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  3. VetchVesper

    Actual Lump of Coal

    Is it odd that I actually rather like this one? I have in one hand some handy, dandy, oh so trendy, charcoal cleansing face scrub, and on the other hand's wrist, I have a drop of this lovely single note. They are very much the same smell, though the perfume is grittier, more industrial. It's really interesting, and I think I shall enjoy layering it with different things for intriguing effects. This might be especially nice layered with men's fragrances for a sort of "rugged" vibe.
  4. doomsday_disco


    I am testing this before it has had a full day of rest, so I will update my review if my experience is different after it has had more time to settle. Schönperchten is a clean, cool scent. It's very lavender-forward at first, but it becomes more of a snowy scent over time. The white mint is present throughout wear, but this a light variety of mint that adds a coolness to the scent without being intense or having a burning effect on the skin. It becomes a clean, powdery scent on me (but not like baby powder), and I am not sure if that is due to the white amber, the snow, or a combination of those notes. The snow in this is not sweet, slushy, or pine-y, nor is it the really minty variety. I think there could be some white musk mixed with some ozone at play here... otherwise, the white amber is going powdery on me even though I haven't had that issue with it before. The bourbon vanilla just adds a light sweetness to the scent after a while and becomes slightly more noticeable after a few hours of wear, but it is not a main player on me. It ends up being powdery snow, white amber, and white mint with a very soft lavender note after three hours of wear. I really enjoy the lavender and white mint, and I think the scent goes well with Brian's photo. It conjures images of white furs and soft, powdery snow. I just wish the beautiful lavender note had remained as strong as it was initially! I am going to let this rest some more and see if the vanilla comes out more as it ages.
  5. LiberAmoris

    Zoe and the Goat

    Agree that the patchouli in Zoe and the Goat is reminiscent of the patch in Silkybat. On me, this is like a honeyed, golden Silkybat, almost like if Silkybat was dipped in Golden Syrup. I can also see comparisons to Goblin and Tricksy...that so many reviews are comparing this blend to beloved other BPAL blends says something alone. Definitely for lovers of patchouli and honey, this is smooth and sweet and creamy.
  6. spookyumbrella

    Santo Domingo

    I think it's just a matter of skin chemistry, but this is extremely masculine and bitter on me. No florals and not a bit of sweetness. I wish I smelled what others smell.
  7. LiberAmoris

    The Serpentine Bath Oil

    I love the perfume oil so much that I bought two bottles of the bath oil. And Serpentine bath oil is everything I dreamed of! I also use this as an after-shower moisturizer. It's lavender-forward, with the Dorian and snowdrops underneath, and downy soft, the equivalent of a pale lilac color. So relaxing and comforting. I'll enjoy using these bottles up this winter—it's perfect after a nighttime bath for a great night of sleep or a decadent start to a weekday.
  8. torischroeder9


    Expectations: I thought it would be a variation on BPAL dirt (received as frimp, hadn't read notes). Since I'm not a fan of said dirt, I wasn't hoping for much. In the imp: No dirt. Soapiness. I can pick out juniper. Have to admit, I don't love either. On my skin: Lord and a half. Gin and mint. I'm not sure where the extra mint is coming from. If patchouli could at least make an appearance, then I'd know where to go with this. Dry, it's at least dried down to straight juniper. Okay, folks. This is just not my friend.
  9. zankoku_zen


    Soft lavender with whiffs of sage and patchouli. It's a very nice lavender, tending toward herbiness with the patchouli bringing some earthiness to it. I get almost no wear length on this scent on my skin though.
  10. zankoku_zen

    Goblin Stampede

    A TON of cinnamon, nutmeg, and whiffs of cardamom and coffee. This is mainly a very nutmeg-cinnamon blend. Spicy. With a whiff of coffee in the background. Great throw and wear length.
  11. zankoku_zen

    Svarta Fönix Bókaflóð

    Sweet smoky mahogany, whiff of paper and vaguely touch of spicy fur. This smells like an older library. With cats. Medium throw and wear length.
  12. For me, the strongest and longest lasting are: Le Serpent Qui Danse (so much throw, my colleagues tell me they can smell it all over the huge warehouse. Win!) Kill-Devil Malediction Black Forest Spellbound I think Fae and Titania also have pretty good throw for me
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  14. Juushika

    Dead Leaves and Vanilla Incense

    In vial: An airy, cold dead leaf scent; reminds me of October (Dry, cold autumn wind. A rustle of red leaves, a touch of smoke and sap in the air.).  On me: Like a few of the dead leaves blends, this has a weird, bitter tobacco-like note on application; it burns off pretty quickly. Dries down to a very faint vanillic dead leaves, sweet and fleeting in the throw, more smoke and dead leaves on the skin. The skin scent is pleasant, autumnal and slightly spicy. But this is so faint, and slathering doesn't do much to help except make it more perfumey. Verdict: Pleasant, especially right on the skin, but I have to strain to get anything out of it.
  15. Juushika


    In vial: Warm woods. On me: The forefront of this scent is a dry, vivid sandalwood, but it's backed by a solid blend of fleshy amber and rich massoia, with just a touch of honey. Not particularly sweet despite the massoia and honey; if I get any oude, it's just to round out the woods. It has a skin-scent-but-stronger feel to it, distinctly sensual, even sexual, hyperfeminine without being floral or girly; very Lupercalia. I sometimes get a little coconut/almost-fruitiness (no currant, though, which usually amps on me), probably from the massoia, and sometimes it leans towards pure sandalwood. Verdict: I'll need to be in the mood for strong sandalwood, but when I am this'll be gorgeous. I'm glad I don't get any currant tartness, which would probably ruin this for me.
  16. VioletChaos

    Christmas Pudding

    So, I actually reviewed the first iteration of this scent way back when in 2014 when it came round the first time. I'm going to copy and paste here below, and then post my review of this 2018 version underneath and see how it compares! 2014 Version: In The Bottle: YUM. I wasn't sure what to expect from the suet note, but having grown up with a bird-watching grandmother, I have plenty of background in the scent, owing to the frequency with which it's mixed with birdseed. Here, in the bottle, there's a smoky/fatty thing going on that adds something singularly rich and delicious to the sweeter, lighter, somehow fruity notes of the rest. Wet On Skin: Yup, still lots o' suet and, though not specifically listed in the notes, there's quite a bit of fruit going on round these parts. Again, there's a lovely balance here, I don't object in the least! Dry Down: Ahhh, *there's* the baked-sweets aspect I was waiting for! Like the Puddins of Trading Post yesteryear, there's a rather specific...'pudding' note that's present in here. I get no custard, sadly, but it's sugary and a bit buttery and, with the mystery fruits and the suet, it's making me incredibly sad that I can't eat my own hand. In All: Low throw, a nice, spicy-sweet food scent, for all the foodie-lovers out there. If you liked the TP's Puddin scents, get this- you won't be disappointed. 2018 Version: In The Bottle: I'm getting the custard first and foremost. The suet isn't present at this stage, but I'm unconcerned. I still have no idea what those "13 ingredients" are, but as with the 2014 version, there is something that reads as "mystery fruit" in the mix. Wet On Skin: As it warms up, I'm getting some of that rich treacle and a tiny bit of the smoky suet. Honestly, I wish the suet was more dominant in this scent, there's something intensely satisfying about wearing something that smells like mutton fat (buuuuuut maybe that's just me ) Dry Down: The suet *does* come out a bit more now that it's dried, and you shouldn't be alarmed by that! It doesn't come across as meat fat, it simply adds an incredibly rich density to this scent- everything here is rich and decadent and delicious. I'm not getting the "baked goods" thing that happened with the earlier release. Generally this scent seems to be a kissing cousin of the iteration but they were wise to name this scent a "redux", because while similar, it's absolutely its own thing this time around, and I LIKE IT.
  17. Nepthys

    Frostbitten Zombi

    [No additional description provided.] I was really excited for this, as I just loved last Yule's Frostbitten Snake Oil. However, this one was a surprise. I get a faint whiff of Zombi's soil note, but normally wouldn't identify the root as Zombi. Instead this comes off as a beautiful winter forest scent of gentle snow and pine trees and clear air. Imagine walking through a snowy forest on a calm afternoon and you've got this. Throw is average. On the whole, this isn't what I expected but I absolutely love it.
  18. VioletChaos

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    So, I've thus far loved all incarnations of the Sufganiyot scents AND I love blueberry, so I'm RATHER excited to give this one a whirl! In The Bottle: Why, yes, that IS rather a large bloop of blueberry! It's definitely of the "blueberry jam" variety and not a fresh blueberry. I get a teeeeeeeny edge of fried dough, just off the end. My mouth is already starting to water! Wet On Skin: The blueberry is SO strong that it's nearly verging on becoming grape hubba bubba bubblegum. Nearly- but not quite! It's a very sugary fruit for sure. The fried dough has left, though I'm hoping that's temporary. Dry Down: Hmmm. This is less blueberry donut and more blueberries and custard. I can tell that the fried dough is trying- really trying! -to come on out, and it's possible that the bottle just needs more time to rest or age. I like it in that it fills the hole (no pun intended) that I had for a good blueberry jam scent, but it's lacking the fruit-fried-dough combination that I consider the hallmark of the other Sufganiyot scents. I'll give it a change to shift over the next month, but I might trade my backup bottle away... ETA: It's about 35 minutes later and at LAST, the fried dough has arrived! I honestly don't know if it's just a matter of needing to read / age more or what, but whatever the cause, this Blueberry has become a true Sufganiyot at last- yaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!
  19. MissChrissyLynn

    Down Dates - 2018/2019

  20. slo

    Blue Pumpkin Floss Hair Gloss

    blue pumpkin floss might be my favorite pumpkin and I really like pumpkin so I was super excited to get it in hair gloss too! wet: this is definitely blue pumpkin floss, yum! dry: this doesn't have the same complexity that the perfume has on my skin - with the perfume i feel like i can smell the individual sugar crystals and it's truly blue and pumpkin and the weirdest combo but it's blended so well it's magical. Here, I just get the blue (yes, I smell the color) and the pumpkin (sweet, spicy), without that crystalization floss effect. i really do love it tho and will be picking up a bottle, even if it doesn't have the same magic as the perfume.
  21. VioletChaos

    Abolish ICE

    You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming. ― Pablo Neruda Selections from our general catalog of perfumes may have succumbed to frostbite, but never fear! We haven’t lost our molten core of passion for seeing justice served. Consider this our holiday prayer for a reckoning long overdue: May human decency prevail over the corruption and wickedness that endangers so many of our neighbors, and may our government’s assorted agencies be held accountable for their ongoing assault against the civil liberties of those seeking refuge in our land of bountiful freedoms. Proceeds from sales of this perfume will benefit the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES). For more information about their services, please visit https://www.raicestexas.org Melt the hoarfrost of this administration’s cruelty with this scent of warmth, safety, and succor: smoked toffee and patchouli with coffee bean, caramelized oudh, clove, and bourbon vanilla. Disclosure: I purchased 2 bottles of this scent blind because even if this smelled like bottled poo, the meaning behind it is so important in this political climate that I wouldn't even care. That said, it happens to contain a number of notes I tend to love, and I'm hoping it's going to be a knockout In The Bottle: Toffee, chewy caramel and bourbon vanilla. It's warm, sweet and very cozy. I'm falling in love already! Wet On Skin: Oh, my. The above are cut through by the emergence of the clove and oudh, colluding to pull the scent out of merely being a sweet-n-sticky food treat and moving it into a higher plain- more depth, more spice, a rounding out. Dry Down: While I get no patch or coffee, all the other notes are at the party, clove taking a slight lead at this stage, making this a warm and inviting cold-weather scent. It doers exactly as it has set out to do: the fires of love, warmth and inclusion ring true and deep with this scent, reminding us that it is community that keeps the cold hard world at bay. Thank you Beth, for bringing such a visceral reminder into the universe, your love is so strong in the fa ce of oppression that it brings tears to my eyes presently. ❤️❤️❤️
  22. slo

    Sweet Strawberry Gingerbread

    wet: in the bottle all i get is a blast of strawberries - super sweet and juicy. drydown: the gingerbread starts to emerge, lending a little spice and warmth, but it never goes full-on foodie. maybe it's the mint that's keeping it a little "fresh"? but i never detect mint as an individual note. it starts to take on a little bit of a cabbage patch doll smell, but it never really turns plasticky soo yay! sweet strawberry is definitely the dominant note throughout wear - at first it seemed more like fresh, ripe strawberries, but on final drydown it blends with the other notes to be more hard candy. good wear and throw. I see this wearing well in the spring or summer, maybe layer with extra gingerbread for true foodie/winter.
  23. VioletChaos

    Gingerbread Oudh

    [No additional description provided.] In The Bottle: The same slightly-lemon ginger-y gingerbread I got from another in this series, with coffee bean and smoked vanilla. As with that scent, the only thing I get from first sniff in the bottle is the gingerbread and no supporting characters. Wet On Skin: INTERESTING. Rather than the death-cologne version of oudh that sometimes happens with my skin or the yummy incense version, I get neither- instead I'm getting a death of spice that's adding to the gingerbread whilst taking away its foodie aspect. Dry Down: This reminds me *strongly* of one of the really old Tree of Life / Kabala scents from around 2005 or 2006. It's definitely not Hod but I'm not sure which one it's reminding me of. There's something that reads as intense and meaningful and spiritual about this, though, which is sometimes an aspect of oudh that gets overlooked I think. It feels like there's a reverence that it carries, something that I'm going to reach for during this long, cold winter ahead on grey days when I need to remember that winter is a necessary time of contemplation. Beautiful and deep, like Frost's vision of a winter forest at nightfall.
  24. VioletChaos

    Gingerbread and Lavender Sugar

    [No additional description provided.] In The Bottle: This one is sweet, rich, slightly creamy and just a hair spicy upon first sniff. The lavender is definitely present, but not at the forefront. Wet On Skin: Lavender sugar is most of what's happening here, I can't say I'm really getting the gingerbread much, but this isn't the same as the lavender sugar I experience with TKO, let's say. I think the gingerbread is softening the lavender somehow, though it's not exactly foodie, though it IS slightly sugary. Dry Down: That has, in fact, become a daytime-wearable version of TKO. I get no gingerbread (the inverse of Gingerbread, Coffebean and Smoked Vanilla- so perplexing!) just a lovely, soft sugary lavender. Very comforting, this is a scent easily work during the day and I anticipate reaching for it to mix with some similarly comforting scents, like the 2017 re-release of Antique Lace. Lovely! ❤️
  25. slo

    The Orange Window Hair Gloss

    wet: juicy, fresh oranges dipped in honey yummm dry: this goes to chewable orange vitamins (that's better than cleaner, right?) i love orange in theory, but it so rarely behaves with my chemistry/nose and unfortunately this is no exception for me - ymmv!
  26. [No additional description provided.] In The Bottle: Mostly gingerbread, with a little of that extra-lemony aspect that fresh ginger frequently has. Wet On Skin: The gingerbread is, like, REAL gingerbread. I'm getting the lemon, the cake, the spice, the sharpness. It's really different than my previous experiences of the gingerbread single note (like, say, in Gingerbread Snake Oil). I'm liking it- but I also hope that the coffee and vanilla come out to play soon! Dry Down: Astoundingly, I am getting ZERO coffee from this. Which is odd, because coffee notes usually sit well on my skin -they don't amp, but they are *very* present. The vanilla has finally made an appearance, but I'm not getting the smoked aspect, either- this is more like gingerbread with a little dollop of vanilla cream plooped right on top. It's delicious, and I'm betting will get better with age, but it's not the scent that I thought it was going to be. If you're hoping for a coffee-heavy scent, check out some of the other 2018 Yule offerings, cause you might be sad about that with this one.
  27. monocainsheresy


    Simple pink/white rose. Not getting the "wickedness". Low throw and wear length.
  28. monocainsheresy


    I used to love this one but we are not friends anymore - the "wet" part of the leather note combines in a nasty way with the vetiver. Smells like cat food to me.
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