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    Ooh! Cross stitch, canning (gad, I sound like a homebody) Lush junkie, watching the eagles that are nesting in my neighborhood, baking (like I have the time)
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  1. Brumbjorn

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Label pic time! The Maelstrom, EOM, Sleepy Moon and the backside of the Imp of the Perverse!
  2. Brumbjorn

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Three of the four Smuts now to find the last bottle... edited cause I am an idiot who can't make photo links work
  3. Brumbjorn

    Naked Singularity

    Here goes my first attempt at writing a review. I'm not good at picking out what certain "notes" are, so bear with me. I recieved the bottle as a birthday gift and needless to say, was a bit shocked when I saw what it was. When I opened the bottle, I got clean, almost astringent type smell to it. Popped my sleepy eyes open! There was a slight floral under current to it as well. (It decants a pale brown) I wasn't too sure about this but I gave it a try. Wet, it the floral tone came out right away, but it was mixed with _something_ I don't know what. It was very strong (or I put on too much) so I had to drive with my hand out the window for a minute or two. As it dried, it became MUCH less medicinal and very pretty scented. The floral came and went and that other note came out. It dryed sown to a soft, woodsy, incensey smell that is really familiar. Myrrh? Sandalwood? I can't put my finger on it, but I lurve it! Very relaxing too. Wish I could give more specific notes on it. It is definatley on my keeper list!
  4. Brumbjorn

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Me too! My hubby is a game designer and let me order the Gibering Madness pack (and we can write it off on our taxes since the has a Cthulhu game coming out ) and I'm inviting a bunch of the female game designers/writers we know over for a sniff party when it shows up. I've got a friend trying to photoshop something having to do with perfume bottles and elder gods for the invite I just hope my order gets here in time for people who come to order more! edited 'cause I can't type today
  5. I was pulling weeds wearing Chaste Moon and kept getting buzzed by various things. I went in, washed it off as best I could and the problem stopped. I'm just going to wear any BPAL when gardening now (not that I do much anyway...)