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    Litha 2006, Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree, O, Dorian, Kumiho, Sea of Glass Yes notes: amber, clove, honey, non-foody vanilla, some florals, some spice, lavender, cherry blossoms, some teas, plumeria, sandalwood, carnation Maybe notes: frankincense, violet, patchouli, rose, iris, orris No go notes: myrrh, black musk, snow note, linen, lotus


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  1. biggnerd

    Lacus Solitudinis

    The two strongest notes are lavender sweetened by marjoram and grounded by cedar and sandalwood. It's a sweet herbal with a foundation of wood. It's soothing and comfortable.
  2. biggnerd

    Honey and Sweet Labdanum

    Labdanum and honey smell like root beer on me. It's mostly labdanum with very little honey on my skin.
  3. biggnerd

    Right Atrium

    I love this so much I don't think I'm going to be able to coherently review it. It is sweet, soft, and a little bright from the white tea. The tea, cherry blossoms, and wood all blend together to create a beautiful spring scent. The white tea is always underneath, supporting the cherry and wood, keeping them from going too powdery, too sweet, too fruity, or too woody. It's like fluffy white and pink cashmere with bright sun and a comfortable spring breeze.
  4. biggnerd

    Closing the Bamboo Curtain

    I got mostly chilly labdanum and green bamboo - the oakmoss and patchouli add a little grounding darkness. This smells sweet, green, shiny, hard, and a little cool and shady.
  5. biggnerd

    Vernal Equinox Full Moon

    This is like Litha's demure, sweet little sister. Where Litha is all heady, boozy, honeyed florals - definite party girl - Vernal Equinox is light, sweet, green, spring florals.
  6. biggnerd

    Pumpkin Musk and Black Oudh

    On me this smells like root beer/sassafras with a slight squashy, vegetal tinge.
  7. biggnerd


    This smells almost like a plumeria SN on me.
  8. biggnerd

    A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

    Cherry blossom is very light, this is mainly sugary strawberry musk. It is very beautiful and sweet, but not in a toothachey way. It's almost like opening a good strawberry candy while standing in the warm spring sun under a bunch of cherry trees. Final notes at the end are a light musky vanilla. This is a girly scent I like to wear with bright, juicy pinks, preferably with some low-key frills.
  9. biggnerd

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    This is like Kumiho wearing Dorian. It doesn't last long and it's a light scent, but it's bright, sweet, and very pretty.
  10. biggnerd

    Vanilla Orchid

    This is one of my favorite notes, so I was very interested in getting a bottle of the SN. In the bottle: beautiful sweet orchid Wet: beautiful sweet orchid but....bug spray is fighting to come out. Dry: bugspray wins
  11. biggnerd

    The Lotus Tree

    in the imp: sweet and soapy wet: sunblock drying down: still sunblock dry: sunblock
  12. biggnerd


    in the imp: amaretto over soap wet: amaretto and maraschino cherries over a slight soap drying down: amaretto and cherry are battling with soapy myrrh, who is going to win? dry: oh fie, dark musk and your ash tray scent plus myrrh and your soap. dang, the almond smell was so lovely.
  13. biggnerd

    Candles Moon

    in the imp: at first, cat pee; second sniff, sweet berry, a little wax, and something else, perhaps it's the stinging wind? wet: what smells like cat pee? it's a sour, sharp smell. is that sheep's milk? i could see it. waxy, sour milk right now, not great. dry: sour, musky In the words of Mary Berry, "it's not for me."
  14. biggnerd


    in the imp: boozy, spiced peaches wet: peach with an undertone of some sort of sweet baked goods, like eating oatmeal while wearing the body shop peach lotion, dry: it's peach lotion with a slight undertone of fake baked goods.
  15. biggnerd

    Dragon's Bone

    i'm not a fan of dragon's blood, so we'll see how this goes in da imp: ashy, dry, sweet, and slightly dirty - perfect for an ossuary wet: sweet ashtray, oh no, i hope there isn't black musk in this drying down: oh, sweet wood, very nice, very light though, still a little ashtray, but something has to be burnt with dragons around dry: sweet, warm, wood, still a little ashyness, but it's not unpleasant - luckily, dragon's blood didn't show up very much at all. eta: i think the ashy smell is vetiver.