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  1. midnight_aeval

    So Below

    Oh my, my, my, my, my... I love this so much! The only note I was scared about was coconut as it usually turns plasticky on me. So delicious; warm, sweet, slight spice. Exactly how I love my perfume :wub2: And it's sweet without being foodie... love love, must get a lot more
  2. midnight_aeval

    As Above

    This is a pretty fantastic leather blend for those that may be turned off by heavy leather notes. Present, but not overpowering. Each note in this blend shares the stage with the others, not one comes off as particularly dominant. The oak bark and patchouli lends an earthy/dry/dusty feel; bourbon vanilla and bitter almond lend a touch of sweetness; and the jasmine makes it lean more feminine although it contains leather.
  3. midnight_aeval

    Time's Infliction of Eternity

    I was hoping the Dragon Blood note in this leaned in the resiny direction, of course if this was the case I'm sure the scent's notes would have specified, but that's me being hopeful! This is the floral dragon's blood note that rules those blends in Ars Draconis. First applied, the blend is stronger on the Dragon's Blood, very dominant, which is not surprising given my history with DB. As it dries, the black tea comes to the party and creates a nice balance from the overly floral DB. For such a "simple" blend, it's remarkably complex.
  4. midnight_aeval

    Haute Macabre

    I get mostly soft, worn leather from this blend. Spanked (my favorite #1 scent FOREVER and ALWAYS) is more of a crisp, black leather. Anyways, leather is prominent through all the stages of the scent. At first I get a blast of that almond/cherry note with the leather, which smells reeeeally good. As it dries, the almond/cherry calms down (so if you're not ordering because you're scared of the almond husk note, don't be!) and rounds out the leather nicely with the vanilla adding a touch more of sweetness; I believe the oak leaf and patchouli come to play later as it gets earthier as it is worn. The patchouli in the blend is surprisingly not the star (because really, patchouli can be an attention whore most of the time), definitely the leather! I don't get similarities to blends like Banshee Beat.. it's in a league of it's own. And yes, this blend last forever - the sweatshirt I wore on the day I wore it (a full week ago), STILL smells like it! It's pretty fantastic.
  5. midnight_aeval

    Venusian Phoenix

    This is all lemon, all the time for me. When I first applied/smelling from the decant, it was rose and cherries, but as it's drying down, only the lemon verbena!
  6. midnight_aeval

    Lunar Phoenix

    Nope, nope, nope. Watery, aquatic, herbal. Pretty much all the categories of scents I dislike!
  7. midnight_aeval

    Jupiterian Phoenix

    Reminds me of holidays spent in a cabin. It's fresh, piney, and comforting. I'm getting that pencil-shavings note that means cedar is present, but I kind of like it. Not sure if I will need a full bottle, but I do think this blend is really pleasant. [as I can't stop sniffing my arm LOL]
  8. midnight_aeval

    Mercurian Phoenix

    Very lemongrass dominant. I like how the sandalwood creates a dry quality to the lemon-candy-esque vibe of the lemongrass. No anise detected to my nose which is usually a dominating note with my skin chemistry. Nicely blended, reminds me of a brighter version of Haunted.
  9. midnight_aeval

    Saturnian Phoenix

    This was one of the first Anniversary Phoenixes I tried, and it may be the one I enjoy the most. The cassia and myrrh temper the florals and create a dark, spicy floral blend. It's rather lovely, but not sure if I could pull off wearing it.
  10. midnight_aeval

    Pumpkin II

    Oh yes, that's the stuff. A mellow version of Pumpkin Latte 2010 plus woodsy goodness. Ugh. Can't get much more perfect than that.
  11. midnight_aeval

    Pumpkin V

    For sheer convenience, given that I can't seem to find the time to properly put my latest 2 BPAL packages away, I've worn this blend 3 times now! I also really like it It does remind me of Pumpkin Latte minus the latte/coffee (never came off as very pumpkiny). I do smell a spiced buttercream. Strangely, I don't get a lot of Pumpkin from this. I don't care though, it's gooooood. Debating if I need a backup.
  12. midnight_aeval


    My nose must be completely broke because this smells like pineapple! It's juicy and lovely, just not what I was expecting. Wondering how it will fare on the dry-down, but as of now it's a fruit salad starring pineapple.
  13. midnight_aeval

    Cherokee Rose Single Note

    I'm not a fan of rose scents. There, I said it! Most that know me know I'm not a fan of 99% of florals. I adore the smell of a fresh picked rose, but I haven't yet found *that* scent in a blend. The closest that comes close is a one-off bottle from a long-gone etailer, and possibly the Red and White Rose duo from BPTP, but those are mixed with other notes I love which makes the rose all that more bearable. Having said all that, I'm always skeptical when I venture out to try a blend with rose in it. 9/10 times it goes to a soapy mess with my skin chemistry. I'm happy to say that Cherokee Rose does not go soapy for me at all! In fact, it's almost like rose scented sweet tarts? There's a citrusy tartness to this rose SN. Overall, it's a non-traditional rose scent, but probably not something I'd wear often. I'm more of a dark, spicy, sweet girl
  14. midnight_aeval

    Haitian Vetiver

    I have been putting off even OPENING this bottle even though I received it over a month ago Vetiver is very intimidating. Like the bad-ass chick in class, you really want to talk to her, but are scared she will set fire to your eyeballs. Well, this SN is sort of like that. It reminds me of burning, wet foliage. Moss, soil, wet leaves, but smoldering. The throw is nothing short of amazing. My husband started asking if something was on fire hahaha This blend is not for the feint of heart! Nor someone who might have an issue with smelling like burning.
  15. midnight_aeval

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Here's Badgers, they all look the same: Untitled by midnight_aeval, on Flickr