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  1. Eutectic

    Firethorn Berry Tea

    This is simply stunning. It was the one scent I would have passed over from the start but a few friends said, "This is the one scent everyone will skip but wish they had hoarded, you must try this!!!" so I bought a bottle and it is so very delicious! I get a blast of tea (unsweetened and a strong cuppa) when wet but that soon mellows. There is a complex depth here and a preciousness of the blend. I'm terrible at reviews but had to add my two cents no matter how lame. There is a herbal tinge and a very subtle berry that is not sweet. Simply put this is gorgeous, well done Beth!! *applauds*
  2. Eutectic


    OMG this is an amazing scent on me!! Orange blossom first in the wet stage then the sandalwood starts to peak out and just deepens into something wonderful and a wee bit spicy and sweet. This is definitely now one of my top 10 and will be ordering another bottle next update! Go lab!!
  3. Eutectic

    Beanman & Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina

    I am finding the skin musk, ambergris and amber are definitely in the front of the florals of the coconut milk. A very soft, classy scent. Not all skin notes but skin that is washed in something with florals and smoothed with an unscented skin cream. Clean, soft, yet invocative of subtle florals with a sweet note carried in at the end of the scent. I would attribute this to the coconut milk. Very, very wonderful. I tested this last night when I dug into my order and couldn't stop huffing my hand. Today a full wear and it is wearing beautifully. I thought it would be a rapid fader but after an hour and a half it is only now starting to settle nicely with my skin for a long wear. I will definitely need backups!
  4. Eutectic

    Morven, the Strong Man

    OMG this is the smell I love most from clove cigarettes. Just when you open the pack, not lit but clovey and tobacco and sweetness. Oh this is just diabolically wonderful. I want to hold my hubby down and attack him with this. It is just RAWR!!! I will be making a multiple bottle stash of this when it is released, HOT DAMN!!!
  5. Eutectic

    The Flower Girl

    I knew that there would be flowers and was slightly fearful of trying this one as heavy floral scents and I don't usually mingle well but this is more than what you would think when someone says "floral". Yes, it is flowers, but this has an edge to it that makes me think that this particular flower girls has some deadly dark flowers nestled in her bouquets. Something a bit dark lingers at the edge of all these happy flowers and makes me think of deep dark purple flowers, like pitcher plants or Venus flytraps. I actually really like this far more than I could have imagined!! ETA: OMG this is getting to me...can't keep my nose from my arm. As it ages on the skin it is getting better and better, something almost fruity is completing the floral notes, YUMMEH!!!
  6. Eutectic

    The Ferris Wheel

    Metal and clean and slightly fruity. And almost melon quality that makes it seem very fresh and summery. This is not quite as diabolical as I would imagine from the CD's ferris wheel but is total win!! As it dries there is a subtle white floral quality to the notes which is almost soapy but in the best way possible. I hope this is released in time for hot weather as I can see myself reaching for this one to counter those blistering desert summer days!!
  7. Eutectic


    This is so beautiful! I wish it had been released with the yule offerings as I would have seriously stocked up on it! First on it is a soft sophisticated incense with a sweetness of plum or other dark fruit in the background. As it dries the herbal qualities of this scent take more of a front seat and the plumish fruit settles closer to the skin. Fully dry this oil becomes so well blended that the notes merge to form a really lovely melange, just all sophisticated beauty. I would slather this oil with wild abandon and order more bottles pronto if that was an option...
  8. Eutectic

    Dragon Pecker v2

    Oh yes, I bought this for the name unsniffed and unreviewed because, well, it's Dragon Pecker and how else can I have all of the Dragon without said important *achem* attributes. In the bottle: Woody and slightly sweet. Not a heavy wood but more like the Hinoki wood in Shoggoth. A bit confusing scent-wise but not at all off putting. Just applied: Woody and herbal with something sweet under. Really makes me think of Shoggoth but without the lemony touch of the Hinoki wood. A bit spicy almost. Just a tinge though... Drying: The sweetness starts to come to the front but this is a green sweetness, almost like the sweet grass note from Tombstone. Dry: Holy want more of this bad Batman!! It is such a soft beautiful woody scent with the green sweetness and a touch of a more complex herbal blend of notes in the under layer. Beth, release this one, PLEASE??? So beautiful. It joins Shoggoth as my go to scents for when I need a soft complex yet calming scent. Just beautiful! ETA: In extreme dry down (several hours): The dragon's blood starts to come more to the front. It had been hiding behind the wood note(s) and just now showed itself. I am loving this one more and more!!
  9. Eutectic

    Sol Invictus

    06 on one side 09 on the other. The 06 SI is sweeter, more golden somehow, almost a rich honey note but not honey, that golden though. And a bit like it has some sort of citrus rind in it while 09 is colder, less warm, more herbal almost. I love them both. They are definitely closer than I am making them sound. Closer than siblings, more like fraternal twins. I actually like 09 a little better for overall wear while the 06 is a special "it's freaking cold and dark" scent to wear for those days. I would imagine giving SI 09 a few years it will be more similar, I would chock this up to age difference. I find the fading to be similar though 09 goes a bit faster. Again, I would expect age to fix this as well. 06 fresh was much more of a fader than it is now (it clings and clings so long!) So I will be interested to try both of them again in a year.
  10. Eutectic

    Thirteen (13), November 2009

    From 13 I get little chocolate from when it dries down. In the bottle it is all cold dark chocolate with something underneath but on it is soft and sweet and slightly pruney with the herbs and vanilla giving it a well rounded character. I love this one!!
  11. Eutectic

    The Shivering Boy

    Quoted myself to bring up the 07 review so I can do the 09 review: November 09 review: Oh my Boy came back!!!! Same as 07, same wonderfulness and classy cold fruits and greens. God how I love this scent!!! Long wearing and staying power is incredible. My dearest love from the 07 yules and am so very excited to roll around in this one again for the 09 release!
  12. Eutectic


    I do not like mint. This being said I am in love with this blend. The mint is prominent but not sinus clearing and it is so cold yet classy, a feel of snow and ice and mint while being a very high-end perfume underneath. This is beautiful and I can't stop sniffing myself!!
  13. Eutectic

    In Winter in My Room

    In Winter in my Room I came upon a Worm -- Pink, lank and warm -- But as he was a worm And worms presume Not quite with him at home -- Secured him by a string To something neighboring And went along. A Trifle afterward A thing occurred I'd not believe it if I heard But state with creeping blood -- A snake with mottles rare Surveyed my chamber floor In feature as the worm before But ringed with power -- The very string with which I tied him -- too When he was mean and new That string was there -- I shrank -- "How fair you are"! Propitiation's claw -- "Afraid," he hissed "Of me"? "No cordiality" -- He fathomed me -- Then to a Rhythm Slim Secreted in his Form As Patterns swim Projected him. That time I flew Both eyes his way Lest he pursue Nor ever ceased to run Till in a distant Town Towns on from mine I set me down This was a dream. Pink, lank, and warm: grapefruit, yuzu, tuberose, peony, violet leaf, pikaki, Indian frankincense, and tonka. In the bottle this scent reminds me of one of the tiki scents. Pink and fruity. Just on the pink fruits jump to the surface and make this unbelieveably fruity and girly. Soon though it starts to balance out and the other notes gain dominence and start to calm to fruit down a bit. This is a clean sort of scent, not soapy just clean and girly. I can't see wanting to wear this now but can see me reaching for it often once spring comes. Or on days I am home bundled up in my room on dark cold days this would be a great lift scent-wise!
  14. Eutectic

    Now Winter Nights Enlarge

    Now winter nights enlarge The number of their hours, And clouds their storms discharge Upon the airy towers. Let now the chimneys blaze, And cups o'erflow with wine; Let well-tuned words amaze With harmony divine. Now yellow waxen lights Shall wait on honey love, While youthful revels, masques, and courtly sights Sleep's leaden spells remove. This time doth well dispense With lovers' long discourse; Much speech hath some defence, Though beauty no remorse. All do not all things well; Some measures comely tread, Some knotted riddles tell, Some poems smoothly read. The summer hath his joys And winter his delights; Though love and all his pleasures are but toys, They shorten tedious nights. Shorten those tedious nights with a surge of body heat: vanilla-infused red musk, champaca, petitgrain, ylang ylang, patchouli, nutmeg, honey, galbanum, and traces of caramel. In the bottle this is warm and slightly foody. A burst of the caramel, ginger, honey and vanilla. First on those notes pop up right from the start and make this seem too foody for me (I'm not a foody lover) but very quickly the darker grounding notes start to pull down the top notes to make the blend warm, sensual, and though slightly foody very dark in a sensual way. The dry down is a warm scent, with the patchouli, ginger and nutmeg dueling for dominance but with the other flowery notes pulling them away from being too floored. A very yummy scent that would be wonderful to wear on a cold and snowy night.
  15. Eutectic

    Lilith vs. the Giant Crab

    Thia is such a beautiful blend and my favorite of the Beanday scents and the one I am hoarding. LOL First on there is a rush of fresh tangerine and bright fruits that are sweet but not syrupy followed quickly by the slightly salty notes of the ambergris. Then as the oil continues to dry the sandlewood pops out and makes the whole blend come together. It does seem to fade fast but I have caught whiffs of this scent throughout my day and been surprised at the staying power though amused at how allusive it is...