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    Litha 2006, Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree, O, Dorian, Kumiho, Sea of Glass Yes notes: amber, clove, honey, non-foody vanilla, some florals, some spice, lavender, cherry blossoms, some teas, plumeria, sandalwood, carnation Maybe notes: frankincense, violet, patchouli, rose, iris, orris No go notes: myrrh, black musk, snow note, linen, lotus


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  1. biggnerd

    Pumpkin Musk and Black Oudh

    On me this smells like root beer/sassafras with a slight squashy, vegetal tinge.
  2. biggnerd


    This smells almost like a plumeria SN on me.
  3. biggnerd

    A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

    Cherry blossom is very light, this is mainly sugary strawberry musk. It is very beautiful and sweet, but not in a toothachey way. It's almost like opening a good strawberry candy while standing in the warm spring sun under a bunch of cherry trees. Final notes at the end are a light musky vanilla. This is a girly scent I like to wear with bright, juicy pinks, preferably with some low-key frills.
  4. biggnerd

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    This is like Kumiho wearing Dorian. It doesn't last long and it's a light scent, but it's bright, sweet, and very pretty.
  5. biggnerd

    Vanilla Orchid

    This is one of my favorite notes, so I was very interested in getting a bottle of the SN. In the bottle: beautiful sweet orchid Wet: beautiful sweet orchid but....bug spray is fighting to come out. Dry: bugspray wins
  6. biggnerd

    The Lotus Tree

    in the imp: sweet and soapy wet: sunblock drying down: still sunblock dry: sunblock
  7. biggnerd


    in the imp: amaretto over soap wet: amaretto and maraschino cherries over a slight soap drying down: amaretto and cherry are battling with soapy myrrh, who is going to win? dry: oh fie, dark musk and your ash tray scent plus myrrh and your soap. dang, the almond smell was so lovely.
  8. biggnerd

    Candles Moon

    in the imp: at first, cat pee; second sniff, sweet berry, a little wax, and something else, perhaps it's the stinging wind? wet: what smells like cat pee? it's a sour, sharp smell. is that sheep's milk? i could see it. waxy, sour milk right now, not great. dry: sour, musky In the words of Mary Berry, "it's not for me."
  9. biggnerd


    in the imp: boozy, spiced peaches wet: peach with an undertone of some sort of sweet baked goods, like eating oatmeal while wearing the body shop peach lotion, dry: it's peach lotion with a slight undertone of fake baked goods.
  10. biggnerd

    Dragon's Bone

    i'm not a fan of dragon's blood, so we'll see how this goes in da imp: ashy, dry, sweet, and slightly dirty - perfect for an ossuary wet: sweet ashtray, oh no, i hope there isn't black musk in this drying down: oh, sweet wood, very nice, very light though, still a little ashtray, but something has to be burnt with dragons around dry: sweet, warm, wood, still a little ashyness, but it's not unpleasant - luckily, dragon's blood didn't show up very much at all. eta: i think the ashy smell is vetiver.
  11. biggnerd


    wet in imp: musky sweet sage with a little sharp green tea wet on skin: musky sage drying down: sweet berry sage musk, this is kind of like dorian ate some berries and rolled around in an herb patch - it has that same sweet, musky tea vibe, but with sage and berry as the sweet dry: berry is stepping forward and the sage, tea, and musk are all blending together as a nice background. i normally don't like fruity scents, but this isn't a fruit forward smell. it's there to add sweetness, but not fruitiness. also, dark musks normally go off on me, but not here. I think there's enough green and fruit to keep them from going burnt or sour.
  12. biggnerd

    Like a Girl

    in the imp: hey hey vanillay plus a little muskiness and floral? my skin amps bourbon vanilla like mad, so let's see what happens! wet: bourbon vanilla with something a little vegetal funk. drying down: oh hai vanilla with a little vegetal musk that adds just a little depth and interest to the hello sweet of the vanilla final: vanilla extract - this smells like me in high school when i doused myself in vanilla body spray, so in a way, it has a very accurate name
  13. biggnerd

    Cabbage White

    Iris is one of my favorite scents, so I was really excited to try this one. in imp: sweet, fragrant iris with something slightly earthy, pungent, and sweet wet: i had to slather to smell it, it's a little musky, little sweet floral, a little funky earth and some creaminess drying down: sweet, creamy, buttery floral, its a rounded, sweet iris scent, with some muskiness, i would totally describe this as sweet iris butter - surprisingly the vanilla doesn't amp on me - usually my skin will take any sweet note and run crazy with it, no soap yet either final: very light, sweet, creamy, powder with a little plasticky undertone. I like this, but it is a very quiet, close scent.
  14. biggnerd

    Fuck This Heat

    Lavender and mint is one of my favorite scent combinations. During the hot, humid summer it's my go-to for feeling refreshed and cool. In the imp: lavender, mint, and something a little floral/spicy/bitter wet: sweet mint, a little fresh herbaliness, and a little floral spiciness. This smells like Lush's Dirty springwash. drying down - minty minty mint mint, but sweet spearmint, not harsh peppermint, and a little bit of green sweet herbal final: sweet, slightly soapy herbal mint
  15. biggnerd

    Luke 10:25-37

    In imp: amber, saffron, and clove - it's not a foody scent, more of a sweet plant scent. The saffron is the strongest note for me. wet on skin: this is a soft scent, sweet ambery saffron is strongest with a sweet, slightly spicey clove. It's not a strong, aggressive spice, just a gentle tszuj to give it some depth. dry: the clove comes forward more and lays around on the amber, there are some strands of saffron here and there, but it's not as strong. this is a warm, sweet, gently spicey scent. final: beautiful sweet clove and amber. Man, if this had some honey in it, it'd be amazing. I layered Queen Butterfly over the final phase and it is pretty nice.