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  1. fairybites

    Solved Mysteries

    I didn't know what the notes were when I first applied it, and honestly it reminded me a little of unaged Snake Oil? I think it was the peppercorn and the musks, which are the strongest of the notes on me. No orange blossom sadly, but the sandalwood appeared during drydown. It's an alright clean scent with a little bit of pepper. Wish the orange blossom showed up, it was one of the more intriguing notes to me. It resembles incense a little bit too, so if you are into those kind of scents this may be up your alley!
  2. fairybites

    Artist's Entrance

    Started out heavily steel and leather, but they faded almost instantly and the cedar note took over. I can't detect the other notes, this is mostly cedar with a brush of leather on me. It's okay! I'm not too crazy about woody notes but it's nice. Won't be upgrading, but I'm glad to try more of the 2020 Liliths!
  3. fairybites

    Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns

    This is definitely delicious cinnamon buns! I can't pick out much of the pumpkin spice though, just lots and lots of cinnamon. It's very sugary as well from the icing note. A little disappointing that I'm not getting the pumpkin spice, but I still enjoy this regardless. If you aren't a huge cinnamon fan, I would avoid this if your skin chemistry is like mine. The throw is pretty good on this as well! Don't think I'll upgrade to a bottle, but this was fun and sweet and I'm enjoying testing it out today.
  4. fairybites

    Pumpkin Gazpacho

    This doesn't really smell like soup, it reminds me of a herbal clean scent. The sage, cream, and bell pepper were the main notes when I first applied it. I think the cucumber is making this resemble a clean scent to me. And I can't pick out any tomato, but there is definitely a leafy scent in here so I'm thinking it could be tomato leaf instead. Pumpkin didn't really show up on me. It's less foodie than I anticipated, but I can't see myself wearing this often. Glad I got to try it!
  5. fairybites

    Poisoned Apple Martini 2020

    This started out smelling very boozy, but now it resembles hard candy to me. The green apple vodka note was definitely the strongest initially, it made me think of sour candy. But when it dried down, the butterscotch schnapps and cranberry come through. I can't pick out the cherry note at all, maybe with more age the vodka will soften and I can smell it more. I think the butterscotch gives this a sort of waxy note as well. It's like one of those Werther's Originals hard candies with a touch of green apple and cranberry. Like if the candy was unwrapped and mixed in with fruit hard candies. Won't upgrade since I have a bottle of Apple Spice Hard Candy and I prefer that to this, but this is still a nice blend! I just wish it was more boozy instead of candy.
  6. fairybites

    Étienne De Boray Oak

    This is mostly a woodsy honey blend on me when first applied, but turns into a cleanish scent when it's dry. The lavender is faint and resembles soap, but there is also a dirt like note here. I'm thinking that is the mushrooms since I have not tried an oil with this note before. I won't be upgrading, but I will say this is one of the nicer woodsy blends I've tried. I wish the lavender didn't smell so soapy because I don't think it works well with a blend like this.
  7. fairybites

    L337 Skills

    Definitely bubblegum, but this did not resemble fruit punch at all to me. I would say it was more like cotton candy with a little bit of a fruit note. There's a little bit of cinnamon present, which almost makes this resemble another bubblegum Lilith scent called Pop. It doesn't last for very long, a few hours at most. Sweet and fun otherwise!
  8. fairybites


    Super beautiful bubblegum Snake Oil! Lavender is here, but doesn't really appear until it's dried down. And there is a faint bit of a plastic smell to me, could be the gummi bears note. It does resemble red Twizzlers a little like some of the other reviews mention, so licorice fans may enjoy this! It does get a bit powdery after some wear, but to me it resembles powdered sugar instead of a baby power note. I wish the throw was a little stronger, but overall it's beautiful and worth checking out if you like Snake Oil flankers!
  9. fairybites

    The Pillory

    First thing, the throw in this is one of the strongest from BPAL that I have tried. Normally, I don't get compliments when I wear BPAL oils unless it's a hair gloss or I sprayed my clothes with an atmospheric spray. So if you're looking for something with fantastic throw, I suggest checking this one out! Onto the scent, it didn't really smell like ice cream to me? My initial thought without looking at the notes was a cheesecake with some whipped cream and the rum and berry notes. To me, the berries resembled raspberries or strawberries the most. Initial application, the caramelized rum is the strongest note but it fades slightly during drydown which is when the berry notes shine the most. This is super delicious and I am eager to find more oils with a rum note.
  10. fairybites

    Blue Unicorn Moon

    Super sweet and powdery bubblegum with some artificial blueberry. The blueberry note was much stronger in the beginning, as it started the dry the bubblegum note became more prominent. I couldn't really pick out any vanilla notes, although I think that could be what made the perfume smell powdery to me. The wear is on the low side, it was almost completely gone within two hours. Gorgeous otherwise, I wish the blueberry note lasted longer too!
  11. fairybites

    Gas Masks and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

    Lots of cherry jelly beans and cotton candy! This almost reminds me of Jailbait due to the cherry I get from the jelly beans and how the cotton candy almost resembles bubblegum. After a few hours when it starts to fade, the sugar cookie note and a little bit of wax start to appear. Very sweet and fun, would have like the sugar cookie and vanilla frosting to appear more. But regardless, it's still a great scent and one of my favorite Lilith releases I've tried so far!
  12. fairybites

    Con Questions

    Very sugary vanilla mint with a hint of plum and currants in the background. The mint dominated most of the notes for me once it dried down, it's practically a soapy mint scent. I don't mind soapy scents at all so this isn't a deal breaker, but I do wish the mint wasn't as strong as it is. I love the currants in Eat Me and would have loved them to appear in this blend as well.
  13. fairybites

    Lady Lilith

    Pretty citrusy, the mandarin almost overtakes the other notes when it's wet. But as it dries, the tea and soft florals come out and push the mandarin in the background. Rose is the most dominant on my skin, but I can still pick out some faint vanilla as well. It's very pretty, however I am disappointed by the throw. A little does not go a long way with this one, I had to dip into it twice just to get it to stay longer on my skin.
  14. fairybites

    Lilith Victoria

    This is beautiful, I'm mostly getting a lavender blended Snake Oil with a touch of florals. Dorian barely appeared on me, but that's fine since I prefer Snake Oil anyway. It's definitely not a lavender that I'm used to from BPAL, more on the herbal side instead of sweet. But it works wonderfully with these notes. Throw is really great with this, you barely have to use a lot of oil (another bonus since this can be hard to find). If you love Snake Oil, you have to try this. Dorian fans might be disappointed since to me it's definitely more Snake Oil. This is a wonderfully cozy, comforting scent and I'm glad I sprang for a bottle of this beauty.
  15. fairybites

    Vampire Lace

    Sadly, the reviews are correct: this is very stinky. The oud and tobacco make it smell like a dirty diaper and while it does fade, it takes a pretty long time (about 3 ish hours in my case). Once that stage is finally over, it's a nice vanilla scent. Hoping with some more age, the oud fades considerably because it's not too bad once you get past the initial nastiness. Probably not the best choice for my first Lace perfume all things considered.