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BPAL Madness!

Effective immediately: new guidelines for decant circles

Please check out our new, streamlined decant circle guidelines, effective immediately. We have increased the number of bottles/slots decanters may choose to fill. Current levels will remain the same; just the quantity of bottles available to you has increased. If you have circles open now, subtract the bottles you have ordered from the NEW bottle total to find what you may decant. (Even if you have not completely filled a bottle in an open circle, that still counts as one bottle/5 slots.)


So if you are a level 1 decanter with 1 circle of 4 bottles open at the moment, you now have an additional 6 bottles to play with, and so on. At any level, you may choose to put all your available bottles in one circle, or start a new circle with fewer bottles than the maximum, keeping some in reserve.


Please PM Silvertree or Maewitch with any questions! Happy decanting.

Update 10.3.15:

As a reminder, decanters may only offer five slots per bottle. We are no longer allowing decanters to create a waitlist for slots in a bottle.