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  1. CerbyKerby

    Food-y Scent Recommendations (Help Me Find A Scent!)

    Nooooo!! 😭 The sweetness of Eat Me and Snake Oil are what I like about them! I've heard of that! My worry is that the sweet pea, even if it smells wonderful, will bore me quickly. I like food-y scents because I will always willingly accept food. I may not always willingly accept flowers. I loved Deconstructing Eden's Juliet, but soon grew bored of smelling like sweet pea. I'll still give it a try tho! Yes, please!!
  2. Hello! I am new to the indie perfume world, and - frankly - it's been something of a rough start. I have around 25 imps and perfumes, but so far, I've only liked 2 (Snake Oil and Eat Me), and even those two are a little off at times. Sometimes I like how they smell, sometimes they turn a little "hotel casino" on me. Other non-BPAL scents that I thought I'd like but ended up not liking all that much are Solstice Scent's Black Forest and Rose Mallow Cream (although between the two of them, I like RMC better. BF is WAY too strong). I thought I'd like white florals and roses, because I like them as scents in general, but discovered that while I think they smell nice on me, I usually get sick of them within a few hours. I'd probably wear them when I'm feeling pretty or elegant, not when I want to feel everyday-nice. Turns out, rose smells too old on me. I seem to be leaning more towards gourmand scents, so I'm wondering if any of you have any tasty-smelling recommendations for me. I'm in my early 20's, so I don't really want anything too sweet (marshmallow, cotton candy), but I also don't want anything too dark - unless, of course, you strongly believe a scent is an exception. I'm open to trying stuff!