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  1. ellocentipede

    Pine Smoke Hair Gloss

    This gloss is a stunner, and one of my favorites in this Yule collection. It’s a really nice pine/fir scent. It’s not too smoky, but rather incense-y with a touch of sweetness. This one has a darker vibe than the Rocky Mointain Goats gloss, which I also love. Love!
  2. All sweetness and warmth. Yep—this one does what it says on the tin. Creamy, rich coffee with a hint of hazelnut (not too hazelnutty, but just enough to give a hint of rich nuttiness), cinnamon sugar, and a bit of burnt cookie. Snag this one if you love foodie coffee blends.
  3. ellocentipede

    Lick It With Consent Atmosphere Spray

    Lick It is back, as minty and sweet as ever, and now you can lick it for a good cause: proceeds from every sale of Lick It With Consent will be donated to RAINN. Candy cane! This candy cane to me smells shiny and lacquered, unlike the Candy Canes HG, which reminds me of those tasty little soft peppermint candies. Lick It is a sweet vanilla peppermint delight.
  4. A delightful, invigorating winter breeze. This really does smell breezy! I was expecting a eucalyptus blast, but the eucalyptus note here is pretty gentle, lending a chill to the balsam fir instead of clearing my sinuses. It’s cheerful and refreshing! It’s mostly for with a touch of frosty eucalyptus.
  5. ellocentipede

    Chestnut Oudh Atmosphere Spray

    Sweet candied chestnuts mingled with warm spiced oudh. The oudh is very warm, sticky, and woody, and is sweetened by the candied chestnuts. This is how I imagine the Addams family house would smell at Yuletide—dark, slightly festive. This oudh is indolic like the oudh note in Bestla.
  6. ellocentipede

    Cathedral Incense Atmosphere Spray

    This is a beautiful incense scent. It somehow smells airy and sacred. The resins are very smooth and well-blended. Don’t miss this one if you’re into churchy incense blends.
  7. The piniest pine that ever pined, pining you right in the face. This is indeed a very piney and very cheerful pine. I think it’s the bit of lemon that lifts this one up and lends the cheerful aura. This is a very realistic, bright pine scent.
  8. ellocentipede

    Egg Nog Cocoa Atmosphere Spray

    Lots of cocoa, adequate amounts of nog. I tend to not gravitate towards the foodie atmosphere sprays, but this one was a surprise love for me and I highly recommend it. It’s like rich, fancy cocoa powder with just enough eggnog to lend some creaminess and to keep it interesting with a bit of spice. If you’re into cocoa and chocolate scents, don’t miss this one!
  9. ellocentipede

    Bourbon-Soaked Apples Hair Gloss

    I do not like apple scents, or bourbon scents, but... I love this gloss. It smells like cold, leftover apple pie filling to me—with a hint of spice and cold, cooked Granny Smith apple slices. If this type of scent is your thing, you will love this one!
  10. ellocentipede

    Rocky Mountain Goats Hair Gloss

    I looove this scent. It smells like walking through an evergreen forest in late fall, early winter. It’s dark, atmospheric, foresty, and beautiful.
  11. ellocentipede

    Wolves in the Woods Hair Gloss

    This one is really, really hard for me to nail down with a review. It’s a really nice scent, that’s surprisingly gentle. I smell soft, smooth Woods, and something that reminds me of silk, but I have no idea how to qualify it. It’s a really nice atmospheric scent.
  12. ellocentipede

    Sugar Cookie Hair Gloss

    I did not expect to like this one, but it is one of my favorites in the collection. To me, it smells like funfetti cake, which may be an effect of the rainbow sprinkles (which smell like a rainbow, but aren’t fruity?? They’re magical). I swear there’s also a hint of buttercream here. A fun, happy scent!
  13. ellocentipede

    Candy Canes, Powdered Sugar, Snickerdoodles, and Vanilla Cream

    I liked this one much more than I thought I would, considering that I am not a mint lover. I can see this gloss being a firm favorite for many. The mint is soft and creamy, like those good soft old-fashioned peppermints. There’s a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, a hint of burnt cookie, and sweet vanilla cream.
  14. ellocentipede

    Yule Incense and Black Fig Hair Gloss

    The smoke from compounded frankincense, myrrh, pine resin, juniper berry, bayberry, and cinnamon swirling around a pile of sweet black figs. This one is interesting! It smells like the most Christmas-like of incenses indeed! I get the pine resin and bayberry, and I think the black fig is fooling my brain into smelling holly berry, if that’s even a real thing. It’s lightly smoky, and very festive, but not basic.
  15. ellocentipede

    Peacock Queen Hair Gloss

    This is the Peacock Queen we all know and love, in hair gloss form! It’s a dark, lush, and velvety red rose. Simple, classy, and elegant. I was in need of a rose-y gloss, and this fits the bill perfectly.