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  1. joojifish

    Scent for Halloween?

    Wayne Campbell, from Wayne's World. Not exactly fitting, but I wore Pirate Moon.
  2. joojifish

    Vampire Tears

    This is a strong scent in all stages. In the vial, I could sense similarities to Shanghai and Embalming Fluid, though the Vampire Tears was richer and rounder than either of those scents. Upon application, I got a refreshing grapefruit, which citrus-lovers should appreciate, and which the non-citrus-inclined may interpret as lemon Pledge. Then the blend got more perfumey as the florals picked up. Honeysuckle check, neroli check, jasmine check. In the end, Vampire Tears ended as a soapy floral on my skin. No thanks.
  3. joojifish

    Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Whoa, buttery! While I do get pumpkin at the outset, Pumpkin Cheesecake quickly becomes dominated by a sweet buttery note, reminiscent of Drink Me. There is a bit of spiciness that I like, but overall, this cheesecake is too rich for my blood. Silly skin chemistry--I didn't know you ate pumpkin. ETA: My second try went better than the first, with the pumpkin holding its own more.
  4. joojifish

    Egg'd Mailbox

    I need to press my nose to my wrist to smell Egg'd, which is quite light. I mostly get powdery sweetness and carnation, especially during the drydown. There's a bit of soapiness too. During the end phase, I get more sweetness and spice.
  5. joojifish

    Pumpkin Smash

    I like the idea of a non-sweet pumpkin, but the asphalt and smoke are a bit strong during the early phase of the drydown. The pumpkin mostly made itself known during the wet phase and became more of a background player during the drydown, adding sweetness and spice. In fact, the end phase isn't bad, being mostly soft spice (cinnamon and clove?). Great concept and worth trying, but I certainly wouldn't need a bottle.
  6. joojifish

    Sugar-Slathered Candied Apple

    Sweet apple that dries down to brown sugar...what more can I ask? This is more of a red apple than a green apple. I often have issues with apple notes because of their acetone-sharpness, but Sugar-Slathered Candy Apple behaves itself well and softens quickly. I do sense the similarity to Creepy, though I swapped my Creepy imp away last fall and can't do a direct comparison.
  7. joojifish

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Just popping in to recommend pugmom's spreadsheet. Clean and easy to read, with dropdown menus for sorting. Thanks for creating and maintaining it, pugmom!
  8. joojifish


    This is a bright, sweet, candy-like orange to my nose. Carnal actually reminds me of orange-flavored Triaminic syrup. If you like sweet citrus, you might give this a try. I found it too one-dimensional to keep.
  9. joojifish

    The Phoenix

    What I guess is 'sea air' strikes me as a general, cologne-like aquatic scent. The sea air dominates The Phoenix, and unfortunately, I don't like aquatics. I did detect a bit of gunpowder and earthy sweetness that were pleasant, but overall, this blend is too masculine for me to wear. But I will say, if I had a pirate emoticon, I'd insert it here. As a concept, this a fantastic oil.
  10. joojifish

    The Mock Turtle's Lessons

    Soft and sweet with apple and a hint of mint. The lime might be in there too, but it's being fairly quiet. Unfortunately, Mock Turtle's Lessons dries to a kind of generic handsoap. Pleasant wet, but the drydown is completely uninteresting.
  11. joojifish

    Drink Me

    In the imp: pineapple and butter On my skin: the pineapple hangs around for a little while but soon goes away. Then I'm left with a very buttery, sweet cake. Or custard, perhaps? This is kind of fun!
  12. joojifish

    The Lion

    The Lion was a warm but somehow dirty scent on me. You can tell that it's a tree-based scent, with the resiny essence that sap has. Apparently I prefer amber in blends.
  13. joojifish

    The Knave of Hearts

    In the imp: buttery pastry, berries, and roses. Surprise surprise. On my skin: at first I could still detect the fruit pastry, but the rose became more prominent. Then I started to smell like an Indian restaurant! (Neptunienne's Curry of Doom, indeed.) Savory and spicy, but absolutely not a fragrance I want wafting around me. Even my boyfriend asked me when I got in the car, "Do you smell Indian food?"
  14. joojifish

    Lemon, Lemon, Lemony Goodness

    Shanghai is like a lemony tea. Very similar to Embalming Fluid.
  15. joojifish


    Whoa, this is way strong and sharp on me! I definitely get the yuzu, mikan, and cherry blossom. Each of the notes sounds good on its own, but when they're combined, I get...citrus bathroom air freshener. There is nothing subtle about this scent. Sorry, swapped this off!