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  1. Releasing a batch of monthly Lunacy perfumes makes us feel almost... NORMAL again! https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-tag/april-2020/ Included therein is SPROUTING GRASS MOON, which should help bring some of the outdoors inside: "Patches of bright green grass bursting through the last snows of winter." Label/tee shirt design by Dan Santat! [Due to current circumstances, we are unable to print tees at this time. Please join the waitlist, and we’ll let you know as soon as we can go into production on the Sprouting Grass Moon tee. Thank you so much for understanding!] Also, invitations to the following Ménages à Trois: 🥉BLUEBERRIES, CREAM & CARDAMOM 🥉 LAVENDER, SEA SALT & RAIN 🥉 GRAPEFRUIT, YUZU & WHITE MUSK 🥉 COTTON CANDY, STRAWBERRIES & LIME ZEST 🥉 CARAMEL, SMOKED CHILIS & BLACK VANILLA And a special Twilight Alchemy Lab blend for gardeners, farmers, homesteaders, horticulturalists, and all people who shepherd and care for the Earth. We proudly present you with GAIA'S BLESSING! "Patchouli root, spikenard, burgundy pitch, barley, oakmoss, rice, purple sage, white sage, and clary sage, vervain, ivy, and myrrh."
  2. The LOVEBIRDS Poetry Contest results are long overdue, but here they are at last! (Here's the link to a PDF containing all of these standout entries.) The grand prize winner, Crystalyn Kuhlmeyer ("a year in the life of birds") will receive both Lovebirds perfume blends plus 3 Lupercalia products of her choice. Congratulations! The three runners-up, presented here in no particular order, each win a mated set of LOVEBIRDS perfumes! We trust you will give them a good home. Those winners are: Scarlett St. James - "A Lovebird's Lives" Jill Baguchinsky - "Wing in Wing" Euna Bonovich - "In Love & After" Because this was SO DIFFICULT, we have named a handful of Honorable Mentions. Surprise! Each of you will receive one bottle of the Lovebird perfume of your choice. Those names: Hanna Hertzler - "Theatrebirds" Jacqueline Wright - "The Pink and the Green" Michelle Cast - "Lovebirds" Cathy Podd - "Rapture" We could have picked an entirely different set of entries to spotlight, without any detectable decline in quality. Such is the bind you have put us in! Especially since we are not qualified to “judge” your work in any significant way. Know that you have taken us on the wildest of emotional rides with your poems, and please PLEASE submit again when we launch our next poetry contest... which will be soon!
  3. One more thing! All those Lunacy cancellations meant that no one got to preview the SPRING 2020 scents, so we've posted a vidya with some nosey first impressions. Part 2 coming on Monday! https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/limited-edition/dum-spiro-spero-spring-2020/
  4. Hi everyone! We are LAAAATE on announcing the winners for this contest. It's because we'd asked for input from a couple of poets, and suddenly everyone's workflow got bit silly due to the global pandemic, including ours. We're going to announce the poetry contest winners on MONDAY. But before we do, I wanted to spice up your weekend with access to the full catalog of entries. The PDF can be viewed and/or downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mwbib66ljkoi7zl/LOVEBIRDS Poetry.pdf?dl=0 As far as I can tell, 100% of the entries are in this document. If we have skipped any, please let me know and I'll chase them down! We have tried to reproduce the text exactly as it was submitted, but slight shifts in formatting may have occurred in the transfer from email. I will always be grateful that I had these to read during the first early stages of the pandemic, when so much was uncertain. Something about wading so deeply into work revolving around the theme of love -- and inspired by these ridiculous, endearing perfumes -- really warmed my heart. If there are any problems with this PDF or the work contained therein, please contact me directly: tom@blackphoenixalchemylab.com Until Monday!
  5. Failmingo

    New Videos: 15 MINUTES OF 'FUME

    Hi everybody! While Beth and Brian and Ted are producing 'fumes and packing orders like crazy, Galen and I are working remotely and making sure to show our faces a bit... so that you can see human faces! We've kicked off a series of silly little videos in which we're just working through our BPAL collections and smellin' stuff. Two so far, both linked below! Hang in there, everyone. xoxoxo
  6. Everything Must ̶G̶o̶ STAY! Due to the rippling of global infrastructure, the Lab will not be taking down our YULE and LUPERCALIA fragrance collections on the previously announced dates. They'll remain on our site for the foreseeable future, as long as we still have stock! 🎁 YULE 🎁 https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/yule-2019/ 🌺 LUPERCALIA 2020 🌺 https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/lupercalia-2020/ 🌸 SHUNGAS 2020 🌸 https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/novel-ideas-for-secret-amusements-shunga-2020/
  7. Hello, fellow renunciates! A handful of announcements for ye. Firstly, the Lab is still very much operational, and capable of fulfilling orders. For now! Obviously, however, we have no control over what happens with those orders once they're in the hands of the post. So shipping MAY end up being way slower than usual? We can't really be sure yet. We're all learning together! Here's your reminder that if you currently have an order pending, you can combine it with a new order to save on shipping! Just email the info to answers@blackphoenixalchemylab.com and let us know. Now without further ado, here's a little collection of perfumes we'd intended to herald the arrival of spring... which has taken on an altogether new meaning, given the current state of things! Art can be slippery like that. Note that one of these blends is a fundraiser for the Los Angeles Food Bank, because we know these resources are among the hardest hit right now. https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/limited-edition/dum-spiro-spero-spring-2020/ Thank you for all of the support and consideration during these dark days, we shall strive to entertain and comfort you in return!
  8. Failmingo

    LOVEBIRDS Poems on YouTube

    We were planning on sharing some of these LOVEBIRDS poetry contest entries at our Lunacy event this weekend, but... well, you know. So, now you can head over to the Lab’s YouTube channel to hear my dorky self and actual poetry personage Tina Hyland read about twenty of the SEVENTY-ONE entries! That's right, we're your crazy friends who read poetry to you during a global pandemic. Enjoy!
  9. Failmingo

    New SOAPS Tomorrow Morning!

    You know what the world needs right now? SOAP! And we’ve got the good stuff, thanks to our collaboration with the uniquely talented Brooke Perry of https://www.bperrystudios.com/ Tomorrow at 9am Pacific we’ll release limited quantities of these four exquisite, handmade creations on our site. That’s 20 seconds of fragrant bliss every time you scrub the cooties away! (Which you should be doing o f t e n .) Here's where you can get 'em: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/bath/soaps/
  10. Failmingo

    Self-Isolating? BPAL on Spotify

    Hello, sad frens! As you may have seen elsewhere, we've created a Spotify station with playlists to help people chillax while self-isolating. We're adding more throughout the weekend! Just passing this along in hopes that it will make you day less dreary: https://open.spotify.com/user/3cvl9y7x5kcentefrvshyduwd?si=fVX3-FKATi6aD91ykVAZkQ
  11. It seems like only yesterday we were ducking and weaving calendar-related psychic attacks! But here we are again, and to show we're taking none of this personally, we've sugared things up in our traditional '13' perfume blend: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/limited-edition/13-perfume-oil-3/ "The sweetest of the sweet: 13 types of sugar including sugar cane, granulated sugar, demerara sugar, confectioners sugar, pearl sugar, spun sugar, brown sugar, rainbow sanding sugar, turbinado sugar, and muscovado sugar." Available for one accursed day only!
  12. Failmingo

    Oddities Flea Market POSTPONED

    UPDATE: You will NOT be seeing us at the Oddities Flea Market in LA on April 4/5. Kudos to their team for doing the right thing and postponing the event until July 11/12. If you have questions about your tickets, head over to their Instagram for a video announcement (also embedded below) explaining how all this will work. We look forward to seeing you all face-to-face once again, just as soon as it’s safe! In the meantime, please look for opportunities to support all the artists and vendors who are missing out on important sources of income as these events close. We shared a post on FB where anyone may link to these folks' shops. Thanks, as ever, for your understanding!
  13. Real talk, kids. As much as it pains us, the Lab will be suspending all public events until further notice. Yes, this includes this Saturday's BPAL 'Ides of March' Lunacy. We're truly sorry to leave you hanging! We do not wish to panic anyone; we know these are small events and the risk is not great. However, we're a small business as well as a family-run business, and we simply can't afford to take unnecessary risks that could threaten our family AND our business in one swoop. Stay tuned for further announcements. And please keep WASHING YOUR HANDS, and do everything possible to help stop the spread of this virus. Everyone must do their part!
  14. Failmingo

    March Lunacy Event Announcement

    Now that it's March, we can finally talk in earnest about our upcoming open-house event at the Lab! Join us for the BPAL 'Ides of March' Lunacy on Saturday, March 14th, from 5-9pm. FB link: https://www.facebook.com/events/182715506328554 Here's everything you can count on us for: 🗡️ LUPERCALIA galore! All of this season's perfume, hair gloss, atmosphere spray, and bath oil offerings 🗡️ This month's Lunacy blends 🗡️ Our latest version of 13, the perfume that wards off "Friday the 13th" misfortunes 🗡️ The very latest Twilight Alchemy Lab offerings: ritual oils, ceremonial tools, tarot decks, hand-selected instructional zines, and more! 🗡️ A table of fine oddments and curiosities assembled by eagle-eyed collectors Tom Blunt and Ted Burton 🗡️ The unveiling of some standouts from our LOVEBIRDS poetry contest And many further enticements!
  15. Failmingo

    LOVEBIRDS Poetry Contest

    Greetings Lupercalians and Lunatics! It's been a moment since we held a contest, so we're launching a POETRY CONTEST inspired by the stars of our LOVEBIRDS perfume duo. The full rules and regulations can be found over here, and we urge you to read them carefully before submitting! We know the BPAL universe is full of fellow tormented creative types, so we want everyone's work to stand the same chance of being seen and appreciated. There are no restrictions in terms of content, and no right answers in terms of tone or message. The full range of human (and avian) experience is at your disposal! The judging will be infernally difficult, but we'll do our best to keep an open mind and read everything with fresh eyes. The grand prize winner will receive both LOVEBIRDS perfumes, plus their pick of any three Lupercalia products! Three runner up prizes will also be awarded. We reserve the right to share anything submitted to us, but unlike the 7 Word Story contest, no products will be created from these, and poets retain full ownership of their work once the contest is over. Any questions? Send them, as well as your entries, to lovebirds@blackphoenixalchemylab.com