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  2. Janis

    Enchanting Diversion with a Wakashu

    Wet, this is all apricots and vanilla brandy, but as it dries it becomes primarily vanilla, with whispers of dark musk. I'm not getting any Hinoki wood at all! Like many blends with vanilla or cream notes I'm left with nothing but a sweet, slightly 'off', slightly synthetic creamy vanilla on drydown. (I think I might have similar skin chemistry as @muined, as Hecate and dark musk do the same thing on me as well.)
  3. Yesterday
  4. RoseThornAndOak


    This is straight from the beautiful Lab, which I'm convinced has some aquatic wonderland off the coast somewhere where they trade with mermaids for Very Pretty Things. I agree with what has been stated above, Awake has a very sophisticated and sexy perfume vibe, only without the alcohol and plasticky notes. I'm trying to think what perfume it reminds me of, but is better than. When first put on it is dark, sweet amber with a smidgen of red musk, but doesn't have that oudh-like edge that red musk can have sometimes. The red musk is just slight enough to not stomp out the other notes. The amber is that rich, expensive perfume type, but not crazy powdery. As it dries down a slight, soft, smooth, silky aquatic note comes out that is not screechy or reading masculine at all, but just adds another...I don't know how else to put it, sexy expensive dimension? You know what? If this was a flanker to Dior Poison it would be called Mermaid Poison. It kind of reminds me of what I remember Amber Romance smelling like, too but with more depth and intrigue. It is not as heady as Midnight Poison, but Awake puts me in the same moonlight tryst sort of headspace. And yes, far more sophisticated than my pants and casual shirt *slips into velvet skirt* and I know there is a conventional that is closer to this in profile, but that is what's coming to me. I'm really enjoying this A LOT and think it will age well. If you miss wearing sexy, dark, classic night time, date night, noir type scents or found them to be a bit too much and wanted something similar that is not headache inducing or wanted something with more of a Gothic tone, give Awake a go. This is a soft, more wearable gothic Poison to me and I will cherish my bottle! ❤️
  5. zankoku_zen

    No Man is an Island

    I get mainly hazelnut, coffee, cream, a whiff of patchouli and cassia, and a ton of vanilla on the drydown. This one is a sophisticated coffee cream blend. Very gender neutral, and definitely ending up closer to the masculine territory. This is manly coffee. It actually makes me think of Turkish coffee. There's a whiff of the sage on the drydown which gives it some savoriness and exotic feel. Great throw and wear length.
  6. zankoku_zen

    Mahogany, Wood Moss, & Smoke

    Woods and smoke. There's something here, which I think is the wood moss, that adds a note of aquatic freshness to the mahogany that ends up coding like the chemicalness that I tend to associate with black leather, so this is more of a mahogany leather blend on me. Great throw and wear length.
  7. zankoku_zen

    Red Patchouli, Nutmeg, & Oudh

    Red Patchouli and nutmeg. This is basically a red patchouli blend on me. Good throw and wear length.
  8. puellacaerulea


    Was recently frimped a decant of this -- not sure which year I have! In the decant, I mostly get bright lemongrass. As it wears, the amber comes out and tempers the scent -- after drydown, the oakmoss also amps up more, giving a mossy, herbal, green counterpoint to the lemongrass. If anything, several hours in, I'd call this oakmoss with a lemony edge to it. Fortunately, I like oakmoss, so that works for me. I can see myself reaching for this more often as the weather warms up. (As a side note, I love the bright greenish-yellow color of the oil -- matches the name.)
  9. zankoku_zen

    Song of Hope

    Carnation, spices (pepper, clove, and a whiff of patchouli), and a touch of leather and amber. This one is a warm spicy carnation blend. More sophisticated than a Luper. I would categorize this as gender neutral oriental, and I think it would be absolutely banging on the right fella with the right skin chemistry. Medium throw and wear length.
  10. zankoku_zen

    After the Winter

    Coconut, amber, and fresh green grasses. On wet, I smelled grasses, orange blossom, and a whiff of vanilla. Very spring like. As it dries, you get the coconut and fig come out, giving it a more tropical blend, and the amber warms it up a fair deal so it ends up being more like an early summer. Delightful for those that love spring, coconut blends, and just want something tropical. Good throw and wear length.
  11. zankoku_zen

    I Wish I Were Your Mirror

    Myrrh, frankincense, cassia, and lilies. This smells like a Victorian gentleman's cologne. Whose into Egypt, wearing a linen shirt without a cravat, and in the evenings, bending you over his desk and administering a little discipline with a papyrus switch while he chews on a cardamom pod. Medium throw and wear length.
  12. zankoku_zen

    Thirteen (13): March 2020

    It starts off as fairly fruity sugar, almost toothachingly so, and ends up a smoky sweet molasses sugar. Light, layerable, and sexy. Medium throw and wear length.
  13. zankoku_zen

    Spiced Rum, Vetiver, & Cinnamon Bark

    Rum, dry cinnamon bark, and smoky vetiver. Ugh, this reminds me to Bay Rum but drier. UNF. So good. Medium throw and wear length.
  14. zankoku_zen

    Two Westeners

    Salty aquatic overlay on honey, leather, and wax. I find this to be a gender-neutral, slightly masculine blend. It's like if the Light of Men's Lives went to sea and lived the pirate life for a while. Medium throw and wear length.
  15. artisjok

    Gingerbread, Patchouli, Leather, & Dark Musk

    Take a worn leather jacket, subtlety scented by the owner’s patchouli oil and sweat, and transform it into a gingerbread loaf. There you have it. The notes are all equally represented, and I think it’s just coming across as murky to me. I wish one of the notes was more prominent, sharper, than the others. I think it’s a sexy and rugged holiday, yet I have so many sexy rugged leather scents that call to me louder and need more of my attention.
  16. Lilah Ladybug

    Mr. Prenderghast

    Adding some joy to my days of isolation during this global pandemic by reviewing my hoard of scents. this is day 5: Mr Prenderghast Wet: smells like some kind of liquor that’s been kept for a little too long... and although it’s not listed, I’m getting a lot of clove. It’s quite... sharp and strong... a little off putting actually. I guess it’s a lot like the Character, at first your very unsure. It’s a little unpleasant almost. But it eventually settles and warms up to something... a little more friendly. Once it’s does, it’s an old sweet cigar with in the pocket of a dusty woolen jacket with a vanilla/musky type backdrop - But it’s lost all its ‘oomph’... one minute it’s too powerful, the next it’s hard to catch it. I love the lab’s wool note and it does come out in its comforting hug eventually, but I’d hoped it would have carried this scent and kept it cosy the whole time. I’m thinking it would work well layered with some vanilla from the start to soften that harsh beginning. And I’m betting a dude could pull this off better than I can....
  17. JazzieCazzie


    Cannot wait to try this ... IF I get to try it ... it's apparently lost somewhere in the gears of the United States Postal Service. No fault of my seller ... everything was on track there and I have the tracking number but it's been stuck at a regional center for more than 48 hours (and the center is literally 15 minutes from my house, but was not the "last stop" before it would have gone out for delivery) ... usually after 48 hours at one facility it's either moved or it's lost. Right now it's showing "in transit to the next destination" which is literally walking distance from the previous one. Sigh.
  18. artisjok

    Ehon Warai Jogo Bath Oil

    This is a very realistic, firm peach, skin-on. It seems not quite ripe, so not super juicy. I was hoping for some strong honey and cream, yet I didn’t notice either in the bath. I’m glad I only got a decant, because I don’t usually want to smell like a fruit single note. I do appreciate the realism, and will probably hold onto the decant and layer with Castitas. Maybe the honey will emerge from its slumber!
  19. Little Bird

    Leather, Black Tea, & Clove

    This smelled harsh in the bottle when I first got it, so I set it aside for a few weeks. Now it reminds me of a black tea that I own that's scented/flavored with bergamot oil. It smells like the dry tea, a little smoky, slightly bitter and very citrusy-lemony with only a teensy hint of dusty leather. After two hours of wear, all of that has disappeared and I'm left with a dry, spicy, sweet clove single note. I love clove, so that works for me.
  20. Little Bird

    Hymn to St. Brigid

    Hymn is one of my Yule loves. It smells like sweet wildflower honey drizzled into chilled cream (the cream is sweet, but also cool and fresh smelling to me). I actually don't think that this smells buttery. You definitely won't smell like you rolled around with a stick of butter or anything. The honey and refreshing cream are much more prominent to me. It makes me think of big, fuzzy bumblebees and makes me wish for summer and for things to go back to normal...
  21. Janis


    Peach/apricot and frankincense! I'm not picking up honey or rose at all. I tend to amp honey but it behaves itself and stays almost imperceptibly quiet here. The overall scent profile reminds me strongly of Court Crows hair gloss (golden mango, apple peel, and frankincense) except with peach and a deeper musk. Soft, light, sophisticated fruit. Lovely!
  22. Lin Swanson

    The Laughable Erotic Shellfish

    I am so glad I took a chance on this! Clove makes me nervous - I like it, but it tends to take over everything on me. This is a cloud of lilac like the ones under my bedroom window, with something green underneath that I can't quite figure out from the notes. The darker notes are just gentle support in the background, keeping Ms. Lilac grounded in her garden bed. Less drugstore perfume of the 80s and more a walk around the back yard in mid-May. It feels very spring-y to me and I look forward to wearing it as the weather starts to finally turn.
  23. Lin Swanson


    The lemon in this is delightfully sweet-tart, but sadly doesn't last very long on me. What it leaves behind, though, is a lovely herbal honey that stays close to the skin. It's light and comforting.
  24. artisjok

    Dark Lace

    An open grave, drenched with two lovers’ perfumes, tattered white silk remains. They were buried here together after the accident, and now they have escaped their earthly prison. The remnants of a diabolical ritual still smolder behind the solemn headstones. Along with a rich whiff of tobacco, a woman’s throaty laugh rides on the wind from the nearest grove of gloomy trees. Out of sight, yet not sound, moaning and snarling commence and the cold wind howls in accompanying ecstasy. Dark Lace does remind me of Lycan Lace, with the tobacco and earth and incense and sugar-spun vanilla... Every time I wear it, I’m not impressed for the first half hour, then all the notes join together in a luxurious perfume-y blanket that makes me feel like attending a midnight masked ball. I think it’s improved since I first received it, and hope it continues to do so over time.
  25. Bassmastadroog

    Hashigo-Nori Hair Gloss

    At first spray this is quite ‘old lady,’ indistinguishable notes, a dried melange of florals. While drying, a certain spice makes its appearance. I don’t get any vanilla in the sweet sense. Some antique smelling sandalwood with a richness to it, overlaid by dried rose petals. A white laced young woman in a fantasy film like Legend would smell like this. Mystery and allure, purity.
  26. Last week
  27. puellacaerulea

    Cooling Breeze

    In the decant: Cool green tea, bamboo, and a hint of juniper. Cool and fresh. Once on: The juniper amps up a lot, giving the scent a slight fruitiness. As it dries down, the sandalwood gets more noticeable, adding a little groundedness and complexity to the otherwise cool, green elements of the scent. I'd still call this a primarily green tea scent, though. Super low throw; would be great for warm weather or when you want something subtle. Probably going to need a bottle of this.
  28. feyofthefellwood


    I wanted to try this one because I feel like Denna is an unfairly maligned character and was curious about a perfume interpretation of her. Mostly, this smells like sweet, green grass to me. There's a hint of dewiness and florals. The scent doesn't have a lot of throw (although I don't usually slather, so maybe it would be different if I did), but I do catch a whiff of springtime about me when I wear it.
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