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  1. Amber and cobalt bottles were both used as far back as 2004.
  2. Finny

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I keep seeing "what is the vintage" questions being answered with 2006 or later if the bottle is amber. Bottles were switched to amber before that time. Here is the forum link. I have a bottle of the original Jack, with modpodged label, in an amber bottle. It is from early 2004.
  3. I have the hair oil, not sure if it is the same scent as the treatment, or maybe they are the same thing? Anyway, Morocco reminds me of the scent of it.
  4. Finny

    Who are the authorized resellers?

    I do believe the answer to that is, yes.
  5. Try Anne Bonny, Penitence, and Cathedral? They all have a similar vibe to my nose.
  6. Finny

    Patient Friendly Oils

    I am currently a CNA, I wear lighter, sweet, and/or fruity scents. I haven't had a complaint yet, I apply sparingly, and like calivianya, I apply it on my chest so I get the waft of fragrance but do not overwhelm my residents. I save my heavy and earthy scents for days off, or when I get home from work. Some of my favorites for work are Poisoned Apple, Alice, Mad Hatter, Grog, and Dragon's Milk.
  7. Finny


    I love The Red Queen, I get a sweet cherry wood scent from it. Also Falling Leaf Moon, Anne Bonny, and The Twisted Oak Tree, come to mind.
  8. Finny

    Honey Hair Gloss

    There is a floral undertone that I doesn't agree with me. It starts off all sweet and honey, but it goes into a strange floral sweetness, and ends up a with a sharpness that does not agree with my nose.
  9. Finny

    Fig and White Sandalwood Hair Gloss

    Earthy with a hint of sweetness from the fig. I really enjoy the scent, and the gloss works wonders on my hair.
  10. Finny

    White Tea and Sage Hair Gloss

    Lovely fresh, almost lemony scent. The sage comes out later for me. I love the hair gloss formula, it really leaves my hair silky.
  11. Finny

    Frankincense Clove Hair Gloss

    Yay! Finally I have my hands on a decant of this. I love the hair gloss, it makes my hair really silky and manageable. This scent is lovely, gorgeous dry frankincense with a drop of spicy clove, it goes along great with perfume oils like Anne Bonny, Penitence, and Cathedral.
  12. Finny

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I haven't been into BPAL long enough to know if there was any overlap between the use of the new and old style labels, but one of the blends I have, Severin, was disconned in '09 and has the new-style label, so I'd guess your Eat Me has to be at least two years old. ETA: Your bottle can't be more than 6 years old, though, because the lab was still using Cobalt bottles then. The amber bottles have been around since I started buying in 2004-2005, though they used to be rare to get one, especially on GC blends. Eat Me was released in 2006, it could be as old as that, I know I got amber bottles in 2006.
  13. Finny

    The Changeling

    Grown up, not candle scent, pumpkin. This is gorgeous, it dries down to woodsy, pulpy pumpkin with a very light vanilla spice note. Absolutely gorgeous on.
  14. Finny


    Sugary, sweet cake. Sadly it is the vanilla that goes plasticky on my skin.
  15. Finny

    Sentimental Initiation

    Earthy and musky, with a hint of spice. Lovely on, it reminds me a bot of Mircalla, but sweeter.