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  1. Lionesse

    Vampire Tarot: The Fool

    It's a garden mint. Not chewing gum mint. Its the smell of green, garden, plant-y, mint left behind on my fingers.... Like, I just pinched off some fresh baby mint leaves, from the plant, for my iced tea.
  2. Lionesse

    The Head of Holofernes

    Grape Bubble Yum. *sigh* No leather, no pomegrante, just grape bubble gum. Which is an awesome childhood memory scent, just not something I want to wear
  3. Lionesse

    Hellhound on My Trail

    This is dark, and delicious boozy vanilla on me. I typically don't care for "boozy" scents, they can actually make me feel nauseated. But not Hellhound! It smells like I've been nuzzling with sexy hunk-a-man. hubba-hubba So glad I ordered 2 bottles!
  4. Lionesse

    The Two-Headed Goat

    When I first sniffed it from the bottle, I quickly recapped it and set it aside for the possible swap/sale pile. It smelled TOO masculine, and dare I say... "old man cologne" to me. But I had to give it a chance. So I tested... and wow. Nice and dark and musky on my skin, with a hint of something lemony too? I wonder if its the petigrain? I like it, I like it! Its a keeper
  5. Lionesse


    Ok, I'm not so good at describing scents, so please bear with me. This scent is plush purple herby. lol I smell grapes? But not in a grape popsicle way. I think the herbs and musk keep it under control. So glad I got a bottle!
  6. Lionesse

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    DLXI = 561 Bottle: Berries, fresh, sweet & tart, with a hint of cream Skin: berries, sweet but not candied, cream Skin 30 minutes later: cream faded well into background, leaving sweet/tart fresh berry Delicious
  7. Lionesse

    Mead Moon

    Call me crazy... you won't be the first! But on me, Mead Moon smells almost exactly like Lush Snowcake with a touch of grass? This is not a bad thing! Cause I do like Snowcake very much, and now I have something that layers with it perfectly It's just that I do not get mead, or honey, lemon, booze at all.
  8. Lionesse

    Tiki King

    This is MY next Schwarzer Mond. No, it doesn't smell like my beloved SM, but it is right on up there with it in terms of favoritism. I don't get the wood references that other people do. I smell dark, dreamy, sexy (black?) coconut & musk with a twinge of lemon verbena. Not lemon candy, but herby lemon verbena. On my skin the lemon just peeks out every so often to catch my attention, its the dark musky coconut that stands out for me. I've sniffed all three bottles, trying to see if there is some variation, hoping to catch the elusive (for me) wood smells. Nope, they all smell the same. Which is gorgeous
  9. Lionesse

    Dragon Moon 2008

    Dragon Moon reminds me very much of one of my favorite GC loves: The Bow & Crown of Conquest. It is slightly more feminine than B&C, but I love it equally
  10. Lionesse

    Villainess and BPAL

    Embargo & The Smiling Spider
  11. Lionesse

    Capricorn 2007

    I don't have my bottles yet (yes plural!) I am reviewing this from memory at Will Call on 11/24/07. Trees, bark, herbs, leaves, sweetness, and spice. My skin amps spice like crazy, and this is no exception. Typically my husband is charmed silly by fruit filled scents, so I was very shocked by his reaction to this oil on me. He kept grabbing my wrist and huffing He said this is MY scent So whats a Gemini to do? Go home from Will Call and order TWO bottles, thats what
  12. Lionesse

    Sugar Cookie

    Sugar Cookie 2005 When I saw this on the list of backstock at the trunk show I knew I had to have it. But why? I don't know. Because I am NOT a foodie at all. I've never smelled it, and had no idea what to expect. But I had to buy it. Wow, what a surprise! In the bottle this smells exactly like cookies my mother used to make. They were sourcream sugar cookies, with browned butter icing. I don't have the recipe, so I've no clue what sort of ingredients she used, other than the obvious, butter, sugar, etc. On my skin, cookies... but then my chemistry comes alive and grabs a hold of the very subtle spice in this scent and brings it out to play. Mmmmm. This is a VERY strong scent. Two drops for my entire body, including my hair, is just enough without being overpowering. Even so, you can smell it across the room (according to hubby), not strongly, just wisps of scent. (which in my opinion is perfect) I'm so glad it called to me, and I listened
  13. Lionesse


    I don't get pickles either, yay! But, I do get a powdery smell in the bottle, which doesn't bode well for me. First on, I get a soft musk. I definitely get the reference to soft warm fur. But sadly, this starts to morph into baby powder on me. This is a special weirdness of mine apparently, as my skin turns Snake Oil into baby powder too. *sigh* The bottle art is so cute
  14. Lionesse


    I carnation! I like spicier scents over floral or sweet, bearing that in mind, here is my list of fave carnation oils: 1. Pink Moon 2007 (I have 3 bottles!) 2. Hod 3. Morocco All of these, layer especially well with Lushs (sadly discontinued) Potion Lotion. And as of November 1st, Potion will be released as a solid perfume. (you can buy it online now)
  15. Lionesse

    Schrodinger's Cat

    I admit to buying this just for the label art However, I am now smitten by its bright, clean, citrusy, scent.