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  2. Fletchkat

    My BPAL Collection

    These are the scents I currently own. Still working on testing all of them. *=frimped (thanks Lab!) §=PIF from torischroeder9 (thanks Tori!) #=PIF from everanything (thanks Ever!) ¥=frimp from VetchVesper (thanks Vetch!) €=frimp from DiZZysTARdust (thanks DiZZy!) @=frimp from paperflowers (thanks Alexis!) GC Imps: Aizen-Myoo Bengal Blood Kiss Calico Jack * Chimera * Come to Me § Cordelia § Cthulhu § Death On A Pale Horse * Dee # Delight Dirty Dorian Dragon’s Blood Envy § Golden Priapus € Grief § Grog * Harlot § Intrigue § Kabuki * Kyoto * La Belle Au Bois Dormant La Petite Mort Le Serpent Qui Danse * Les Fleurs du Mal * Lust Lyonesse § Maiden Morgause * Morocco New Orleans § Night-Gaunt * O Ogygia # Pele Penitence Rapture ¥ Robin Goodfellow * RPG Series Artificer RPG Series Assassin RPG Series Bard RPG Series Berzerker RPG Series Chaotic RPG Series Cleric RPG Series Druid RPG Series Dwarf * RPG Series Elf RPG Series Fighter RPG Series Good RPG Series Half-Elf RPG Series Lawful RPG Series Mage RPG Series Monk RPG Series Neutral RPG Series Orc § RPG Series Paladin RPG Series Psionicist RPG Series Ranger RPG Series Rogue RPG Series Sorcerer RPG Series Thieves’ Rosin RPG Series Vial Of Holy Water Sin @ Sloth * Snake Oil Somnus Spellbound Sudha Segara * The Coiled Serpent * The Last Unicorn (2021) Mommy Fortuna The Last Unicorn (2021) The Butterfly The Last Unicorn (2021) The Last Unicorn The Last Unicorn (2021) The Lilac Wood The Last Unicorn (2021) Schmendrick The Night-Raven § The Obsidian Widow TKO @ Twilight Vasilissa Veil Voodoo € Wolf’s Heart Zephyr Xiuhtecuhtli LE Imps and Decants: Beeswax, Lavender, & Acacia Honey Bellicose Clam Alchemy Lab @ Cacao-Dusted Rose Petals Cardamom & White Sandalwood Champagne and Maraschino Cherries Crow Moon 2020 Dragon’s Eye Resurrected Dreadful Snow Globe ¥ In Dubiis Libertas * In Necessariis Unitas * In Omnibus Caritas * Libidinous Encounter During the Rice Harvest Lighting the Lantern Smut 2020 The Candy Butcher (2015) # The Last Unicorn Series (original) The King’s Daughter @ The Madam There is No Bliss Like This To Lesbia Visions of Autumn V (2014) # Wild Rose and Cherry Ylang Ylang, Australian Sandalwood, & Vanilla Absolute Testers/ Samples: Suck It 2020 (Halloween 2020) @ GC Bottles: Somnus Wolf’s Heart LE Bottles: Chaos Theory VI Eris’ Tilt-A-Whirl (#158) # To Lesbia
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  5. Estamets

    Old-Fashioned Satanists

    Someone sprayed Lemon Pledge all over some dry vanilla tea cookies. It's been over an hour (and a yoga session), and I'm not getting any other notes. This might be a nice lemony cologne for someone who likes cologney blends!
  6. storme

    Male Nude, Arms Upstretched

    I got this as a frottle and it's unctuous and dark and delicious. Amazing. Very surprised I haven't heard people raving about this more!
  7. Llanval


    Imp from the Dirt Imp Ears, aged 2 years: In the bottle, its dirt and a little simmer of rose. As soon as it goes on, it becomes an open grave, ringed in mushrooms. I get that specific little dry dirt funk note that I associate with mushrooms. I do get why so many would classify this as wet, earthy loam, but there's not enough levity in the dirt here for me. This is the tireless thok thok of a spade into the earth, but from below, from inside. This truly is like dragging yourself out of the last cradle you'll ever know - with a garland of roses and tangled green sprigs around your neck to ward away the smell. Once I might have loved this. Now, the dirt dries and recedes to a light stony furze and the roses dance and sing and wilt and dry and all I can think of is my grandmother. My mother kept a single jar of this very old, quite retro (I guess??) fragrance powder, y'know the very old fashioned round containers, with the big decadent white powder puffs? Zombi tragically, accidentally toes the line into that scent-memory too often for my own enjoyment. Zombi embodies a specific finality for me, and it's not one deep enough or engaging enough for a full bottle. Anyone out there who is a traditional, old-school Goth who loves to live their lifestyle on their skin, and rose doesn't remind you of grandmothers or long gone days, this shit is for you. If it does, and that's your thing? You're going to love this. Goodbye, ancient imp, I'm going to use you up and put you on the "no" list.
  8. Llanval


    Imp from my third order, aged abt 6+ months: Tragically, this immediately turned into a simmering, almost artificial cherry sweet version of B&BW's Cranberry Woods scent bulb. Too bad, because I quite liked the idea of this scent - but none of the spice or smoke takes up any room. The cherry-cranberry stuck around for a long time, and there were occasional hints of a rich spice but no zip from the ginger, and a no show from the smoke. I very badly want to like all these Ancient, pagan Greece themed scents (because that's my fav wheelhouse) but so far none are working in the way I'd hoped. I'm sure Lampades would be lovely on another person, because it isn't BAD. It simply becomes too close to a commercial scent on my skin. 😔
  9. SelenotropicDesire

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hi everyone!! I have been searching for a scent similar to the limited Kindly Moon blend and haven’t had much luck on my own. Can anyone please recommend something similar? I’m dreading the day I run out of this heavenly mix! 🖤
  10. Little Bird

    Thorns Clove Cigarette

    I'm obsessed with clove and therefore I am obsessed with this perfume. I would guess that I own well over 100 clove dominant perfume oils and essential oils at this point because I buy anything that mentions clove. I tend to hate cinnamon, but clove is my spicy best friend. I've never actually smelled clove cigarettes, so I don't know how accurate this is to that reality. On me, this smells like someone saturated a marshmallow in sweet clove oil and then blackened it over a fire. It doesn't smell like campfire or ash or intense smokiness, but it has a light whiff of charred sugar smoke to that lovely, spicy, sweet clove. It's a simple, strong, lightly sweetened and delicately smoky clove and I love it.
  11. lilyluxe

    The Buffalo Man

    Oh boy, I thought this was right up my alley and turns out I was correct! This is definitely a heavy scent- a little goes a long way! It's a bit sour as someone said above, quite a bit like vinegar now that I think about it, but primarily sweet and deeply smoky. I will buy pretty much anything BPAL puts out with their brown musk- it's definitely prominent here and it is nutty and furry smelling. This scent is so beautifully evocative of burying your face in a buffalo's fur next to a great bonfire. The sourness to me just lends itself to the more animal-like nature of the scent and gives it a feral quality. I don't find it to be annoying or gross or anything like that. The resins are what sweeten it up, and likely what make the oil a bit thick, which I loooove. Bury me in amber paste. If you like Judgmental Longhorn, definitely worth a try. Also worth it if you are into really heavy smoky scents.
  12. lilyluxe

    Inspecting the Lantern

    This is almost a juicy sweet floral on me- in the bottle it seems bit more complex. I can smell the incense and the other notes comingling, but when I put it on it becomes a really strong tuberose to me. I think it might just be my brain because I rarely wear florals! I do like it, though I am glad I bought a half bottle because I don't think I will see myself wearing it a ton. It is an extremely feminine leaning scent, and I definitely wish I was getting more of the cardamom and beeswax. Overall, I think it would probably be a particularly good find for someone who likes florals with a bit of a smoky/spiced tinge.
  13. lilyluxe

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    Really in love with this perfume- I was worried it would just be another vanilla in my shamefully large vanilla collection, but it is a shining star! The longevity is surprisingly good for me- about 4-5 hours I'm still getting good wafts of it, which is rare for more delicate scents like this. It is a very clean smelling perfume, like clean linens, but not at all in a soapy way. Thank goodness! I abhor laundry/clean scents generally. This one is just beautifully silky and refreshing with a hint of that herbal edge of the chamomile. It's very much delicate clean lace and smooth, creamy vanilla chamomile tea. If you are a lover of Eternal Ankh from another indie perfume house, I definitely think you'd wanna get your hands on this, as it is the same family of dry, soft, non-foody vanilla without being samey.
  14. Kefliss

    The Unicorn 2021

    This has a strong bit of that mealy/woody orris root with some chilly white floral support. The florals start a bit sharp (mostly lilac and violet forward) but fade and blend into a robust harmonious whole (gardenia forward) pretty quickly. With the theming, the orris root kinda comes across as a pretty appropriate fantasy horse musk. It's definitely sweet, more due to the coconut than the white chocolate, unless it's just amping the coconut I get very little from the chocolate. It's a pretty amazing clean-wintery-magic scent evoking things like moonlight and water. I've discovered I'm pretty obsessed with coconut scents so I'm deffo going to have to get one of these. Edit: The more I sniff it the more the back of my mouth tastes like I just brushed my teeth so the cooling effect is pretty powerful.
  15. Kefliss

    Schmendrick 2021

    This one is so odd to me. My brain 100% translates it as some type of powdered soup mix. I think the sage may be where I'm getting all the herbal greenery then sandalwood always comes across as dry and sawdusty to me. I get none of the sweet raisins or caramel, just dried greens. The chamomile doesn't really come through as a scent note but the overall mix does have some of it's calming/soporific effect, so you can still tell it's there.
  16. irmavep


    This smells like a Christmas craft fair in a church basement. I mean that in a good way, like sweet spices in homemade ornaments. It's a little strong at first, but once it calms down, it's a lovely pomegranate and bay leaf scent, and all the ingredients blend nicely.
  17. Last week
  18. Meirion

    Cycling for Pleasure

    Salty dryer sheets and oakmoss. This is pretty strong stuff. An aquatic's aquatic. The saltwater note reminds me of Two Westerners from last year's Shungas and GC Jolly Roger, but it's more exposed here, without the warm and sweet notes that make those blends a little more traditional. I would still classify Cycling in the same salty-cologne category, though. It's surprisingly wearable, and never reads as sweaty to my nose. I get some carnation in the drydown but saltwater and oakmoss are the stars throughout.
  19. artisjok

    Fracas with Eleven Kabuki Actors

    Sweet almond cream and a strong hairspray smell, which I’m sad to say is the hay note. *cries* Hay has been great on me before, and then I got Rendezvous with Her Lover last year and had that go weird on me, like Fracas is doing now. There is a touch of mimosa, but the scent is primarily the creaminess with a chemical twang. I wonder if it will age away, or not... I can tell this is a pretty scent, otherwise!
  20. Estamets

    Judgmental Longhorn

    Vanilla cowfriend, you are breaking my heart! I love this smell so much: it's brown, musky VANILLA GORGEOUSNESS with no sweetness, just pure earthy beauty... but I can only smell it when I stick my nose into my cleavage! I utterly slathered my neck and between my boobs with this 3 times, and I have only gotten about two whiffs all day - and it's 100 degrees today so it should be pouring off of me in lovely vanilla cowfriend waves. This is a truly beautiful blend and I wish happiness and good vanilla cow fortune on anyone with skin that doesn't drink this right up.
  21. puellacaerulea

    Cuchulain’s Fight with the Sea

    I wasn't sure about the clove and patchouli, but the sea salt and kelp was a whole lot of yes, so I took a chance on a secondhand bottle. In the bottle and on application, sea salt is the most prominent note -- I can't quite pick out the clove and patch. It's mostly sea salt and seaweed, an oceanic aquatic without the soapiness you can get from some aquatic blends. The clove starts to peek out a little bit as it dries down, but it's still very much a background player. It's the kind of "ocean" scent I love -- salty and fresh and a little green without being soapy, cool, a little moody. Agreed with the above review that it's evocative of chilly North Atlantic waters. I'd call this more unisex than traditionally masculine. Glad to have come across a bottle.
  22. Little Bird

    Haul on the Bowline

    There's a good amount of cocoa absolute in the bottom of my bottle and this scent really shines if I shake it up a little before applying. I love cocoa absolute because it smells like a shimmery chocolate syrup with glossy, woody undertones. It starts off quite strong and then just lends a gentle sweetness to the other notes. Haul smells like a lot of things that I love - cedar chests, dried patchouli leaves, and sweet tobacco leaves. It's dark, woody and earthy, but also very soft and warm as a fragrance. It's rare that I enjoy dry, woody scents, but I love the earthy patchouli and the sweetness of the cocoa and tobacco, and cedar is my favorite wood scent. Lovely and calming. Edit to add: I forgot to mention that I've had a couple people ask me how this compares to bpal's #occupywallstreet blend and, even though they share a similar notes list, they are nothing alike. I didn't care for #occupywallstreet because it went sour, bitter and sharply dry on me. Haul on the Bowline is what I wished #occupywallstreet was. This is sweeter, smoother, and has no sour or sharp tones. It's a very full, snuggly, sweet earthiness.
  23. Little Bird


    I'm starting to love florals as I get older, but I seem to either want them to be gourmand or super sexy. This one is super sexy with a thick, honeyed sweetness, so I love it to bits. The jasmine, honey and hay sugar wind up smelling a lot like honeysuckle on a humid Southern night, the red musk isn't super strong and doesn't have the wine-like fruitiness that I often associate with red musk, but it is very sexy and there's a definite muskiness here, and the carnation adds a beautiful, dry spiciness. It has a lot of beautiful depth to it that makes you want to keep smelling it and get in closer to it. If you told me that A'Rovin was a fancy vintage perfume, I would not argue. I'm so glad that I believed the well deserved hype and ordered a bottle of this beauty.
  24. zankoku_zen

    Burnt Sugar & Blackberry

    Caramel sugar and warm black berries. Sugary, blackberry. Great throw and wear length.
  25. zankoku_zen

    Buck Moon 2021

    On wet, there is is a toast/toasted popcorn note, but it mainly dries down to a musk, fur, and a whiff of something very vanilla-like. It's a deep musk, fur on me though, and I get a fair bit of amber and moss, actually. Medium throw and wear length.
  26. Failmingo

    New S+S Oils: Jupiter in Pisces

    New Sphere + Sundry drop! We've contributed four talismanic oils crafted to harness the magic and majesty of Jupiter in Pisces. Available in limited quantity, and part of a truly dazzling range of useful products. https://sphereandsundry.com/product-category/series/jupiters-empyreal-vantage/ OUTFLOW BOUNDARY "The rush of cool air as a thunderstorm moves overhead; this boundary lifts moist, warm air and may cause new thunderstorms to appear. An oil of prolific, generative creativity – ideas coalesce in a swirl of mist and lightning. This oil can be used alone as an all-purpose inspiration blend or combined with other oils to amplify its focus, whether it be inspiration in the arts, problem solving, engineering, philosophy, theology, or academia." TURBULENT FLOW "Continuously undergoing change. An oil of the Philosopher Queen, Turbulent Flow is the ordered chaos at the intersection of philosophy, faith, introspection, and knowledge. This is an oil of evolution and change, but the focus is on the evolution of your worldview, values, and belief system, enabling you to shake off the shackles of ideas that no longer serve you." MULTIPLE STORM INTERACTION "When cyclones move towards one another, they may either circle around one another or spiral into each other’s central point and merge. An oil of the convergence of ideas and philosophies, of finding companionship and friendship with those who uplift and enrich your life and whose lives you can improve in return. This is an oil of connection, empathy, intuition, and mutual healing, and an attraction oil that focuses on drawing kind, wise, and loving people into your sphere." THE EYE "Within the Eye, you are shielded from the surrounding storm. A kingdom at peace requires a sovereign at peace. This is an oil of finding serenity, invoking the peace of mind necessary to make prudent choices. The Eye facilitates achieving and maintaining a level head, and crafting the equilibrium necessary to govern yourself, your life, and your kingdom with calm, mercy, and wisdom."
  27. Little Bird

    Roll the Old Chariot

    The oak has a dark, hard wood scent and the brandy and spiced rum smell like caramelized booze (butterscotch-ish) and cinnamon on me. The iron is a sharp, metallic cologne edge in the drydown. I love these idealized pirate scents, but Leave Her Johnny is my favorite for a sweetened, woody, masculine leaning pirate scent. This one is a little too spicy for me and much simpler.
  28. Little Bird

    Leave Her, Jonny

    I love this so deeply, especially after letting it age for a few months. It starts off like a sweetened bay rum cologne (all clove spicy and men's cologne-like) with dry wood and a tiny hint of caramelized rum sweetness. Over the hours, the sweet, warm and earthy patchouli, the creamy coconut, woody-sweet fig and an edge of salt start to come through, though, and then it's even more wonderful. I'm not sure where I get that saltiness from, but it's like dry, salt-crusted wood with spicy bay rum cologne, lots of wonderful sweet notes, and warm, cozy earthiness. I love sweetened patchouli scents and this is so unique and unusual in the best ways.
  29. Little Bird

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    I love red musk, heavy oriental fragrances, and wine-like scents, so I had high hopes for this. It was kind of the big letdown of my Lupers orders, though. It honestly gives me a headache whenever I've tried to wear it and it's like everything that could go wrong on my skin does. It's very strong, heavy, bold and long lasting, and kind of too in-your-face for me. It's a big red rose with edges of soap and perfumey muskiness and the tobacco comes in like someone dumped an ash tray on the rose. The berries are dry and artificial, but also boozy, so they waffle between plasticy craft store froot smell and smelling like someone spilled a glass of wine on me that's gone sour and stale and a little pukey smelling. Then there's an earthiness like dead leaves and a haze of sharp smoke. And it's all of those things at once and kind of overwhelms me. I'm going to keep aging this, but it's definitely not my favorite thing right now. I mainly got this because people kept comparing it to Insects on different sites, but I don't think that this smells anything like Insects (which is a huge love for me).
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