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  1. rix

    Decision Help, Please!

    I think I’m going to go with imps, and decide from there. Thanks all!
  2. So I'm stuck. Trying to decide on an order and I'm finding myself hopelessly stuck between 2. I love salty, beachy scents and I'm looking at Halite Phoenix and My Country. I've read the reviews repeatedly, and every time I think I've decided, I read another review and change my mind! So I decided to throw it out to BPALers and see who can give me the best reason to buy one or the other. Anyone?
  3. rix

    An Encampment of Shepherds

    Wow, I’m so jealous of all these reviewers who are getting the dusty rose oudh from this! On me? Maple syrup. Strong, cloying maple syrup. Think it maaaybeee lasted 4 minutes before I had to scrub it off. Just really unpleasant. So sad, I wanted to love this but no go.
  4. rix

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

    Fizzy citrus that immediately made me smile. Light and uplifting, this will be great on hot, sweaty days or on gray, dragging days. I’ve only had it on for 5 minutes but I think I might need a bottle.
  5. Thirding the rec of Sea of Glass-how can you not love sitting on the beach in a bower of lilies? Next, I’d choose either Obatala, cool coconut summer goodness, instantly refreshing in the heat, or Imp, every time I put it on I go nuts, I remember how wonderful it is and decide I’m only wearing it from now on! Hope that helps! But these refs are probably just going to make you order more, More, MORE!
  6. rix

    Silk Road - Resurrected

    Wow, this is some STRONG cinnamon! A few months ago, I received an imp of Silk Road in a package from the Lab. I was surprised, and I loved it. Hoped that meant it was coming back, but figured it was a lost one found in a drawer. Next thing I know, Silk Road Resurrected was announced, and of course I ordered immediately. This is not the same, because of that strong cinnamon, which is a note I hate. Underneath, it smells similar, but I can’t handle the spice, it’s overwhelming, not really allowing any of the other notes to show their stuff. For the short time I wore it, the cinnamon didn’t settle down. Ended up having to scrub it off. I may put it away to age, or I may swap it away. Oh well.
  7. rix

    504 Gateway Time-out

    Yes! Citrus-mint-snow, I thought Id hate it. Refreshing yet mysterious, it doesnt quite smell familiar, yet individual notes keep popping out. A little ozone, a little fresh laundry, strong at first mint, lemon underlying...I love it. You guys give the best frimps!
  8. rix

    Night Thoughts

    2018 version. I get a touch of cedar with an airy powdery floral on top. Was hoping for some lilac realness, but got gentle powder instead. Oh well.
  9. rix

    BPAL blends with Opium

    Don't forget The Forest Reverie! That's the one that convinced me I love opium scents.
  10. I'm sure it says something about me on some deep level that, when I think of perfume, I think of sex. I've always been drawn to scents that give me that musky, spicy, salty, tangled in the bedclothes slink. So naturally, one of the first BPAL categories I was drawn to was Ars Amatoria. But what scents do all of you find sexy? The scents that end up in tearing off the lingerie, right here, right now lust? Bathsheba is a big hit of sexy to me, as was Spellbound. Lately, Ravenous and Hunger have been calling to me (even though Ravenous the name immediately makes me think of that awful movie about cannibals in the Old West!). Rapture, Whip and Scherezade are demanding attention, too. Uh-uh, I think I see an imp order coming! Thought I have to say, I smelled Gucci's Guilty Black and the only thing I could say was "That smells like sex." I've been afraid to sample it again, because there is no way it could smell THAT GOOD! So what notes or combinations have you found that really put you in lust?
  11. rix


    Gee, everybody else gets a beautiful scent and I get...honey incense burning in a headshop. Why oh why? Banished to the swap list!
  12. rix

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    I love coconut! Try Obatala for coconut goodness!
  13. rix

    Figs and Fig Scents - alone and in combos

    I love fig, so was reading over this thread from the beginning and now I'm just stuck on the word "fig". You know how you keep repeating a word and it just loses meaning and becomes a strange sound? Fig. Fig. Fig fig fig fig! Of course, it is 2:10 a.m., and I'm just...figged.
  14. rix

    Statistically Favorite Scent

    Hey, thanks for the help, guys! I appreciate it. So I started listing, not just the 5 bottles I want, but the the 9 bottles I actually own, to see if I could isolate some notes I like. At first I thought it seemed like I like blends that are 3-5 ingredients, strong and simple, like Aristocratic Couple, The Wet Nurse and the Old Monk, and Our Hearts Condemn Us. But then I noticed the ringers, the complicated ones, with 6-12 individual notes, like June 23,1868, Serpents with Glittering Eyes and Forky Tongues, and Sol Invictus 2000. (2000? Am I reading that right?!!? It was one of the first bottles I bought.) 6-12 different notes- florals, fruits, woods, spices and incense. And there's still not much in common between them: 2 Frankincense 3 Lilies 2 Musks 3 Sandalwoods 2 Champaca 3 Vanillas 2 Orange Blossoms So this is surprising! I LOVE vanilla and coconut, but only have 3 and 1, respectively, and I don't find any of the vanillas to be particularly strong, not that I'd notice it. I've always liked woods and incense, so that's not new, but I didn't know I liked lilies so much, or orange blossoms at all. I've always liked fruit, peach and apricot especially, but while I loved it in Aristocratic Couple, I hated in in Depraved. I like sandalwood, I like rose, and I like patchouli, but Rakshasa just did not work, and that's the only 3 notes in it. I'm not even sure what champaca is, (some kind of incense-y wood?) but I seem to like it! Going by the numbers, 9-5 in favor of the simpler blends, I think Paramatman is my perfect scent, since it only has 3 notes (Orange Blossom, Sandalwood, and Champaca), and all 3 are on the recurring list. It did blow me away at first scent, so, maybe. So I guess I'm going to be staying up late, making notes on ...notes! Oh, for completists...the other 3 bottles I own are Ask the Nearest Hippie, A Forest Reverie and In Templum Dei, which at least are consistent in having a hemp/cannabis head shoppy scent, opium smoke and smoky liquidambar. My Evil Twin must be a pothead!
  15. rix

    Sonnet D'Automne

    Sonnet 2015 I like the opening burst of leaves. Not as overpowering as some of the other Dead Leaves this year, not as dead, either! Seem to have a little moisture, makes it softer. But after that...? No real development from that, and then gone completely in less than 10 minutes. I had high hopes upon smelling the opening, but no luck. Off to swaps with you.