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  2. elissamay

    Bronze Dildo

    Oh my goodness, I just made the same observation re: Scientific, Occult, and Inexplicable! I didn't think I could swing this, but once the sharp metal calms down, it's actually very pleasing and elegant (?).
  3. MamaMoth

    Beeswax, Cedarwood & Bourbon Vanilla

    starts off with that gorgeous cedar taking the lead: bold and brassy, almost balsamic. sweetened and blunted somewhat by creamy beeswax, with the barest vanilla underpinning. it's quite pleasant now, but a little discordant. like listening to an orchestra tune their instruments. as it starts to dry the vanilla surges up, the cedar mellows, and all the notes shift into perfect harmony. smooth, creamy, and sweet from the vanilla and beeswax, woodsy and a little sharp from the cedar. it's like everything my nose craves, and very much my kinda thing.
  4. MamaMoth

    Humorous Copulation

    my skin usually amps amber and cream notes, but there's barely any to be found here for me. odd. on me this mostly astringent-y lemon tea, and overall just reading as more higher-octave top notes than i can enjoy. very spa-day kind of vibe.
  5. Teamama

    Spurious Cooter Bees

    Ginger beer! The honey isn't strong enough for me to notice over the ginger-y, vaguely citrus-y fizzing. A tickle, for sure. I will enjoy my decant but don't need a bottle.
  6. tinyvulture

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    What a cute lemon scent. Like a fuzzy baby bunny bringing you lemon cookies. Not really penis-y at all.
  7. Yesterday
  8. doomsday_disco

    Little Maggie

    Freshly applied, the honeyed patchouli, cacao, and mallow flower stand out to me the most, backed by the white sandalwood. It becomes drier and less sweet over time as the patchouli and sandalwood assert themselves, leaving behind a soft patch-dominant scent by the end of the day with the dry sandalwood not far behind it, with just the barest trace of the mallow flower that once was. I'm glad I got to try this, but I wish the sweeter notes had decided to stick around on me!
  9. doomsday_disco

    Ut Ameris, Amabilis Esto

    On me, this is mostly squishy bits of strawberry and rose with the fresh rose note increases with strength over time. There's hints of orange, lavender, and benzoin in the background, but mostly it's a strawberry-tinged rose party on me. I do think sniffing it helps to calm the nerves. I don't think I need to upgrade to a bottle of this one, but I'll definitely be keeping my decant!
  10. doomsday_disco

    Boney Moon 2022

    This starts off strongest on the lunar herbs on me, followed by the cedar. I think that lemongrass (or something lemony) and sage are among the herbs. Then the cedar gains strength and it ends up being a dry, herbal cedar blend for a long time before the sandalwood manages to rise up, shove the cedar aside, and make it an even drier woody herbal scent, backed by some white musk. I am not getting the ambergris on my skin, sadly. Although this isn't a scent I would wear, I do think the dry woods really fit the theme of this scent.
  11. becca_s

    Brown Sugar, Cream, and Earl Grey Tea

    This smells like a freshly brewed pot of expensive earl grey tea with a teaspoon of brown sugar and perhaps a little cream somewhere to the side. This really could be a duo on me between the earl grey and brown sugar. Cream is one of my favorite notes but I get very little here. This is quite a clean, fresh scent on me. I can smell the bergamot from the earl grey. The brown sugar does not take over and complements the tea really well. It adds a sweetness and grounds the scent. Overall, I really like it because I do like tea notes. It is light wearing and stays close to the skin.
  12. becca_s

    Marshmallow and Black Plum

    The labs marshmallow note has become a favorite of mine recently so I blind brought a bottle of this and it is quite lovely. I get quite a balanced mix of the black plum and the marshmallow. I think the marshmallow here is more toasty and gourmand. This is a little sugary to me, which must be coming from the marshmallow. Plum is normally a note which becomes very dominating for me in many blends but to my surprise it does not take over here. This really does smell like a plum flavored marshmallow!
  13. tinyvulture

    You May House Their Bodies But Not Their Souls

    Just beautiful. A sweet, cozy patchouli blend. The patchouli has like a cola vibe and the amber is so glowing and warming. The vanilla is very present and very sweet on my skin. Going to need a bottle, it’s like a second skin, love it.
  14. Little Bird

    Frankincense, Copal and Cacao Home & Linen Spray

    I only have a decant of this, but I love it so much and wish I had a bottle. I used it today and it finally dawned on me that the citrusy, sweet, slightly herbal qualities of this smell a lot like citronella (which is a scent that I really enjoy). It's like citronella candles, white chocolate, and really smooth, warm resins and a hint of sweet incense smoke.
  15. Little Bird

    Blue Curtain at the Brothel Home & Linen Spray

    It's interesting that this does give off a deep, dark blue color impression at first, likely because of the very present violet note. It's a cool, slightly powdery, sweet violet with a little fruitiness from the plum blossom more than the red currant (which always smells sour to me, and I'm not getting any sour fruit here). On the initial spray, it reminded me of watery, cool, smooth blue musk, but it settles into more of a grand, perfumey floral. The peony is rose-like and perfumey-sharp and the carnation adds a dry, slight spiciness to the sweet violet and fruity plum blossom. It feels like a very adult, grownup floral scent even with the sweet and fruity tones.
  16. BoneBone24

    Daddy by Effy Beard Oil

    (butt label) I got this for my boo about...2 years ago maybe? and am quite familiar with its scent both from nuzzling him and from having it on my hands (sometimes we make a little ritual of me applying and brushing it in for him). It leans masculine to me, but only slightly. It has a fair amount of sweetness, a hint of woodsiness, and these sort of ambient light coppery-brown-ish notes. It's hard to pick it apart, tbh, but I think what stands out most is the hay, the sweetness of the rum, and a musky warmth of someone who perhaps actually has been rolling around in a wrestling ring for a few minutes. It's cozy, distinctive, and has a fluid nature that I think would make it wearable for most personalities.
  17. Little Bird

    Ambrette Seed and Prune

    Ambrette Seed & Prune smells like an intensely sour, tart, unripe plum to me. I like it for the first few minutes of wear and then it's just too much for me. I find myself wanting some sweetness or anything to turn down the sour qualities.
  18. Little Bird

    The Tea Room

    Slightly spicy, slightly smoky, dry, black tea leaves and citrusy bergamot with maybe a watery green tea and hint of mint after a while. Has a masculine leaning quality and, after a few minutes, also kind of reminds me of a generic bathroom cleaner smell with the minty, citrusy, watery tones.
  19. hhelix

    Faster Kittycat?

    This is gorgeous. It’s got light throw and wears close to the skin, but it’s the perfect snuggly skin/sweater scent. Just lovely. Very good for fall. Smells more like a commercial perfume than most BPALs, but niche. It’s simple, classic, the little black dress of perfume.
  20. First on, this smells like apple fritters and is so delicious. Caramelized, baked, warm apples with a sugary glaze and a hint of cinnamon. Then, within seconds of sitting on my skin, the cinnamon amps way up and the whole thing turns dry and reminiscent of cinnamon potpourri. Sweet, dry, strong cinnamon, but nothing else.
  21. Little Bird

    In Dubiis Libertas

    I got an imp of this direct from the Lab in a recent order, but it doesn't smell much like what other people are describing. I get something from this that's pink/red and tart and reminds me of pomegranate, along with a very powdery amber, slightly resinous, and a musk that reminds me of mainstream perfumes and colognes. Warm and sweet. It reminds me very much of another perfume that I cannot place (maybe Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir without the patchouli and spice, but a similar warmth, fruit, resin and powder?).
  22. Little Bird

    In Omnibus Caritas

    This is such a lovely, sweet, cuddly scent. It smells like clean skin slathered with a soft, honey scented lotion and climbing into your cool bed of soft sheets scented in realistic lily and marshmallow-y vanilla cream. It has a cotton-y, cool quality and lots of delicate sweetness. The white sandalwood and orris aren't turning to a powdery mess like they usually do for me and the scent overall is not sickly sweet in spite of having lots of vanilla and honey. It's sweet and clean, but not soapy or overly sweet. I wish that I could get a bottle of this, but it reminds me of scents like Traditional Sheet Ghost.
  23. Saelyx


    In the Imp this this is sharp and green and intriguing. Whilst wearing it has a good medium throw, so you can be stood next to me and smell it, but it won't cover the whole room, which is exactly what I want. However on my skin, both wet, during the dry down, and after wearing for a few hours, it dissapointingly smells exactly like toilet block. You could say I have a bit of envy towards those whoes skin it works well on...
  24. ccelaya

    Discarded Sandal

    I love this! I was concerned because of the pine but the beeswax calms the forest greenery down. It settles sweet. It’s like smelling a beehive in a pine forest. 🥰
  25. becca_s


    Honey and Amber are two of my favorite notes so I knew that Horses would work for me even before I tried it and it does! The initial application reminded me of O without the vanilla but this is scent is also unique. The honey is deep and rich and the amber is sweet and warm. I don't get any beeswax from this. On me the smoke smells like a hint of incense or a candle just lit. I don't find it smoky. It's a warm and deep scent, it really is perfect as a winter scent, it's quite cozy as someone else described.
  26. moggle

    Stargazing at Sea

    Very pleasant, it's similar to aftershave with some salt. I will use my sample but not go for a bottle.
  27. moggle

    Plunging Into The Hellmouth

    In bottle and on initial application it's a nice floral. As it dried on me it remained floral but went a bit towards a creamy soap vibe. Not for me.
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