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  1. pugmom

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    for the small population that uses my sheet - it is finally updated from june. Sorry for the delay, my new baby is now 2 months and finally going to bed a little earlier in the evening for me link in siggy.
  2. pugmom


    wow - this is why I love lab frimps and I try everyone just in case! First, heavy evergreen, almost eucalyptus like. But before I knew it, it turned to a gorgeous sweet, almost vanilla, creamy scent. I was expecting air freshener, but got love!actually reminds me of my dorian ct that I love!
  3. pugmom

    Berry Moon 2009

    wet - musk overwhelms the blend - it has a clean, white, slightly effervescent feel of white or skin musk for me. I can smell some blueberries through it. dry - much better, musk settles down a bit, now the raspberries are more present giving it a red blueberry feel. The honey is coming through now. much later - mostly honey, with a touch of berries. Lovely and morphs quite a bit - keeper.
  4. pugmom

    Lawn Gnome

    First application - currants and moss are at the forefront. The patchouli is not overly evident to me, but DH picked up on it. Dry down - moss/dirt feel goes away and left with creamy currants. The vanilla keeps the currants in check and it doesn't go nearly as tart on me as tomoe gozen. I don't get much of the molasses in this, but overall a lovely blend. It doesn't last super long on me and I did have to reapply at midday. keeper.
  5. pugmom

    Dorian v2

    I love this as well - at first it is a very lavender version of dorian, but then once it dries the lavender burns off again and the blend becomes balanced, creamy, sweet and beautiful! I get the same vibe as the emathides, but the notes are pretty different. It didn't feel like coconut to me, but I will try again with that thought in mind to see if I can pull that out.
  6. pugmom

    Butter Rum Cookie

    I am the same as Gin above - I tested this a while ago and it so didn't work on me, but today it was lovely! Initially, yes there is blast of rum, but it calms down quickly into a lovely spicy almond cookie/cake blend that just feels snuggly to me. Will likely save for cooler months. Can't wait to see how this continues to age.
  7. pugmom


    a favorite GC once it dries down. When wet I get a lot of spice from the cardamon which I don't really care for, but once it dries it is more balanced. I am left with an almondy amber with a little spice. The myrrh stays in check and doesn't go to powder on me this time. I consider this a cooler weather scent, warm and enveloping.
  8. pugmom

    Pinched With Four Aces

    frimped this by an awesome forumite!! wet - unfortunately a large blast of cinammon for me, but I tend to amp it. 20 minutes in - cinnamon burned off thankfully and now I am left with a smooth creamy coffee with the slightest bit of sweet tobacco and vanilla notes. Gorgeous and I can see wearing this a lot in colder weather. I am so happy I got to try this!
  9. pugmom

    Wood Phoenix

    wow - This was the last phoenix I expected to really like! For the first moments wet, I got a medicinal note but it appears to have burned off quickly. I agree with the above reviews that it is a sweeter wood vs. a more "natural" dry wood blend. It smells warm and spicy and cozy to me. I like it because a lot of warm, spicy blends tend to have a potpourri vibe on me, but this is just lovely!!
  10. pugmom

    Candy Phoenix

    hmmmm.....I thought this would be a little more crisp and light, but I am getting pink/purple candy dust. Like I am huffing the candy powder left in the bag. I am not getting creaminess at all. Not for me. Kind of reminds me of treat #1, but less jolly ranchers and more sweet tarts......
  11. pugmom

    Upa Upa

    I too love seeing what people compare this too, everyone has such different takes! on me it is extra rummy egg nog with a hint of pineapple that is there early on but fades. After that, to me it is back to spicy egg nog. No coconut to be found. I like what it dries to, and I might be inclined to grab this in cooler months, but not summer.
  12. pugmom

    The Fruit of Paradise

    I get pomegranate, bright, tart and juicy. It seems to be grounded by something a little darker. It reminds me of crypt queen without the peppery notes. It is lovely, but my only complaint is it doesn't appear to last too long on me. However I didn't slather it, so ymmv. It doesn't seem to morph on me much if at all during drydown. Overall, I really like this, but I love pomegranate. I just wish it would last longer.
  13. pugmom


    Love this! I would have bought it no matter what the notes, but I am so glad this works on me! From wet through drydown, it really doesn't change on me. I get a warm pastry scent on the verge of being very buttery, but doesn't cross the line like so many other foody oils do. I get a little sugar and a little spice, but I really have to search for it. There is something (maybe the wax) that is grounding this from being too foody. I can't say enough that this is a very smooth and well-balanced blend. My only dissapointment is I didn't get any fruity notes, pomegranate or otherwise from this. I thought that would lend a nice contrast, but I never got it. It appears to have decent throw and is pretty long lasting. Things that could have gone wrong for me didn't - not too buttery, and the amber didn't go to powder! It is lovely and comforting, and most likely a 2 bottle oil for me!
  14. pugmom

    El Dia de los Reyes

    lovely. Wet - hot chocolate with a little bit of cinnamon for kick. drydown - cinnamon fades away very quickly on me, not too much of a coffee vibe unless I sniff very close to the skin. Appears to have good throw and doesn't morph much at all on me for the next couple of hours. It smells like I am sniffing the hot chocolate powder rather than the mixed drink especially more towards the end of drydown. a keeper. I think this might be something that would be fun layered with a strong fruit.
  15. pugmom

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    *sigh* I really need to plan that "family vacation" to hershey! There are a few that look interesting to me!