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  1. biggnerd

    Trumpet Honeysuckle & Lemon Beebalm

    Trumpet honeysuckle & lemon bee balm is lemony, smooth honeysuckle. It's fresh. The bee balm keeps the honeysuckle from being heady and the lemon isn't going pledge. This is a cousin to Shanghai.
  2. biggnerd


    This is mainly a powdery, honey and chamomile smell. It's like huffing the head of a freshly washed baby. It's very comforting. There is just a hint of cistus and nicotiana adding some light floral and resin depth.
  3. biggnerd

    Fruit Moon 2020

    Oh man, this has gotten better with age. It's musky, fruity, sugary banana and guava with amber grounding it. The banana has mellowed with age and is less runts candy and now is golden, sweet, ripe banana. It melds with the guava to make the perfect tropical fruit salad sprinkled with amber and musk. I want to lick myself.
  4. biggnerd

    Pink Roses & Pink Peppercorn

    Pink peppercorn with a lemony rose, eventually settles down into soft, faint pink rose.
  5. biggnerd

    Becoming Thunder

    This is the diffuse scent of silver asphodel with a touch of ozone.
  6. biggnerd

    TKO v3

    Finally! The TKO I've been looking for. The released version is way too sweet for and overpowering. This version of TKO has a soft, herbal, floral lavender that cuddles with a soft sweetness. The marshmallow and vanilla are subdued and make the scent snuggly instead of "OMG I fell in the vanilla marshmallow vat at the chocolate factory!"
  7. biggnerd

    Pecan Pie Oud

    First, oud and I don't get along - it's usually either poopy or overly perfumey on me. Pecan Pie Oud is well-behaved oud. Initially I get a whole lot of nuttiness with a perfumey oud underneath. I get a little buttery pastry dough, then it settles into the sweet chess filling plus gentle, smooth oud.
  8. biggnerd

    Pumpkin Pie Musk

    This is sweetened nutmeg and cinnamon musk.
  9. biggnerd


    I have a fresh imp from the Lab that's been settling about a week. I've tried Tombstone before and it smelled like root beer. Usually my skin is going to take any vanilla and run with it, however, that didn't happen with Tombstone. The main note is the balsam, which, when untempered by other notes, is quite manky on me. It eventually settles down and a sweet cedar emerges, but never surpasses the balsam.
  10. biggnerd


    Really nice lily and rose soap
  11. biggnerd

    Erotic Images of Spring Evenings Bath Oil

    Mmmm, this is beautiful. At first it is a strong almond scent. It seamlessly morphs into a soft, powdery iris.
  12. biggnerd

    Falling Leaves Moon 2020

    This starts off as a strong dead leaves notes. I don't hate this scent, but it's not one that I particularly like. Eventually that scent fades into a very very soft ambergris with some other muffled scents. This phase is pretty, but too soft for me to get any good wear out of it.
  13. biggnerd


    This starts off with the bitter, earthy cacao, smoky bourbon vetiver, and tobacco. All the notes start to swirl and meld together. The main note is the tobacco, but it goes through many different permutations. It's sometimes a slightly floral tobacco (not flowery, just a little white tinge), sometimes it's chewy, sometimes it's smoky, sometimes it's a little green. In the background, the vetiver is sweet and a little smoky, the cacao is offetring some warm, velvety earthiness, and the benzoin adds a kiss of sweetness. They support the tobacco in all its moods. This is a comforting, cozy scent that lasts all day.
  14. biggnerd

    Faster Kittycat?

    I wanted to try this because cashmere amber and orris butter = yes please. Chypres usually work pretty well on me, but patch is hit or miss. This is one of the kinder patchoulis, not overly dirty or heavy. FC starts off with patchouli, but it quickly settles into a spicy, sweet, mossy amber with a little butteriness (and nuttiness? maybe that's woodiness?). It's a scent that's hard to describe but it makes me feel calm and in-charge at the same time. I'm thinking this is what a sexy autumnal druid smells like?
  15. biggnerd

    Rose Quartz Bedroom

    This one is hard for me to describe. The white musk amps more than the other notes, but it doesn't quite take over. There is a soft, sweet rose hanging out with it. At times the rose and white musk almost smell a little like cherry blossom to me. At times the rose steps back and an herbal lavender mixes with the white musk. This reminds me a lot of Right Atrium but with rose, or Pink Snowballs with white musk instead of snow. It's an airy, cool floral that doesn't go soapy or candy. I think this is what rose quartz would smell like.