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  1. Mamacat

    Raven Moon

    It has aged really wonderfully. Dark musks often go very powdery on me and take over a blend but for some reason this blend agrees with my skin chemistry. I can feel the chili in my nose when I sniff it but I can't actually smell the chili. The patchouli, benzoin and vanilla just blend together to make one round, full, sweet, slightly cola like note.
  2. Mamacat

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    what an awesome post! ITA.
  3. Mamacat


    My dear friend Yvaine sent me a decant of this one. Sacrifice is the sexiest bpal oil I've ever smelled. It has the really gorgeous leather note, a bit of spice, some wood and a hint of smoke. I put some on my husband and it might have been even better than on me. I love it. My favorite oil in a long time. And of course it's hard to find!
  4. I think it goes beautifully with Potion but it smells more like Skinny Dip to me. Skinny Dip is one of my holy grail Lush scents and when Bandito is wet it smells so much like it. Puts a perma grin on my face. I think Velvet Bandito smells exactly like Pied De Pepper lotion. I need to try Potion and Skinny Dip now! After wearing Bandito a few more times I think you're right! It is more like Pied De Pepper!! At least when it's wet.
  5. Le Pere Fouettard is a really nice one. My very favorite from last year's Yules. I'm looking for some more black licorice scents, too.
  6. Mamacat

    Mag Mell

    I found this in my imp box today and realized I'd never tested it! It smells like lemony rain! What a fantastic scent for a summer evening.
  7. Mamacat

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    This is my total dream strawberry scent! When it's wet it smells just exactly like perfectly ripe strawberries with the stems still on. Once it hits my skin some green notes come out and it smells like strawberries in a garden that are covered in early morning dew. It's not too sugary sweet. It's not too foody. It's just perfect.
  8. With my chemistry I think that Baghdad (Amber, saffron and bergamot with mandarin, nutmeg, Bulgar rose, musk and sandalwood) smells an awful lot like Fever to me.
  9. I think it goes beautifully with Potion but it smells more like Skinny Dip to me. Skinny Dip is one of my holy grail Lush scents and when Bandito is wet it smells so much like it. Puts a perma grin on my face.
  10. Mamacat

    Tobacco scents

    I really like Gaueko. I'm in love with Velvet Bandito. I'm a big tobacco fan but somehow I can't think of the others that I like!
  11. Mamacat

    Velvet Nudie

    A very clean scent. Clean without ozone. It almost has the smell of a shampoo but not one of those apple ones. Like an early 80s shampoo. Nice but not awesome on my skin. I think I imagined it differently and that's interfering with my judgment.
  12. Mamacat

    Velvet Unicorn

    I get cotton candy, cherry, strawberry, something tart. Very nice, light. Sugary. Mmmmmmmm
  13. Mamacat

    Velvet Bandito

    I was the most excited to try Velvet Bandito and I was not disappointed! WOW! On first sniff it really reminds me of Lush's Skinny Dip. OMG!!! Then, after it's been on my skin for a while it smooths out. I start to smell a little bit of cinnamon, some tobacco (drool). Wow again. Then, maybe 20 minutes later, the cedar comes out. But this cedar is not the hamster cage kind. It's the "I'm a close relative of sandalwood" kind. Warm, smooth. Amazing. This scent is so amazing that it makes me want to sell off all of my current bottles just to buy more of it. It is wonderful at every stage.
  14. Mamacat

    Springtime scents

    I agree about Agape, too. Delicious spring scent! I also love Hanami (cherry blossoms) Black Opal (vanilla rocks after the rain) Tweedledee (fruit loops) and Tweedledum (mango!)
  15. Mamacat

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    That one and Snowblind are at the top of my vanilla list!! So amazing!