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BPAL Madness!



The purpose of this forum is to make reviews of specific BPAL and BPTP products easy to find and read.

The Reviews moderators are LiberAmoris and parrot_suspect. If you have any questions about Reviews or cannot find a topic for an item you want to review, please contact them via PM.

Before you reach out for assistance, please read through the Reviews guidelines:

  • Each BPAL or BPTP scented product will have its own topic unless it is a re-released scent with a different description/note list.
  • When reviewing, please post your review as a response to the existing topic. Your post must be a review; general discussion of products should happen in the appropriate BPAL/BPTP Chatter topic, not the Reviews forum. Repeatedly posting off-topic comments is a warnable offense.
  • Each member is allowed one post in each review topic, unless they're reviewing another release of the same scent (e.g., scents that release on multiple years) or a scent that has one review topic but covers multiple formulations (e.g., Chaos Theory).
  • A moderator will add 'placeholder' review topics for each product after an update. If you are the first person to post a review in the topic, please report the post to be merged with the placeholder.
  • If you notice after posting that your post falls at the top of a new page in the topic, please add the scent description so that it appears at the very top of your post. To add a scent description, wrap the description of the item in the "BPAL (Scent) Description" tags found in the Special BB Code dropdown available to the left of the font dropdown in the editing tools for the individual post. For example:
    The scent of warm, glowing jack o'lanterns on a warm autumn night: true Halloween pumpkin, spiced with nutmeg, glowing peach and murky clove.
  • Please do not add the direct quote of the Lab's scent description to your review unless your post falls at the top of a page. Repeating that content bulks up the reviews pages and is repetitive.
  • If you quote another reviewer, please only quote the relevant portion of their review and be sure to add your own review. Quoting another reviewer just to say "Same" isn't adding useful content for other members.
  • If you have something to add about a scent you've already reviewed, please edit your existing review, rather than adding another one.
  • Do not contact users for swapping based off of their reviews. This is considered panhandling and is not allowed.