imp, sweet and smoky on the skin. It's mostly frankincense to me. The floral (violet) and spice (cinnamon) only underscore the frankincense from time to time, flitting in and out of that sweet smoky haze. Those subtle hints makes this smell like a cunning smile in a sacred setting. It's very transclucent but dark, and grey-brown-purple in "colour". Probably won't use it, but it was interesting to try, and I generally like this type of scent.
  8. Browneyes

    Two, Five & Seven

    I'm really happy to try this, since before BPAL I used to be obsessed with rose, and now I actually find it difficult to find a "good" rose perfume, but still love to try them. My first impression of this was: CANDY!! Yes, a sort of sweet-sour rosey hard candy. Really cute and girly. On my skin it gets a bit less loud, which is probably a good thing (even though the initial impression put a smile on my face and made me think of PINK and SUNSHINE). I can smell the roses blooming more realistically, and a touch of stems and grass. It does end up a bit powdery though, but the sweet-sour-candy impression is still there, avoiding it from becoming granny-like. All in all, it's not bad on me, but I'm not sure I will turn to it often. It's kind of pretty, but also kind of powdery, slightly sour. I think I will stick to Hope for my rose fix. (even though that one is also kind of powdery, but it's more like powder-sugar) But you should definately try it if you like rose!
  9. Browneyes


    The devil's herb, which he cultivates with skill and pleasure. According to lore, the spirit of this plant may take the form of a breathtaking, achingly beautiful woman, deadly to behold. This scent is a tribute to such a dark and magnificent plant: a rich green and floral blend, earthy and haunting. On me, it's definately medicinal and eucalyptus-y too! Once it warms up on the skin the eucalyptus starts to lose that sharp edge and it gets a bit milder and a bit sweeter, but not by much. I don't really perceive any flowers, or voluptuous plant-woman, at all. And I'm not sure I can wait for them to show up, if at all, because it really reminds me of sickness and a deathly smell, like there's something rotten under the medicine. (ETA: lab description)
  10. Browneyes


    Woody (read: mild pencil shavings) and sweet. Very soft and warming somehow. Strange thing is that my imp lid was broken, and the oil inside was very "oily", much more than is usual for BPAL - I don't know if that was because of the lid being broken, and air exposure, or if that's how the oil is. Anyway, I like it, but not enough to think that I'll wear it often. And it does smell quite a bit like pencil shavings, maybe I just like pencil shavings? ETA: it ends up reminding me a bit of Intrigue, minus the fig
  11. Browneyes


    It's very gentle, sweet, pale flowers. A bit soapy though, and I agree with everyone who said that this is extremely faint. Pretty, but not me.
  12. Browneyes


    It's been described a lot but here is my addition: At first it's a really lovely, innocent and cute scent. Sweet, creamy, honeyed carnation. Then it dries down to something a lot more powdery, still sweet, pink, and pretty, but kind of plasticky and fake-smelling too. I don't hate it or anything, it just smells very powdery all of a sudden, and I agree that it's reminiscent of some familiar lotion, or something from LUSH. It's the kind of thing my sister likes, I think I'll give her the imp. Glad to have tried it though, and the scent fits the character of Alice in mood, it just doesn't really fit me apparently.
  13. Browneyes

    The Coiled Serpent

    I LOVE this. It's exactly the kind of "dirty hippie" smell that I like. It's dry, gritty, dark, woody... and yet it also has a sweeter edge, like incense. I'm considering a 5 ml based on scent alone. I *really* like this. I can imagine it would not be everybody's cup of tea though. (for the record I love patchouli and vetiver...) I haven't tried it for yoga or chakra work yet, but I intend to ETA: THIS IS DIVINE. 5 ml bottle for sure!
  14. Browneyes


    At first I didn't like this one at all, but I gave it some time. First off it was a creamy, yet plasticky, violet. Then it seemed to sweeten and become a bit more realistic... I never smelled any clove though. So basically this is almost violet single note on me, quite a simple scent. I might keep it for layering purposes... I especially need more violet in my aged bottle of Saturnalia! ETA: ok after a while, the sweeter edge definately comes out as tonka and incense - it's rather nice.
  15. Browneyes


    Interesting. I had no idea what the notes were when I tried it, and now I see that it's Kyphi. I've only smelt Kyphi in a shower gel before, and this smells nothing alike, but I would blame that on the shower gel I think Anyway, my first though was fruits and flowers. More specifically citrusy fruits and rosey flowers. Maybe my nose is broken, but that's still kind of what it smells like. Very light, sweet, bright and "yellow". Not smokey, incensy, or deep/dark to me at all. It's pretty but it's not really me, and it's a bit on the soapy side...