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  1. ellocentipede

    Lilith's Love Low

    A sharp blast of lavender eventually mellows into a lavender-vanilla cake with banana buttercream! I love this!
  2. ellocentipede

    Saturday Morning

    Bright, sunny lemongrass, with some creaminess from the coconut milk. This is happy blend reminiscent of sunshine!
  3. ellocentipede

    In Hel, We Feast On Sugar Packets

    This is glorious. It's exactly what it says on the tin--white petals dipped in the sugar. The white petals are of the heady, waxy variety--like magnolia, tuberose, jasmine, maybe a hint of gardenia. With time they become more creamy and less overtly sugary, reminding me a lot of NAVA's Ghost Velvet blend. Gorgeous.
  4. ellocentipede

    Lazy Daisy

    This smells like sunshine on clean linens. It’s clean, bright, snuggly, and comforting. I put it on before bed when I was in a foul mood, and it made me feel much better. I do wish I got some of the jasmine, but otherwise it’s a lovely scent.
  5. ellocentipede

    Peach Chypre

    Yessss! This is the prettiest peach chypre! I'm so happy. It's got all of the class and elegance of a fine woody chypre with a liberal dousing of fresh, juicy peach. The peach is realistic. Peach Chypre foreverr!! ❤️❤️
  6. ellocentipede

    Marshmallow Peaches & Orange Blossom Sugar

    Exactly what it says on the tin! Sweet, sugary marshmallow peaches with a hint of neroli. This is like a peachy, summery version of Stale Sugar-Crusted Marshmallow Chick.
  7. ellocentipede


    Smooth woody frankincense with sweet peachy musk and honeyed rose. This is beautiful on me--a gentle scent that makes me feel happy. ❤️ Edited to add that it dries down into a lovely honeyed peach musk.
  8. ellocentipede

    FORMULA FFSZ1: First Mate

    Ooooh I love this. Something (probably the ginger) is reminding me of Tamamo No Mae, which is one of my favorite scents. I get a lot of the white ginger flower and tea, with a good whiff of musk and a hint of fresh coconut. I'm so glad I got this one!
  9. ellocentipede

    Mrs. Wilson

    If jasmine were a summer drink, this is what it would smell like. It’s jasmine, but it’s tamed, a little bubbly, and a bit drinkable. ❤️
  10. ellocentipede

    Son of biggerCritter

    Key lime pie filling! Refreshing for summer. I love this one. ❤️
  11. ellocentipede


    Well, this is lovely! A very pretty rose musk, that I think will work for people who can't typically wear rose. It's hazy and musky (for lack of a better description). The cherry is really prominent at first, but then melds into the musk seamlessly to create a candied rose musk scent. The cherry note is the awesome one that the Lab has been using recently--it's bright red and candied and doesn't go funky or cough drop-y. This one smells more like cotton candy than Gynotize! to me. This is a fun, pretty, and youthful scent.
  12. ellocentipede

    Kamau Kogo

    Yessss, this is just the sort of scent I like. It's a touch foodie, a touch tropical, a touch aquatic. Just right. The salt keeps this from being too sweet, the coconut note is dry and sun-baked, and the almond milk is gently creamy. Throw is pretty potent, and longevity is 👍. This one's a winner in my book.
  13. ellocentipede

    Penny Rolle

    This is so beautiful. Lovers of sugared patchouli and sticky sweet resin scents are going to love this one. The shea note is so beautiful--creamy, sweet, and a bit reminiscent of Obatala. I don't smell a ton of cardamom or pecan, but this is a nearly-foody resin and patchouli scent. It's like a comforting hug from someone who loves to bake. I would snuggle with Penny Rolle forever. ❤️ Edit: I do smell the pecans in the beginning! Smells like a sweet roll with pecans when wet.
  14. ellocentipede

    Spirit Fingers

    This starts out smelling just like Red Hots candies, then dries down into a candied clove scent. More like clove-scented hard candies than clove cotton candy on my skin.
  15. ellocentipede

    Honeyed Champaca Blossom and Basmati Rice

    I love this one! Fragrant, cooked rice and honey—like rice pudding, but with some Champaca incense smoking slowly nearby. I feel like this should get more love!!