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  1. Okie dokie, thank you for mentioning that. I figured posting a message on Facebook might offer some alternative ways of getting in contact with CS or get a message passed along to have someone look into it and e-mail back. I shouldn't have said when I didn't know for sure that that was acceptable or not. But oh well, lesson learned, I will just wander off now and place another BPAL order. Were you referring to BPAL FB or Twitter specifically, or to their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts? I see the BPAL accounts as places to make announcements (or sneak peeks !) and the personal are, well, personal. Either way, it would never occur to me to try and contact them that way regarding customer service... Sorry if I was beating a dead horse above, I was just trying to work it out in my brainz.
  2. jentifer

    Vrishka Rajaya V2

    I can't believe I'm the first to review something! This scent takes me back to being 2 or 3 years old, playing in our overgrown backyard. My dad's about to mow the lawn and I'm upset that he's going to kill all the pretty yellow flowers (dandelions). If you were to pick a dandelion by breaking it's stem, you'd smell this. It's not just the yellow bloom, but the juice from inside the succulent stems with it.
  3. jentifer

    Tiki Princess V3

    I was surprised by this one- I didn't expect to want to get it, but, well.... It's definitely in line with the Tiki Bar part of the Luau Lounge, rather than the Flotsam and Jetsam portion. With Tiki Queen being more on the floral side, I totally expected her li'l Princess to be likewise. But nope. I totally get the grenadine reference above, but also a bit of cherry syrup, with the slightest hint of something green. Smells like it'd taste delicious and refreshing!
  4. jentifer

    Strawberry Moon v4

    I get solely the smell of the strawberry itself. No green in this at all for me. Just a juicy ripe strawberry.
  5. jentifer

    Boomslang v2

    Definitely heavier on the Snake Oil and lighter on the chocolate. Still would know it's Boomslang, just not as in your face chocolaty.
  6. jentifer


    While the alpha-numeric name seems to denote chicken (as posted above), I get Peanut Butter. Dry roasted peanut butter! Whether it's meant to smell like that or my nose just registers it that way, I'll take it
  7. jentifer

    Snow White v2

    I get straight up watermelon from this version. Seeds, rind, and all. It's very refreshing!
  8. jentifer

    Lunar Eclipse

    Immediately hit with frankincense, tobacco and red moss. Thank goodness the violet leave and Darjeeling tea aren't far behind, and they herb it up until the sweets come to play. But the sweets are subtle. This has an ancient feel to it; rich, dark, and historical.
  9. jentifer

    Mechanical Phoenix

    A totally cleaned up grease monkey aroma. Like, he's been working in the shop all day, but used the gritty handsoap, because there's a 'thing' he's being dragged to tonight with the in-laws.
  10. jentifer

    Thirteen (13): October 2006

    First sniff definitely has a lighter, sweet fruit feel that quickly deepens and becomes more herbal. I don't get but a smidge of chocolate from this one, more of a Turkish Delight vibe.
  11. jentifer

    Thirteen (13)

    In our paean to all the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic number, there are thirteen lucky and unlucky components, including white chocolate, tangerine, currant, mandarin, white tea and iris. First sniff, I get a nutty feeling, quickly followed by the smell of US Sixlets/ UK Smarties (those little candy covered chocolates, not M&Ms) especially in the Feb. '06 version. After wearing for awhile, the chocolate deepens just a bit.
  12. jentifer

    White Phoenix

    A very smooth floral. While not quite sweet, it's one of those scents you'd want them to make dryer sheets from.
  13. jentifer

    Green Phoenix

    Light green mint to start, then the sage and cucumber pop in to say "hi". After a bit, the green tea and what I expect is the musk smooth it all out. Wish I'd get more of the lime rind, but I don't get any....
  14. jentifer

    Pirate Moon

    Fresh from the bottle, I get hit with the red musk, ambergris and lime. After a bit, it warms up with the wods, tobacco and leather. There's a small bit of 'bite' to this one on me.
  15. jentifer

    Purple Phoenix

    Purple in the extreme. Like if purple had a scent, Beth's totally captured it. The outside of purple candy and gumballs smell like this. Especially if you're holding a purple bouquet of mixed flowers. Anyone who is infatuated with purple must LOVE this. (I'm partial to it myself )