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BPAL Madness!

Responding to Wanted/ISO posts


There's recently been some question about the price cap and the Wanted forum. The price caps do apply to all forum transactions, even those in the Wanted forum. We do not feel that going around the guidelines by only responding to wanted posts rather than posting the items you have available in Sales is acting in the spirit of fairness and friendship we try to encourage here. We created the price caps to discourage people's profiteering, not to simply force them to be more creative in how they accomplish it.It is true that there is nothing we can do about people violating the caps and charging people exorbitant prices by responding to posts from the "Wanted" forum if the mod staff don't hear about it. It's very much like swaplifting: we cannot do anything about it if we do not know that it is happening. (And unlike swaplifting: we've got an easily accessible master list of LE prices that can be checked against - it's pretty cut and dry. Either you adhere to the price caps or you don't. Swaplifting, at least, has the gray area of "being in the mail".) If someone proposes a swap that violates the price caps, please notify one of the swap moderators (cupide430, grrrlennyl, Scylla, Silvertree, or twistygirl), or one of the board administrators (Morrighana, quantum spice, shriekingviolet). If you see a post in the swaps area that exceeds the caps or says something along the lines of "contact me for prices", please report the topic. We have banned people from swapping for continually refusing to adhere to our price caps in their topics, and we would ban them for continually refusing to adhere to our price caps in their Wanted-related transactions if we knew about them.