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  1. ellocentipede

    Come Unto These Yellow Sands

    I love this! It’s reminding me a bit of Blue Wig Spray (I think). I get sugared violets and lilac, and with a bit of wear I start to smell a bit of salt, which is sort of like the smell of skin after a beach day.
  2. ellocentipede

    By Thys Fyre I Warme My Handys

    I really love this. It smells like a cozy old-fashioned fire-warmed kitchen: there's a cheerful blaze in the hearth and the table is set with gently-spiced baked goods and mulled wine. It's atmospheric and cozy and lifts my spirits.
  3. ellocentipede

    Buck Moon 2021

    I really love this one. It smells like velvety antler fuzz on a young buck in a forest. It also smells a lot like the gif that Jenjin posted. It's an optimistic and youthful take on Buck Moon!
  4. ellocentipede

    Walking My Daughter to Class

    Lemony tea with a little freshly-grated bergamot zest, sweetened with a smooth vanilla. I’m not getting any oakmoss (which is A-OK with me), so I think it’s more of a grounding element for the blend. This is a beautiful Dorian blend.
  5. ellocentipede


    This scent would be at home as either a Weenie or a Yule. Equal parts gently-spiced gingerbread and pumpkin bread, to my nose, with just a weeee gentle hint of coffee.
  6. ellocentipede

    Thrills and Junk Food

    Yessss! This one is amazing. I get lots of sugary, floofy, fruit-punch flavored cotton candy (and now this is something that I desperately want to try in real life) and warm, perfect popcorn with a tiny kick of salt. The popcorn becomes more prominent with wear. I’m sure that the day that inspired this blend was the happiest day!
  7. ellocentipede

    Metal Twins

    Mmmm. Rich, custardy flan and freshly mixed cake batter. It’s warm, creamy, and decadent without being overly sweet.
  8. ellocentipede

    Dragon Slide

    This makes me think of Christmas! It’s like crushed soft peppermints (the good stuff) over creamy vanilla and white chocolate ice cream.
  9. ellocentipede

    A Night In the French Quarter

    Oh this is gorgeous. It’s like the nighttime counterpart to A Little Piece of Eternity, which I also love. I get rain-soaked osmanthus and dark plum. The rain note is warm, and not sharp, the osmanthus is perfectly heady without going funky, and the plum provides a nice deep pop of darkness. This does evoke nighttime in the Quarter to me, and is one of my very favorite scents from this update.
  10. ellocentipede

    You Are Not Alone

    Surprisingly, this one is a little perfumey to my nose. I think it’s the combination of the paper and cotton with my skin chemistry. The lavender, to my nose, is of the floral and softly sharp variety. This is a bookish blend, but it’s an elegant one that could be worn to something fancy, not a snuggly one to curl up and read with.
  11. ellocentipede

    Velut Luna Statu Variabilis

    I avoid benzoin because it usually smells like sharp chemicals on my skin, but this one so far is benzoin-less to my nose. I get lots of heady, waxy ylang ylang and the most beautiful pink woody chypre. Everything is wrapped in a beautiful, soft, pink vanilla cloud.
  12. ellocentipede


    Sappy pine tar and dry woods! This is like walking through a pine forest on a bright, sunny day.
  13. ellocentipede

    Solved Mysteries

    This is a very pretty musk! In the bottle and when first applied I get a lot of red musk, but once on skin it blends fairly evenly with the skin musk. The effect to my nose is almost of an Egyptian musk. The pop of pink peppercorn (it’s definitely pink, and not super pepper-y, just gives the scent a little kick) meshes nicely with the sweet, clean orange blossom. There’s a grounding base of dry sandalwood holding everything together.
  14. ellocentipede

    Shadows and Light

    I could swear that I smell a good bit of oudh here—but it is of the rich, smooth variety and definitely not of the stanky sort. Honestly, this doesn’t smell like any of the listed notes to me at all, and I’m totally ok with that. It smells like the smoothest, most beautiful, hazy oudh ever, and I’m loving it!
  15. ellocentipede

    Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards

    This is a beautiful rose blend. It reminds me of Lush’s Tisty Tosty—gorgeous rose, a hint of powder, and clean, fragrant clove. It has a medieval vibe to my nose, and would equally suit a pretty maiden or a powerful queen.