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  1. ellocentipede

    Honeyed Champaca Blossom and Basmati Rice

    I love this one! Fragrant, cooked rice and honey—like rice pudding, but with some Champaca incense smoking slowly nearby. I feel like this should get more love!!
  2. ellocentipede

    The Great Brocade Addressee

    Lots of orris and something fruity (maybe the lavender and immortelle?)??
  3. ellocentipede

    Dripping Mountain

    At first, this is pine resin heavy with a hint of white floral, but the floral notes come out more as it dries and it is gorrrrgeous. Oh my. I agree with zee zee that the final effect of this one is that of a real magnolia, wet with a little dew. The pine resin in the end is really more of a suggestion, like a scent on a breeze.
  4. ellocentipede

    Right Atrium

    A large cup of white tea, with a sprinkling of cherry blossom and a polished wooden spoon to the side.
  5. ellocentipede


    This is a nice blend! It’s very smooth and gentle resins + woods. I swear I’m smelling a bit of honey, but I think that just may be the vanilla, clove, and amber playing with my noee.
  6. ellocentipede

    Unicorn Junk

    Coconut and lilac! I agree that this is clean and beachy. I like this a lot. It’s a unicorn lounging on the beach and airing his bits.
  7. ellocentipede

    Elegant Vulvas

    Pretty!!! Wildflower honey and amber is what I’m getting. I don’t specifically smell the blossoms or the marshmallow, but I think they’re rounding the scent out with some creaminess. This would pair nicely with the honey bath oils!
  8. ellocentipede

    Alleviate the Frenzy

    The same amber note used in Elle Est Heureuse is here! It is sparkly and perfumey. I’m getting heavy sparkly amber and a bit of peach musk. It’s a very pretty scent, but I think it may be a bit too intense for me.
  9. ellocentipede

    Pegasus Junk

    Huh! I’m getting a lot of creamy lemon (from the white tea and amber combo maybe?), with a good lashing of fragrant rice and ethereal orris. This is weird, but I feel like I’m smelling unicorn cereal. Fruity, creamy, definitely shimmering, opalescent, and glittering.
  10. ellocentipede

    Ganymede’s Junk

    White sandalwood, pink carnation, clove bud, muguet, and vanilla absolute. I love this! I feel like I’m smelling a Lush product—Skinny Dip maybe? I would love this in a bath oil or linen spray! It’s delicately spicy (mild clove bud and carnation), but also creamy from the vanilla and muguet, which is not sharp at all, but gently floral. This is beautiful!
  11. ellocentipede

    A Chance Meeting in Springtime

    Peach-touched sandalwood, fig meat, and milky white musk. This is a nice white peach musk. Something in it—perhaps the musk—is reminding me of orris. It’s a clean and dry scent that’s fruity but also a little elegant. It’s like a grown up version of a peach perfume—very pretty and classy.
  12. ellocentipede

    Honey Marshmallow Bath Oil

    [No additional description provided.] Gorrrrgeous. Sweet, fluffy, creamy, perfect, marshmallows!!!
  13. ellocentipede

    Honey and White Carnation Bath Oil

    [No additional description provided.] Ahhhh I love this one! It’s the best, most realistic honey scent in the world, with some spicy carnation. I have a hard time finding honey scents that I like, and this one is such a winner!
  14. ellocentipede

    Shadow Embrace Bath Oil

    Smoky black orchid and agarwood. Gorgeous!!! Orchid and fragrant (not indolic) agarwood. A little perfumey in a good way. The orchid note is a bit vanilla-y. This smells expensive and is reminding me of something—Selbstverliebt maybe?
  15. ellocentipede

    Sacred Talisman Bath Oil

    I’m really not sure what I’m smelling here. It’s really hard to describe. It smells kinda smoky? Like floral and honey incense? I think I’m smelling the iris concrete and wildflower honey. I’m not getting any gardenia.