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  2. skyturtles


    Ooo, there's a lot going on here! I like it. "It smells like I stuck a pine tree up my nose." says my partner. I, on the other hand, like the refreshing briskness. It's a sharp contrast to the muskier, darker blends I usually go for. I wasn't previously familiar with hyssop, and think it pairs nicely with the frankincense, which typically overpowers things with its resin smokiness (though I still do love it!). I'm not a fan of oakmoss so I'm glad it's not a power player here. Though there's not a strong boozy factor, this does remind me of a nice floral, gin-centric cocktail. There's some sweetness but mostly just green and clean. Someone else mentioned it being a cold & wintery scent, and I think I can get behind that notion as well. (My imp is of an unknown age.)
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  4. HerbGirl

    Harvest Moon 2021

    I love this one. Perfect blend of leaves and fruits, more apricot than anything, I think. I have been overwhelmed by scent lately, but this is not overwhelming at all. Just lovely.
  5. Renazuki

    Let's try this and see if it works

    Frustration is not being able to upload a picture in a forum or get the links to work. I've done the copy paste of think picture link and I get a red error box saying nope you can't do that. So we'll see if this works - well fawk me.. after changing a setting.. >.> it works
  6. vanilla323


    This is amazing! It’s a delicious spicy chai! I get marshmallow too and it’s so good! The notes work well together. I don’t get much honey and that’s ok. Not much stick either but the toasty smoky note just rounds it all out! 😋
  7. vanilla323

    The Joy of Fatherhood

    I completely agree with frizzlechicken this is all gummy bears and not much else! On the dry down I get a faint bit of vanilla cake. Kinda disappointed I wanted all the other notes and hoped the gummy bear would be the lightest lol 😝
  8. October 24: House of Night series by P.C. & Kristin Cast (2007-2014) Quote from Marked (2007): “Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good.” NOTE: I contributed the essay “Reimagining ‘Magic City’: How the Casts Mythologize Tulsa” to a book about the House of Night Series, Nyx in the House of Night. You can read more of my posts about the series here. View the full post.
  9. I recall this scent as a creamy sweet citrus dessert, and it was popular enough they made it into a body spray. Bergamot and litsea cubeba are listed as some of the essential oils adding citrusy vibe to the underlying perfume blend. https://www.lushusa.com/fragrances/body-sprays/avocado-co-wash/09212.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIs-DJ2ezi8wIVDuTICh38QAEPEAQYAiABEgIEdvD_BwE Not the same, but I get very sweet citrus (plus patchouli) from Silkybat (not everyone does, but may be worth sampling). Shub would mix well with Yog Nog.
  10. roseus

    Dance of Death

    In the imp this is dark and syrupy. Not that it's sweet, but it just has that viscous, rich quality to my nose. I can get the black musk and myrrh in particular. On my skin I get the patchouli, making the blend much earthier, to me it is a somewhat gnarly patch. Not the gnarliest, but a bit dirty. I'm having a hard time picking out the orris but I'm getting a hint of the weird musty-sweetness it tends to turn to on me. The rest of the scent is quite interesting, shadowy but rich. Unfortunately orris just doesn't agree with me!
  11. roseus

    Water of Notre Dame

    In the imp this is a light sweet, juicy green scent with a faint herbal tinge. On my skin it becomes more floral, an aquatic sort of floral. I want to say lily. It's very floaty and beautiful.
  12. Miyabi

    The Lady of Shalott

    I had high hopes for this, but from application to drydown all I got was GARDENIA. No aquatics, no ginger, just GARDENIA blasting me in the face. Guess Sea of Glass remains my number 1 BPAL aquatic...
  13. labugsy

    Old Scratch

    Oh wow this is incredible. The most gorgeous lavender and amber fougere. The amber almost goes powdery but manages to restrain itself. To me, it's a love child of Casanova and Dorian, but it takes a little more after Casanova. Moderate throw and great longevity. It smells like something a Bronte sister would wear and I love it. There are so many gems hidden in the GC!
  14. Lucchesa

    Perfer et Obdura

    I was gifted this in the recent blind bottle swap. It is so beautiful. I know it was created for surviving constant stress of the Trump presidency, but we are still slogging through its aftermath, and there is much in my life I have to endure with patience and toughness, neither of which comes naturally to me. As a bonus, unlike many TALs, Perfer et Obdura comprises notes that are ones I enjoy wearing as perfume. That's how I applied this today, no ritual, and I'm finding it a grounding sage and vetiver scent. It's as stable as an oak tree with a soft carpet of leaves at its base. Sage to me smells like righteousness, in the most positive sense of the word, so Perfer is upright and strong and earthy, and it's helping me just keep putting one foot in front of the other, which is what I need to do today. Thank you, @aphrodisms!!!
  15. Yesterday
  16. katharina

    The Empress and the Chariot

    This was love at first sniff! I know I will need a 2nd bottle, and now my roommate and my mom want a bottle. Fair warning!! Bottle: It's difficult for me to pick out any single note while in the bottle. It smells like expensive perfume; sophisticated and sensual. Wet: First on, I smell a slightly sweet, almost melon scent. I think it may be the motor oil note. It recedes fairly quickly to the background, where it remains as a soft base. The lavender is present, but it's so well blended that it's difficult for me to find it's edge. It flows beautifully into the leather and wood notes which add a very perfumey and elegant maturity to this, but again, it's so incredibly well blended that I am having difficulty picking them out individually. I do not smell any dust. Dry: I will say this again and again: the blending in this is so masterful that it feels like a complex whole and not simply it's individual parts. The label for this reads cheerful day scent, but it definitely smells like an sexy, evening perfume. This is something I could see people using as their special occasion, date night perfume. It's darkly sensual, slightly sweet, and achingly beautiful. This is Streets of Detroit's sexy cousin from Europe coming to take all your lovers.
  17. labugsy

    Dragon, Rabbit, and Snake

    This was a last minute FOMO type addition to my "The Lupers are Coming Down!" cart, because jasmine and I have a somewhat unstable relationship. But this is surprisingly pretty! I can't figure out what kind of jasmine butterfly jasmine is, just a lot of references to jasmine tea, so maybe that's how this is supposed to read? That would make sense, because the jasmine is very muted on my skin. This would be just a pretty but kind of boring warm floral tea blend but the cypress took this to a special place for me. It provides the perfect amount of clean woodiness to cut through the florals, and makes this scent almost... cuddly, in a come hither sort of way? Pretty, but approachable.
  18. labugsy

    Serving Tea After Coitus

    I love the Lab's green tea note but all honey notes have the potential to go wonky on me, and I was especially concerned about a heady honey... but all the other notes are must haves for me, so I tracked down a bottle not expecting much. Lo and behold, this is STUNNING. The honey is the only honey note I've ever experienced that actually smells like honey. There green tea and honey are by far the most prominent notes on me, with a delicate sweet floral (must be the vanilla flower). The ambergris is not readily identifiable to me, but I think it's contributing to the warm glow of the scent. I get a delicate muskiness too that could be coming from either the ambergris or the headiness of the honey. All in all, this truly smells like lounging in a rumpled bed drinking tea in the afterglow of great sex. Beth is such an artist! I'm so glad I hunted down a bottle.
  19. tinyvulture

    This is a Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches

    Peaches and cream! How does this compare to Vanilla Wafers and Peach Cream? Here, the peaches are secondary to the cream. The peach note is less fresh and realistic. More like peach preserves cooked down with lots of sugar. I’m not really getting anything that screams marshmallow, just cream and vanilla. We had peach trees in my backyard growing up and this is the way the kitchen smelled when my mom would cook them down. If I was going to swap either bottle it would be this one, but I’m not, I’ll keep them both. More peaches for me!
  20. tinyvulture

    Coral Bean & Louisiana Phlox

    This smells like cucumber, as groovyrooby mentioned. It’s super green and garden-y. There’s a waxiness though as well, that I can’t really describe but it. A waxy floral I guess. I’m not familiar with coral bean or phlox in real life, so I’m not sure what I am smelling. And I’m not sure yet if I want to keep or swap it. I think I’ll hang onto it and see if it grows on me.
  21. tinyvulture

    Vanilla Wafers and Peach Cream

    The juiciest, ripest, sweetest peach with vanilla cream and a slight buttery wafer vibe. This peach note is so fresh, so realistic! Impossible not to feel bright and cheerful while wearing this one. So happy to have snagged a bottle!
  22. tinyvulture


    I can never have enough lavender sleep blends! They really do help me fall asleep easily. And the lab offers such a great variety within this category. No two are identical. Here I love the blending of lavender with sweet vanilla and the bright floral tansy note. It's so happy and comforting. Sweet dreams assured with this one!
  23. Zorra

    The Soul of La Traviata

    This was one of my decants in 2012 and I remember it was very sweet to my nose then. Too sweet for me. Today Facebook showed me I wore the scent on this day in 2012 so I decided to try it again. And the candy sweetness is much less now.. There is the darkness of the plum and still some sweetness of the black currant, the musk and neroli dance together and the jungle orchid winds through it all. I love grapefruit and I do not really get it here. It might be ageing, but it might be just that it blends so well I can't pick it out. I am glad I still have the decant. I should add that after an hour it got a bit too much for me. I think 'it' is the black currant note. I seem to have a low tolerance for currant notes, the same low tolerance I have for most synthetic notes.
  24. Geminirubyshoes

    The Joy of Fatherhood

    Just sniffing the bottle, this is allll Gummy Bears. When first applied it’s the extreme fruity sweetness with a bit of the vanilla and it becomes softer and creamier when dried. If you loved Dies Patribus and or Neil from Paranorman, I think you will love this too. It may need to sit for a few days to mellow but I’m glad I got this as it’s a very happy scent. I actually might save this for my kiddo when he is a year or two older
  25. Geminirubyshoes

    All While Dreaming, Shakes Her Head

    Wow...All While Dreaming Shakes Her Head is the most mature Lilith perfumes I have ever smelled. The roses and the coffin wood are what stand out to me with the patchouli just peeking through on the dry down. It’s totally a growing up touchstone. Like if your mom had a perfume that she only used for special occasions and you happened to sneak a bit of it when you wanted to feel really special. This is really beautiful and will age into something regal, I have no doubt about it, just like Lilith themself!
  26. October 23: Dark Things I Adore by Katie Lattari (2021) Quote: Someone knows what I did. And someone knows that I’m back. View the full post.
  27. labugsy

    Frog Moon 2021

    I usually love BPAL's green scents, and I loved this for the first five minutes, then it went very sharp and sour on me... not sure what's causing it (pine moss maybe?), but it stays that way for about an hour or so until it fades away. Too bad because all the juicy green goodness of those first five minutes was lovely.
  28. labugsy

    Surprise Ejaculation

    In the bottle, I was terrified because this smelled strongly of Luden's cherry throat drops and medicinal bubblegum, and it wasn't a terribly pleasant combination. Champaca tends to go weird on me, so I was assuming that might be the culprit... I was hoping "white champaca" would be milder and better behaved on my skin. Thankfully all the weirdly medicinal bubblegum smell faded in about 15 minutes, leaving behind a lightly musky, clean pear scent. Very low throw and decent longevity. Definitely a 'my-skin but better' scent. I wish I got more grapefruit from this at the beginning, but it''s still pretty and unique enough to keep. And the label art is amazing, of course...
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