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  1. nursekins

    Scrooge's Apartments Atmosphere Spray

    Ok I am going to try a review.This is my first atmosphere spray.The picture I get is of a regal old mansion that has been forgotten in time for many years.The furniture is wrapped in thick linen and the lace curtain are drawn closed over tall windows in the cold winterThe glass is thick but there is still stream of cold air pour through..under the doors through the minor cracks... There is no heat and cold marble floors.There is a a coating of dust on everything but it is not a "dirty" dust but rather a dust of age and time...just an aged cold elegance...so many years alone in the cold...perfect frozen in time...but there is just the smallest hint of a light glow to the scent..I would not go so far to say it is a "warm" scent or a fire scent but rather just a glow in the background...almost a cold glow....It is a beautiful scent...aged perfect in time..it is blened so well it just creates this perfect image for me....cold aged beauty..
  2. nursekins

    Lamia v3

    In the bottle golden spice mix...maybe a hint of honey...Upon application...this goes on a golden spice scent.Not cinnamon or foody spice at all...I get clove and cardamom...it is such a golden scent...I also get some amber...but it is well behaved and not being powdery which is lovely...I also get something sweet and rich...I would say some honey touched vanilla...or am I getting tobacco notes?It just sweetens up the spice enough to make it warm...the word golden just keeps running through my mind on this blend...it is stunning.
  3. nursekins

    Aphrodite v7

    In the bottle this one screams green...dark living green.Upon initial application it is a bounty of all fresh green things...crushed stems from dandelions and garden plants,grass,clover and green leaves pulled from trees.After awhile the floral starts to come through...it is another mismash of different floral notes...white florals I would say are the strongest part of the floral blend...I maybe off but dare I say a hint of rose or lily lurking...I maybe way off as florals are not my area of strength...This scent reminds me of the backroom of a floral shop...where they have all the fresh cut flowers and greens lying all around...there is a certain coolness about this blend that I feel in floral shops as well.
  4. nursekins


    In the bottle...almond and more almond.Upon application, at first it is almond maybe even with a hint of amaretto...it has a slight sweetness to it as well but nothing that I can identify to why it is sweet...after awhile it begins to morph...this is one of those scents that teaches you the difference between almond and cherry...it starts out almond but that Smith Brothers cherry cough drops starts to come out...I say the cough drops because it is cherry with that slight menthol note to it...it also has a slightly sweet syrup type smell...like a thick sweetener...this scent is a morpher...only a hint of amaretto remains in the cherry slight sweet menthol herbal blend.
  5. nursekins


    Unreleased scent,no description given In the bottle sweet almond and pine.Upon application...Oh beloved scent...this is a close relative of my organ grinder.I get the sweet almond and pine ..such a wonderful note combination...I also get a smoky vanilla tobacco note from this as well...it does not have the sarsaparilla that organ grinder has in my opinion...this is more of a smoky tobacco scent but I am pretty certain I get that vanilla note as well...the pine note is more subtle than organ grinder...it reminds me more of the pine cones than the whole tree...yes..perhaps pine cones with some dry needles for good measure.....
  6. nursekins

    Construct v3

    In the bottle this is ozone...and maybe a dab of white musk.Upon application, this is a heavy ozone blend.Very clean.It also has a very light metallic edge...it reminds if iron phoenix was a female blend...lighter and cleaner...the metal is there but is is polished...gleaming and refined....yes this is a pure ozone and bright metallic blend.
  7. nursekins

    Hermes Trimegistus v2

    In the bottle herbal and slightly astringent.Upon application for just a brief moment I get a sweet evergreen note...it is quite wonderful but is gone in a flash on me..It is a very calming herbal scent...the main note that has now decided to come out and play is lavender...more of a muted lavender not the overbearing in your face note that is typical on me...something is really keeping the lavender in check...I would say a touch of very light incense and a dry sandalwood...that is just my impression...there may be the light hint of vanilla but I can not be sure on that one...something is adding some sweetness but it is more of a vague sweet note....after a few moments I think I may dectect some very faint cedar in play as well....interesting blend.
  8. nursekins


    In the bottle a ginger sugar skull syrup.Upon application,this one goes on very similar to sugar skull initially...that sweet spiced sugar syrup smell...maybe a hint of that sugared syrup that is in the can with fruit cocktail...after a few moments I get a wonderful gingersnap note.It is sweet and dessert like but I do not get the cake/bread feeling I get with gingerbread notes...I think on me gingersnaps...gingersnaps crushed in this wonderful spiced sugar skull syrup...delicious
  9. nursekins


    In the bottle I get a very boozy almost buttery vanilla scent.Upon application,the vanilla is very strong and rich...foody to the extreme.I also get a heavy buttercream frosting note...rich thick delicious frosting....After a short time it morphs quite a bit...the buttercream becomes to become more subtle and what takes it place is lemon chiffon cake...remember those lemon chiffon box cakes from betty crocker...my mother made when I was a child...that is what I detect ..so it ends up to be a lemon chiffon cake with a liberal dose of rich vanilla buttercream.
  10. nursekins

    Aqua Vitae v2

    Unreleased scent, no description given In the bottle it is a mix of deep dark wine and brandy.Upon application...this one is interesting.The brandy note is there but it has lightened quite a bit.On me this is a lovely high end drink of the past.Not a trendy new age or overly fruity tropical scent.This is one drank in an elegant setting.I get a very light brandy...I would even go as so far to say a very lightly spiced apricot brandy...It has been blended with something very light and bubbly...On me, it seems to be a very light...not overly dry...champagne not...It prompted me to go sniff the champagne series...nowhere near as strong as the champagne series but for sure a light fresh champagne with this subtle brandy...I really wish I had more than one
  11. nursekins


    Unreleased blend, no description given In the bottle I get a dark herbal scent.Upon application,I get a very spicy scent.I think it very well blended so trying to get a read on the exact notes is a bit more difficult.I get some cloves but they are not very strong ...they are more rustic and slightly woody than the cooking clove...I have gone back and forth on this note and have decided on me it is a spicy sarsaparilla...I thought for awhile it may be sassfras but it is lacking that strong bite that sassafras leaves with me....I would say it has a touch of perhaps ginger...sugared ginger not the overly strong red ginger....after it sits for a period of time you get the most mellow tying vanilla note.This scent as I said,is VERY weel blended and wonderful in everyway.I must admit I am pretty bias to blends like this:)
  12. nursekins

    Capela Dos Ossos v5

    Unreleased scent,no description given In the bottle this is a dry but sweet incense like smell.Upon application,this one really comes alive.You get that slight smoke of old church incense...not freshly burned but has been trapped in the air for a long time.I also get a dry almost bone like note(it reminds me of the bone note in bone moon but far more subtle).It is a hard old scent.I get the scent of dust in the air and stone.The stone note really sets is apart from some of the other churchy type incense scent. It is old stone...not cold cool refined marble or dirty garden stones. Just old rock that has slightly been penetrated by this incense of long ago.The incense smoke has a sweet ...almost vanilla element...smoky old vanilla...not food or floral...beautiful
  13. nursekins

    Aswang v1

    Unreleased scent ...no description given In the bottle this one is straight up banana leaves. Upon application, the green of the long banana plant leaves soften a bit to make way for a slightly green banana note.These are note the over ripe bananas you would use in banana bread. The are green and not quite ready to be eaten..I get some other tropical green notes...big thick waxy green leaves...maybe just the smallest hint of soil from the rainforest floor...I get something tropical and white in the distance but I think it really helps it from letting the banana become too sweet...this is not a warm happy tropical scent. It has to be after sunset...as there is just a note I can not quite place that is dark playing in the background...it gives this blend a slightly sinister type feel on me
  14. nursekins

    Putrefication v5

    Unreleased scent ..no description given In the bottle..this is herbal and medicinal.I have never tried anything quite like this scent. It is very unique...I will do my best on this one but remember this is just what I am feeling..Upon initial application I get a heavy old wax smell...not beeswax,not a fresh candle wax...this is old wax...something that has been long forgotten in an attic of closet..it is just an old scent...I get maybe a touch of green moss and very old polished leather shoes all in this wax like covering.After it wears for several minutes I get dark anise and a very dry old herbal note...maybe a hint of very old dusty wood...it gives me the feeling of a box of forgotten randoms items in the corner of a attic or basement...the objects no longer have their own scent...they all have this odd mish mash scent of everything that surrounds them...I adore this scent as it is so unique and evokes such a strong mental picture
  15. nursekins

    Phosporous v5

    Unreleased.. no scent description listed In the bottle a fresh clean scent...glowing but not in your bright.Upon application, this is a metallic scent. But the shiny new silver polish metal.Like the sterile silver mental in MD offices.It reminds me of the metallic note in android.It also has some ozone but it is very well balanced adds to the glowing feel of this scent.Just smells new...after a few moments I get a lime note...just enough to add something to keep the ozone from getting all soapy...it is a fresh tart lime...I also get the scent of green tea... this one is amazingly well blended and just gives a wonderful silver metallic scent...cool but not a bit of mint on me:)