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  1. Have you visited Dark Delicacies in their new location yet? Come meet us there on Sunday when BPAL has a TRUNK SHOW from 4-6pm at the new store on Hollywood Way! We’ll be unloading some “lost” treasures, unreleased prototypes, and old faves dug out of crates — full product list below. Spread the word, and save some pennies for Dark Delicacies as well, they’ve got many new tricks and treats to entice you with. 🎃 FORMULA GGSG3: Gravedigger Bay rum, black leather, tobacco absolute, patchouli, bourbon vanilla, and soil. FORMULA JTEN1: Doom Wild plum, opium tar, honey, and vetiver. FORMULA JTP1: Poison Ear grey, metal, and cyanide accord. FORMULA SGMSP1: Bones Three sandalwoods, orris root, and benzoin. FORMULA GSH34: Popcorn Really buttery popcorn. Super buttery. FORMULA GSH36: Candy Sour gummies, lollipops, and coconut. FORMULA GSH21: Sweet Blob in Flower Patch Strawberry cheesecake ice cream, chocolate milk, bluebonnets, and dandelions. FORMULA UOS1520: Overconfident Hipster White gardenias, ylang ylang, pikake, lily of the valley, and peonies. FORMULA FFSZ1: First Mate Egyptian musk, coconut, white ginger, and tea leaf. FORMULA FFSIS4: Brothel Champaca blossom, sweet incense, black tea, sandalwood, and myrrh. FORMULA FFSS8: Spaceship Chrome and leather, a whiff of diesel, the whoosh of an oxygen generator, and a little bit of rusted metal. FORMULA FFSM4: Captain Brown leather, white cedar, bourbon vanilla, and sassafras. FORMULA FFSS1: Surgeon Aftershave and a drop of laudanum. FORMULA FFSK7: Strawberries and Motor Oil Fresh picked strawberries, strawberry juice, cream, tea roses, and a drop of motor oil. FORMULA FFSMM2: Booze Thick smoky stout with notes of chocolate, coffee, and apple. FORMULA FFSST5: Hospital Antiseptic, starched linen, and needles. FORMULA SGCM7: Vampire Roots and upturned earth, yew berry, night-blooming jasmine, and dark musk. FORMULA SGHAN3: Birthday Cake A really sugary, super frosted birthday cake. FORMULA SGSG4: Candy Witch Chocolate fudge cake with pumpkin icing. - - - Early Prototypes of BPAL scents: CHESHIRE CAT v1 DORMOUSE v3 MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY v2 DOC BUZZARD v1 SNOW WHITE v1 SQUIRTING CUCUMBER v4 ADAM v1 DOC CONSTANTINE v7 Unreleased BPAL: 404: NOT FOUND v1 406: NOT ACCEPTABLE v1 502: BAD GATEWAY v1
  2. We are boogieing through the bad astrological conditions as best we can, but Sphere + Sundry's here to help in a big way with this ceremonial toolkit capitalizing on Venus in Taurus. Our dear Elizabeth has contributed an oil blend, full description below! https://sphereandsundry.com/offerings/bright-goddess-of-the-skies/ BRIGHT GODDESS OF THE SKIES Once more, O Venus! hear my prayer, And ease my mind of anxious care; Again vouchsafe to be my guest, And calm this tempest in my breast! To thee, bright queen, my vows aspire; O grant me all my heart’s desire! – Hymn to Venus, Sappho [Translated by Francis Fawkes] The scent feels like a cascade of pale, crystalline roses; it is a silken bedsheet clinging like the langurous drape of a half-open dressing robe. It is the crashing wave of rapture, it is the scent of passionate words breathlessly gasped between entwined bodies. It is the ecstasy of the moment of release from the pain of heartache. It is a bouquet of swelling joy that beauty inspires, and it contains the essence of the blossoming of self-love that enables you to truly love others. Utilize this oil to develop your appreciation of your own beauty, to open yourself up to the beauty of others, when creating art or when you wish to enhance your appreciation of the arts, for opening your heart and unblocking your receptivity to love, to aid healing romance-rooted emotional trauma, and to bind lovers together. This is a perfume of love, of mending hearts, of union, and of the expression of love and union through the arts; this is a hymn to Venus. Honey absolute (Apis melliferra), vanilla absolute and CO2 extract of vanilla (Vanilla planifolia), Bulgarian white rose otto (Rosa x alba), Bulgarian rose absolute (Rosa x damascena), white champa flower (Michelia alba), Motia attar, jasmine sambac absolute (Jasminum sambac) Sumatran benzoin (Styrax benzoin), ylang ylang essential oil (Cananga odorata var. genuine) solvent-extracted cassie absolute (Acacia farnesiana), rose-infused vegetal musk, 24k gold, pink and red rose petals.
  3. Failmingo

    Solstice Divination Fair in PA

    Hello friends, and happy Solstice! Beth asked me to remind everyone that our friends at BloodMilk and Haute Macabre are presiding over this incredible event in Philly today: The Solstice Divination Fair http://hautemacabre.com/2019/06/haute-macabre-at-the-solstice-divination-fair/ Pass it along! We will definitely be there in spirit.
  4. Failmingo

    Welcome to BITCH PLANET

    Attention, fellow Non-Compliants: your official BITCH PLANET perfume release has landed! https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/bitch-planet/ These ten original perfume blends created in collaboration with Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro will appeal to fans of their brilliant comic as well as anyone society deems unwelcome. Proceeds from this collection benefit the Brink Literary Project’s Frames Prison Program, which helps increase literacy rates and reduce recidivism among incarcerated persons. Learn more here: https://www.brinklit.org/education/prison/ And here's our video announcement:
  5. Hello, everyone! Big morning: we've got your STRAWBERRY MOON Lunacy scent + tee shirt, a new flight of DUETS, and a Twilight Alchemy Lab release on our Etsy shop with four oils designed to help you withstand all the grody astrologies the universe has conspired to fling at us. May the full moon rapturously shine upon you!
  6. Failmingo

    Game Over

    This is another one I've been wearing for months and am just SO HAPPY to read reviews from people who appreciate it. Game Over goes really metallic on me, and gets even moreso as it dries, but I've always really liked that in a way that surprises me. This isn't the type of scent I would consider in my wheelhouse, but I catch myself wearing it a lot when we're vending and when I'm going out all dressed up.
  7. Failmingo

    Pumpkin Spice Absinthe

    Not really a review, but I love this scent so much, and seeing the reviews from OTHER people who love it make me so happy. The humor of the IDEA of the scent was such an initial draw, I loved the concept of desecrating the mystique of absinthe with something so warm and cheerful and MAINSTREAM. The joke's on me -- it's the best of all these worlds, just like Halloween itself! And it makes me think about the traditions that go along with absinthe and with preparing and seasoning pies in the fall, and how these relatively simple herbs and spices manage to connect us to the past and evoke certain feelings, even when packaged semi-ironically. So now I wear this all the time, and unlike certain fall scents which don't really work in the summer heat, this one is light and cool enough because of the absinthe component that I get to enjoy Halloween literally whenever I want.
  8. Greetings, fiends! We hate to take away the nice things, but we gotta make room for NEW nice things. Below is a list of everything that's coming down THIS THURSDAY, also compiled here in case you wanna help us spread the word. 💀 LUPERCALIA 2019 💀 HEXENNACHT 💀 LILITH’S WINTER TRAVELOGUE 💀 VERNAL EQUINOX FULL MOON 💀 DUETS
  9. BAM! We just released a mini-update running the gamut from perfumes to jewelry to apparel. I've condensed everything here for easier browsing. But I'll go ahead and include the scent descriptions below! FLOWER MOON (As before, Dan Santat's label art is also available as a tee shirt!) The apex of the year’s fertility, the reawakening of the sexuality of the Earth and her inhabitants. This full moon celebrates both the fecundity of the creatures and flora of this world and the vibrancy, rejuvenation and life-affirming energy of Spring. Flower Moon embodies the unrestrained bliss, energy and color of the season: wisteria, frangipani, tuberose, ylang ylang, double sugar narcissus, white sage, and a mix of California wildflowers – all gleaming gold with a thick sheen of honey. ++ DUETS Introducing Duets: simple two-note perfumes. I had been looking for ways to unwind this past winter, so I created these two-note combinations as part of my relaxation process. It felt in many ways like humming a tuneless lullaby to myself, and much like a scented meditation. The result is a small series of gently entwined scents, an olfactory pas de deux. These perfumes are ideal for layering, or can be worn alone. Duets will be appearing and disappearing here and there with the Lunacies throughout 2019. Illustrations by Harry Clarke. 👯 BLACK PEPPER AND SANDALWOOD 👯 PALO SANTO AND FRANKINCENSE 👯 PATCHOULI AND VETIVER 👯 PINK AMBER AND PEONY
  10. Just in time for DragCon, we're unveiling TWO new scent collaborations with stand-out queens! We'll have these at the booth, but they're also already on the site. BLACK HAÜS Perfume Oil, with Victoria Elizabeth Black ($28) https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/collaborations/victoria-elizabeth-black/black-haus-perfume-oil/ Shades drift through a crumbling manor. Fragrant winds chill the lifeless rooms. A skittering in the darkness. Overgrown ivy creeping through a neglected lavender patch, a whiff of long-forgotten cologne, indigo oudh, mahogany, and teakwood, ti leaf, ectoplasmic musk, and aged leather. MIDWEST MORNING AFTER Wig Spray, with Jaymes Mansfield ($28) https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/shop/collaborations/jaymes-mansfields-magical-wig-sprays/midwest-morning-after-wig-spray/ Everything you just did was totally normal, and your family’s not going to find out. Cover up a thousand nighttime sins with the veneer of perfect innocence: virginal cream soda, with extra cream. And here's our BLACK HAUS video promo! Many thanks to L'Ordre de l'Infiniment Nada for letting us use an excerpt from their haunting new album.
  11. Failmingo

    New GOOD OMENS Perfumes!

    We've expanded our perfume collaboration with Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, just in time for the new TV adaptation by Amazon Prime and BBC Two! Your favorite characters and moments from the 1990 novel enshrined in sublimely wearable scents: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/…/neil-gaiman/good-omens/ Proceeds go to charities selected by the authors: http://cbldf.org https://www.orangutan.org.uk/ Label artwork by Julie Dillon! And here's the Lab's official video announcement:
  12. Hello! Last year, Lilith welcoming everyone to DragCon was the Lab's VERY FIRST YouTube video. Kind of staggering to realize how much happens in a year! Anyway, now it's tradition, so here's this year's chat with Lilith about all things drag. She has grown so much, it's astonishing! Thanks for helping us get the word out about this year's DragCon exclusives -- which I included in the caption under the vid, if you missed them. See you at the Con!
  13. We look forward to RuPaul’s DragCon ALL DAMNED YEAR, and the best part is that it’s practically in our own backyard. It’s an honor to be part an event where so many of our passions converge, particularly in times when so many are still struggling for the visibility and equality they deserve. And is this already the FIFTH DragCon? How can that be, when we’re all just as dewy and glamorous as ever? (Many thanks to those who know us well enough to filter heavily.) Without further ado, here are the exclusive products we’ll be selling ONLY AT THE CON, May 24-26. If you can’t attend, there’s still time to connect with someone who’s going! Label art can be previewed here. Oh, and our NYC friends The Nobodies will be working at the booth once again. Come say hello! They’ll help ensure that no wig goes unspritzed. ++ DRAGCON 2019 PERFUME OILS ($26) Art by Kate Leth VILLAIN EDIT Okay, fine, you DID say those things… but they were taken completely out of context! Here’s a blend to help you ease into your new status as a femme fatale: Black leather, pomegranate, saffron, pink pepper, and tobacco. KAI KAI Will they or won’t they? Or did they already?? How thrilling to live in a world where femme-phobic stereotypes are being challenged and it’s no longer taboo for queens to hook up with each other. The scent of two drag queens in love: Red musk and cotton candy. ++ DRAGCON 2019 WIG SPRAYS ($26) Art by Eric Thurnbeck BRUNETTE WIG SPRAY Sweet oudh, fossilized amber, tonka bean, coffee, and tobacco absolute. PLATINUM WIG SPRAY White musk, silvered white tea leaf, Italian bergamot, and bourbon vanilla. WIG REVEAL WIG SPRAY A panoply of layered hues: champagne with a twist of white ginger, peach, raspberry pulp, and orange flower absolute.
  14. Failmingo


    It's that time of year again, fellow witches! HEXENNACHT 2019 The Night of the Witches. In the Teutonic calendar, April 30, not October 31, was the night that the witches congregated to celebrate their Work through ecstatic dance, wild music and revelry. The witches fêted with spirits, fairies, and a bevy of otherworldy creatures atop Brockenberg peak in the Harz region of Germany, where they lit an enormous bonfire and cavorted naked until midnight… at which point they donned their robes, boarded their brooms, flying rams and sacred goats, scooped up their cat familiars, and sped off into the night. In later days, it was believed that on this night the witches conjured the devil, who would then select one of them for his bride. This perfume is the scent of the witches’ revel: German fir and forest herbs, incense and bonfire smoke, broom straw, and the wet, glimmering scent of skin warmed by dance.
  15. Failmingo

    Introducing: BEARD OILS

    It's official, we've broken into the beard oil biz! Thanks to everyone who volunteered their face fur for testing, we've gotten such extraordinary feedback and we can't wait to gather customer reviews. https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/body-beauty/beard-oil/ Coming soon, to a beard near you!