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  1. fairybites

    The Black Rider

    Sharp dark black leather, giving me new car smell. This must be really aged cause no amber or tobacco from this imp that I can tell. Not a fan, it's a little strong. If you love any and all leathers, you should have this in your collection for sure!
  2. fairybites

    Squirting Cucumber

    Very very green grass and a fresh clean cucumber. Think of a salad made from homegrown cucumber and dandelions and that's kinda what this is like on me. Too grassy for my tastes and also too much cucumber. Would have liked this better if it had more different notes.
  3. fairybites

    Pumpkin Spice Snake Oil

    Extra spicy Snake Oil. It's almost cinnamon bun like but without the dough and icing. As it fades, it resembles a lighter than usual Snake Oil on me. Since I do not have a bottle of regular Snake Oil, I'm glad to have a bottle of this! I would definitely consider getting this if you love the spices of Snake Oil the most.
  4. fairybites


    Kinda getting a fruity and soft floral shampoo vibe from this. No leather, no teakwood. And the mint is pretty faint. It's alright but not what I hoped to get from this!
  5. fairybites


    Woody and green. I've actually never had rhubarb so I wouldn't be able to identify it in this blend. More oak than I wanted personally and didn't last too long. Maybe a newer imp would have more of the fig leaf and chamomile present.
  6. fairybites


    A clean green scent, definitely agree with the above review comparing this to Embalming Fluid. Super minty sea salty tea in my case, like the kind of tea a mermaid would drink. I wasn't a big fan of first when it was very aquatic, but it eventually mellowed out and got better.
  7. fairybites

    Doomscroll Blocker

    This is the first thing I have tried from Twilight Alchemy Lab, and what can I say expect this was a much needed oil in my life. As for the scent, this is a calming lemon lavender grassy blend. Beautiful and smells like summer to me, just needed to put on a little extra to make the scent get stronger. For its intended purpose, I actually didn't use this to help with doom scrolling. I used it to help stop myself from contacting someone online who had hurt me. And for that it definitely worked. I did not reach out to that person, and honestly actually forgot about wanting to contact them until the next day. Not only does it smell lovely, but is a literal lifesaver. Will have to try this with actual doom scrolling next time!
  8. fairybites

    Banana Cream, Black Coconut & Raw Chocolate

    Creamy banana coconut, not getting too much chocolate but to me it doesn't resemble raw. More like milk chocolate I'd say. The banana in here is fantastic but the coconut is also lovely and sweet. Kinda like banana cream pie with a dusting of cocoa and coconut I'd say. A great BPAL banana, probably one of the best. Super creamy and slightly tropical from the coconut. A favorite!
  9. fairybites


    Soapy clean floral but there's something else here I can't quite place my finger on. I have not tried any of the Amanda Palmer scents so I can't compare it to anything from that collection. I don't get clay, but something similar. Dirty and kinda like gunpowder and a little bit aquatic as well. Personally not a fan, but it is interesting.
  10. fairybites


    Darkly clean aquatic with a little bit of greenness. I personally didn't get the ink, but I got a metallic seaweed note along with citrus as the main players. This is a lot going on here at one time, kinda fitting for the name. It's interesting as hell and weird, but not as off-putting as some other scents with these notes would be to me. It's like a sunken ship's laundry room got covered in seaweed. Intriguing and worth a try even if you don't wear aquatics much like me.
  11. fairybites


    Clean sugary vanilla honey, almost like linen but not quite. Maybe the imp is just aged to hell, but the throw and staying power are fairly low. Can't see myself wearing this on its own, definitely for layering.
  12. fairybites

    Hollywood Babylon

    A sweet dark strawberry and cherry floral, kind of powdery but not as much as the hair gloss. Vanilla is about the only note that doesn't stand out to me, everything else appears. A great blend, one of the best from the General Collection for sure!
  13. fairybites

    Hollywood Babylon Hair Gloss

    More cherry and powdery than the perfume oil in my experience. Kinda like a baby powdery cherry Pixystix? Throw is fairly good and stays a long time. Wish I got more of the musk and strawberry that I got in the oil, but it's still great and definitely one of my favorite hair glosses for sure.
  14. fairybites


    Clove and patchouli musk mostly! Honestly got kind of a red wine vibe from this initially, but that's nowhere in the notes. Goes on strong, but mellows out and gets sweeter with time. Pretty good, doubt I'll upgrade but I'm pleased that this ended up working on me.
  15. fairybites

    Baobhan Sith

    Oh yeah, this imp has definitely aged because I'm not getting any grapefruit. I got a sweet apple ginger tea instead. This also is completely gone in no time at all. It faded into a somewhat clean soapy scent, probably the apple blossom doing that. Wanted to like this more, I love the inspiration and the notes, but maybe a fresher imp will work better.