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  1. Attention all con-goers (con-trarians? con-gregationists?): We've got a limited supply of these fab orange totes that we're going to include with any purchase of $150 or more at our booth next weekend. Just a teeny-tiny extra thank you to those who help make this trip possible for us, year after year. (If you're doing a group pickup order, please be prepared to let us know how many of the people you're picking up for will qualify -- we'd hate to miss anyone just because we didn't ask a lot of nosy questions!) Here's an image: https://imgur.com/a/lkpriGd
  2. Here's the roundup of everything just released for this month's Lunacy! A special aside to those who will be attending our event at the Lab this Saturday, from 7-10pm: an in-person purchase of ANY of these Lunacy items, or of Drew Rausch's new ESCAPE FROM THE AUTUMN CARNIVAL blend, will grant you access to a live, one-on-one encounter with The Halloween Cowboy, who will be visiting us that evening. Spooky! ++ A LITTLE LUNACY STURGEON MOON 2019 - PERFUME OIL STURGEON MOON 2019 - TEE SHIRT A month of bounty, when the fish are plentiful and the corn grows high. This is the scent of breezes passing over the Great Lakes, mingling gently with traditional lunar herbs. Sandy shores and sweet fresh water, lichen, green algae, and whitestem pondweed, with benzoin, moonlit musk, cucumber, lettuce, violet poppy, and agave. Label/Tee Shirt design by Dan Santat: https://www.dantat.com/ ++ DUETS CACAO & CLOVE Dirty raw chocolate. CARDAMOM & COCONUT Like a poofy, spicy cloud. DANDELION & DIRT A real urban oasis. GINGER & LEMON PEEL Hot and bright. PATCHOULI & TOBACCO Gritty, smoky, sensual. ++ REVENANT RHYTHM A tousled, sexy mix of patchouli, vanilla, and hemp. Available as a hair gloss or perfume oil! We have a very, very limited quantity of the components, and when it’s gone, it’s gone for good. ++ LEO SOCKS If you think these are the best socks we've released so far... then you're probably a Leo! Created in the USA by the wonderful people at Sock Dreams for Black Phoenix, these socks are exclusive to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. They’re made from 80% cotton, 15% nylon and 5% elastic! ++ LEO LOCKET The Zodiac lockets have returned! Exquisite, elegant, and exclusive to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. These are heavy lockets, thick with silver, and are perfect for use as a perfume oil conduit. Dab your favorite Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab concoction onto muslin, velvet or cotton, and place the swatch inside the locket. Your body will warm the silver, and the locket will exude pure, unadulterated scent. The Zodiac lockets are hand cast 925 sterling silver that has been partially gold washed using a method popularized in the 19th century, and each is adorned with at least one stone corresponding to the sign the locket represents. Each locket’s bale sports one of the BPAL logos: the alchemical symbol for brimstone. Portions of the face of the lockets have been deliberately tarnished. They measure approximately 1.25″ in diameter. These lockets are heavy. They are not fragile, filigreed pieces; they are durable, extremely weighty with silver, and are suitable for your most adventurous airship excursions. These lockets are exclusive to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and were created by and for Black Phoenix. They cannot be found anywhere else in all of Heaven and Earth. Each piece is hand cast. Our lockets come with a 24″ nickel-plated iron chain. The Zodiac lockets were designed by Alicia Dabney of Elements and Artifacts.
  3. The moment so many of you have been waiting for: below is everything brand new that we're bringing to Dragon Con! A phalanx of dragon & peach scents, including a Planned Parenthood fundraiser so you can join us in thumbing our collective noses at Brian Kemp. We're also teasing several new products we'll be adding to our store when we get back! ++ NEW RPG SCENTS Not only are we introducing the following NEW character class perfumes, artist Julie Dillon has helped us update the labels for the entire collection: from now on there will be male, female, and non-binary label options to choose from upon purchase, to pair with whatever character you happen to be playing. These will be available at Dragon Con for the first time! https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/general-catalog-perfume-oils/rpg-series/classes/ ARTIFICER Gleaming metal, gear oil, sparking wires, shattered glass, and a blue flicker of arcane power. ASSASSIN Supple black leather, poison-tipped daggers, and a garrote soaked in pitch. BERZERKER Thick furs, strips of leather, and a blood-stained axe with crushed poplar bud and juniper. MONK Sandalwood incense, ti leaf, and honeyed saffron. PSIONICIST A blast of mental energy: electric white mint, eucalyptus leaf, white frankincense, and blue-white musk. SORCERER A golden, sparking surge of raw, wild magic: waves of amber, frankincense, red cacao, blood orange, and lavender touched by demonic incense and dragon’s blood. We're also debuting a few more products, which will be added to our site at some point TBD upon our return to the Lab: ++ SCRUBS ($17) STRAWBERRIES AND CHAMPAGNE SUGAR-DUSTED CHOCOLATE CARDAMOM TRUFFLE ++ TOTE BAGS ($18) Two different designs! ++ WAX MELTS ($12) TKO CHERRY MARSHMALLOW RED VELVET TRUFFLE And now for the event exclusive products: ++ DRAGONCON 2019: DRAGONS ($26) APOCALYPTIC DRAGONBARF Voluminous splorts of vanilla mint with coconut butter and lemongrass with a hint of blueberry and tangerine. CUTIE DRAGON Lemon cupcakes with honey and buttercream frosting. DRAGON SNEEZE Blood orange and red musk with green tea and squirts of effervescent white ginger. DRAGON SNUGS Honey, beeswax, pink peppercorn, and honeybush tea. DRAGON SQUAD Red amber, frankincense, tonka bean, Madagascar vanilla, Somalian myrrh, and cacao. IMPERIOUS THREE-HEADED DRAGON IN A JAUNTY BLUE COAT Dried blackberries and blueberries with licorice root, jasmine sambac, black amber, and black musk. ++ DRAGONCON 2019 DRAGON HAIR GLOSS ($30) DRAGON SNACK Sweet aged patchouli, bourbon vanilla, Mysore sandalwood, hay, wild grass, beeswax, and treemoss. VIGOROUS DRAGON HUG Burnt marshmallows, sweet almond, coconut milk, caramelized benzoin, and smoked vanilla. ++ PEACHSTRAVAGANZA PERFUMES ($26) PEACH BRANDY RED PEACH, SWEET OUDH, HONEY, AND SAFFRON PINK PEACH, GRAPEFRUIT, YUZU, AND PINK MUSK WHITE PEACH, RED MUSK, VETIVER, AND BLACK OUDH MARSHMALLOW PEACHES AND ORANGE BLOSSOM SUGAR ++ PEACHSTRAVAGANZA HAIR GLOSS ($26) PEACH AND FRANGIPANI PEACH, VANILLA POD, AND FRANKINCENSE PEACH TEA, WHITE MUSK, AND LYCHEE ++ PLANNED PARENTHOOD FUNDRAISER ($26) PEACH CHYPRE When Gov. Brian Kemp signed the misleadingly named “Fetal Heartbeat” bill in May 2019, many asked if we intended to join the stampede of businesses withdrawing from Georgia’s economy. As much as we’re sickened by this bill (and similar measures in other states), we also knew how important it would be to honor our commitment to the Dragon*Con community, which serves as a joyous reunion for artists from all over the world, and to our own devoted BPAL community, who would be unduly punished if we decided to sit out. Even so, it’s important for us to acknowledge the blow that was struck against reproductive freedom for the people of Georgia this year, and the dangerous precedent it sets if allowed to stand. This event exclusive perfume blend serves as a fundraiser benefiting Planned Parenthood, which currently has four health centers operating in the state. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-center/ga ++ ACLU FUNDRAISER ($26) IMPEACHMENT A beam of hope for a happier, safer, kinder future for us all: peach and honeyed amber with frankincense, honeyed rose, white oud, apricot, and sweet musk. Proceeds benefit the ACLU.
  4. Did you miss out on the exclusives we created especially for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's party last month? Well, with our blessing, they've decided to release the leftovers for sale on their site today, as in 11am Pacific time -- which is basically RIGHT NOW! Find the perfumes on their main page here: http://cbldf.org/
  5. Mark your calendars for Saturday the 17th, when we’re flinging open our doors for a special LATE NITE Lunacy event (7-10pm) so you can beat the heat while sniffing and partying with the undead. The theme is Vampire Beach Party, so slather yourself in moonscreen and be sure to stay “hydrated.” And do note that time change: our Saturday events are usually 4-7pm, and if anyone shows up early they're going to be SAD about the state of things. This event will also serve as the official web launch of our scent collab with @drewrausch, ESCAPE FROM THE AUTUMN CARNIVAL. Who knows, the Halloween Cowboy himself may even make an appearance! More updates to come... 🦇
  6. Failmingo

    LOLA LEE LOO GoFundMe Launched

    One and all! Thank you for your purchases of LOLA LEE LOO, and for your inquiries about additional ways to support Lola's medical needs. Jacquelynn has set up a GoFundMe in response to those requests: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-lola-lee-loo. We've also added it to the product page to make it very easy to find! We sincerely appreciate your kind words and support in caring for our BPAL family (both human and canine) during this difficult time.
  7. Who will be joining us this weekend at the epic horror & haunting convention that is MIDSUMMER SCREAM? This convention serves as the tipping point in our summer that tilts us straight toward Halloween. When you look at the list of exhibitors and attractions, you'll see why! Tickets and info here: https://midsummerscream.org In lieu of event exclusives, this time we're launching a handful of new collaborations with our dear friends (and fellow exhibitors): 7 Hells: the Retro Horror Art of Bill Rude, and Drew Rausch. The perfumes will be available at their respective booths as well as ours! $26 apiece. ++ BILL RUDE'S 7 HELLS Inspired by Bill Rude’s Horrors of the Exotic map, "7 Hells Guide to the 7 Seas." PIRATES! Gunpowder and salt-crusted leather, casks of scorched spices, sweet rum, and a clink of golden amber. SHIPWRECK GRAVEYARD Seaweed-wrapped planks of red oak, white pine, and cedar coated in thick algae, a tangle of hemp rope, cast iron cannons thick with rust, all enveloped in a ghostly gasp of white musk, bergamot, ambrette, and jasmine sambac. https://www.7hells.com/ ++ DREW RAUSCH ESCAPE FROM THE AUTUMN CARNIVAL The scent of a burning Jack o' Lantern up on a hill. The fog in a spider web coated hall of mirrors. The ghosts have jumped the track and The Halloween Cowboy is all around. Follow him to a special place - an Autumn Carnival. You'll never want to leave. Boot leather, flaming pumpkins, hay bales, and smoke. https://drewrausch.com/
  8. Failmingo

    New PERICLES Scents!

    Hello, Shakespeare lovers! The Independent Shakespeare Co.'s new production of PERICLES debuted this weekend, and as promised, we are celebrating with a set of four new fragrances inspired by characters from the play, proceeds from which will benefit the company. Huzzah! The show will run for the next month in Griffith Park -- for free! You'll find the descriptions below. Don't forget, the TWELFTH NIGHT scents are also still available! https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-tag/pericles/ PERICLES "Whereby I see that Time’s the king of men, He’s both their parent, and he is their grave, And gives them what he will, not what they crave." A clang of rusted armor, a dark, metallic oudh, leather, and a splash of sea water. MARINA "When I was born: Never was waves nor wind more violent." A waving wet haze of blue and green: blackberry wine and soft oudh, cashmere woods, iris pallida, sea salt, and turquoise musk. BAWD "Pray you, without any more virginal fencing, will You use him kindly? He will line your apron with Gold." Raucous red velvet musk, sweet patchouli, billowing peony, bourbon vanilla, and a cascade of red rose petals. DIANA "My temple stands in Ephesus: hie thee thither, And do upon mine altar sacrifice. There, when my maiden priests are met together, before the people all, Reveal how thou at sea didst lose thy wife: To mourn thy crosses, with thy daughter’s, call And give them repetition to the life. Or perform my bidding, or thou livest in woe; Do it, and happy; by my silver bow!" Artemis, standing in her golden chariot… driving off with her fast-trotting deer over the hills and far away to some rich-scented sacrifice: leather, gleaming golden amber, red amaranth, cypress, asphodel accord, a gleam of silver, and soft brown musk.
  9. It's been a rough summer for pups. Lola is the beloved companion of the Lab's general manager, Jacquelynn, and is facing blindness and other urgent health complications related to diabetes; anyone who's gone through a similar struggle can attest to how quickly the expenses add up. We want to support Jacquelynn and Lola in their hardship, and created the following perfume blend in Lola's honor so the wider BPAL community would be enticed to pitch in. The full account of what's going on with Lola is included in the product page: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/limited-edition/lola-lee-loo-perfume-oil/ "Toasted vanilla cream, smoky white fig, rice flower, and a drop of clove and patchouli." Many thanks!
  10. Our Lunacy update is here! You'll find everything listed here: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/a-little-lunacy-limited-edition/ BUCK MOON 2019 This Full Moon marks the time of the year when the new antlers of buck deer emerge from their foreheads, coated in soft velvet. This is a time of vigor, thunder, balmy nights, glorious sunlight and hot winds. Buck Moon is an animalistic, deep scent: an amplification of one’s natural musk coupled with forest herbs, pine pitch, cedar berries, dew-kissed juniper, deer fur, a hint of clear, warm evening air and a crystalline spark of lunar oil. Perfume and tee shirt art design by Dan Santat! ++ DUETS LEMONGRASS AND TONKA NAG CHAMPA AND NEROLI LAVENDER AND PATCHOULI POMEGRANATE AND VETIVER STRAWBERRY AND ROSEBUD
  11. As is our custom, we'll be vending at CBLDF's opening night gala at San Diego Comic Con. Wooo! This year's exclusive scents pay tribute to the party's theme, "British Invasion." It's officially time to start hunting for someone to pick up bottles on your behalf! The perfumes are $26 apiece. The party is open to the public and starts at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 18, at the Westgate Hotel $20+ dollar donation at the door requested; Free for CBLDF Members. More info here: http://cbldf.org/2019/07/youre-invited-to-san-diegos-top-party/ BRITISH INVASION An olfactory phenomenon: a vintage musk, black suede, Tuscan leather, and aftershave with sandalwood, white cedar, and Italian bergamot. HIGH-PITCHED SHRIEK Furious, frantic, fainting fandom: sugar blossom, lemon peel, candied strawberry juice, and marshmallow root squirted through a sheer white musk. [Alliteration makes me laugh.] SCREAMERS The unbridled ecstasy of a shrieking, glorious fandom bacchanal: pulsing blood orange, neroli, white sugar, and almond blossom.
  12. Someday our perfumes inspired by THE LAST UNICORN will ride again! In the meantime, we're releasing all our remaining stock via the Lab's Etsy store. https://www.etsy.com/shop/alchemylab
  13. This is a first for us -- a pup fundraiser to help out our friends at DD, whose dog Harlow has had a terrible medical emergency requiring surgery. To that end, we present HARLOW'S LACE: "A gentle, soft blend of sugar-spun vanilla, honey absolute, warm puppy musk, ambrette seed, sweet labdanum, tabacco absolute, and white cognac." https://www.darkdel.com/store/p1456/Harlow's_Lace.html Feel better soon, Harlow!
  14. Hi everyone! In the spirit of the Fourth, we've released two new collections we hope will rekindle the spirits of those who are feeling frustrated with the state of things. The first is a new RAICES fundraiser called CURSED IS ANYONE WHO WITHHOLDS JUSTICE FROM THE FOREIGNER, elaborating (rather aggressively) on our previous Bible-quoting collection: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/activism/deliver-them-from-the-hands-of-the-wicked/cursed-is-anyone-who-withholds-justice-from-the-foreigner/ The second is a partnership with the producers of LA's annual Griffith Park Free Shakespeare Festival, which serves as a gateway to families and communities who might never otherwise get to enjoy the bard's work. We'll be releasing small collections that keep apace with their ongoing productions. Currently they're doing TWELFTH NIGHT, so here you go: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/collaborations/independent-shakespeare-company/ We hope that everyone has a safe holiday and is able to take refuge from some of the ugliness surrounding this particular year's celebrations. Wishing you strength, courage, and a cool place to rest through the long summer months!
  15. Have you visited Dark Delicacies in their new location yet? Come meet us there on Sunday when BPAL has a TRUNK SHOW from 4-6pm at the new store on Hollywood Way! We’ll be unloading some “lost” treasures, unreleased prototypes, and old faves dug out of crates — full product list below. Spread the word, and save some pennies for Dark Delicacies as well, they’ve got many new tricks and treats to entice you with. 🎃 FORMULA GGSG3: Gravedigger Bay rum, black leather, tobacco absolute, patchouli, bourbon vanilla, and soil. FORMULA JTEN1: Doom Wild plum, opium tar, honey, and vetiver. FORMULA JTP1: Poison Ear grey, metal, and cyanide accord. FORMULA SGMSP1: Bones Three sandalwoods, orris root, and benzoin. FORMULA GSH34: Popcorn Really buttery popcorn. Super buttery. FORMULA GSH36: Candy Sour gummies, lollipops, and coconut. FORMULA GSH21: Sweet Blob in Flower Patch Strawberry cheesecake ice cream, chocolate milk, bluebonnets, and dandelions. FORMULA UOS1520: Overconfident Hipster White gardenias, ylang ylang, pikake, lily of the valley, and peonies. FORMULA FFSZ1: First Mate Egyptian musk, coconut, white ginger, and tea leaf. FORMULA FFSIS4: Brothel Champaca blossom, sweet incense, black tea, sandalwood, and myrrh. FORMULA FFSS8: Spaceship Chrome and leather, a whiff of diesel, the whoosh of an oxygen generator, and a little bit of rusted metal. FORMULA FFSM4: Captain Brown leather, white cedar, bourbon vanilla, and sassafras. FORMULA FFSS1: Surgeon Aftershave and a drop of laudanum. FORMULA FFSK7: Strawberries and Motor Oil Fresh picked strawberries, strawberry juice, cream, tea roses, and a drop of motor oil. FORMULA FFSMM2: Booze Thick smoky stout with notes of chocolate, coffee, and apple. FORMULA FFSST5: Hospital Antiseptic, starched linen, and needles. FORMULA SGCM7: Vampire Roots and upturned earth, yew berry, night-blooming jasmine, and dark musk. FORMULA SGHAN3: Birthday Cake A really sugary, super frosted birthday cake. FORMULA SGSG4: Candy Witch Chocolate fudge cake with pumpkin icing. - - - Early Prototypes of BPAL scents: CHESHIRE CAT v1 DORMOUSE v3 MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY v2 DOC BUZZARD v1 SNOW WHITE v1 SQUIRTING CUCUMBER v4 ADAM v1 DOC CONSTANTINE v7 Unreleased BPAL: 404: NOT FOUND v1 406: NOT ACCEPTABLE v1 502: BAD GATEWAY v1