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  2. KaelKitty

    Rickety Staircase

    Starts out as a strong amber on me and fades into a soapy, antique oak. It's very spooky, yet kind of sophisticated? Like the dark and sultry master of the manor welcoming you into his home. Side note: Wet, it reminds me of, in a weird way, Estee by Estee Lauder. Which is what my mom has worn for decades so, in a way, this fragrance reminds me of my mom
  3. MamaMoth


    starts off with a lot off sweet, almost effervescent labdanum. soft and yes, cola-like. but the woods rise up and then overtake the labdanum in short order. gentle dry sandalwood and palo santo, but no cedar to speak of. the woods have a smooth, light, almost papery character. the blend is sweetened by the labdanum, but it has a very light presence. this is whispy, gentle, and meditative.
  4. Missanneshirleyofgg

    Mystery Powder Fizzy Candy

    This really does smell like fizzy powder candy. It is also tickling my nose! Ha! Its super fun and very unique in my collection, but letting go of my decant because it is sadly making me sneeze. Glad I was able to test this one as I was super curious.
  5. MamaMoth

    A Multitude of Dreams

    starts with a blast of lavender, quite herbal and to my nose cologne-like. as the lavender dies down, the licorice root twines up around it. it's definitely a rooty, herbal licorice, my favorite kind. it sweetens up the lavender a bit, while bolstering the herbal feel. as this gets all settled in, the resins finally come out to play, but quietly. that big bold lavender is now merely a whisper, and the licorice is mia. soft and herbal, with murky resins whispering underneath, a touch of powdery. this ends uo surprisingly low throw on me, riding close to the skin. i don't dislike it, but i don't love it. i was hoping for a bit more sweetness, i think. this feels like a sleeping potion, something applied with intent rather than worn for pleasure.
  6. eldritchhobbit

    Halloween 2022: Day 3

    Part 1: Song: “Bringing Mary Home” Quote: But 13 years ago today in a wreck just down the road Our darling Mary lost her life, and we still miss her so. So thank you for your trouble and the kindness you have shown; You’re the 13th one who’s been here bringing Mary home. Listen to The Country Gentlemen’s performance… Part 2: Song: “I’ve Come to Take You Home” (Note: This song is a direct response to the song I posted above, “Bringing Mary Home.”) Quote: Though his life is swiftly fading, a memory remains Of that chilly, ghostly evening while driving in the rain. Listen to Seldom Scene’s performance… View the full post.
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  8. Teamama

    Animals at the Bottom of the Sea

    This was a surprise win... for Teadaughter. Fruity musks are my kind of jam, so I was really excited for this blend. In the decant, I smell bubbling (labdanum in there, maybe?) musk, cranberries & mandarin rind. As soon as it hit my skin, it was obviously not for me. An aquatic note showed up, which my skin predictably amped to throw the whole thing out of balance. Smells great in a locket, but mediocre on me. Teadaughter likes mandarin, so I asked her to give it a sniff (she wasn't originally interested due to the current, coconut & pineapple notes.) She's claimed the decant, & is evaluating it as a possible bottle for my next order. It smells fantastic on her. Less fruity & sweet than I imagined. Neither Teadaughter nor I can pick out currant, pineapple, coconut, or carrot. Musky, pleasantly bittersweet, more vegetal than fruity.
  9. eldritchhobbit

    Halloween 2022: Day 2

    Song: “Knoxville Boy” Quote: When the moon is high the Knoxville boy Goes prowling out to kill. We don’t know why so many die To give that boy a thrill. A handsome lad with a wealthy dad And eyes of bluebird blue, He’s killed before, he’ll kill some more, And the next one could be you. When the fog rolls into Knoxville And the river’s on the rise, Don’t go near the Knoxville boy There’s murder in his eyes. Listen to Larry Stephenson’s performance… View the full post.
  10. feyofthefellwood


    Corn puff cereal, but make it perfume. I love blush amber and sugar notes (the combination here reminds me a little of Round Dance, though they are different on the whole), and the hay-ish wheat note balances with everything else in a very satisfying way. This is unusual, pretty, and cozy.
  11. Jenjin


    Goth Queen is that you? I took the plunge on Constellation because of the comparisons with Black Amber Sugar Cane, which I liked a lot, but just wasn't strong enough for me. Just out of the mail bottle sniff and upon application, i'm thinking of Goth Queen, maybe just a little richer and deeper. Oh yes, the clove is here but it's smooooth and sultry. After a few minutes, the amber rises up to the top. It's sweet, dark and sparkles like the night sky. I am really loving this! I rehomed my bottles of Goth Queen and BASC but keeping this one. My Goddess this is going to be exquisite with some aging. The Egyptian Amber is incredibly beautiful ahhhhhh. If you missed BASC or Goth Queen, get thee claws to the Haute Macabre before this shooting star leaves our galaxy.
  12. MamaMoth


    popcorn? cereal in milk? but also perfume? this is so hard to pin down. foodie, but not. sweet, but savory. very unique and interesting! i had to try this out of sheer curiosity, and i'm really glad i did! i can't say it's my scent vibe, so i'd probably never wear it out. but it's oddly comforting, so i will hang on to my decant for when i want something soft and pretty and weird to wear at home.
  13. skyturtles

    Black Lotus

    Woah, this is not what I was expecting. First of all, not as floral as you'd think from a scent that has a flower in the name. Second, it is subtle and not in your face; I feel like I had to apply a lot to my wrists to fully appreciate the notes. It is acceptable for everyday, even office environment stuff. Not too dark, but definitely resinous. Dry and sandy, and as time goes by, a little smokey. This does invoke images of ancient Egypt for me. Impressive. Unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of sandalwood, but this is very well blended I believe.
  14. Last week
  15. ittybitty

    Ridiculously Sexy Peach

    This is sexy, musky peach. It's juicy and sweet and almost candy-like, but not at all in a cloying way. Once it's dried down, the brightness of the peach has settled, but it's still distinctly peach. There's something kind of spicy going on. This his is deep and rich and incredible sexy. Instant favorite. This, unfortunately, doesn't have a whole lot of silage/throw on me, but it does last longer on my skin than most BPAL does.
  16. tinyvulture

    Margaret Magdalena Muffinhead

    Well it’s a chocolate brownie so obviously it’s amazing lol. And it’s like the kind Martha Stewart or Ina Garten would approve of, with coffee and cardamom added to amplify and compliment the chocolate. And the caramelized amber is there too, with its syrupy sweet warmth. Fancy gourmet notes notwithstanding, this is a sweet, decadent, gooey, fudgy comfort scent you wanna sink your teeth into. That cardamom is just so dang interesting too! For real! It keeps popping up and confusing my nose in the best way. I definitely already own enough chocolate scents yet I’m still gonna want a bottle of this!
  17. tinyvulture

    Dragon’s Blood, Honey, and Copal

    Dragon’s Blood, Honey, and Copal - Three of my favorite notes and they suit each other so perfectly. The syrupy golden honey amplifies the sweetness of the dragon’s blood and copal, while at they same time they retain their resinous sharpness and spiciness. Immediate bottle order! Could not love it more!
  18. tinyvulture

    Mary Magdalene

    Love at first sniff for this spicy/sweet resin blend. So rich and concentrated, I would describe it as dark-brown (the vibe, not the oil itself), syrupy like cola or aged balsamic vinegar. A touch of medicinal quality from the balsam which does seem to be the star note of this blend. It’s definitely going on my bottle wishlist!
  19. MamaMoth


    in the imp, i get woodsy dry cinnamon. but once it warms up on the skin, that amber really bobs to the surface. and.... what's this? my favorite amber in a gc blend?? gasp! i was not expecting that! it's sweet and resinous and (to my woefully uneducated nose) smells a bit like labdanum. the patchouli is a very light touch in this one, with it and the sandalwood just providing a stage for a mildly spiced amber to sing her heart out. this is gorgeous, and i'm so mad at myself for never having tried it before now.
  20. skyturtles


    Titania is fruity and floral very sweet and reminds me of middle school and department stores. It's not terrible but it is not for me. I'll be passing along this imp of unknown age. The longer it dries the more I want to cover it up with something musky or resinous.
  21. For me to keep track Sat Oct 1 - Dead Leaves, Violet Candy and Sugar Crystals Sun Oct 2 - Magnificent Autumn Mon Oct 3 - Pumpkin Cheesecake
  22. eldritchhobbit

    Halloween 2022: Day 1

    October is here! This year for my Halloween countdown, with the invaluable assistance of my husband (and resident expert on all things Appalachian), I will be bringing you a spooky, Halloween-appropriate song with a twist of mountain flavor. I’ve chosen one version of each of these songs to share, but some have been recorded and reinterpreted many, many times. If you like “Boograss” (or Spooky Bluegrass), Southern Gothic tales, traditional murder ballads, ghost stories, and/or Halloween chills, I hope you will enjoy each day’s post! Song: “O Death” Quote: O Death, O Death in the morning, O Death, spare me over ‘til another year. Listen to Rhiannon Giddens’ performance… View the full post.
  23. Lucchesa

    Stray Poppy-Leaves Hair Gloss

    I completely agree with z_z on this one. Smoky, somnolent, inky, autumnal. I don’t know about poppy leaves — I get the lab’s beautiful opium note, and this pairs gorgeously with Event Horizon. Elegant, mysterious, femme f$@king fatale.
  24. starbrow

    Sonnet D'Automne

    I don't know that I ever would have tried this in my current state of knowledge about perfume notes. Back in 2018, I knew nothing! It sounded nice, I acquired. So I acquired Sonnet D'Automne. And then...there was magic on my skin. That's the closest I can describe it. Okay fine, more specifics? This smells like shimmering silvery leaves, tenebrous and trailing. Or amber white cocoa, a symphony of sweet beauty like it was in Hohensalzburg Fortress, transformed by incense into a mysterious poof of perfume rather than a gourmand drink. If cocoa is normally a no-go for you, this is not a chocolate-dominant blend. The vanilla is poofy but again not wildly gourmand, just very beautiful. The amber incense doesn't have any specific type of incense pointers when I sniff it (I'm guessing a light frankincense but I can't be sure), so I will just say this is a deftly incorporated pinch of resin that helps tip this more in the atmospheric direction than gourmand. For the longest time, I thought I universally liked white musk because this one was so good on me. However, I think THIS white musk must be a very unique and delicately crafted one, because it avoids the laundry curse altogether and has a gentle clarity and shimmer to it that is hauntingly beautiful. Similarly, the leaves avoid the Dead Leaves curse and have their own brand of chilly-breeze crispness. Occasionally, when I'm the most scent-sensitive, it is a bit much. Almost all of the time, it's exactly how I want to feel leaves in my bones this time of year. There is something about THIS blend that is exquisite for my skin chemistry. Most scents fade on me within a few minutes. This one I can catch whiffs of 12 hours later, a lovely kiss of scent when I turn my head. I don't know that this will be helpful information for anyone except me, but it's what makes Sonnet 2011 top five for me. (Other years are definitely blended differently, so take note of that.) Love love love in 2022!
  25. DiesMali

    Bram Stoker

    In the imp: Cologney bergamot and vetiver. Wet on my skin: This is almost a perfect balance of bergamot and smoky grasses once it's on my skin, and it is very much into "traditional mens' cologne" territory at this point. Dry: This blend doesn't morph a whole lot as it dries and wears, except that a bit of the bittersweet bergamot eventually burns off and more of the resin-smoked vetiver-hay combination comes out past the ~2-3 hour mark. I usually like high-end cologne scents, and I do like this one, but it's a bit too "traditionally masc" for me to really be interested in wearing it. There are only a few of those that I've tried from BPAL so far, and I guess we just added another one! Not quite my thing, but I can see older guys in particular enjoying wearing this! In fact, I'm getting a mental image of an ex-football player dad (the kind who'd consider Irish Spring to be luxury soap) picking out a "fancy" cologne to wear to his daughter's high school graduation ceremony and a nice family dinner afterward. Definitely a nice potential gift for dads and grandpas. Maybe drag kings, too.
  26. Hi, I want to buy some bottles from your sale but my messages don’t get through (inbox full). Can you contact me?

  27. LavenderCoffee


    I got a selection of imps from Haute Macabre since they started offering them recently, and I didn't expect to enjoy Citrine as much as I do! It is quite citrus forward at first but the ambrette and myrrh and bay are so gorgeous alongside it! And warm, like sunshine. I'm strongly considering a full size bottle
  28. SpoopyBoopy

    Lavender Buttercream

    Which one do you prefer?
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