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BPAL Madness!

Hard-to-find review topics

NOTE: This is a duplicate of the topic waaaaaaaay down there at the bottom of the main review forum page. It's hard to see, so I decided to pin it up here and hopefully end the confusion. :)There are some reviews that are just really dang hard to find -- usually because of a typo on a Lab label or an accent mark in the name. So here's a list of the unsearchables, in alphabetical order.If I've left something out of either category, or if a link doesn't work, please PM a reviews mod (LiberAmoris or parrot_suspect) to fix it. :D With the changes to the search engine in the past few months, even the shortest names (O, I'm looking at you) are searchable. Yay! So I've taken those off the list.

Label Typos/Misspellings

Other Common Misspellings

Unsearchable Names

Hope this helps!