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    Art, writing, nature, Alice in Wonderland, vintage/rare/early edition books (particularly quirky children's books), scent, exploring, antiques, singing, voice impressions/general vocal tomfoolery, cracking jokes, making people smile, editing ...


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    Favorite notes: honey, many bulb flowers (I found realistic), some strawberry, amber, lilac, lily, incenses, dandelion, tea (especially black), mild/backing patchouli, spices (easy on the clove, heavy on the cardamom, but not necessarily the Lab's cardamom), some sugar, vanilla, ambergris!, cream, ambrette seed, grey musk, blue musk, maybe white musk ...Death Notes (with rare exception): coffee, apple, caramel, toasted/burned sugar, most red fruits, cassia/cassis, pumpkin, coconut, orange blossom, dragon's anything, wine. I can wear red musk, but I'm realizing it's too heavy for my preference.


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  1. Hi! I didn’t get a message reply notification from the forum and haven’t gotten your reply, so I’m posting here to let you know I responded to your message. 


  3. djnevermore

    Lavender Lace

    The breath between love and mourning: a cascading bouquet of French lavender, smoke-touched, with bourbon vanilla and caramelized tobacco, pricked by tiny daggers of cognac. I wish this remained on my skin as it does in the bottle! It's SO pretty all wet! Soporific lavender with lovely, creamy vanilla, and a touch of sweet tobacco. Unfortunately, my skin hates "smoke" notes, so I should have known better. I'd hoped the lavender would win. Late dry-down is smoke-heavy, with a touch of something sweet and creamy in the far back. If your skin loves smoky notes, this may be bliss on you!!!
  4. djnevermore

    Snake's Kiss

    This is one of only two Snake Oil-based scents I can wear (and love!). It reminds of Cotton or Paper Phoenix in its gentle, sweet softness. I see what a previous reviewer means by it being reminiscent of Snow White, but doesn't have that almond-y playdough note, just the general feeling of SW. So fear not, SW not-a-fans! I swear there's something greenish in here, but I see there are no green notes in the description. Whatever it is keeps the Snake Oil, which is usually fake and cloying on me, from going into that territory at all. Really, this is gorgeous, and I'm very happy I gave it a chance!
  5. djnevermore

    Vivid Enjoyment of the Memory of Rupture

    Has a funk to it, wet and in the bottle, a very odd powder-something, and smells prominently green tea-ish. As it dries, I think this is what matcha green tea powder smells like, and that funkiness is fading. Dry, it's straight up, slightly sweet (maybe from the rice milk element?), heady green tea, tannic and powerful (though not overpowering). It's not what I'd expected or hoped for, but I LOVE strong, realistic tea notes in perfume, so this is definitely a keeper!
  6. djnevermore

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    Just lovely! I immediately adore it, even fresh out of the mail. First impression is gently sweet, creamy, and green. So springy, so shunga. It's very well blended, but different sniffs give different whiffs. The orchid is soft, the vanilla barely-there, the honey fresh and mild, and I think the greenness is from the pale tea leaf. This is subtly sexy, and indeed perfect for spring. It's a hopeful scent.
  7. djnevermore

    Spinning on Graves

    I LOVE Spinning! I don't get grass from it, except perhaps for the first few minutes. Dry on me, it's not unlike Cotton (or Paper?) Phoenix--creamy, sweet, Dorian-y. That drop of clove is the perfect amount to set Spinning apart from similar blends, without making it smell like a craft store at Christmas. True love!
  8. djnevermore

    Dana O'Shee Hair Gloss

    Exactly like the perfume, for sure, but also super-strongly scented. No amount of perfume oil was spared in the creation of this gorgeous gloss!
  9. djnevermore

    Fortuna Felix

    Blessed orange beauty, with a whiff (but not "whoa; headshop!") of champaca. Vanilla and tobacco at the back take some edge off, smooth it down to a sexy, juicy incense blend. It reminds me of a lighter Lush Karma.
  10. djnevermore

    Luna Azul 2018

    Dark, sexy, night-driven. An old-fashioned cologne with a backing sweet note and a hint of woodiness, but not overwhelming like some woods can be. This is a sly enchanter, heady as hell. I agree: it will probably age like Sean Connery.
  11. djnevermore


    Exactly what previous reviewer said! Seriously, spot-on, except that I'd add I can smell the saltiness, which smells better than it sounds. This would be delicious on a guy, but is certainly multi-sex! Dorian's rakish sea-faring cousin.
  12. djnevermore

    Fortuna Liberum

    This is really lovely, and pale to me. I can definitely smell the orange peel, a bit of strawberry, and the orange blossom. Dry, this is non-foody and non-floral vanilla with the only orange blossom I can ever recall working on me. It's lovely, but I'm kind of sad not to be getting the other notes on dry-down. Still, might have to get a bottle! Note: this seems a lovely scent for a young girl!
  13. djnevermore

    Cushing Manor

    Without remembering the notes, I thought "wow! Clove single note!" But yeah that's spicy carnation! Sweet and strong but not cloying. It's the same top note as in Alice, to my nose, only richer somehow, more distinguished. It's really beautiful, but I honestly don't get any of the other notes.
  14. djnevermore

    Flowering Lines

    Wet: "that's so 'wow'" is all I'm thinking. Work, brain! It's sophisticated florals, with a juicy, watery edge (but not aquatic) that actually kind of makes my mouth water. It's not foody at all. The apricot is not a note but a hint. And if it was a note, it would be sour/sweet apricot juice, just a dribble. The florals don't lend themselves to a particular season. This feels like it would work well in all seasons, perhaps particularly in between spring and summer. It's bright, sparkling, and colorful. Dry: the florals took a backseat to this almost dry spiciness, like ginger root a day after grinding it. That must be the carnation, but it's different from all other incarnations of BPAL carnation (see what I did?) that I've ever tried. It's not obvious or in-your-face. And if carnation goes powdery on you, don't expect this one to.
  15. djnevermore


    Jenjin's review steals the words out of my mouth. Also, the comments of it being incredibly well blended. I cannot pick out individual notes at all, and probably wouldn't have guessed any correctly. It's sophisticated, elegant, commanding but not brash, drop-dead gorgeous. I've not tried hag grey (but probably need to now!). This reminds of Hesiod's Phoenix. Edit: this amber does not go powdery on me.