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  1. biggnerd

    Frankincense, Bourbon Vanilla, & Hazelnut

    This is all about the warm, nutty hazelnut. The nut dominates the blend for most of the wear with a really nice vanilla stepping up lightly in the background. It never fully balances out the hazelnut. If you want a cozy hazelnut blend, this is for you.
  2. biggnerd

    St. Clare

    sweet, syrupy rum and tobacco with sandalwood incense and powdery oud
  3. Starts off spicy, dry, dusty white sandalwood, then the ghost lily joins and adds a floral soapy note. I don't think I'm getting much ambergris. This is mainly a very nice, expensive, sandalwood/lily soap on me.
  4. biggnerd


    Mmmm, this is BPAL's chewy honey note with some light florals. It reminds me of the honey in O.
  5. biggnerd

    Tongue Wall

    Tangy guava - like guava paste or a guava fruit roll up
  6. biggnerd


    This starts off banana runts. It has that strong, artificial banana smell that's so sweet it's almost tangy (I think that's the grenadine). It settles into a sweetened rum scent with tangy grenadine wafting in and out.
  7. biggnerd

    To His Mistress Going to Bed

    This is a strong, chewy, dirty patch sweetened up by earthy fig.
  8. biggnerd

    Cranberry, Tonka, and Amber

    tart sweet cranberry, grassy vanillic tonka, golden, lightly powdery amber - the amber is a supporting note with the tonka and cranberry being most forward. It's a cranberry tonka scent.
  9. biggnerd

    Green Cardamom, Irish Fern, and Hinoki

    greeeeeeen, it's like absinthe without the anise, it's very green but not in a grassy, forest way.
  10. biggnerd

    Young Witches at Play in the Night Sky

    mmmmm, misty magnolia. The white musk is well behaved, the orris isn't powdery, the juniper is fresh and not ginny or soapy.
  11. biggnerd


    Heady florals and beautiful sweet plum. The plum is more forward with the florals keeping it from being too sweet. None of the floral notes dominate. No indolic or cat pee jasmine. It's a gorgeous spring scent.
  12. This smells like the cinnamon broom from Trader Joe's I have in my car. It's got that sweet earthy smell that twigs have with a dominant but mellow spice. This smells like autumn to me.
  13. biggnerd

    Cucumber, Lime, and Freesia

    A cool, fresh cucumber with tart lime. I don't get much freesia. This is making me want a dry cucumber soda with a twist of lime.
  14. biggnerd

    A Robe All Red With Dripping Gore

    All I smell is incensey nag champa which is on my bully note list. It just tromps all over any other note. I also dislike it quite a bit.
  15. biggnerd

    Tomato, Patchouli Root, and Cedar Bean

    This is the smell of picking a tomato fresh off the vine. The tomato and cedar bean are strongest and they combine to be a perfect tomato and stem scent. This is kneeling in warm earth sniffing a warm, just picked tomato with the scent of the vine on your fingers.