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  1. fairybites

    Lizardfolk Park Ranger

    This smelled horrible on me at first! I guess it was the lichen, I'm not familiar with that note. But it smelled very stinky, like oud? I was so confused because I had heard comparisons to Brood X since these share some notes and I was hoping for it to smell similar to my bottle. But it doesn't. Thankfully, that gross smell goes away in about 15 minutes, but even with it gone I'm still not a big fan of the scent. It's very sharp and woodsy, something that I wouldn't normally reach for. I was hoping for hazelnut and blackcurrant but I didn't get any of that. I hope this will be more wearable for me with some aging! Because I want to like more natural, foresty scents but the woods just smell so harsh to me.
  2. fairybites

    White Chocolate and Asian Pear

    I never got any of the pear from this, it was all powdery chocolate. It smelled closer to milk chocolate instead of white to me, like other reviewers have mentioned. It was okay. I would have liked the pear to show up, but it's still a nice chocolate scent. Even though it didn't read white chocolate to me.
  3. fairybites

    Thunder Moon 2021

    This was much nicer than I anticipated! I'm not a huge fan of ozone scents, but I was intrigued by the violet and patchouli. It smelled very fruity on me, which I wasn't really expecting since the lychee seemed low on the notes. It was definitely the lychee that I smelled, but there was also sort of like a mix of grapes and plums? Best way I can describe it is that it matches the label: a very purple scent. Interesting. Eventually those notes softened a bit and then I finally got the violet and patchouli I was looking for. It was still a very fruit heavy scent on me even as the other notes started to peak through. The only notes that didn't show up much were the ozone and oakmoss. Everything else, especially the benzoin and vetiver which I was a little worried about, didn't seem too strong. Pretty good, definitely my favorite ozone scent as of yet. Was not expecting all that fruit so if your skin chemistry is similar to mine and you don't like plums I would avoid this.
  4. fairybites

    Pomegranate & Juniper

    On me this was mostly pomegranate, and I couldn't detect the juniper until well after it dried, about 15 minutes. I was very worried that the juniper would overshadow it, but gladly that wasn't the case. It almost gets close to being a soap or shampoo scent? It's a little close to the skin, not a huge throw. I think these work very well together, probably my favorite BPAL pomegranate scent after Pomegranate Sufganiyot! I think I'll be okay with my decant, but if you really love pomegranate I highly recommend this.
  5. fairybites

    Red Mango & Green Tea

    Now the mango in here is what I wished Rice Milk and Mango was! The green tea is very subtle, it's mostly a mango single note. But the mango almost smells like candy, it's very sugary? Since it's more mango heavy on me, I think this smells more like mangos splashed with some tea instead of a mango infused tea. Really good, would have liked a stronger tea scent but I am glad it doesn't overpower the mangos.
  6. fairybites

    Rice Milk & Mango

    Definitely agree with others that this is more creamy rice milk than mango. Almost reminds me of a fruity cereal, but like the kind made with real fruit or even a smoothie/smoothie bowl. Mango does get stronger with time, but it still remains a mostly milky scent. If the mango was stronger, this would have been a favorite. It's still good don't get me wrong, but I wish the rice milk wasn't as strong.
  7. fairybites

    Burnt Sugar & Blackberry

    Delicious! It's like a slightly burnt (but not inedible, just left in the oven for a couple extra minutes) blackberry pie. If you like pie scents or even sufganiyots from Yules, you will probably love this if you like blackberries! The burnt sugar comes close to smelling like a graham cracker pie crust on me, which is mainly why it reminds me of a pie. The smoky quality is pretty strong, but it doesn't overshadow the berries or the sugar. At first, it's more of a smoky sugary crust scent but the blackberry begins to peek through within a few minutes. One of my favorite duets, do not skip on this if the burnt note doesn't scare you away!
  8. fairybites

    Buck Moon 2021

    I can see why some people were disappointed in this since it smells a lot like popcorn. But as someone who loves popcorn scents, this is really good! I wouldn't say it's the best popcorn scent because I do get some of the foresty scents with it. Smells like a popcorn garland left out in the forest. On me, the popcorn does eventually fade, but it still leaves a slightly buttery and salty scent in the background. I didn't get a Froot Loops scent that others got, but I think I would have still liked this if it smelled like that on me.
  9. fairybites

    Interesting layering combinations

    I don't do layering a whole ton but here's some descriptions of ones I have done. Splatter Comedy, Formula SGHAN3: Birthday Cake, Snow Bunny '08, Pop! - A cinnamon cake left out in a forest and covered in snow Dead Leaves and Coffee Beans, The Kingdom of Sweets, Peppermint Cream Cupcake, Do You Like Clowns? - The Witch's house from Hansel and Gretel in the fall after she added fresh peppermints and gumdrops
  10. fairybites

    Womb Furie

    This review is for the 2019 version! Honeyed Snake Oil alright, super sweet and slightly waxy. I do see a resemblance to O, but I think the honey in that one is a lot stronger. The honey in here can resemble honey dust once dry more than the actual thing. Eventually, it just smells like a sweeter Snake Oil with less musk. Not bad at all, but I like regular Snake Oil and other SO blends better.
  11. fairybites

    The Great London Spaghetti Hunt

    This is a lovely cocoa cake with a splash of black coffee. I don't see much of a resemblance to Miskatonic University that some reviewers are mentioning, but maybe that's because I have only tried aged imps of that. The coffee actually isn't that strong on me, which is fine with me since I'm drowning in coffee scents over here. It's very subtle and I'm getting more of the cake and vanilla.
  12. fairybites

    Protoplasmic Ooze

    This is very green. That "protoplasmic greenness" is the strongest note for me. It reads like aftershave and lush green plants. The lime booze also contributes to the greenness of this. It resembles smoking a cigar right as you get out of the shower or something like that. The tobacco and aftershave just smells odd to me. Not bad, but if the aftershave was fainter I think it would have been more enjoyable. Not for me, but it's interesting!
  13. fairybites

    It’s All I Have to Bring Today

    This could belong in the Mad Tea Party collection! It's how I image this scene from Alice in Wonderland smells like. It does smell a little like dryer sheets but softer. This stays close to my skin sadly but it's a beauty. I didn't get a lot of honey, mostly the white florals and amber. Very soft and comforting. Might upgrade this, it's just a very nice floral that isn't too overpowering.
  14. fairybites

    Grapefruit, Yuzu & White Musk

    Clean and fresh citrus, really like it. I'm not super familiar with yuzu, but I really like it here. It's super sweet and pairs nicely with the tart pink grapefruit. The musk stays in the background until about an hour where it takes over the grapefruit. Don't think I'll upgrade, but it's a very calming scent. Helped with my stress today that's for sure
  15. fairybites

    Cotton Candy, Strawberry & Lime Zest

    I can see why this is so sought after! Once it was first applied, it resembled Bitches Love Unicorns a lot. Just a nice mix of sugary sweetness. The strawberry reminds me of jelly initially, like maybe in a sufganiyot (I have not tried Strawberry Sufganiyot so I'm unsure if the notes are similar). The lime adds a really nice slightly sour edge to all this sweetness, and I love it paired with the strawberry. Cotton candy is the one note I can't really pick up until a while after it's dried down. I love it and wish I had more. I'd say it's heavier on the fruits than the cotton candy, but it's definitely worth trying if you love any of these.