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  1. fairybites

    Blood and the Lemon

    This really does smell like bloodied lemons. It's very metallic and coppery dragon's blood, thick and heavy. The lemon, which I didn't think it would do because the blood note starts off very strong, does overtake it once dry. Which to me makes it slightly more wearable, but it's still a very odd scent. I do like the lab's bloody perfumes I have tried, and lemons. But together I don't think it works too well. It's a little strange. I picture this would be the scent of a bloody lemonade made by a vampire. Sweet sugary tart lemons and thick blood. Would recommend trying this if it sounds interesting to you, it's a pretty unique scent.
  2. fairybites

    Beaver Moon 2005

    This review is for the 2008 release of Beaver'Versary! It's a very cake heavy scent with vanilla cream cheese frosting. It smells a little lemony to me, which I'm guessing is the cheesecake since I don't think that is a listed note. This is a really good cake scent: the vanilla smells true and doesn't turn into a plasticky scent like some vanillas BPAL have used does. I've seen comparisons to Cake Smash which I also have and I would agree they are slightly similar, although I think I prefer this. If you can find it, I suggest at least trying a decant. I can't compare this to the 2005 Beaver Moon, but the 'Versary is excellent.
  3. fairybites

    Beaver Moon 2019

    Very sweet mocha coffee. I don't personally smell any cheesecake, but it does smell creamy like coffee creamer. While it is heavy on the coffee, I'd say it's closer to a frappucchino than a pure coffee scent. The chocolate and sweet cream is very strong. Not my favorite coffee, but it is really good. If you want a hint of coffee but mostly the chocolate, this is nice!
  4. fairybites


    Hmm, I wanted to like this since I enjoy boozy scents and the other notes. And this could be due to age since this is a discontinued scent and it wasn't a full imp. But on me, it is very faint. By far, one of the closest to skin smelling scents I have tried by BPAL to date. All I am getting scent wise is the faintest hint of orange blossom. I really can't smell anything else, and I'm shocked I can even smell this. It's almost linen like. While I do not hate it, the fact that it's showing up like a single note on me and that the wear and throw are horrible make this not worth upgrading for me.
  5. fairybites


    This review is for the 2009 version! Warm spiced baked apples, creamy milk and lots of sugary vanilla. It gets close to smelling like a cereal at times, like the apple cinnamon Cheerios. It's soft and comforting, this would be a lovely bedtime scent if you enjoy apples.
  6. fairybites

    Peppermint & Pine

    More peppermint heavy than pine in my case. This isn't like peppermint candies at all, more like peppermint extract or the plant itself. It's not sweet just minty. The pine was faint on me but what I could smell it was very woodsy. Very low throw too. While I find it interesting that they decided to go with a more natural peppermint scent, it just wasn't my thing as I'm used to peppermint candies. If you prefer a more natural smelling peppermint, you might like this.
  7. fairybites

    Horreur Sympathique

    Very sweet mix of honeyed wine and champagne with lots of plum. You would think it would smell dark with the blood musk, black wine, etc. but it really smells light and sugary. At times, it resembles Smarties almost? Not like Pruno did on me with the chalkiness, just a mix of fruity sugars. While boozy, it doesn't smell too boozy. The grapes and plum are very strong. I like it, but it is a little faint. Pretty good!
  8. fairybites


    This is very pretty. Lots of dark red roses and red musk. The amber overtakes the roses a little bit once dry. It's a sweet rose blend, definitely don't miss this if you are a big fan of roses! It doesn't get too strongly floral even though it's mostly rose. Pretty good throw as well, which I appreciate. Love this, might upgrade!
  9. fairybites

    Deserted Theater Atmosphere Spray

    I mostly got sweetened wax from this? Like a mix of beeswax, faint smoke, and oak. A little unusual, I think this could have worked better as a perfume. But it definitely matches the atmosphere of a dusty abandoned building which is pretty cool. It's just a little too much wax for my taste.
  10. fairybites

    The Icebergs

    Now this is good, it's reminding me of Meigetsyu Ya in a way? That one is a frozen mandarin, and this is somewhat similar to that just with peaches and some florals. It is verrrry faint sadly, unlike Ya. I definitely see that soap resemblance once it starts to fade, but I like it. The initial wet frozen peach state was lovely, I wish that stuck around longer with a better throw! Won't be upgrading though.
  11. fairybites

    Pumpkin II (2014)

    Oddly, this was closer to pumpkin spice cinnamon buns? I think it's the clove and tobacco making this read that way maybe? The pumpkin note itself was barely present, the other notes are stronger. Especially the patchouli! While it does resemble food some, I wouldn't call this foodie. It is pretty interesting and I'd recommend trying this out if you think the notes would work for you!
  12. fairybites

    Imperious Tiger-Lily

    Very faint on me, the lily and ginger are very strong on me. This is discontinued, so I'm sure this was lovelier fresh with those purple fruits! Not my favorite, but not bad enough to get rid of yet. The lily is very nice, even if it starts to go a little baby powdery ish.
  13. fairybites


    I'm hoping my imp was just mislabeled because it smells gross. No orange, so this leaves me to believe it could also be very old if it's not a mislabel. It's kind of medical like some reviews mention, but on me it leaned more towards like a metallic greasy burnt scent? Very strange because I've tried all three of these notes in other blends and while I'm not crazy about pine, they don't smell anything like this does. I wanted to like this because of the eucalyptus and orange, but this was a let down. If I get frimped this again, I'll retest.
  14. fairybites

    Imayo Irokumi No Ito

    Faint grassy green tea with some moss and green plants. It goes away super quickly though. The hemp starts to overtake most of the notes on me as it's fading along with the sandalwood. It's just okay, might like it better if the throw and staying power were better.
  15. fairybites


    I can't believe I like this. I was expecting it to be weird! It's hairspray alright, but it also smells like perfumey makeup powder and the hair dye. Very chemically but not in your face. It softens once it's on the skin. I didn't get a lot of smoke, though I'm sure this would be nice layered with Thorns Clove Cigarette. Also love that the color of the oil is like a blueish green, like Oblivion!