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  1. Vaporeon


    I had a bottle of Goblin once that was pretty close to a patch single note with the faintest hint of coconut that i liked okay. The bottle I just got is awesomely balanced patch with coconut with tons of sweet benzoin. I loooooove it. It remimds me of a commercial perfume but way cooler
  2. Vaporeon

    Hollywood Babylon

    Teamama is right, vanilla really is king here, beautiful. I put off trying this so long bc fruit blends are the one thing that scares me, but I was so wrong. The red musk balances the sticky sweetness so well and the fruit notes work well with the amber and vanilla. Im im absolute love 💘
  3. Vaporeon

    Tenth Lash

    For sure a dusty smell. It melds a bit as time goes on but ultimately i just get a less good Voodoo
  4. Vaporeon

    Snake's Shadow

    Hmmm. This is def oudh. Its such a weird smell, but I find it kind of addictive. It has the slightest mentholic edge but isnt sharp at all. I Like the way it plays with the vanilla, i find it really smooth. I love it, but im also a little grossed out. Go figure *** i got a second bottle of this that just doesnt have that oud smell. I like both but wth
  5. Vaporeon

    Two Sheep and Two Goats Resting Together in a Field

    Beautiful, an instant fave. Way more vanilla than i was expecting and such a mellow vetiver. It reminds me a lot more of a more mellow Solstice Scents Manor than any Bpal I've tried. It doesnt strike me as similar to Unicorn and Ram or any of the others really
  6. Vaporeon

    Vampire Lace

    Damn the oud when is this wet is SCARY sour and smelly. But once it chills out a little it blends into the sugary lily. Not too intense and super weird. I really like it, im glad i didnt give in to my urge to immediately wash it off.
  7. Vaporeon

    California Leaf-Nosed Bat

    A little smoky and floral, a little dry, but also smells alive, like nature. I absolutely love this. I find it gives me true pleasure to wear, maybe even having a millon scents I was in a bit of a rut!
  8. Vaporeon

    Kubla Khan

    The drydown of this is so pretty, cool, and creamy. But damn that mandarin opening is painful. I also don't detect at at least half the notes, definitely no smoke, leather, jasmine or rose
  9. Vaporeon

    La Papesse

    Love this. Not too smokey incense a little creamy, a little rosy, not sharp at all. Cathedral and midnight mass dont really do much for me, this has more depth
  10. Vaporeon

    New Orleans

    Bleh. I have an old imp of this thats complex and deep with cinnamon. The bottle i got recently is not similar at all, sharp and biting with no spice or anything resembling decay, might as well be eostre. What a bummer
  11. Vaporeon


    I get mostly sweet and salty vanilla-musk with a hint of rose and wood. The longevity is much better now than when I first got it and I like it much more. This almost reminds me a lot of a lighter inez with rose instead of carnation
  12. Vaporeon

    El Dia de los Reyes

    2007 bottle: Oh man this is so good. It goes on really chocolaty then I smell coffee, then cinnamon sugar. Very realistic smelling and smooth. And as a barista of almost ten years the smell of coffee has the potential to get old FAST to me. This brown sugar note is so soft, never sharp this is the first time I've smelled a blend with sugar and it hasn't detracted from the experience.
  13. Vaporeon

    Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements

    I think this scent is really good, its smooth and soft and complex, a little woody, a little sweet. But unfortunately I only smell those things when I smell it very closely. Otherwise I can't shake the impression of cantaloupe!- not a fruit I enjoy. Lol hopefully this passes.
  14. Vaporeon

    Fortuna Populi Romani

    Very leathery. It smells a lot like The White Rider with a little sweetness behind it. Juniper, I miss you. come back.
  15. Vaporeon

    Sonnet D'Automne

    2011- yayyyyyyy it opens strongly leafy and stays there for awhile. Then it mellows a but and and becomes Velvet-esque with delicate mint and musk overlaying, very subdued and complex. How people describe Zorya Polunochnaya as ghostly and ethereal, this is that for me while she is just an okay amber. Im in love