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  1. Sistinas

    Allison Gross

    In the bottle: floral and dragon's blood is the initial scent, giving off an incense impression. It is a little heady. Wet on the wrist: I get the same impression as I smelled in the bottle, but I do get a small undertone of green. The florals blend really well together, giving off a light scent, the dragon's blood seems to be disappearing in the blend. Dry: No dragon's blood whatsoever now. Allison is all floral combination that still has it's slight headiness to it. Final thoughts: I cannot pick out anyone particular flower, none seem to stand out on it's own. I would not describe this as a light floral or so heavy it knocks you off your feet. The final scent is a sweet incense. I don't get the astringent, herbal smell that is mentioned in other reviews, but I vaguely recall this having that smell when I first got the bottle when it first came out. I would have to say it has aged quite well.
  2. Sistinas


    i have been testing out Gothabilly today. This is soooo not MB:Bloody Mary. The vanilla and cherry blend so well together, it comes across as this creamy vanilla blend and the musk has really given it another layer of smoothness. I do not pick up any boozy note at all. It wears really well, have had it on for over 6 hours and it is still going strong.
  3. Varnished oak flooring and flattened daylilies. In the bottle, it is is very pleasant. The smell of lilies rising to your nose, with a touch of greeness in the background. Once applied to my skin it is very green, like as if I am smelling the stem of the flower only, but I occasionally do get a waft of the flower as I m typing this review. The scent has dried and it has morphed into a clean but very lightscent. It has just a light green and floral scent left. I really like the smell Daylilies in the bottle more than I do on my skin, so I think I will wear in my locket or in my hair. On a scale of 1 to 5, I will give it a 3. eta I have found that as I have given this scent more time for wear, the floral is beating down the green scent. It is still very light, but does come across as clean as it used to. I still stick to my first observation that I would perfer to wear this in my scent locket or in my hair as I prefer the bottle scent better.
  4. Sistinas


    When I first smell this it has an aquatic start to it, with a touch of floral, some rosewood, underneath it. Wet on my skin I still get the same scent, As the scent dries on my skin the aquatic scent starts to disappear and the floral takes over. It is a dry scent, it is not strong or overpowering, but it is lasting and does not fade quick.
  5. Sistinas

    La Primavera

    La Primavera In the bottle- the very first time I smelled this from the bottle I was a bit put off. It smelled like a floral perfume, too strong and pungent for me. Second time I gave it a whiff I was able to discern some of the seperate components. The plum and violet come across the strongest to me, with just a touch of lemon in the background. Wet- On the back of my hand, it smells completely blended, no one component is coming across stronger than another, it is floral (well, duh!!!!), kinda powdery. Drying – As it starts drying on my skin, the violet is coming out more, it is really lovelly. Dry- Now it has settled down, violet stands out the most with plum blossom coming in a close second. This scent does stand out as an excellent representation of spring, it takes me back to cooler days (since it is the dead of summer now) and the smell of blooms. While I am not an overt floral fan, I do have to say this one is very nice, I love the violet and plum. On a scale of 1 to 5 -> 5
  6. Sistinas

    Books read of 2008

    I am going to keep a list of the books I read this year, in hopes of reaching my goal of reading 100 to 150 books this year. Later I will add a list of books I would like to read and a list of books I have read in the past that I absolutely love. 1. Native Speaker Chang-Rae Lee 2. Day Watch Sergei Lukyanenko 3. Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger
  7. Sistinas


    Clio vial~ warm, slight hint of patchouli and orange. Clio is definitely a thoughtful scent, lavendar is listed as a componenet and I am not picking any up wet~ wood is coming out now, patchouli is still hiding in the background and the orange is not very prominent on my skin either. The components are just blended together very well. drying~ the amber is starting to peek out now, melding in with the wood. Clio really comes across as a natural light fragrance. dry ~ Clio really does give one the idea of parchment scrolls. The fragrance is dry woody, lightly scented with patchouli (not the very stinky kind). The amber is blended in with these scents and I get no orange at all. I think this is a unisex scent and it smells really gorgeous, I am sorry I have not reviewed earlier.Big bottle of this is definitely required. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 5.
  8. Sistinas


    Fruitcake: Vial~ OH yeah, spicy, lightly fruity and definitely brandy boozey. I might have to go have a drink when I am done, I am craving alcohol, all of a sudden. Where is the cognac? wet~ I am picking up a slight cakey scent, but alot of brandy still, this is not as spicy as I remember it, but hey I was kind of out it at that will call. The fruit scent is no where to be found. drying~ The cake scent has become more nuttier and the booze is beginning to settle down and the spice is beginning to pick back up. If fruitcake really tasted as good as this smelled I would eat it, but I have yet to have any that I cared for. The more I smell my wrist the more I am picking up the spice, damn this smells so good. dry~ Fruitcake has become spice and booze. This scent has some incredible throw on me. I can smell the dab I put on my wrist as I type. There is a small bit of fruit in the scent but I only detect it in the background and I have to inhale the scent real deep to pick it up. Final thoughts~ I really love Fruitcake. I can remember when I first tried it out, thinking it would not be a scent for me. I was wrong,every now and then Beth puts out a foody scent that really bowls me over. I would like to have a big bottle if it were ever to be available. On a scale of 1 to 5 this one is definitely a 5.
  9. Sistinas

    Archangel Winter

    a review of Archangel Winter vial ~ wet and glassy is what definitely come to mind when I first smell this scent. Unfortunately I am not getting anything that would make me think winter darkness. Hopefully once I try this on my skin, I will get a little bit more. wet ~ scent has not changed much, glassy and slightly wet, not very much ozone to me. drying ~ The ozone is starting to come out, but the glassiness of this scent is still the dominating note. dry ~ There might be some floral to this, but I cannot pinpoint any one floral in particular. Crystalline is an awesome description for this scent, it is also cool but not the usual cool scent that I am used to. final thoughts ~ Archangel Winter is a soft fragrance and rather than remind me of snow, I think it is more the scent of ice, just not the sharp ice that one might think of. Beth did a wonderful job of creating this scent, unfortunately it is not one that I would wear that often. On a scale 1 to 5, I give this a 3.
  10. Sistinas


    a review of Angeronalia vial ~ floral, with bright hints of blood orange and Lemongrass. The olive blossom is becomes more prominent as I smell the vial. wet ~ the olive blossom becomes more prominent as do the floral. I am trying to smell the patchouli and I think it is there, but it is very light and subtle. The gardenia and olive blossom are indeed the front runners of this fragrance. drying ~ the patchouli starts to warm up, but it is soft, I think the gardenia and the olive blossom are keeping it from taking over. The blood orange and the lemongrass are in the background lending a subtle hints to Angeronalia. dry ~ Angeronalia has dried to a soft patchouli, citrus and powdery scent. It is a comforting and beautiful scent. It does have a floral background, but it is very subtle. final thoughts ~ This is definitely a big bottle purchase for me and I can forsee wearing this scent year round. It makes a wonderful out for the day scent and it is perfect for wearing around the house. On a scale of 1->5, I would give this a 4.
  11. Sistinas

    lovin' the moss!

    Oooh, you lucky girl. Those sound really nice. I have to say I liked the smell of Lush's Deep Forest Ballistic, but the sticky yellow like tar that came along with it in the tub was another matter altogether, especially when it got in my hair. I now have to give up most of my bathing goodies soon because of my upcoming move
  12. Sistinas

    La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    vial~ floral, green herbal. The scent is very remniscient of some voodoo blends I have tried. wet~ On my skin, after initial application, the scent has not changed much yet. I think the mystery for me in this fragrance is trying to figure out the seperate notes. I am not doing a good job determining this. The scent is still floral, very light, with the herbal scent fading it is not as biting as it was earlier in the vial. There is rose and it is starting to bloom more, but it refuses to take dominance of this fragrance. drying~ Twenty minutes later , the scent is still there, still floral with that touch of herbal and it does not seem to have much throw. dry~ The scent does not change much, but on my skin it is long lasting. Unfortunately it is a scent that does not call out to me. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give it a 2.
  13. Sistinas


    First off, I should be shot. I have had this for quite some time and I have put it aside thinking it was some chocolate scent. Initially in the vial I do detect the almonds, but the almond scent does not last long. As the scent dries down on my skin, I am left with this spicy ( a hint of cinnamon) , slightly sweet scent. I would have to say this fragrance is truly decandent and I can only hope that Beth will one day release it one day to bought in bottles. This scent should be shared with everyone, especially those who love spicy scents. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would definitely give it a 5.
  14. Sistinas

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    a review of Midnight on the Midway Vial ~ Sweet with a slight incense linger to it. For some reason the color purple keeps coming to my mind as I smell it. I occaisionally get color associations with certain scents and this fragrance is calling out purple to me. Wet ~ On my skin, the sweetness is a bit muted, but the smell of incense is still there, but it is not in your face. Overall the fragrance has softened quite a bit and I am still unable to pick out any of the florals. Drying ~ The fragrance is starting to come out a bit more now, sweetened incense indeed. Occaisionally as I smell my wrist I smell grape, or at least that is what I think I am smelling. Midnight is beginning to get a bit too sweet for me, but I will let it go through the final stages before I make a final decision. Dry ~ the scent is still just sweet incense, the scent is still too sweet for me. Midnight does not seem to do any morphing, just stays true to what it was originally. Final thoughts ~ I really did not care for this scent, it is just too sweet for me. I generally love incense smelling perfume, but they usually are spicy and not on the sweet side. I also cannot get the sense of grape smell out of my head either when I smell this on my wrist and it just does not do anything for me, but ick. On a scale of 1 to 5-> 1
  15. Sistinas

    Belle Époque

    a review of Belle Epoque Vial ~ A sweet fragrance comprised with a few notes that I can pick out: Opium, lily of the valley, a touch of vanilla and sandalwood. I am very curious how this will act out on my skin, I am hoping for more opium and less vanilla, fortunately the scent is not cloying to begin with so I am hopeful that this will remain a favorite. Wet ~ On my skin the sweetness has disappeared already, no traces of the vanilla are around. I can maybe pick out mandarin and opium, the fragrance has taken on a tartness, not in a citrus way, that is very appealing. Drying ~ the lily of the valley has come out more and the scent has become a sweet but not as it was originally in the imp. The mandarin and the opium are still present and I can still not pick up any traces of the vanilla or sandalwood. Dry ~ It has been over forty minutes since I put Belle Epoque on my writsts and the scent is still going strong. The sandalwood is coming out and the scent seems to wither from either slightly sweet to somewhat tart on occaision as if it cannot make up it's mind. Fade ~ An hour and half has gone by and Belle Epoque is starting to fade out. I am left with soft sweet traces of the scent. The sandalwood is the most lingering note of all for me, the opium comes in a very close second. This would make for a lovely nighttime evening scent, it is very evocative and sexy to me, I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Final thoughts ~ This is not a heavy scent as I might have thought it might have been. It is actually doing quite well considering it is midsummer in Las Vegas. I would have never have picked this scent for a summer scent but why not? Of course I am inside with air conditioning. I think I mentioned earlier that I think that this scent would work better for evenings, at least for me, I find it alluring and sexy, something to wear on a date. I will definitely need a bigger bottle of this. On a scale of 1 to 5 -> 5