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  1. Bunny Butt

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Hi Beatrice33, i love all of these. Here are my suggestions. 1. Incantation 2. OLLA Hal 3. Antimony v9 4. Bones of Capys 5. Do The Dancing Maidens Sleep 6. Western Diamondback Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Hello!


    I am interested in your bottle of Sumatran Red Patchouli SN. I am also considering a second bottle. How accurate would you say the Earl Grey is to the real thing?




  3. Bunny Butt

    Oktobernacht Hair Gloss

    A rustle of dry leaves buffet against a dusky sheer musk, gently embraced by a thin shawl of vetiver, myrrh, and white grapefruit. Oktobernacht is similar to my beloved Dead Leaves and Desolation. The grapefruit definitely lifts this up to another level. Its white not red so it isnt sweet. Not too much smoke from the vetiver. Quite powdery in the Musk department. Old timey. The Hair gloss version of the cocktail, The Derby.
  4. Bunny Butt

    The Purple Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    Blackberry incense, indigo musk, wild grape, polished mahogany, and blackberry wine. Whoa MUSK. There is a definite purpleness and a bit of incense. Not much wine or fruit. I was hoping this would be a good substitute for our beloved Witches Hut. It is lovely but youll really need to love Musk.
  5. Bunny Butt

    The Violet Chamber Atmosphere Spray

    Jungle orchid, wild fig, bourbon geranium, twilight oudh, and pluot. The chamber labels are great IRL. This is STRONG. Yes, please. Mostly orchid with a touch of fruit. The Oudh is strong too but really pleasant. A bit of herbal from the geranium. Smells like a fancy British accent? Posh? Seems like it will hang around a while too.
  6. Bunny Butt

    All Hallows Chaos: Samhain Hair Gloss

    Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos. ― Mary Shelley, 1831 This Samhain, were reveling in the desecration of a classic blend: Damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein. #7. I was excited for my number. First sniff of the Chaos HG is fresh and floral which is an interesting counterpoint to the leafy deep smell I was expecting. I still get the lovely apple but its tropical fall. Pikaki or plumeria? Almost a cocoa butter undercurrent. Not chocolatey.
  7. Bunny Butt


    I was not around for the original either. I love Riding Crop but De Sade is definitely different. Riding Crop has more additional notes blended in and is more perfumy. De Sade is much stronger and definitely just Leather. Supple gorgeous leather. I’m happy to have both for different moods but I do personally like Riding Crop more.
  8. Bunny Butt

    Ginny, the Reaper of Vengeance

    This is a really lovely womanly scent. Floral but rich. Unfortunately it smells like my grandma’s oerfumes. If you remember the 80s perfume Babe or Fred Heyman then you know this. That also means it’s not for me.
  9. Bunny Butt

    Blacklight-Reactive Poster

    There was a store about a mile away from the house I grew up in that fascinated me throughout my whole childhood. The façade was painted in insane colors, and it was covered with weird, leering cartoonish illustrations. We drove by it almost every week, and Id keep asking my parents what was inside there was nothing on the storefront that indicated what the store was about and theyd blow me off while making it implicitly clear that I was to never, ever enter that building. When I was 12, I asked my parents to take me to the library so I could study. I waited about fifteen minutes to make sure that my dad had driven off, and then I walked over to the fascinating, forbidden mystery store. The store was covered, wall-to-wall, in posters that glowed in garish fluorescent colors. Tie-dyed t-shirts, blankets, and flags were everywhere, and the cases were filled with what looked to me like endless rows of genie bottles. Peace signs were everywhere, and tons of merchandise was emblazoned with a plant I didnt recognize. Before they shooed me out very kindly this was the scent that imprinted on me: nag champa, patchouli, and weed smoke. Please do not smoke, eat, or huff this oil. Do not rub it on your gums, do not put it on your privates, do not vape it. It is a perfume and meant to be used as such. No funnybusiness! (This perfume contains no actual weed. Zero cannabis. None. Zilch. What do I look like? A dispensary?) Smelled last night at the lunacy but not tried on my skin, only on my friend. Holy Weed, Batman! was my first impression. Smelled like my parents stash when I was growing up, like flashback to childhood strong. My friend didn't smell weed at all only the Nag Champa and "something". Smelling on her, there was a definite hempiness with a soft nag background. It was quite compelling. There was a definite patchouli vibe but to me Marijuana and patch are interchangeable and complementary. It's not my jam but it wasn't offensive to a non-toker.
  10. Bunny Butt

    Nobodies Watching Wrestling

    The description didn't sound like my thing but I smelled it at Midsummer Scream cause it was there. Holy Terror! It is gorgeous and I had to have it. The leather and strawberry are in perfect balance. Neither is too artificial or too real. If you like leather but not so much strawberry (or vice-versa) do yourself a favor and get some. Get ready to fall in love.
  11. Bunny Butt

    Mr. Czernobog

    Cinnamon, fir and something metallic or mentholated on first application. Very clean and balanced. The incense isn't strong or burning. More of a stored-in-a-wood-box smell. I agree that it is masculine but not so much so that it couldn't be unisex as well. The leather and unfiltered cigarette is a roll your own smoke from a leather pouch of tobacco. My fiancé says it smells like camping in an evergreen forest with friends on him and I agree. On me, it smells like cooking with herbs and spices in a the log cabin by the lake. Really like this.
  12. Bunny Butt

    The Jeweled Spider

    I smell hot fudge, light fruits and toasted spice in the bottle and immediate application. The spices seem North African like cinnamon, allspice, cloves, coriander. The fruits are apricot and champagne grape, quite light. The tobacco leaf comes out on dry down. The smokiness is very light. Medium throw. This was the surprise must buy for me of the AG scents.
  13. Bunny Butt

    Painted and Padded Beauties Bath Oil

    From Etsy. This is lovely sweet, slight bubblegummy florals with a bit of spice from the carnation. The warm musk is so gorgeous and sensual. I can't pick out the patchouli or sandalwood but there is a nice warm base to the scent. This should have gotten more love. I'm so glad I have some.
  14. Bunny Butt

    Sri Lankan Lime

    [No additional description provided.] I went to the Lab Lunacy event on Friday specifically for this. In the bottle it smells just like picking a lime from the tree and rolling it in your hands to release the oils. The perfect lime. As I suspected though, by itself it lasts maybe 15 minutes before my skin eats it up. I also purchase Riding Crop and Etude de Deshabille so I had all 3 on and the lime made those both even better. I have high hopes for mixing this with everything.
  15. Bunny Butt

    Pop-Out Eyeball Glasses Hair Gloss

    Lemon-squirted champagne with sugar and a splort of blueberry and blackcurrant. Lemon sugary fizzy champagne with black currant. A very happy uplifting scent. I don't get blueberry which is fine for me. Not too much lasting power which I expected with such a bright scent. Great while it lasts. My hair is extra shiny because I sprayed this morning and had to spray again this evening for a pick-me-up.