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  1. marsmomma

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    I chose CA.
  2. marsmomma

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    Argh! Seeing this made me search for all my previous CCNow emails and lo and behold, they had been charging me CA sales tax since Feb ! So I have emailed the goblins at the lab so they can give CCNow a spanking. ..... what? I just made an order for the lunacy and I too was charged CA sales tax. Has anyone heard from the lab yet?
  3. marsmomma

    Ysabel Bath Oil

    I adore this bath oil! Dry I can smell pure, lovely carnation with frankincense. Just gorgeous and had pretty good staying power, lasting several hours. Ysabel is my favorite among the warrior queens. Gorgeous!!
  4. marsmomma


    Ah Isabel, if only I afford more of you! On me, I can smell rose that is dominated by a wonderful union of carnation and resiny incense. The cloves are not too dominant on me but is in the background with the lovely roses. Magnificent!
  5. marsmomma


    On me, Agrat is mostly caramel with a touch of teak. Apple blossom also makes an appearance but she's a little shy and sneaks away after a short while. Very nice!
  6. marsmomma

    Huesos De Santo

    My first review! On me Huesos is yummy orange custard cake with a drop of anise. This is absolutely wonderful, everything is so well blended that all the notes are in perfect harmony. The anise is just there below the surface and the orange custard/cake is is not too sweet. I'm gonna need another bottle before this goes away!