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  1. biggnerd

    Cucumber, Lime, and Freesia

    A cool, fresh cucumber with tart lime. I don't get much freesia. This is making me want a dry cucumber soda with a twist of lime.
  2. biggnerd

    A Robe All Red With Dripping Gore

    All I smell is incensey nag champa which is on my bully note list. It just tromps all over any other note. I also dislike it quite a bit.
  3. biggnerd

    Tomato, Patchouli Root, and Cedar Bean

    This is the smell of picking a tomato fresh off the vine. The tomato and cedar bean are strongest and they combine to be a perfect tomato and stem scent. This is kneeling in warm earth sniffing a warm, just picked tomato with the scent of the vine on your fingers.
  4. biggnerd

    Fern, Red Clover, and Wild Lettuce

    This is clover and lettuce. It's fresh and green, but unfortunately the clover takes over and goes soapy and air freshener on me.
  5. biggnerd

    Soft May the Worms About Her Creep

    This smells like a Lush store circa 2007, and more specifically like a bag that had a sex bomb bath bomb covered in dust from a the comforter bubble bar with a sample of Alkmaar soap. It's a total vibe.
  6. biggnerd


    Elaine is quite a disappointment for me. I love most of the notes in this scent. I jump on Lab scents that have rust-colored notes in them like auburn musk. However, the cypress is a massive bully in this scent and dominates for the entire wear time. The lily is there underneath and it combines with the cypress to smell like parsley soap.
  7. biggnerd

    Les Origines

    Starts as slightly indolic narcissus, but then settles down into a soft, gentle narcissus scent.
  8. biggnerd

    Love Let Her

    Love Let Her is having a real battle with my skin chem. It goes between spicy, lightly incensed peony rose to soapy, spicy squished carnation. The soapy carnation won.
  9. biggnerd

    Insatiable Woman

    On first application - oh no, what have I done? Foot funk, musty funky funky body funk...but....15 mins later - beautiful, creamy magnolia surrounds me and is hanging on. It's worth the funky part to feel like I'm sitting in a magnolia bloom.
  10. Starts off as nutty coconut and white chocolate with a little warmth from the clove. It smells like a white chocolate coconut syrup. Eventually the clove peeps out and then goes away. It settles down to sweet coconut cream. I don't get any carnation, which is disappointing.
  11. biggnerd

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    I can't decide if I like this scent. The oak is warm and woody, the vanilla is sweet but not gourman, the tobacco has that spicy, chewy quality of pipe tobacco, but the teakwood, the teakwood is chaotic neutral. I never know if teak is going to behave and be decent, or if it's going to wreck the scent. Here, it does the later. The teak amps the sweet aspect of all the other notes, which makes AM go overly sweet on me. It's such a bummer because this should be a no-brainer scent for me.
  12. biggnerd

    Vigil for the Harvest Suitors

    This is an interesting smell. The lilac isn't very strong on me. It's a background note adding some floral sweetness. The dominant scent is an almost mallow like woody hay. Like a non-sugary hay marshmallow. This isn't a dried grass hay, but more of a woody hay. This smells like some item created last harvest and kept for a personal reason that you've taken out to look at while your brain registers the soft scent of a distant lilac bush. This is being melancholy in the spring about Fall remembrances and the beginning of a new cycle of rebirth, growth, and death.
  13. biggnerd

    Black Lotus

    A white floral with an undernote of bubble yum that's been misted with diluted amber and myrrh.
  14. biggnerd


    Predominantly powdery musky amber, a little citrus apostrophe from the lemon and neroli, with frank and cedar hanging out way in the background keeping the disparate parts from going awry.