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  1. fairybites

    PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte

    Very dark and strong coffee with barely any spice. It's there, but it just smells like Snake Oils spices and not pumpkin spice. I can't smell the SO vanilla, but I think with more aging it'll show up more and sweeten up the coffee note. It's a lot darker than I expected, I thought this would be more Snake Oil than coffee but it's still really good!
  2. fairybites

    Rite of Passage

    Tooth achingly sweet vanilla with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg. The vanilla fades some when dry, but this stays heavily spiced. I actually can't smell coffee in this at all. I do like it, but I wish the vanilla stayed longer. And I wish I got some coffee from this, even if it was just coffee beans! I think PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte from the 2021 Weenies was a better fit for me, but if you think that scent is too much coffee, this would layer wonderfully with it!
  3. fairybites

    The Empress and the Chariot

    This was predominantly lavender and motor oil. A touch of leather and oak in the background. As it dried down, the lavender faded some and become more of a motor oil and leather scent. I like leather, but sometimes black leather can be too much for me. In this, I think the motor oil really compliments it. I wish this motor oil was in It's All So Damn Beautiful! I'm really enjoying this, it's so much nicer than I thought it'd be!
  4. fairybites

    All While Dreaming, Shakes Her Head

    I wanted to love this so badly. I enjoy all these notes, especially patch and rose, so this was one of the Liliths that had me super excited. And while it's not a bad scent by any means, it just didn't live up to my hype. Rose was there, but it was very faint. I think I got more of the currant over the rose. And I could smell the patchouli, but it was literally just a smidge like the description says on me. Very close to the skin, and it went powdery but I blame that on the rose. Smelled closer to a fancy soap, not this lush dark fruity rose I expected. Might retest this in the future to see if aging improves this.
  5. fairybites

    Painted Scars

    Blackberry wine heavy on me, which is perfect because this was the note that called out to me the most. There's hints of the lavender and plum. Even though this is a wine scent on me, it's still pretty sweet and not too boozy. Honestly, it initially smells closer to a juice scent when I first applied it but it dried down and smelled more like wine to me. As it starts to fade, it gets musky and powdery. This is really nice, I am very happy with how this one turned out!
  6. fairybites


    I am very pleased with this, I was a little nervous that the oud would be terrible but it's actually lovely! Sugary, smoky florals at first, but it pretty quickly changes to a darker leather and oud scent with hints of the tea, lavender, oakmoss, and musk. There's also a faint metallic note I'm picking up, not sure what note could be causing it. Even with the leather and oud coming out more later, it's still a sweet lavender heavy scent. I'm really happy it's like that because while I do like some darker scents, this makes this more wearable for me and I didn't want those notes to overshadow the lavender that I enjoy in Liliths. They smell nothing alike, but it kind of reminds me of Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe's description: A little kid’s interpretation of a gothy goth perfume. Except I'd replace little kid with teenager. If you want to try an oud scent, this is nice! I honestly wish this was the first oud I tried since it works so nice in this.
  7. fairybites

    Frostbite with Polar Bear Attack

    I didn't get any blood at all, just mint initially. I swear it smells like a floral note mostly during this wet stage, I just can't pinpoint what flower it is. This isn't like a sugary sweet mint, it's actually really nice. After some time drying, I finally can notice the blood. To me, it resembles the blood in Stage Blood. It's slightly fruity but musky. The ice note takes over most of the fruit-like notes. Not sure why it sort of smells like snow covered flowers at times, but I like it! Wish that I got more of the blood over the ice, but I can always layer this with something else.
  8. fairybites

    It’s All So Damn Beautiful

    Very interesting scent, it smells like laundry a little bit initially? The laundry like scent doesn't last too long once the charred lavender comes out more during dry down along with the grease. I was hoping the grease note was going to be something like the motor oil note from Baby's First Chainsaw, but it ends up just smelling sort of chalky and petroleum jelly. Not horrible, but was a little disappointed. Not a gross scent by any means, but definitely a little weird and unique. Worth trying if the grease and charred lavender doesn't scare you away. Hoping that the grease scent lessens with aging.
  9. fairybites

    A Noiseless Patient Spider

    Minty lavender. That's basically all it smelled like on my skin. Might just be a skin chemistry fail on my end, will update the next time I wear this if anything changes. It's a good scent, it just didn't turn out like I expected. I was hoping for lots of the iris but I got more lavender instead. And I wasn't expected it to smell minty at all, but it worked really well and ended up becoming a super calming scent.
  10. fairybites

    Nymphae Avernales

    Dark cherry candy covered in sugar! The steel is very faint on me, I'm getting way more of the cherry and sugar. It does go a little powdery near the end and the cherry morphs from candy to cough syrup. I can see some similarities to Bleeding Walls, but to me this is darker and more candy like. In my experience, Bleeding Walls is more medicinal and while it does go to a candy stage, Nymphae is way sweeter. I prefer the cherry note in this over the one in Jack of Hearts.
  11. fairybites

    Mouse's Long and Sad Pumpkin

    The sweet pea in here is strong along with a beautiful buttery vanilla. I'm getting more of the spice but it does amp up some when it's dry. It's very sweet, like a pumpkin pastry next to a vase of fresh sweet pea. Sweet pea is the strongest on me, way stronger than I remember the original being. It's very comforting and sweet, would be nice for sleep! I don't think it's better than the original Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, but it's definitely just as good!
  12. fairybites

    Jack of Hearts

    Faint and light honeyed black cherries and carnations, a little powdery. The red clover honey goes sort of musky sweet on me during drydown. It's a sweet scent, close to candy territory, but I think the carnation and and pepper keep it from going in that direction. I don't get a ton of pepper, definitely more carnations. Goes well with the Mad Tea Party line and I'm sure it'd layer nicely with most of them. This is very good and I adore this cherry note!
  13. fairybites

    Moroccan Pumpkin

    Sweet musk, sandalwood, buttery pumpkin, and pumpkin spices is what this mainly consists of on me. The pumpkin/pumpkin spices go amazing with Morocco, like they were meant to be lol. The pumpkin doesn't make this foodie at all and doesn't take over the original Morocco, just adds a nice buttery spicy element to an already lovely GC. As it dries more, the pumpkin does fade some and resembles more of regular Morocco but a little sweeter? Agree with others that this is like Jack + Morocco: it's a gorgeous blend and perfect for fall time. An absolute keeper.
  14. fairybites

    Lights, Camera, Something

    The lavender is pretty much in the background for me, but it smells kind of like candied lavender if that a thing? Or just a really sugary lavender. Mostly the bourbon vanilla and cardamom. It started off faint initially, but as it dried down it got stronger. It's pretty and soft, very comforting and would make a nice sleep scent.
  15. fairybites

    Floral Sheet Ghost

    Bright but powdery strawberry with a sour-ish smelling pineapple. It actually smells kind of like a floral Runts at times, or another fruity type of candy. Peony and rose last the longest on me, the fruits faded pretty quickly and I couldn't detect much of the carnation at all. I like it! Wish that pineapple stuck around longer since it was really nice.