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  2. crystaltongue

    Rose Red

    Rose red is pure magic. I have an imp of 2007, and a bottle of 2022, and both read about the same on me - the most perfect blood red rose, growing wild rather than in a hot house, with just the barest hint of snow. It is very green when first applied, but in moments the rose blooms on my skin. The only difference between the two versions seems to be how long it lasts on me - 2007 will last 4 to 6 hours, but 2022 seems to go 8 to 9. Mind, rose always seems to amp on my, so your mileage may vary, but for me Rose Red is a winner. For a fun experiment - try layering with snow white, and smell like an entire fairytale.
  3. crystaltongue

    Snow Zombi

    This goes bizarrely minty on me and stays that way. In the bottle there is plenty goingn on, but on the skin get no snow white, no rose - just dirt and mint. Definitely not my jam, alas.
  4. crystaltongue

    Knave of Snowflakes

    Short version: it's snow white, the purple berry jam and butter. Long version: knave of snowflakes lives on that interesting borderland of being ALMOST too foody, but staying just shy of it. The berries and butter of the tarts are strong in the bottle, but are quickly overtaken by Snow White in strength once dry on the skin. Like others, I don't get much rose here (surprising, since rose usually amps on me like no one's business), but I am not made about, since it balances fine without it.
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  6. forspecial_plate

    Three People Plucking a Mandrake

    I think I'm mostly smelling the mandrake root. It's very rooty, but I can smell the other 2 notes too. There's a little bit of an "ashy" feel that I think comes from the champaca. It's not amping on me like I kind of expected it to. The patchouli doesn't stand out strongly to me. This doesn't change much from beginning to dry-down. It basically smells like what it is, a win in my opinion! It just smells like "bpal" to me, in a good way. Like it's a new and different scent but very characteristic of a classic bpal scent (if that makes any sense). Kind of like Tattie Bogle maybe? But I haven't compared them side-by-side.
  7. AbbyNormal

    Miskatonic is AMAZING - but also CHEEEEESY. Recs?

    I’m so happy to have found this thread. I tried on my imp of MU last night and picked up some serious cheese and thought I was losing it, because I didn’t get cheese at all from smelling the imp. At least now I know I probably got one from the weird batch. Yay, it’s not me!
  8. forspecial_plate

    Snake charmer mainstream dupe?

    You might possibly get more replies in the "Other Perfumes You Love" thread, in the Retail Therapy sub-forum, that is the "official" place where people discuss non-bpal scents including mainstream ones, sometimes. I know I've smelled a perfume that reminded me of Madame Moriarty, so I imagine there could also be something out there that smells like Snake Charmer (they are kind of in the same family, in my opinion).. Good luck to you! : )
  9. This smells like a beautiful, dry red wine. In fact, it's giving me strong flashbacks to drinking way too much wine with my dad back when I just turned 18. Eventually, towards the very tail end, the wine disappears, leaving a grapey floral, but this scent lasts and lasts and lasts. I put it on at 10am in the morning, and it didn't start fading until at least 6pm.
  10. AbbyNormal

    Miskatonic University

    I bought this imp a couple years ago if memory serves me and tried it once back then but preferred something else in my order more so it’s been sitting in the random imp pile ever since. Tonight I tried it again and the jury is still out In the imp it smelled like a very strong boozy coffee and it took everything in me to not taste it. I went and hopped in the shower to remove the last traces of today’s oil so I could properly give it a test. Wet: Irish coffee, dust, and…cheese??? A rather stinky cheese, like grated Parmesan when it’s sprinkled on a pizza, only without the pizza. Luckily the cheese mostly disappeared after a couple of minutes, but the scent wasn’t very strong so I hesitantly added another swipe. Cheese again, but nowhere near as strong. This time the coffee took the stage, but with an undercurrent of old cooking oil. I’m hoping that it’s just reacting to my body wash or something because it’s nothing like the delicious smell from the imp. I’m going to reapply again in the morning and see if things have calmed down. I’m hoping it’s not a funky skin chemistry thing because it smelled so wonderful until I put it on 😭
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  12. theredkilt

    Wanton Airs, Bodiless Airs

    I'm so happy to have blind bottled it before it was discontinued. It's an airy sweetish cognac with a smidge of bergamot twang anchored on a bed of oud. It's airy and a tad transparent, but still robust and well defined.
  13. myoubi

    A Lady Tall and White

    This one, unfortunately for me, smells more like the Lab's description and less like what earlier reviewers described. After the reviews, I was hoping for a chilly winter queen. It starts off promising -- a blast of snowy, piney, slightly minty chill, the Lab's familiar snow note that I love. I took a big sniff and thought aw yeah, that's the stuff! And then it went... sweet. And it got sweeter, and sweeter, until it was this almost icing-sugar-sweet vanilla ringed in snow. I was hoping for Skadi's more feminine cousin and instead got something like a frosty vanilla holiday drink. I don't know why my skin does this 😥I'll let this sit for a few months to see if it changes, but if it's still this sweet-vanilla on me, it may find a new home.
  14. LavenderCoffee

    Bobbing for Snake Oil

    Just received this Monday, it's now Thursday. Fresh out of the mail and directly applied, it actually smelled eyeballs-rolling-back great for a few moments. Then it went weird. Applying again today, it remains quite weird. To quote someone else's experience of A Sorceress: "Never have I been so wrong about how something would smell on me." It's all mealy red apple sadness with a trace of plastic. Damn my skin chemistry! I may stow Bob the Snek for awhile or just let it bring joy to someone else.
  15. elissamay


    Ignore how this smells OOB and test it on the skin, first of all. OOB it smells completely different and almost alcohol-medicinal and mildly unpleasant. On the skin, this blooms into something that is so close to aged Raven Moon, IMO. There's no chili here, but the darkness and deepness has so many similar echoes to my nose. (I'm smelling it for the first time in a 2014 aged bottle since it's currently out of stock.) My first encounter with Oblivion was in Bobbing for Oblivion, which combines with the black apple notes. (And is another gorgeous variant blend!) I had to get my hands on the OG to see where all that sexy darkness was coming from in that blend, and this did not disappoint!
  16. ziggystardust13

    Snake charmer mainstream dupe?

    Just want to say I don't think there is anything wrong with asking this at all! I used to own Snake Charmer forever ago and unfortunately I can't really think of anything similar other than KVD's old scent "Saint", though it lacked that metallic note I got from Snake Charmer. Also, her perfumes were eventually reformulated, so I later purchased Saint and it was nothing like the original. Very lackluster. I of course prefer oils but haven't found anything close!
  17. MamaMoth

    Abolish ICE

    this went in a completely unexpected direction for me, but i'm here for it! expectation: thick, sweet, rich gourmand layered on a patchouli/oud base. reality: SMOKY (bordering on burnt) oud and woodsy patchouli, primarily. there's definitely a base of rich dark sweetness, but it's not overwhelming in the slightest. there's almost a dryness to it, not the sticky sweetness one might expect. i get a good dose of bourbon vanilla smoothing everything over, and hints of clovey warmth without the actual spike of clove. i never tracked any discernible coffee. this is right in my wheelhouse, and i really like it. a little does go a long way! i actually noticed that a lighter application brings out the sweetness more.
  18. Minh Scent

    An Opiate Vapor

    Absolutely gorgeous scent. It is mostly womanly opium on me with a veil of violets. One of the prettiest perfumes of the year for me. I wish I had the other reviewers' luck with longevity, as it fades very quickly on my skin in spite of slathering.
  19. Diesis

    November Mood

    First one... eee. So, as someone born in November, I added this to my cart with no real thought of the notes. It'd go in with my other "i won't wear this, but I'm keeping it" BPAL's. But when I went back to look at the notes, my brain thought "It'll smell like a decorated pine tree. Like being back in the PNW maybe." So I was a little more into it. In the bottle though, it was just dead leaves bell pepper. So I sat it to the side to try some of the other ones I had just gotten. So after a week or so of rest, I tried it & it's so perfect on my skin. It IS like being in the pine forests in the PNW. Like finding a little area of wildflowers & underbrush & walking through on a cold day. The moss is actually a note I can find & it melds with the birch & amber so well. The orris in this sort of hazes in & out, like the idea of walking past fragrant plants & getting a whiff for a bit & then nothing until you run into another patch. With the other scent,s my brain just wants it to be snowdrops. So this could easily be the last few cold days of winter, as much as the start of it. It's been on for a few hours now & it's calmed down into one of those sticks that come out at Christmas? You can get a pine, a spruce, a Christmas tree, or a cinnamon pinecone as scents (Scentsicles... I think they're called). But it's more on the very classy side of those sticks, the way I think they want to be but never quite achieve. This would have fit in the Yule collection exceptionally well, & honestly, I'd wear this at any time to invoke a bit of chilly fall days. I'd say it's a very unisex blend, on me it's just the wilds of a forest in the late fall. So I am definitely in love & may need to grab another bottle before it's gone.
  20. LavenderCoffee

    Oak King v4

    Holy wow this is good! Sharp and sour when wet but bless me, when it is dry! Reminds me of a beverage from the local brewery called Dead Druid King based on a recipe reportedly found in a crypt that called for oak leaves in the beer. It's intimidating at first as well. The dry scent is gorgeously sweet and earthy. Time has been good to this bottle.
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  22. Amazonia

    Snake charmer mainstream dupe?

  23. puellacaerulea

    Lightning Strikes Literature

    This blend starts off with noticeable ozone, but accompanied by a beeswax note that keeps the ozone from getting harsh or high-pitched. This scent is a weird but lovely interplay between cool and warm notes, with fresh, cool ozone contrasting the sweet beeswax and slightly vanillic old-paper notes. This one's a likely bottle purchase for me.
  24. puellacaerulea

    Young Witches at Play in the Night Sky

    This is one of those blends where all the notes just mesh together incredibly well. My first impression is evergreen notes and creamy magnolia. On application, the bergamot and white musk amp up a bit more, brightening the scent and amplifying the creaminess of the magnolia. I can pick out the orris, but it's not noticeably powdery; rather, it just softens the edges of all the other notes. This almost reads vintage floral perfume to me thanks to the magnolia and orris, but the evergreen notes and white musk take it into a cooler, airier territory.
  25. puellacaerulea

    Dead Leaves, Praline, and Sheer Vanilla

    This one starts off with an aggressively sweet and nutty praline note that goes a bit plasticky on my skin, with the more wet, cologne-like DL accord intensifying it. Fortunately, it calms down quite a bit on drydown, shifting to a not-too-sweet nutty vanilla blend, with a faint hint of dry leaves in the background.
  26. shadowlover

    Snake charmer mainstream dupe?

    I would also like to know if there is anything similar to Snake Charmer also any of the laces I don't think there is anything wrong with asking
  27. Incredibly buttery and rich ginger cake, to the point that it's almost a bit nauseating, speaking as someone who can't stomach very fatty foods. It's saved by the dry sting of orange zest. The quince takes a while to bloom, but once it does, it tones down the suffocating richness of the cake too.
  28. Diesis

    Thirteen (13): January 2023

    This smells so delicious on my skin. In the bottle it was straight up smoked cacao, cedar, & sage. Which I’m fine with! Winning combo. But once on? That cacao just bloomed with notes from our gardens! The sage was still there, the cedar was a lovely note humming through the cacao now (no pencil shavings; just trees & nature & quieter times). But then the lavender, patchouli, thyme, chocolate mint, & barely started swirling in. It was like walking through our overgrown herb beds & flowers trees (they will not be tamed to bushes) if they were deep in the woods! This may have booted the Sugars 13 out of its roost. Which is fine since I’m down to only half that bottle. Sadly, I cannot find the moss, ambrette, rice milk, vetiver, hazelnut, or tobacco. I’m hoping with a bit of rest that vetiver brings in some earthy grasses or the musky floral of ambrette. But if none or all come up I’ll be well pleased I got this!! The 13’s have been my favourite series for so long now. I finally finished a bottle from… 2012? Or 2011? but am keeping the bottle. This & Blue Moons (or any weird lunar/star/solar thing… black moons, moons of other planets). So I’m looking forward to our other Fri13 scent this year!
  29. Minh Scent

    Velvet Snow

    This almost is richer than the original Velvet. The snow element is not so evident to me after initial application, but the sandal and choclate seem creamier, with a vanilla twinge. It is a gorgeous, cozy scent. I like it even more than the original.
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