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    Never met a note I didn't like to be honest. Faves: Mouse Circus, Perversion, Urd, Dee, Lyonesse, Shadow, St Louis No 1, Fake News, Western Diamondback, Tombstone, Dorian, Snaky Haird Morai, Penny Dreadful, Pediophobia, Tombeur, Zorya P, Midnight on the Midway, Alice, O, Snake Oil, Marie, Dragon's Milk

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  1. Vaporeon


    I can see what ppl meant by liquorice but my first thought was chili pepper 😂 Definitely an odd scent I wouldn't call it aquatic or particularly fruit I assume the liquorice is from the absinthe?? Its more boozey spicy/resinous to me Edit: yes apparently absinthe smells like anise
  2. Vaporeon

    2015: Lace Phoenix

    Powdery lemon?? This isnt what i expected. It must be the sugar in silky bat because it has the same sweet lemon smell
  3. Vaporeon


    I realize i really prefer non sweet violet. I love it here, powdery over resin. Similar to my love of fu said the raven with its earthy quality
  4. Vaporeon

    Asleep in the Deep

    A dark juicy slightly smoky plum with fresh salt. Moody aquatic. Love
  5. Vaporeon

    Snake Smut

    Testing fresh from the mailbox: Lovely cardamom- spiked snake oil on an overlay of smut. Not a ton of leather right now. Smut on its own a is a little meh for me and this is probably my favorite use of it so far
  6. Vaporeon

    Enchanting Diversion with a Wakashu

    The apricot in this smells a lot like Depraved to me. But while the patch in Depraved can go a little musty on me, the dark musk in this reminds me of cola. Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for
  7. Vaporeon

    Shadows and Light

    This is so elegant and classy. Very mature smelling for a lillith. A lovely, smoky musk.
  8. Vaporeon

    Psalm 146:9

    Picked this up on a whim but its signature scent worthy for me. Spicy- sweet vetiver. With deep but sheer cacao. This isnt heavy at all. Resins are more present in the drydown where it is a bit powdery.
  9. Vaporeon

    Miss Spink

    I get buttery cookies and a very fresh floral not powdery or dry at all. I love florals, the greener the better so both Miss Spinks are a total hit for me 😄
  10. Vaporeon

    Velvet Unicorn

    Strawberry musk like a strawberry antique lace
  11. Vaporeon

    The Cat

    Smells a lot like Haunted but less sweet and overwhelming. I get a sharp polished wood smell with honey. Quite powdery and strong. I like it.
  12. Vaporeon

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    This one for sure is nothing like i expected. With honey and caramel listed i was prepared for it be be sweet. I don't find it sweet at all. Its quite reserved and cold to me. A sharp musk with piney resin. I like it once it dries down and smoothes out a bit.
  13. Vaporeon

    Juke Joint

    This was one of the first bpals I wad interested in but i didnt get an imp until recently. I do love it but it is intensely powdery. Whiskeyish masculine smelling powder. No mint that I can really smell. Really long lasting. I love it but it is very powdery. Not sweet at all for something with sugar.
  14. Vaporeon

    Baby’s First Ballista

    Defintely smells closer to my memory of what the Antikythera Mechanism smelled like a long time ago without smelling sort of burnt like it has recently. The Oak note is lovely and its sweet but not overly foody. I'm getting backups of this.
  15. Vaporeon

    First Morning in Paris

    I like weird Oudh funk but it fades pretty fast with this one. And then its all velvet musk and it is sexxxxy. Im picky with lavender but theres only a tiny bit here.