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  1. ashtart

    The King of Hearts

    This is a very, very old af- I mean, aged imp. I think it came with one of my first purchases in 2007-8ish. I vaguely remember this smelling like fruity, lavender and roses in the imp when it was fresh, and I was too scared to try it because I used to amp roses like crazy...roses and I are on better terms now, but I don't smell them in the imp anymore. Now the imp smells of a floral, herby lavender wood floor cleaner, but not in a bad way...kinda. On the skin, a small burst of cherries and rose, AND they're gone! ...lavender and maybe a hint of rosewood and musk are all that's left. After drydown (10ish minutes), mainly lavender, but roses are starting to bloom, and a hint of cough syrup which might be the cherries. Usually I love cherries on me, but I smell like cough drops...can't decide if that's a bad thing. The kombucha girl meme keeps running through my head, I'm confused. I think I need to try a fresh imp to compare, but it's very soothing and might be something I wear to help fall sleep.
  2. ashtart

    March Hare

    I believe my imp is from 2006-ish. Lightly sweetened, yummy apricots and black tea with cream...maybe some pastries wafting in the background. Did the clove turn into black tea? I dunno, I don't remember clove being very prominent back when the imp was fresh, but that was too long ago. It's so yummy either way. The sadness, I knew I shoulda bought a bottle when I had the chance! Maybe it will come back someday.
  3. ashtart

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    So instead of writing my papers for finals, I'm gonna write this review cuz school is boring (just kidding! I love you, school, I just don't wanna write papers anymore 😭) This is amazing! I need to get like at least 10 bottles of this cuz I'm gonna put it in everything all the time, which I will probably say about other smellies too, but this one has made it to my top 10 everyday use oils. Its a yummy, sugary sweet, creamy, buttery vanilla with a hint of sexy from the Snake Oil. Its not too over the top with the sweetness (tho I definitely enjoy over the top sweetness), this just feels balanced and lovely. OG Snake Oil tends to get a sharp headache-inducing incensey note on me, and I usually can't enjoy those spicy vanilla Coca Cola notes until hours after application (my old imp from approx 2005 ish is still pretty potent). It smells so good on my friend though. I always thought about layering it with something super sweet, but was turned off by the potential headache. I'm glad I took the risk here! Then stuff like Midway sometimes goes plasticy on me depending on - I dunno, mood, or time of the month, I didn't smile at the bottle correctly, or something...who knows. I sometimes like the plastic cuz it reminds me of scented dolls from when I was a kid, but anywho... So far no plastic here, just sweet sexy perfection. The staying power is great too. This the second day in a row I've worn in, I could still smell it on my pjs and hair, but I needed more. Sweet and fun, plus a splash of adultness - that's my life in a nutshell.
  4. ashtart

    Marshmallow Snow

    Piney herbal, lightly flowery mint. Reminds me of Nuclear Winter, which scared me a little because sadly that one gives me a massive headache, but no headaches here! My sinuses do feel nicely opened up. It's been about 10 minutes since application, and so far no marshmellow, which I am very much sad about...but it does remind me of Christmas trees, which makes me happy. Just picturing myself lying down in a lightly snowy pine forest, its the right amount of chilly and I'm laying on top of a waterproof blanket and I didn't forget to bring my gloves this time. I'm having a good time, but I still want my marshmellows, dammit! Edit: It's been like 45 mins since application, marshmellows are finally showing up, they kinda remind me of Lucky Charms marshmellows. ...Also I lightly brushed my wrist again my cheek, now my eye is feeling a little bit of minty fumes. Feels kinda nice, but don't do it.
  5. ashtart

    Don’t Lick It

    Sweet sugary, minty, vanilla comfort. I'm back in school for the third time, now dealing with finals and projects and I just wanna lay in a bed of this. Wish the peppermint was just a little stronger, but still so good.