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  1. Vaporeon

    Mouse Circus

    I just got an aged bottle of this am holy hell i love it. My fave cotton candy scent EVER from any brand. A little bit of peanut and i actually find it delicious. I think the wood just gives it a very slight hint of a perfume vibe rather than just straight gourmand. Vanilla goodness. I hope the formula hasnt changed with this one. It lasts forever and i can actually smell myself
  2. Vaporeon

    Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru

    This one is special and very Bpal to me. It's a lot of creamy vanilla on me deepened with the other notes. My first instinct was to blind buy several bottles and i regret not doing it.
  3. Vaporeon

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    I've had this bottle for years now and I liked it okay but I never LOVED it. Ive recently come around after I realized its mostly tobacco I'm smelling and I am having a tobacco moment. Its ethereal powdery tobacco on me with a non sweet amber. I don't really get vanilla from this and I don't find it to be sweet.
  4. Vaporeon


    I have imps of this that are much stronger on the vetiver/ lemon peel. Thr bottle i recently bought is mostly powdery honey musk, similar to older bottles of womb furie. Nice, but I miss the vetiver.
  5. Vaporeon


    I'm glad I don't find this dusty like other people seem to. I just get resinous, sweetish golden patchouli.
  6. Vaporeon

    Loviatar - Resurrected

    Reminds me a lot of The Black Rider but with added red musk. So basically I love it. 😍
  7. Vaporeon

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    I have no idea what florals these are but it rules. Florals under a sheer veil of cinnamon and vanilla
  8. Vaporeon


    Like an ice cream float with a hint of cedar. Good wear length too. Lovely
  9. Vaporeon


    This was one of the imps from my first order and its long been a favorite. I recently acquired an old cobalt bottle. I prefer most scents fresh but this is amazing aged. The amber is almost vanilla like. With hints of spices. Dry grass on a hot day. The musk reminds of of soft suede. Its powdery and skinlike. I love it so much
  10. Vaporeon

    Al Azif

    Soft incense. I agree it is sunscreen like. Light, creamy, but only mildy sweet foodiness. Maybe sandalwood? I like Soft, but lingers on the skin
  11. Vaporeon


    This smells like the version of snake oil I don't like which has the richer, almost buttery quality I associate with aged snake oil? I can barely tell the difference tbh maybe a *hint* of leather and no cologne smell.
  12. Vaporeon


    This is gorgeous. I couldn't pass up trying even though the whole rpg thing is of no interest to me. Sandalwood is one of my favorite notes but i usually find bpal sandalwood to be sharp and unpleasant or completely undetectable. This is beautiful sandalwood incense smoothed out so nicely by the creamiest honeyed saffron. The ti leaf is the perfect amount bringing this into shunga territory. 😍
  13. Vaporeon

    St. Louis #1

    I guess this can be considered a masculine smell, but i feel like my best self when wearing this. Its spicy and sweet. The longevity is great and blends into you in the drydown instead of just disappearing. When my husband smelled me he actually said " what the fuck is that" (in a positive way lol)
  14. Vaporeon

    Shadow Embrace Bath Oil

    So freaking good. Like a less sweet Black Orchid Ughh I wish I could buy more i would use it every day
  15. Vaporeon

    The Night Priestess

    Love this. The spices are absolutely present and remind me of my super aged first ever imp of New Orleans from a long time ago. The jasmine is pretty and isnt overly soapy.