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  1. biggnerd

    Sweet, but not sugary?

    I find almond, fig, coconut, redwood, some dirt, some sandalwood, some mahogany, some florals like rose, iris, and freesia, rosewood, some grass, pink peppercorn, some lavender, some bergamot, melon, guava, strawberry, and rosewood to all be sweet without being sugary (though sometimes guava can be) or foodie.
  2. biggnerd

    Sleepytime BPAL

    I made an atmos out of White Sage SN that I would spray on everything before bed. It was heavenly. Now I'm using sage, bourbon vanilla, and sandalwood and it's just not the same.
  3. biggnerd

    Sleepytime BPAL

    It's been awhile since I tried either one. They're the same in that they're a sweet, milky smell, but different in that Dana O'Shee is a little sweeter and Halfling is a little nuttier. Halfling smelled like a bowl of oatmeal to me, while Dana O'Shee was more honeyed milk. Castitas is a creamy rice scent to me. @feyofthefellwood could probably talk about the difference between the two better. I haven't found repeats, but there are some scents that will smell similar - sometimes they'll have different notes but the same smell. Different skin chemistry amps different things so people might find that any scent with x note will always mainly smell like that note.
  4. biggnerd

    Sugar Plum Fairy v3

    Like opening a new package of fresh Bubble Yum. It dries down to a sweet, fruity bubblegum.
  5. biggnerd

    Sleepytime BPAL

    I like Werepuppy as a creamy sleep scent. It and Palo Santo and Sandalwood are my current sleep scents. I think Halfling, Dana O' Shee, and Castitas are in the same vein. What about Paladin or Lola Lee Loo? Fig usually smells powdery and sweet to me with an edge of something a little weird. Sometimes it's good weird and sometimes it's bad.
  6. biggnerd

    Hope and Fear Set Free

    This is a very comforting scent. The vanilla is very prominent on me (I tend to amp sweet scents). It's a pure, sweet boozy vanilla extract scent and I'm not. The frankincense is there underneath it adding a smooth, cozy, resinous, slightly spicy wood scent. This is eyes rolling back in the head good. It's a perfect fall/winter scent for snuggling up and getting warm. It's the type of thing that makes you want to be close to someone so they can enjoy how good you smell. This is like The Cat's sweeter, calico sister.
  7. biggnerd

    Cozy scents

    I like earthy, woody and beeswax/honey scents when I need comforting. My current comforting scents are: Coiled Serpent Anne Bonny Epidote Phoenix Dark Rosaleen Palo Santo and Sandalwood Dragon Snugs Kinoko Monk and Actor Luke 10:25 w/ O V'al Hanissim O Terrae Werepuppy (this is my current sleep scent) I like more herbally/grassy/foresty scents when I need soothing. Are those different for y'all?
  8. biggnerd

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Mead Moon is a beautiful scent. For me it's mainly a soft, powdery mead with a slight fruity undertone. It will probably change over time. It's like Litha's more demure cousin for me. I haven't found a good spicy honey blend. I make my spicy honey blend by layering O with Luke 10:25-37. I bet V'al HaNissim would be good layered with Luke too.
  9. biggnerd

    The Butterfly

    When I first put this on, it's sweet sparkling bergamot. It settles down to a beautiful sweet grassy tonka, which I love. I think the amber and bergamot are propping up the sweetness and the grassiness of the tonka. This is a comforting and very sweet scent.
  10. biggnerd

    Dark Rosaleen

    It starts off pine and powdery, sweet, golden amber, then I get a little pee (which thankfully doesn't last long), and now it's a close, resinous woody scent with a hint of evergreen. Man, this is good stuff. I can pick out the different notes, but none of them are amped - they all blend together really well. It's not a feral, wild smell for me. I would say it's more gentle sex (or a nap, whatever you like) in a warm, freshly built pine shelter on a soft bed of moss with beautiful golden light making the freshly cut pine boards glow.
  11. biggnerd

    Decision Help, Please!

    To me, Halite Phoenix is saltier than My Country. My Country was more rosey floral.
  12. biggnerd

    Thirteen (13): September 2019

    This is was very lemony on me. The litsea cubeba was very loud for the first several hours, then it turned into a very cologney scent. I thought it was my husband because he had just taken a shower, but it was me. It wasn't calming on me, but I could see this being a good scent for the atmosphere.
  13. biggnerd

    Alabaster Vulva

    This is a really beautiful scent. Narcissus is a big ole white indolic scent on me at first. I had to double check the notes to make sure there wasn't oud in it because I was getting a bit of barnyard. It settles down quickly into a beautiful, bossy white floral that slowly begins to give way (but never fully) to the orris butter and vanilla. Over time this settles down into a sweet, creamy scent that is predominantly vanilla and amber with the orris adding a little creaminess, the narcissus adding a little floral, and the bergamot adding a little fresh bubbliness.
  14. biggnerd

    You Get What Anybody Gets-You Get a Lifetime

    Champa and oud are the strongest notes in this. Which for me means this smells like soapy poo.
  15. biggnerd

    Bram Stoker

    This is a soapy cologne. Sweet bourbon vetiver and bergamot are the strongest scents to me.