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BPAL Madness!

Updated: Group orders/Pickups for Cons and Events

Effective immediately, we are lifting limits on participants and items for group orders of BPAL/BPTP merchandise at events and conventions (please note that decant circle levels still apply). Anyone who wishes to make a group order/ volunteer themselves as a pickup fairy must make a topic in the Decant Circles/Group Orders forum, post in the "New Decant Circle" thread, and report that post to bring it to a mod's attention. You may choose to set limits for your own sanity, or leave participation open, with the stipulation that participant lists be posted publicly in your topic. This does not apply to forum members who may choose to respond to select ISO posts in the Wanted forum-- there is no need to post a group order in that case.


As always, forum price caps apply. We do not permit group leaders to pass on PayPal fees on top of shipping and handling costs. Participants will cover sales tax, but not cost of admission/gas/parking/merch/any incidental fees the group leader may incur.


As group orders and event pickups often involve items of limited quantity, there is no guarantee that participation in a group order will ensure fulfillment. Caveat emptor. Please stay in communication with your participants/group leader; if a month has gone by and you have not yet received your order (or an explanation from the group leader) please alert the swap mods.