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  1. penemuel


    Quick review: this really seems to be all leather, all the time on me. It's not bad, but I wish I got some of the hemp or rosin from it. However, as I've never had a Rogue character, I'm glad of all the class scents this one was the one that didn't really work out. Hours later, there's definitely a little something else - a little sweetness, maybe from the rosin? And the leather is finally calming down, but the throw is barely there. I can only smell it if I put my wrist right up to my nose. It's nice, but I'll stick with my imp.
  2. penemuel

    RPG Combos

    I'm working my way up to Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf Ranger but have just got as far as Chaotic Neutral so far. I love both scents on their own, but together they are some kind of awesome. There's a sweet, fresh undertone (Neutral) with a spicy, nearly herbal top note (Chaotic) that blends together very nicely - in some ways it's similar in feel to another scent - possibly Schwarzer Mond, but minus some of the darker notes? There's definitely something it reminds me of, but boy is it goooood. Beth is a genius!
  3. penemuel

    Panther Moon

    This is an awesome scent, but I'm getting an odd metallic note I can't actually figure out. If I don't sniff closely I get the deep resinous musky scent I expect, but up close, there's a sharp metallic note that makes me think this panther is in a cage it doesn't like. I like the Lab's metallic notes so this isn't a problem, but I just can't figure out where it's coming from. Maybe it's the tail end of RMW messing up my body chemistry... Will try again a bit later to see if it changes. Tried it again off RMW, and it is deep, dark, and delicious. It's very close to my all-time fave, Minotaur. Sweet and dark and heavy, incense and resin, musk, YUM! There's still a tiny edge of metallic, but I'm wondering if that's the ginger. The throw is heavy, heady, and deep. Up close, there's all that, and that little slice of metal. It's a wonderful scent.
  4. penemuel


    Let me just say that in general I am not a fan of foodie scents. But, I really like this one! I think the tea lightens up the foodiness just enough. And there's definitely an edge of anise in there that gives it a bit of complexity. I don't think I'm getting a bottle, but definitely keeping my imp! And now I have a craving for fresh-buttered toast drizzled with honey...
  5. penemuel


    Seriously, startlingly rye bread caraway. I'm hoping as it dries down that the other notes will come out, but right now it's single-note caraway. It's definitely different, but not for me. ETA: It definitely improves and sweetens up after dry-down, the amber coming out and making it richer, but the caraway/rye bread stage is kind of hard to weather. Think I will stick with my imp (and hope for an empty because ALL of the Mars scents have such lovely labels!). ETA Again: A few hours later, this is REALLY nice. I'm getting a deep resinous scent with a little edge of spice. Now I'm leaning towards a bottle again... but I should try for a partial.
  6. penemuel

    Two Loves

    I had a little mishap and ended up juggling my decant and ending up with much more of this on than I'd usually wear to test. I'm kind of amazed I didn't spill more! I was very worried it would end up being way too floral and try to choke me, or overwhelmingly red musk and freak out my coworkers, but it's actually fairly light and very, very nice. It's blended incredibly well, and the citrus is actually hanging on a lot longer than they usually do -- wondering if the red musk is helping that or if it's just the amount I'm wearing. The resins, musks, and moss ground the flowers very nicely. I can't really smell any one note above the others, although the flowers do tend to blend together into a general 'floral' mix (which is kind of a pity because I wanted to smell the violet more strongly). I'm very, very glad that this blend works on me, because I really had to buy a bottle of it based on the fact that it's Two Loves!
  7. penemuel

    Saint Foutin de Varailles

    I'm kind of sad -- I had high hopes for this because a) resin and b ) beeswax! Unfortunately, something in this is going oddly flat and strange. There's something very specific it smells like and I can't place it. However, I blame the wine and/or rose -- probably the combination of the two. I'm still hoping that the resin and beeswax overpower the whatever, but I may have to take this off my bottle list... ETA: after a while, that weird edge is fading, and it's becoming a nice beeswax/rose scent with a slight depth from the resins. Probably still won't get a bottle, but not letting go of my imp!
  8. penemuel


    A very pretty leather scent that starts out with a brightly polished wood scent mixed with the leather. I don't really get any olive oil, but there is a kind of oiled polish scent in there. This is an old, well worn leather, the kind usually described as "buttery soft." The wood scent is a rich bright wood (I'd also say maybe oak? I'm not all that good at recognizing different wood notes yet -- other than cedar (which it definitely isn't), teak and birch (and this doesn't seem to be either of those).) After about half an hour on me, though, the oiled polish and wood fade and the leather seems to be all that remains. It's still a lovely, lovely leather scent, but since I managed to get my hands on Dead Man's Hand this past summer, I think I will skip a bottle. Damn, this is pretty though! *sits on hands to keep from adding it to the list*
  9. penemuel


    Wonderfully blended scent. It's sweet, rich, spicy, woody, musky, and resinous all at the same time. I really didn't want to like this one this much, because now I have to get a bottle. It also seems to be lasting a fairly long time considering I'm just testing my Lupers right now and it's been going strong for 2 hours now. Beautiful, sexy scent! ETA: Beeswax! I should have known! The Lab's beeswax note owns me...
  10. penemuel

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Thank you for those pictures! I can't wait till my Anactoria 2010 arrives -- that's a GORGEOUS label!
  11. penemuel

    Anne Bonny

    Heady, woody, rich and definitely evoking the salt-and-wood scent of a pirate ship. The red patchouli and red sandalwood are making it a bit sharper wood scent than other varieties of those two notes, and that adds to the 'toughness' of the scent. Because it's definitely a kicking ass and taking names type of scent. This would be my scent of choice if I were going into a meeting where I wanted to make sure they listened to me. It's teetering just on the edge of pencil shavings, but I think the frankincense and the fact that it has sandalwood & not cedar that keeps it from tipping over. It stays just smooth enough. Lovely!
  12. penemuel


    Hmn... I get all of the notes, but there's also an underlying funk that is really not good. Something like spoilt milk, or some other kind of sour 'off' scent. I'm wondering if it's the pepper making it do that. On my skin, the honey and melon and tobacco wafts around making an overall sweet scent. However, again if I sniff closely, that 'off' scent is still there. It's not bad at a distance, but I don't see this as being something I'll wear much of.
  13. penemuel

    Blue Moon 2009: Brian's Interpretation

    I was a little nervous about the flowers listed in this scent, but I really didn't need to be. This is a wonderful, almost sparkling herbal/spice blend. There's a bit of incense (the resins) coming through as it warms up, which makes it even better. This is truly a complex and beautiful blend. I can't pick out too many of the individual notes (don't know whether it's my inexpert nose or just how well blended this is) but it is gorgeous!
  14. penemuel

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    I love violet, and I love vanilla. Not so much with Gardenia. This starts out as a wonderful violet scent, then after a little bit it starts to get a sour/bitter scent to it that I'm suspecting is the Gardenia. As long as I'm not sniffing too closely, it's not too bad, and after about an hour it morphs into a nice vanilla/violet scent. I think, though, that I'll stick with other scents for my violet fix. Pleasant, but not bottle-worthy for me.
  15. penemuel

    Dreadful Lies

    Beautiful warm amber -- it has a slightly darker undernote but delicious resinous warm golden amber. I'm kicking myself for not getting this one. YUM!