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  1. fountaingrl

    Switch Witch 2016

    Ok wish lists are hard! I will be pleased with just about anything that doesn't have cinnamon (burns my skin), but here is what I am lemming: Decants of the following TALs: Bright Fortune showers of Gold Fast Luck Dixie Love Hymn to Pan Haitian Gambler Friendship Grief Water Love and want, any amount: Queen (the GC, just plain Queen) TKO Dorian (had a bottle and sold it, cuz I am dumb) Morocco (same) Scales of Deprivation Motherhood 2016: Calderium Spider Witch ****Good Morning London**** (highest want) Don't remember, probably tried but want to try again: Dirty Paramatman Fallen Hellfire Deep in Earth Sea of Glass
  2. fountaingrl

    Vital Fluid

    I utterly adore this! Oddly, in the opening I get green olives. (Don't ask me - weird skin, apparently.) I am so glad I had to run errands while testing, otherwise I might have been tempted to scrub. After maybe 30 minutes, the olives disappear abruptly and for a couple minutes the scent is pleasant but very soft and I was worried it had disappeared. BUT THEN! Oh man oh man. This is a fantastic incense scent. Warm, delicious, unusual, but not overpowering and not 'head shop.' I kept catching wafts of this deliciousness and I was amazed it was me! I don't know that I can say I like Vital Fluid more than OLLA Eve, but consider this: I've actually pondered whether that might not be true today. It is beyond lovely and unique and perfect. I've already ordered two backups and I'm not even remotely sheepish about this. In fact, I'm proud of my restraint.
  3. fountaingrl

    Long lasting "light" scents

    For lighter scents I like Wings of Azrael, Spirits of the Dead, and Seance.
  4. fountaingrl


    For the first ten minutes on my skin, I get *pickles*. Sharp, dill-y, crazy pickles from a barrel in a deli. But if I wait that out it goes away, and I get fresh turned soil and a hint of flowers on wind. I wish I got the pine and juniper everyone else goes on about, that would be even better. Still, I love this and likely will need more. FYI: it smells strikingly like Clinique's Aromatics Elixir, but less 'musty' and doesn't give me a headache. So if you ever tried that one and wanted to love it but you just couldn't quite make it happen, try Burial.
  5. fountaingrl

    What smells like Orofluido Hair Oil?

    I am familiar with it and recommend Lyonesse.
  6. fountaingrl

    Mechanical Phoenix

    Oh NOES! I am in love with another LE! I got a decant of this from my amazing Switch Witch, and I *never* would have thought it would work on me but it does! I can smell the heat, and the tang of the copper, and the men's cologne on me goes rich and deep and amazing, not at all like CK1 or generic body spray or manfume, OOOOOH this is so good. Ok Firefly fans?? This is what Kaylee would smell like if she stole a little bit of the doc's cologne, it would turn sweet on her and she would still smell like the hot engine? YEP, IT SMELLS LIKE THAT. Oh lord. Off to troll the swaps board to try to score more.
  7. fountaingrl


    Oh this is SO GOOD. It is everything I had hoped for. I got it from my SwitchWitch FORTYTRICKS and I'll be using up every single last drop! Wet in the bottle it smells very powdery and not terribly complex but the moment it hits skin it opens up. I get soft deep musk, not a murky musk but a very 'clean' one if that makes sense (not smut-type, or dark). Plus the powder is still there and there is a *feel* of fur. I am having a hard time describing how furn smells but this is CLEAN FUR. If you have ever smelled a clean cat's fur, while wearing good perfume? Somewhat like that. On my skin this smells a lot like the perfume "Hiris" by Hermes, and it is amazing. Clean, fresh, powdery, lovely, and quietly comforting. LOVE. (edited to correct that Hiris is Hermes, and not Guerelin, d'oh!)
  8. fountaingrl

    My SwitchWitch FORTYTRICKS!

    She "told" me who she was by sending 40 Twix bars! Nice reveal! And thanks to her I have Ivanushka AND a bottle of Great Sword of War, and decants of the two phoenixes I had coveted, and impies, and Lush bubble bar, and a bunch of Villainess.... and books, and a tarot deck, and socks....just... For anyone who is wondering, FORTYTRICKS is awesome and she spoiled me stooopid.
  9. fountaingrl


    What a pleasant surprise this turned out to be! Normally dragon's blood does not behave with my chemistry. Nor does apple! If I had known the notes in this before trying it, or if it had the word "draconis" or "dragon" or "apple" on the imp tag, it would have gone off to swap untested and that would be sad. Immediately on skin this smells like fresh cut melons on me! Not apple. It takes maybe 3 or 4 minutes for the smell to warm up and the crisp, slightly tart apple to come forward (melon note disappears). Then on drydown? Good heavens GUH, this has the same musk note on me as OISIN, but with apples! It is a slightly sweet, comforting, almost fuzzy musk with a bit of floral and apples! I have no idea where the dragon's blood went, or if it just is kept under control with the musk and hyacinth (I love hyacinth!), but I don't care. As long as it plays nice, it's all good. This just jumped to the top of my GC bottle wishlist. Me! The "hates dragons blood" and "hates all fruit notes" girl! What is the world coming to? I iz so confused now.
  10. fountaingrl

    Miskatonic University

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????? This has notes of COFFEE, and BOOKS? It's a bookish coffee house smell? This scent should be my signature scent. This blend is probably what my soul smells like, if souls can be said to have smells. But on me? Misk U is STANK on me. It bites up into my sinuses with spoiled oversweet crazy-strong fake chemical chocolate note and horrible buttery alcohol. I don't even get a real coffee smell. It just figures. I think BPALs coffee note hates me. El Dia De Reyes had that same sort of gross plastic candy feel, so I am betting it is the coffee. Which is kind of tragic, but what can you do? I guess I'll have to find amazing scents in the thousand-plus others I still haven't tried.
  11. fountaingrl


    Oh dear. This smelled good in the imp, sort of man-fumey and bright. But the minute it hits my skin I get crazy sweet caramel-ish cookies with a chemical perfume note! I waited for drydown and hoped it would get better. No luck. It gets almost unbearably, nauseatingly sweet, superfoody. Buttery in a bad way, a tiny bit of the "ick!" butter note from Milk Moon 2007, topped with what I can only characterize as "Angry Maple!" Stupid skin chemistry! I don't know if I can stand it long enough to be able to say "after an hour...." but really, what is the point? If it is nauseating for an hour first, I don't care how good it smells on final drydown or whether it morphs. ETA: I can't speak to wearlength. I had to wash this off.
  12. fountaingrl

    Deep in Earth

    Oh delicious smell of spring breaking forth! Deep in Earth is a huge win for me. I love the *idea* of a dirt note? And have wanted the perfect and wearable dirt note from my very first newbie imp pack in which I ordered Zombi. And I liked Zombi, in the bottle, but it wasn't really 'wearable' on me. It was very strong, wet, sharp dirt, overlaid with a strong undercurrent of strong rose. Together, the mix was sort of yuck. Like putting together beef stew (which I like, and which is savory and tangy), with a tablespoon of marshmallow fluff or peanut butter (both big loves of mine, but NOT with savory stuff mixed in). I was sad. That was about a year ago. When the new GCs came out, I saw Deep in Earth, and I vacillated for maybe ten minutes then dropped it into my cart, a whole bottle, unsniffed and despite the problem with Zombi. What a great gamble! Deep in Earth has the dirt note of Zombi, but I don't know whether it is because it doesn't have rose with it or what, the dirt in Deep in Earth is soft, fresh-turned, damp, and clean. There is a moss note which I love -- it comes across as a dusty but not powdery feel on me -- and a very light wooden aspect. Plus flowers, but not ICK ZOMGFLOWERS!!! The note is rose geranium, and as I don't know if I have ever smelled a rose geranium in real life I can best describe this as: buttercups. I've had this on now for more than five hours and it is still cranking out scent, and it's a morpher in the best possible way! Drydown takes it from a wet, loamy, garden-after-storm scent to a drier scent that gets warm, and finally there is a salt note (????!) that comes out on me. I described this in a chat thread as smelling like a seaside graveyard, that is the best way I can describe -- I smell wet but old wood and moss (coffins? but not rot), flowers, salt air, and dirt. Yay! Color me a happy Fountaingrl! This is 4/5, maybe higher. I'll know after another few wears.
  13. fountaingrl


    This is an astringent, slightly sharp lavender. It isn't exactly soft, and has a more herbal feel than a floral one. I am not even sure I *like* the smell. It is nothing I would ever wear while awake. But, I have tried TKO and while that smells better to me than Somnus, it smells too sweet, maybe too good, to work well. Somnus on the other hand works great. So great that I can say it is a little sharp and medicinal, then calms a bit during early drydown -- but I can't speak to after that because I'm always asleep!
  14. fountaingrl

    El Amor y la Muerte

    Oh now this is lovely! It is sweet but not cloying, rich, resinous, but distinctive from the other resin blends -- nothing else is like this. VERY GOOD. The rose does something for the resins, it makes it softer and the blend is so seamless. At first I am really worried it is going to amp and be vomity, but it never does thank heavens! I love this and am definitely going to want a bottle. I will need to wear it a bunch more to be sure, but it might be in my top five incense blends.
  15. fountaingrl

    Heavenly Love & Earthly Love

    An almost-perfect incense blend. It is somehow the incense-smoke scent I get from other blends but this one has a smoldering aspect, I can smell the fire in it. But beneath the incense, which I love, and the smoulder which is odd but lovely, there is a sort of crisp odd almost cucumber -- I know, my chemistry is screwy for sure! -- but it does NOT go with the other notes. It fights against them, and this makes it very jarring to wear. Not for me. :cries: