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  1. Needlebeak

    A World Where There Are Octobers

    This is gonna sound weird, but it smells similar to red pepper flakes and is linear on my skin. It's a pretty weak blend but that's probably because it's a very old sample.
  2. Needlebeak

    El Segundo Blue

    Smells slightly foody in the vial - like sugared almonds. On my skin however, it becomes linear laundry detergent/dryer sheets. I think BPAL's aquatics simply don't work on me. Shame because the notes on this one sound fantastic.
  3. Needlebeak

    Irish Coffee Cake

    For some reason, this smells similar to cherry cough syrup in the bottle and I'll occasionally get a hint of a coffee cake. On my skin, after five or so minutes, the cherry note fades and I get cinnamon-spiced cake. Not my fave, I'm afraid.
  4. Needlebeak

    Two Turtle Doves

    I'm sorry, but this smells like Desitin to me. I had the same problem with Cobra Lily so maybe there's an overlap in ingredients.