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  1. fairybites

    Our Little Crypt Ghoul

    This is heavy on the grass and apple, a very clean green scent. I don't think this really smells like apple cider to me, more like juice. There's a little dirt in here too but it's pretty faint to my nose. It doesn't last very long either, about 3 hours on me. I like it, I just wish the other notes would come through more (might help with aging) and the performance was better. Since this is super duper grassy, I'd avoid this if you are mostly looking for apple cider and don't care for the grass note. This is a great scent for people who enjoy clean notes and would recommend this if that is your favorite kind of oils from BPAL!
  2. fairybites

    Rattlecans and Sliders

    Sweet strawberry and vanilla cake batter . I'm not picking up any ice cream notes and what little of the fog machine juice I can smell is in the background. The strawberries scent almost reminds me of 2020 Aesthetic's raspberry note: it's more of an artificial scent and in this case I would agree with the strawberry syrup comparisons. It is the quickest to fade on me but it still lingers in the background with the fog. If the fog machine juice was the main reason you were interested in this, sadly I don't think this would be a good match for you unless you already have Fog Machine Juice Single Note to layer with this. It's still a nice scent so I would suggest trying this out if you love cake scents and strawberries, or if you just want to smell like Strawberry Shortcake for the day!
  3. fairybites

    Lan Yueliang

    Immediately I get the scent of the sourest of lemons, but dries down pretty quickly to a slight powdery sugar tea with lemon. Blueberry is there on the background, so my body chemistry must amp up the lemon note to drown it out. For me, it's more of an Arnold Palmer (half iced tea/half lemonade) blend but with blueberry lemonade. This is absolutely beautiful, I would say it's almost a sister scent to Dorian or Jareth. It's very sugarly sweet but has that sour edge to it. I really love this more than I expected, even though I'm sad I don't get more blueberry from this. Going to keep an eye out for a bottle before it goes away, this is my favorite so far from the October 2020 lunacies! I'm sure aging will do wonders as I've heard it does to scents like this.
  4. fairybites

    2020 Aesthetic

    This is a scent that smells better applied than it does in the decant. On me, the raspberries and sugar amp up to overpower the cherry so it doesn't smell completely like cough syrup. I would have to agree with the Strawberry Shortcake comparisons, but to me that's not a bad thing. It's somewhat an artificial scent, but I'm not getting a plastic smell like others have mentioned, it's more of a candy scent in my eyes. It's pure raspberry sugar with a small bit of cherry in the background. I think it turns a bit powdery once dry, but it's not a baby powder smell, more like powdered sugar. I love it enough to hold onto my decant and upgrade to a bottle! This is a great scent for fruit lovers though, especially raspberry. I'm sure this would be good in a locket as well if cherry morphs badly on you, since raspberry is by far the strongest note. Edit after wearing this a bit longer: the throw is pretty great! I've got some scents that I have to put my wrist directly to my nose to really smell it, but I can smell this fine about a foot away. It does turn more into a jam like scent after some time, I can't stop sniffing myself! Will for sure have to get a bottle of this, I wonder how good this will be aged?
  5. fairybites

    The Fainting Couch Atmosphere Spray

    Rose water is for sure the strongest note once sprayed, but eventually I can smell the teas and pomander. This isn't something I'd normally reach for but it's not a bad scent at all, just won't be used as much as my other Atmospheric Sprays. It's a very sweet floral but not overpowering or potpourri like. Will hold onto the decant, but no bottle upgrade for me.
  6. fairybites

    Mother Ghost

    This is a pretty nice scent. I'm getting the orchid, a splash of tea, and the labdanum immediately after applying it. Sad to not smell any of the vanilla, but I can pick out the rose and powdery notes the further it dries down. Not sure how often I would end up reaching for my decant since I've got somewhat similar scents that I prefer more and have in bottles, but I'll keep it on hand for a special occasion. I think this could be a good scent if you want something slightly clean but not like a fresh pile of laundry like Boober. I could actually see this as something my mom would have picked out, so this could be a good gift option as well!
  7. fairybites


    This smells really sweeter than I thought it would. The red wine and rose are the notes that are the strongest on me, I can't detect the other notes at all. My imp is almost empty and the age is unknown so that could be a factor. It doesn't stay long at all on me, so I'm itching to try a bottle if I can find one to see if the age is the issue or if I just didn't apply enough. It's a really nice scent which is a shame that the wear time is abysmal. At least the rose in this didn't morph weirdly on my skin like Croquet did. It might be hard to find, but I suggest trying this out if you love red wine and rose tends to work well with your body chemistry.
  8. fairybites

    Blood Popsicle

    This review is for the 2014 version. I have not tried Blood so I'm unsure if this smells like that with an icy twist. However on me this smells like patchouli, a hint of pine, and a musk of some kind (I guess red? Not that familiar with musks). I'm not getting any fruity or floral notes, could be due to my decant's age or something. I think this is a nice blend, however I don't think the name really matches the smell. This is more of an incense heavy scent than one I'd associate with wintertime. Better than I expected honestly, would buy a bottle if I didn't prefer Baron Samedi.
  9. fairybites


    This is wonderful when wet, but it dries down to something that's still good, but not as wonderful as before. Wet, it's all citrus: grapefruit and lime with some sugar. But within an hour it has morphed into a soapy, rose scent with a touch of the patchouli. I don't hate the notes it morphed into, so I still like it dried down. But I am disappointed the wet stage didn't last longer because that was heavenly. I've seen other reviewers here mention wearing this in a locket, if I happen to get ahold of one I will try that and see if it'll be a better fit. No bottle upgrade, but will enjoy this imp.
  10. fairybites


    When it's wet, the sugary pumpkin is the strongest note. But it dries down to a lovely woodsy, pumpkin, and tobacco scent. I can't smell any leather or dust in this, but I think it's fantastic the way it morphed on my skin. It's foodie but not as much as other scents, so this could be more wearable for those who don't like a lot of gourmands. This oil screams autumn ! It's very close to the skin on me however, which is a shame. This is my favorite of the Labyrinth scents I've tried so far. Gonna hold onto my decant and will keep an eye out for a bottle!
  11. fairybites

    Monster Bait: Ventriloquist Dummy

    I mostly picked this decant up for the name since I love old toys, but this scent is the opposite of what I expected. The only scent I'm getting is the woods. No sugar, no patchouli, nothing else but wood. It could be due to aging why I am not smelling anything else because I can smell those notes in other blends on me. I will say I guess it's true to the name, I definitely smell like a ventriloquist dummy! And on one hand the wood isn't awful, but I can't really stand it on its own, I would have to layer it with something else to truly enjoy this. Viewer beware, you're in for a scare if you dont love woodsy notes!
  12. fairybites

    Down the Rabbit Hole Atmosphere Spray

    I love this, the orange blossom is the main note I can pick out apart from the grass. The florals are definitely there, but it's in the background. I wish I could smell some of the dirt too, but this is lovely as it is. Like other atmospheric sprays I've tried, it does stay around longer than a commercial spray does in my case. I tried Queens Croquet ground yesterday and I can still smell the 3 sprays on my stuffed cat. I would say 5 to 10 hours for just a couple sprays? I may have to get a bottle of this if I can! I kind of wish this was a perfume since it smells so good, I may have to try some more BPAL oils with orange blossom.
  13. fairybites


    I have loved this since first sniff weeks ago, but now is finally the time to review my favorite Lilith! Gingerbread is super strong when first applied, but it blends in beautifully with the pumpkin and coffee notes. I personally can't smell the hot chocolate, but it could just be that the other notes are overpowering it on me. Pumpkin doesn't stay long on me either, so for the most part it's pumpkin spice gingerbread and coffee. There's also a faint butter note on me too. It's the perfect breakfast scent! If you can only pick up one Lilith scent this year, I highly suggest trying this one if you love BPAL's foodie notes like I do. This would also pair wonderfully with the Pumpkin Latte Hair Gloss if you have it!
  14. fairybites

    The Queen's Croquet Ground

    I sprayed this on a stuffed animal that I sleep with, and this scent is very calming. First spray smelled a bit like alcohol, but that didn't last long. Not sure of the age of my sample, so that may not be an issue for newer bottles. I get more of the rose note than the grass, this would be great during the springtime. I'm not the biggest fan of BPAL's rose, but this works wonderfully as an atmospheric spray than a perfume oil. If you're the same way but do enjoy a good rose scent, I would suggest this! So glad I tried this, I want to try out all of the Mad Tea Party scents! Will for sure keep my sample, but I'll probably upgrade to a bottle in the future.
  15. fairybites


    I didn't really understand the Dorian comparisons until Jareth started to dry down. It's similar for sure, but I prefer Jareth overall. I'm sure this would do nice paired with Dorian Hair Gloss though. It's very leather heavy when first applied with a hint of the lilac on me. The leather note is still present after drying, but it starts to soften and the other notes come out more, especially the musk. I'm not a big fan of leather scents if they are the main note in a blend, but in this case I think everything blends together perfectly. Definitely keeping the bottle, I plan on getting all the Labyrinth scents. If you've already got Dorian, I would still try and find a decant of this. I think it's at least worth trying, especially if Dorian is your favorite.